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Understanding the Express Printing Field

Urgent Flyer Printing And Flyer Distribution Singapore

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Alibaba Printing: Reliable Company for your Business

Welcome to Alibaba Printing!

Who Are We? A Company For Your quality Mass Colour flyer printing with inexpensive price

A professionally-printed flyer or offset leaflet printing can have a great impact on the business; bringing in new customers for your shop and retaining the existing loyal customers for your company or shop. We understand this. That is why we offer professional, top quality, and cheap flyer printing services in Singapore Dedicated customer support for your printed brochure . Our printer are able to support you with high quality flyer printing, the quality of the prints will be able to meet your Company' s printing demand. We able to provide short lead time for your flyer,leaflet printing or brochure printing to promote and market your firm’s events, products or services. Glossy, premium, attractive flyer garner attention and interest; therefore they are considered an influential marketing vehicle that commands immediate response.

Different names that people call them:

  1. brochure printing
  2. leaflet printing
Our flyer and leaflet printing company in Singapore is dedicated to helping customers thrive in their business and build a professional image for their firm. With our flyer printers, you will always find more options, express or fast printing, on time and free delivery, premium quality and better or inexpensive sgd pricelist. Our printing services are perfect for your product promotions and trade shows. In fact, a well-designed flyer helps in distinguishing a professional company from other fledgling businesses.

We provide 128gsm art paper, 80gsm, 157gsm art paper and 260gsm art card for your different flyer needs, optional artwork design and display with appealing colour and free delivery to your place at the lowest cost with best sgd price. Cost will varies with your size of flyer as well, Seom Standard size will be: A4 size paper, A5 size paper ( which is half of A4)

Other paper sizes for leaflet printing as per below

Paper Size Width x Height (mm) Width x Height (in) 4A0 Paper 1682 x 2378 mm 66.2 x 93.6 in 2A0 Paper 1189 x 1682 mm 46.8 x 66.2 in A0 Paper 841 x 1189 mm 33.1 x 46.8 in A1 Paper 594 x 841 mm 23.4 x 33.1 in A2 Paper 420 x 594 mm 16.5 x 23.4 in A3 Paper 297 x 420 mm 11.7 x 16.5 in A4 Paper 210 x 297 mm 8.3 x 11.7 in A5 Paper 148 x 210 mm 5.8 x 8.3 in A6 Paper 105 x 148 mm 4.1 x 5.8 in A7 Paper 74 x 105 mm 2.9 x 4.1 in A8 Paper 52 x 74 mm 2.0 x 2.9 in A9 Paper 37 x 52 mm 1.5 x 2.0 in A10 Paper 26 x 37 mm 1.0 x 1.5 in

If you want to display you own design, do provide us in PDF or Jpeg format and set it to CMYK instead of RGB. Png format or other format can’t be accepted as the resolution maybe be low. While there are many flyer printing service corporations and online retailers offering similar services, we provide cutting-edge solutions, thus helping you distinguish our company from the others. At Alibaba Printing, we understand that a flyer should be eye-catching, excellent in quality, crisp and easy to read display of design, in order to be effective. That is why our designers work with you in creating the ideal flyer that will make an effect on your targeted audience or future customer and display the intended message promptly.

Brochure Printing In Singapore? What We Offer And Why Us For Your Colour Printing?

We offer productive and innovative express flyer printing services, optimum display of design, affordable sgd packages, and free delivery in Singapore. Our staffs are not just fast, skilled, and qualified, but also highly trained to understand your creative display requirements. Apart from offering you expert and quality flyer services, we also deliver them within time or in just a matter of days, our express service could be as fast as 24 hours. The flyer we provide you are original, colourful and highly appealing, thus assuring a positive client feedback. We can help you in printing service for your corporate calendars, card s, invitations, name card s, postcards, stickers, brochure, shirts and many other printing services besides flyer. We are one of the leading flyer printing services companies in Singapore, and have delivered efficient services to all kinds of clients from varying industries. Apart from printing leaflets and flyer, we also print invoices, post card s, cover booklets, money packets, table calendars, stickers of different sizes, paper bags, and coloured folders. We also provide personalised services for our customers, so that they get precisely what they need for their company, business or shop.

Our cost-efficient sgd prices, superior quality and innovative designs make us a big name in the corporate and retail sector. We constantly strive to deliver premium and optimum quality printing solutions in a fast and efficient manner, which is a prerequisite for businesses to thrive. Getting your products and services noticed in the market is necessary to keep your business growing, and this is precisely what we do. Count on us to boost your sales and gain popularity in the market today. Let us take care of you.

