Most Effective Small Scale Business Marketing Strategy


Most Effective Small Scale Business Marketing Strategy





Small scale businesses and startups are often faced with problems in making consistent

profits to keep the business going. When you don’t have the capacity to allocate extensive

budgets for market research and advertising, you need come up with low-cost strategies

that will help you accumulate profits and gain more customers.

Flyer printing and flyer distribution might just be the most effective marketing strategy to help

you with that – it saves money, increases amount of sales, and markets more customers.

Although a simple method, flyer printing and distribution is a common strategy that has

been proven with the test of time.



In order to come up with a cost-effective flyer, you need to make it visually creative and

attractive but still appropriate to your business line. Your content should also be concise

and on point to create a clear impression on the customers’ end. Make your captions

engaging to encourage them to avail on the opportunities you are presenting. Also, don’t

forget to attach proper contact details.  Your business name and address should reflect

well in the flyer as well as your phone numbers. Better yet, add contact persons such as

sales representatives to accommodate your responding customers in their possible







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