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Sticker Printing Singapore – Your Best Choice is Us


Using custom stickers Singapore is one way to attract the attention of potential buyers or clients. That is why sticker printing Singapore is making a big leap in the printing industry. Stickers are becoming a very popular marketing tool for most businesses. A good layout and attractive colors can make your product pop out amongst the other similar products in the market.


We all know that visual appeal is one of the most important factors when it comes to packaging. If you want labels that are eye-catching, sticker printing Singapore is your best bet. There are a lot of ways to print stickers Singapore. Moreso, the sticker labels that you need should look fantastic and professional, to say the least.


We offer Singapore sticker printing. Packaging sticker or product label is one of the essential tools for business. The labels help in differentiating your brand or product from other similar items. In addition, a nice sticker label makes your products look good while on display. Getting a full colour sticker printing Singapore can make your product more visible from the shelves, attracting more and more buyers.


Affordable Sticker Printing Singapore


Don’t settle for cheap sticker printing Singapore services that give you final outcome that look hideous and badly laid-out. Labels for your products should make your product look expensive and not cheap. Nonetheless, you don’t have to worry that you will need to pay unreasonable amount of money for a good design and high quality sticker printing Singapore. There are  cheap sticker printing service Singapore that offers great quality with a low price. Cheap custom sticker printing service Singapore is readily available if you know where to look. Here at Alibaba Printing, we give you low price but high-quality sticker printing Singapore.
Making Your Products Look Good With Sticker Printing Singapore


No one wants a sticker label that looks like it was designed and printed by a preschooler. If you want to make your products look good and appealing to the eyes of the consumers, make sure to get the best sticker printing Singapore service. There are lots of sticker printing Singapore companies but not everyone can be the best. Some offer cheap printing and some offer great quality yet charge you  with steep prices. The key here is to hire the best cheap sticker printing service Singapore that will not only give you affordable rates, but best instant sticker printing service Singapore as well.


Here at Alibaba Printing, we make sure that your sticker labels match the quality of your goods, so that you can attract more buyers. We know that having the best instant cheap sticker printing Singapore is crucial when it comes to sticker labels. We offer professional-quality sticker printing Singapore so you don’t have to worry about your labels, we do the work done better than others. Your stickers will surely stand out.


Quick Sticker Printing Singapore


Who wouldn’t want to have instant sticker printing Singapore? Of course, on top of the good design and affordability, having a fast sticker printing Singapore service is a plus, as well. We at Alibaba Printing makes sure that you don’t only get high-quality sticker labels in a low price, you also get them as fast as you need them. That’s what we offer –  instant cheap sticker printing service Singapore.


Different Stock Types Used in Sticker Printing Singapore


There are various types of stock used in sticker printing Singapore. The quality of the name sticker printing Singapore also lies on the quality of the materials used, and these include the stock paper. You must ask your sticker printer which one is the best for you. Depending on the use and budget, here are the stocks for custom sticker printing Singapore

that you can choose from:


White or Clear Polypropylene


You can ask your sticker printing Singapore service to use this thin but durable film to use for your custom stickers. This material can either be white or clear and can be used for most custom stickers Singapore. It is great for kiss cut, die cut, and ideal for use in transparent sticker printing Singapore, too.


Static Cling Vinyl


This material is also great for sticker printing Singapore. This stock is made with vinyl material with a static charge to make it capable of sticking even to smooth and non-porous surfaces like plastic or glass. This material utilises a natural static cling instead of an adhesive, allowing you to remove and reposition the customized sticker labels Singapore without leaving a residue. Like Polypropylene stock, static cling vinyl is available in clear and white, with the clear sheet available for back printing. Great for windows and glass surfaces.


Opaque Vinyl


If you want a durable, weather-proof material, use the opaque vinyl sticker sheet, which is available in either yellow or white. This is great for colored stickers. Ask your instant sticker printing service Singapore about this stock material. This is not only durable, this material is also low-cost, so it is a good choice for bulk sticker printing.


Clear Vinyl


Another weather-proof and durable sticker material is the clear vinyl. This is very popular to sticker printing Singapore services. Although it is clear, the vinyl material can be layered with white ink to make it opaque enough to see your artwork. This stock material is great for all kinds of surfaces and can be a good choice to have the best custom sticker printing service Singapore.


Clear Polyester


Ideal for outdoor application, polyester stock material is resistant to moisture because it is highly durable and made with synthetic film. Since it is durable and can stand any climate and weather conditions, this sticker printing Singapore material is a popular choice for industrial uses. If you want the best custom sticker printing Singapore, you’ll need to consider these high-quality material for sticker print Sg.


Where to Get the Best Custom Sticker Printing Singapore


Whilst there are dozens if not hundreds of sticker printer Singapore around town, you can only find a handful that offers the best services for instant cheap sticker printing Singapore. We at Alibaba Printing ensures that you get the most suitable printing services that we can offer. We only use the best quality stock materials and state of the art printers, combined with our artistic touch to guarantee great layout, attractive colours, and crisp appearance.


We understand that your printed stickers must be distinguishable and better from the others. Hence, you need the  best instant cheap sticker printing service Singapore to do this. Contact us now and get the ideal sticker printing Singapore for you. No need to waste time and effort, we can give you a free quote now so we can start printing!


Who We Are


Alibaba Printing is a printing company that aims to offer the best instant cheap sticker printing service Singapore. Apart from the sticker printing Singapore services, we also have voucher printing, ticket printing, brochure printing, and flyers printing and distribution services. We can work hand in hand to meet your design visions and we are here to help you lay out and print your ideas into beautiful stickers. Our custom made labels and stickers will surely make your products pop out. Remember, we use only high quality stock materials and inks to make sure you get excellent quality die cut stickers Singapore