Why still Traditional Marketing For Target audience? It’s A Cheap Way to Promote a Business with quality and Express Delivery

Flyer production and flyers Distribution is an age-old marketing method that dates back to the 16th century. Even though many centuries have passed, flyer production and distribution are still one of the best tools in advertising up to these days. Originally, flyer were printed with no graphics and only display black and white texts, and were used to announce government regulations or events. People back then received the news through a paper flyer posted on their walls. Nowadays, we still see flyer everywhere. flyer distribution are done by friendly girls and boys at parks, malls, sidewalks, and sometimes they post the flyer on the doors with the sticky tape. flyer, brochure, and leaflets, especially those in colorful prints and eye catching display of designs, capture the attention of would-be customers, thus, helping in increasing the sales of products or services being promoted.

Definition Of flyer Or Leaflets Printign

A flyer is a small piece of paper, usually in a one-tone, two-tone, or full color print, display various information such as product listing, offers, events, services, or anything that needs to be promoted. Singapore flyer printing service is typically inexpensive sgd price. Printing them cheap; even the express printing service of flyer only require minimal additional sgd rate charges.
< Printing flyer and flyer distribution are a very inexpensive method of advertising. Compared to newspaper, various forms of paper print ads, or other types of printing services, flyer are a great way to cover a large area of potential customers without spending too much sgd money. flyer can become a powerful sales method if you know how to effectively execute your sales pitch in paper print and display attractive details. And of course, as long as you know where to hand them out, this flyer and flyer distribution will be effective and best of all, there are lots of cheap flyer printing services available in Singapore.

The Difference Marketing Between Handbills, Leaflets, Brochures and Posters For Your Consumers.

There are several innovating new techniques in promoting your brand and increase brand awareness to your clients at the same time. The following are four traditional outdoor paper print ad techniques that \ are popularly used by companies even until today, below are their differences:


A Flyer is also known as a handbill, generally an A4 size paper paper that is usually used for small-scale marketing, covering a certain region. A flyer distribution campaign is needed, which is usually part of the printing services package, to make this marketing effort work. A professional layout artist can help you display critical design, right color combination, and correct information on the paper to make it an effective method. You’ll be amazed how a simple paper can turn into an effective advertising method.


It has better design than a flyer. The standard size is A6 sheet paper but it is a little more expensive in sgd price and mostly printed in premium quality color combination. It can be circulated through direct distribution to customers or by inserting it in a local newspaper.


brochure are also called as pamphlets. It is more expensive than a flyerand it is usually made for a certain company with precise display of information. It is generally a single standard size paper folded multiple times. Each fold display a specific type of information. Also contains and display different color combination. Each fold of the paper contains crucial info for effective marketing.


A poster is usually in large format and the paper size may vary too. The installation of posters are critical since they must be strategically placed in spaces with maximum visibility due to its large size. It contains a catchy line and attractive display of visuals using premium quality color with less text to encourage the reader to check out the whole display and design of the poster. The paper size would vary on your marketing needs.

Leaflet Printing / Postcard / Handbills / Phamphlets / Brochure Guidelines

Before doing any flyer and distribution in Singapore, the crucial step is designing or layout of the overall display on the paper. Here is a brief list of guidelines for printing.


Follow the eyes’ natural flow. Most of the time, we read from top to bottom; left to right. Make sure that the flyer ’s layout display on the paper the most important info at the top left part of the page or paper and the rest should follow the eye’s natural movement.


Utilize an easy to read, simple display or format. Not all of us enjoys reading, particularly reading a leaflet per make the flyer more readable and not overwhelming, avoid using ‘rich’ and complicated words and break up info with numbers or bullet points. This will make the flyer more eye-catching, interesting, and at the same time seem more informative.


Avoid overlapping images and text on the paper print. As much as possible, do not overlap text display and illustrations as it lessens the flyer’s readability. Each color must be used strategically. For instance, dark colored text must be set over a light colored image or print.


Incorporate eye catching display of illustrations and graphics. Designate a small part of your flyer for illustrations and graphics. The attractive images and optimum quality of colors can help encourage potential customers in a shop and make that sale. Make sure the graphics on the paper are relatable and understandable. The high-quality images should have something to do with what you are selling or offering.


Make and display an irresistible offer on the flyer headline. Make your customers in Singapore believe that the product or service is there to improve their life. flyer must be bold and captivating with strong headings and subheadings. A call to action can help, as well. Try adding ‘Limited Time Offer’, ‘Sale lasts until tomorrow only!’ or ‘Visit Us Now!’ Grab their attention, convince, and make a sale with flyer.

Company That Provide Extra-Fast or Express Services in Singapore Traditional Marketing

Express printing is an extra- fast printing service of flyer. Normally, print shops finish a batch of flyer in 5-7 days. When a client request for an express or fast service, the printing service takes 2 days tops. In Alibaba Printing one day express print services are available as well. An express paper print job is usually more expensive, but additional sgd fees are only minimal. fast paper printing service can cost more but not that much but it is well worth to have 24hours fastprinting service when needed even cost maybe little higher.

