Flyer Distribution


Flyer Distribution



Flyer Distribution 49


Be at the Right Place at the Right Time

Distributing flyers should, of course, be planned. Remember where most people go so you

can raise the possibilities of being able to attract attention. Like a footbridge or a place

where people usually go for lunch or snacks. Observe their time too. If you know that their

end time in the office is 5:00pm, you should set up by 4:30pm to get yourself ready to

make the people rushing listen and receive your flyers resulting to better results you need.


Be Smart

Study the items on your flyer. As with people, they forget to read when there is a

representative in front of them. Take time to read the flyer and connect the ideas in them.

Make sure to know all the sides of the cube (subject being discussed in the flyer) and to

answer them briefly but concisely. However, learn to entertain genuinely interested people.

People who just ask for the sake of testing your knowledge on it may not yield you good

results. Still, if you finish up early on one, immediately direct you attention to the other.

This gives a boost of being hospitable and gives the idea that you are concerned for their

hungry curiosities.





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