Flyer Printing and Distribution at Jurong – A Great Ad Form

We always say that although flyers are a bit old fashioned, they remain one of the most effective forms of advertisement. Flyers are not only an affordable way to advertise, they are also easy to distribute and reach your target market. You can choose where to give out your flyers and have a small budget for that at the same time. Just like what we did with this flyers printing and distribution at Jurong. The company owners of Earnest and Collective want something that will bring attention to their products. So, they come up with a double-sided flyer that showcases their leather goods, particularly shoes.

Flyers Printing and Distribution at Jurong

The flyer features nice photos of their high-quality, handcrafted shoes in full colour. The flyer also consist of a price bracket to give potential clients an idea of how much their products will be. They also included a promo price for 2 or more pairs, so people will be more excited to try and visit the place.

Double-sided flyers are a good investment, they maximize paper space and at the same time allow you to put all the important information regarding your business. This practice is also done with our flyers distribution at Yio Chu Kang. The double-sided flyers are very useful and gave those clients a better return.

Flyers Printing and Distribution at Jurong

You can also try and take advantage of the full-color double-sided flyers. We guarantee that the flyers we print are made with high-quality paper and ink; and our flyers distribution team is hardworking and goal-driven. COntact us by visiting our office at Link @ Amk, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, 02-02, 569139 or calling us through our hotline 9146 1431.

Flyer Distribution at Yio Chu Kang

How important are details to a flyer layout? They are important, of course; you can’t just print out your brand name on a flyer and leave everyone guessing what you have to offer. If you can add images that can best describe your product or services, the better. Take it from the flyers of Grout ProTech.

Flyers  distribution at yio chu kang

They are one of our recent flyers distribution at Yio Chu Kang clients. Their services include grout cleaning and whitening as well as stainproofing, protection, and many more. FOr their flyers, they incorporated before and after photos of their tile cleaning jobs, which is a great idea because the photos will showcase how effective their services are.

Flyers  distribution at yio chu kang

The flyers we distributed in behalf of Grout ProTech are double-sided and maximised the use of every inch of space. They have images used as proof of the effectiveness of their grout-cleaning technology. In addition, the flyers consist of complete address and contact numbers so potential clients can easily visit or call them. There’s even a brief question and answer that tackles frequently asked questions about their services. The layout is very similar to the layout done with our flyers printing at Tampines Redhill project.

Want something similar for your business? Call us now at 9146 1431 for more details.

Flyer Printing at Tampines Redhill

There are dozens of education centres in Singapore and one of the ways to stand out among others is by having a good advertising strategy. Since tuition centres can be considered as small to medium businesses, most of them do not have enough funds for a slot in TV airtime or magazine print ads. But still, they come up with one of the best solutions to help promote their businesses: flyers.

Flyers printing at Tampines redhill

We have lots of tuition or education centres that rely on flyers as their form of advertisement. One of them is Le Jour Education Centre, a tutor centre for primary and secondary levels and Junior college as well. Le Jour asked us to help them with flyers printing at Tampines Redhill in order to boost their popularity. Their flyer design features a two-sided print that consists of the courses they offered for primary levels, secondary levels, and junior college. Of course, they included their complete contact details and physical address, as well as basic information about their education centre.

Flyers printing at Tampines redhill

Adding complete details to the flyers is ideal, especially if you want to keep potential clients informed. Like our flyers printing and distribution at Pioneer project, we made sure that this flyer printing for an education centre is printed on high-quality materiaal using topnotch ink that doesn’t fade easily.

Interested in using flyers to promote your business? Call us now and let us help you with the printing and distribution.

Flyer Printing and Distribution at Pioneer for a Toy Sale

Toys Asia is a popular toy Outlet in Singapore. It is known to hold occasional toy sales that let people save up to 70% off the original toy prices. Toys Asia is one of our biggest clients for flyers printing and distribution at Pioneer. Just recently, the big toy company held its warehouse sale, offering over 200 toy varieties. Their flyers are great looking with excellent lay out and images that will surely attract more shoppers.

