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flyer printing and distribution in Singapore

Alibaba Printing: Your choice for Cost-efficient Flyers’ Distribution


Flyer distribution services are currently in great demand and companies that provide efficient and timely services are highly sought after by potential clients. Thanks to Alibaba Printing, you can look forward to the aforementioned flyer services, regardless of the purpose, creative design and volume you need. We are focused on every customer’s personal requirements, in order to make sure they select the best option for themselves. No matter what your budget or business requirements, we will come up with a suitable flyer printing servicestrategy for you.

Big companies and businesses require leaflets and flyers for a number of objectives. Organisations and fundraisers require flyers for a number of goals, such as advertising and event and new product promotions. Hence, it is extremely important to get flyers printed professionally, in order to boost sales and lead to greater client awareness. This is just what Alibaba Printing specialises in. Customers seeking quick services, supreme quality and highly-competitive rates will find us ideal for their needs. Our attractive flyers enable you to make your ‘call to action’ clearly and precisely, so that the client takes action immediately. Our creative flyers are designed to make the best possible impact, without any need for expending money or energy. What’s more, you can look forward to a number of unanticipated sales owing to our superior-quality designs and ideally-positioned flyers.

We are proud to play a big role in our clients’ marketing strategies with our dependable flyer distribution services. Thanks to our focus on timely, top-notch services and ground operations,customer satisfaction is guaranteed. Give us a call today for all your HDB flyer distribution needs – it will be our pleasure to serve you.

Cheap Flyers Distribution 

We provide cost-efficient flyer printing and distribution services for our valued clients.Our focus is always centered on helping enterprises of all sizes boost their sales through the efficient delivery of different types of flyers and marketing services. If you are seeking swiftly-delivered, high quality printing and distribution service, look no further, as we play a big part in helping you reach your marketing goals.

We always make it a point to deliver efficient customer service, in order to not just live up to, but also exceed our clients’ expectations. The best part is that our printing services are affordable and our products rank high on quality. This translates into a win-win situation for our clients, who can look forward to benefitting from superior printing solutions to leverage their business in the competitive market.


  • HDB door-to-door distribution  SGD 20.00-32.00 / 1000 copies (min. 10,000 copies)
  • Landed door-to-door distribution  SGD 60.00-65.00 / 1000 copies (min. 4,000 copies)
  • Walkway distribution — SGD 60.00-65.00 / 1000 copies
  • Industrial Distribution – SGD 60.00-65.00 / 1000 copies
  • Cardrop  SGD 28.00-32.00 / 1000 copies (min. 10,000 Copies)
  • Condo distribution (via Singpost)  SGD 160.00 / 1000 copies (min. 4,000 copies)

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