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Urgent custom invitation card printing service singapore


Personalized Card Printing Singapore


Personalized greeting cards and invitations can be used for personal and business purposes. There are various types of greeting cards and personalized cards. These are invitation cards, greeting cards for birthdays, Christmas, and other occasions; personalized gift cards, and many others. Alibaba Printing offers printing services for different types of cards, including what we mentioned above. Aside from   invitation card Singapore, we also offer wedding card printing and even birthday cards Singapore. We also print customized greeting card for year-round greetings.


Personalized Cards are Nice to Receive


Greeting cards are undeniably classic and timeless way to connect with other people that matters to you and your business. While greeting cards are traditionally sent out during birthdays and holidays, they can be sent out during any occassion, or as a simple “thinking of you” greeting card. The personalized cards can also be used to thank customers for a purchase and to encourage repeat sales without making it sound like a sales pitch. A personalized card is a more personal approach and is more memorable, as well.


The greeting cards can be printed with a message or left blank inside to allow a more personalized handwriting that adds a friendly touch. We also offer envelopes that can be printed with your return address or be left completely blank. Say hello to your family, friends, or clients with a one-of-a-kind customized card.



Printed Cards Help Build Better and Stronger Relationships


Text messages, emails. Instant messages and voicemails are quick and easy way to reach out to someone. Nevertheless, however how quick and convenient they were, a physical, specially-printed greeting card is way better and a tangible approach that will be appreciated by anyone. Keep in touch with your family, friends, valued customers or business acquaintances with Alibaba Printing’s personalized printed cards.


We Offer Invitation Printing


There is no better way to invite guests than through a nicely printed invitation card with wedding card printing Singapore. At this present time, when most people choose to send an email or leave a direct message on their friends and relatives’ social media accounts, it is still preferable to send out invitation cards that you have personally chosen.


Every great event starts with an eye-catching but elegant invitation. A good quality invitation speaks a lot about your big event and with the invitation card alone, guests can already tell if the event would be a ho-hum one or a big, unforgettable attendance.


Printing Out Invitation


One of the easiest and more fashionable way to spread the word about a certain event is to create an invitation, and print it, too. While sharing of graphic invites is now a trend, especially with various social media platforms available, a physical, printed invitation still offers a more personalized, not to mention classier appeal. With Alibaba Printing’s custom made printing invitations, your guests will surely appreciate how you prepared for them and the event itself. All you have to do is write down the important details and we are here to help you with the layout and customisation.


Creating a Perfect Invitation


Here at Alibaba Printing, we want to make sure that every print out is perfectly created. So, how do we create perfect personalised invitations?


First, we will choose the format or layout. Do you want it to have multiple pages, or a folded one-page invite? A good layout is crucial to any printed material, be it an advertising campaign or an invitation, so we make sure that our layout design is ‘on-point’.


Second step is to select beautiful visuals like images and fonts. We will ask you for your preferred images to add in, if there’s any. And we’ll also help you choose which font/s will go well with both the invitation layout and the event itself. Engaging visuals will surely make your invitation cards, well, (redundant as it may sound) inviting. You may choose from your own gallery of photos – we are pretty sure you have at least a few – or you may also choose from royalty-free images from the Internet.


Make sure to keep the invitation personal. Let the attendees recognize you through your invitation cards. We may ask you to add your own personal touches, such as quotes, personal photos, logos or initials that will make everyone feel welcome and special.


Don’t forget the important part: guests should know where to go and when the event will be held. Of course, you must also add in to what event they are invited. Other relevant details such as event type, dress code, name of host, etc. can also be added.


Finally, you may want to add some finishing touches. Proofread the copy and make sure all details are correct. Read and reread the copy and make sure it is free from glaring grammatical and spelling errors. Choose the stock paper and then you are ready for the invitation card printing.


Greeting Card Printing


Alibaba Printing Services also offers high-quality greeting card printing that will help you get your messages across. We have a wide range of stock cards that will make your greeting cards look great and professionally-made. Greeting cards are ideal for both personal and business use. Just add your personal touch or business logo and you are good to go.


Today’s businesses are highly competitive and business owners are always in the lookout for distinctly unique ways to market and promote their brands. Customised  greeting card printing Singapore are a great way to send out your greetings in behalf of your company.


Similar to  wedding card printing, printing greeting cards must be carefully done, to make sure the cards come out beautifully crafted and pristine-looking. The elements to be added to the greeting cards are almost the same, save for the time and date, which the greeting cards usually don’t have. Nonetheless, the message or greetings that you want to send out must be written using easy to read but elegant font. If you are doing a company greeting card, your brand logo must be included, along with names of the person-in-charge (manager, chairman, etc.) Greeting cards can also be a great way to promote a business or brand. For instance, your company may use the customized greeting card whenever you send out gifts or greetings to clients.


Benefits of Customized Printed Cards


There are so many benefits of getting custom printed cards. First of all, they are standardized. Printing cards without any specific holiday in mind allows you to use the greeting cards all year long. Personalized cards give the cards a more personal appeal, regardless if they are used as a corporate greeting card or otherwise. While custom cards can double as a marketing tool, the cards are not focused on your products or services – they are often used to thank clients instead of placing a sales pitch. Greeting cards, when sent strategically, can give your company a bigger and better impact when it comes to client relations. The greeting cards, when printed with your own company logo, are also a great way to build brand awareness. It is like hitting two birds with one stone – you get to send out greetings and at the same time display your logo prominently.


Urgent Printing Also Available


Apart from regular invitation and greeting card printing, we also offer urgent custom invitation card printing Singapore. You can trust Alibaba Printing to do all your urgent greeting card and urgent invitation card printing Singapore needs. For more details, please visit us at Link @ Amk, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, 02-02, 569139 or call telephone numbers 9146 1431.

Step 1:
You will have to prepare 2 PDF files to apply Sandblast + Spot UV on your printing material.

File 1: File for the full artwork WITHOUT Sandblast + Spot Uv artwork image

File 2: File for the image to be Sandblast + Spot Uv with transparent background. (JPEG File not accepted)


File 1
Artwork that is to be printed in Offset Colour


File 2
Artwork of Image to be Sandblast + Spot UV (JPEG File not accepted)
1. Ensure image is positioned accurately (as per File 1) to avoid mis-registration
2. You Must fill the area / image to be Sandblast + Spot UV in PROCESS COLOUR (K=100)
3. Save your file with transparent background