Why Offset Method is Perfect for Mass and Extra-Fast or Express Production for leaflets

offset lithography or paper printing is a way to mass-produce prints. It involves transferring of images from metal plates to rubber rollers or blankets and then to the print medium. The media or medium, in this case a paper, does not have a direct contact with the plates, thus making the plates’ life longer. The rubber rollers, on the other hand, conforms to the surface of the paper or any media surface such as cloth, canvas, or wood. One of the advantages of this express process is its consistent, high flyer printing quality. Moreover, it is another good point that the express process is ideal for small, medium, and even high-volume paper print jobs and is also the process of choice for express paper printing.

Two Common Types Of Offset Printing Machines That Is Used In Singapore And Malaysia

There are two types of machines used in offset printing that you should know.

1. Sheet-Fed

One is the sheet-fed printer, in which individual pages of paper are fed into the printer. The paper can be pre-cut before printing or trimmed to final publication size after the paper printing process. The sheet-fed printer is great with printing fast small to medium-sized paper fixed jobs. Pre-cut paper sheets also makes fast or urgent paper printing more possible.

2. Web Offset

The other is the web offset printer, which is a larger machine with higher speed capacity; fed with large paper rolls that are separated and trimmed after the cheap flyer printing Singapore. Web offset printing is inexpensive, especially for high-volume printing projects that often change content, such as newspapers. Cheap paper printing projects typically use the web offset method of printing.

Reasons Why Your Business Marketing Need Affordable flyer Printing Singapore

1. It Is Still a Proven and Popular Way to Promote a Product or Service

flyer printing Singapore are still a very popular way to campaign for a product or service. You will see a lot of flyer guys and gals around - parks, shopping malls, streets, coffee shops, other types of hangout shops, and even right at your doorsteps. Many print shops are around, making flyer printing services easily available even for small businesses. Lots of cheap flyer printing Singapore are available; plus, a lot of fast paper print services are inexpensive, too.

2. It’s One of the Best Low-Cost Campaign Option

It is extremely cost-effective and has an incredible high ROI. Our professional and skilled team can design premium quality flyer and print them for you on your desired paper size, paper quality or texture at affordable sgd price.

3. It’s Low in Effort but Has Huge Impact

Getting the flyer in the hands of your potential clients is easy. Once you know who your target is and where they can be found, you can strategically display the flyer and your potential recipients might even pin them on their fridges or walls. This can boost promotion that are within the circle of friends and family.

4. Most People Love Tangible Things!

Customers really like something they can put their hands on especially if the flyer is printed in a premium and high quality paper. You are rest assured that here in Alibaba Printing that your flyer won’t look like junk mail. We offer the highest quality paper that is inexpensive and will surely fit your sgd price budget because of the affordable sgd price options you can choose.

5. It Creates a Sense of Personal Touch

Aside from a flyer being tangible, it also adds a personal touch to your promotional message. If the receiver keeps it in their bag or pocket, you’re assured that they will look at the interesting display of information that you have again.

6. It’s an Eye-catching Promotion

People read flyer that’s why this traditional method of advertising is never taken out of marketing strategies. Remember, your customers are not using the Internet 24/7.

flyer Choices and Other Paper Options

There are high-quality printer around that offer professional-quality flyer that are printed and cut as you wish. flyer choices usually consist of 1-sided and 2-sided prints ; one-color, two-color, or full-color choices, and the client can even choose the type of paper the flyer will be made of. The machine used allows the printer to print flyer fast. Typical paper choices are 80 or 100lb matte or glossy paper. And yes, of course, you may choose if you want an express or fast paper printing service or are ok with the normal turnaround time.
For more information of flyer printing click here

For More Information Contact Alibaba Printing for Whatever Printing Needs

If you are on the lookout for a cheap flyer printing services or leaflet printing job, Alibaba Printing can offer inexpensive prints. Look for promotion packages that offer both the printing and distribution process for less. For instance, a really inexpensive one is the 10,000-piece print job and door to door distribution of paper flyers for around $500.
flyer printing service, like most paper and printing products and services, has led to a price drop in the past few years. Back then, the cost of brochure production, printing flyer and leaflets is high; given the price of print machines, paper, and materials, especially at the start of the business. However, most printers now are inexpensive, as well as the materials like printing media. In addition, some decide to have online printing services, which lessens the cost in terms of office space and workforce, thus, lowering the sgd price of their services even more. Doing it online also allows fast printing services. If you want to use a different marketing item in promoting your product, you may do so aside from cheap flyer printing services in Singapore. You can choose calendars, card s, name card s, corporate folders, stickers, business banner, brochure , shirts, caps, etc. You can request in minimal pcs or order in bulk. You are rest assured that Alibaba Printing only produces premium and high quality items and services in Singapore for your business or personal needs.
Regardless, even if you are looking for cheap printing cost, it is vital to check the company’s reliability and efficiency. Make sure the artists are top-notch and the writers know what they are doing. It is pointless to invest on a cheap bulk of flyer only to find out that the layout and text won’t even catch the interest of potential customers. Also remember to check the layout and request for a sample paper printout before you approve everything for a quick or fast print production.

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