Flyers printing and distribution at pioneer

To make it easy for shoppers to find their way to the toy store, they included an easy to follow map and instructions on how to get to the store by car and by MRT. When designing a flyer, directions are a great addition because they will increase the possibility that the potential customer will find the way to your establishment. It is also a good idea to include some photos of available items on sale so people can know what to expect.

Flyers printing and distribution at pioneer

Complete details are crucial and should be included if possible. Just like our project with flyers distribution at Woodlands, the flyers of Toys Asia have important details that we can’t just leave out.

Wondering if flyers will work for your business? Let us help you! Visit us at Link @ Amk, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street or call us at 9146 1431 for more details.

Flyer Distribution at Woodlands

Flyers are used not only to promote a brand but also to inform people about their products or services. Look at the flyer of Legacy Tecnica Motorsports. It has a lot of information, including their specialization and services available. They included their shop’s address, as well as available promos in order to attract customers.

flyers distribution at woodlands

Legacy Tecnica Motorsports asked us to assist for their flyers distribution at Woodlands. The company wants to reach a lot of potential clients that can equate to sure sales.

Like the management of this business, you can also try our services and reach out to more people. We can help you with various printing assignments including flyers and brochures. If you want assistance with the layout, we can also be of help.

Check out our past projects including distribution assignments all over the city, flyers printing at Tuas and various places around Singapore. If you are interested with our flyers printing and distribution packages, please call us at 9146 1431.

Double Sided Flyer Printing at Tuas

What do you do in order to attract both English speaking and Mandarin speaking locals? Use both language in a flyer!

This is a good practice done by one of our flyers printing at Tuas clients, Shiracha White Tea. The company decided to have a double-sided flyer that features the English description of their products on one side and description in Mandarin on the other side. This is advisable because people have their preferences when it comes to language. Breaking the barrier by simply using both commonly-used languages will help increase your reach.

flyers distribution at tuas

This is also done with our projects for flyers printing and distribution at Hougang. The flyers have both English and Mandarin translations on them. Apart from the language, the flyers of Shiracha have full coloured pages and feature complete details of their products. This is particularly effective because colours attract people’s attention and at the same time they will be able to read all the important details about the said product.

flyer distribution tuas

You can also try this strategy with your flyers! Contact us now and let us help you with the detailing, printing, and even with the distribution. You can reach us at Link @ Amk, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street.

Flyer Printing and Distribution at Hougang to Jump-start Opening Day

A great way to promote a newly-opened business or an establishment that is soon to open is through flyer distribution. Like this newly opened restaurant in Hougang called House of Mookata. To promote their business opening, House of Mookata hired us exclusively to manage their flyers printing and distribution at Hougang. They believe that flyers are still the best way to reach out to potential customers, so they contacted us and came up with this flyer idea.

Flyers printing and distribution at hougang

Their flyers are basically invites to their newly opened restaurant. They feature complete address and contact numbers so that customers can easily find the place. Additionally, they included a call to action phrase, which is “Bring this flyer to enjoy 10% off total bill”, which will surely attract customers.

If you have a small business and would want to avail of our flyer printing or flyers distribution at Bukit Batok, Hougang, Ang Mo Kio, or any other area in Singapore, please call us at 9146 1431 for a quick quote.

Flyer Distribution at Bukit Batok a Cheap Yet Effective Ad Method

We already said that flyers are among the oldest tools the advertising industry ever known. We can safely say that no person, at least an adult, has never received or seen a flyer in his or her life. Every now and then, we get a flyer from a complete stranger or receive it through mail as a subscription insert.

You may ask if flyers are still effective. The answer of most business owners, including our dozens of clients, is YES.

flyers distribution bukit batok

Our client for flyers distribution at Bukit Batok, for instance, knows that getting the flyers to the right people will definitely make a business boost. Sonshine Childcare Centre will soon have an open house and the owners want people to know about this event, so they decided to distribute flyers across the city. The flyers served as invitation for their open house event and at the same time promote their services.

flyers bukit batok

It is the same strategy used in our flyers printing at Tampines project in which flyers have call to action lines and displays marked down prices in order to attract walk-in customers.

If you want to make your business more popular, attract more clients, or promote your products or services in an affordable way, contact Alibaba Printing at 9146 1431.

Flyer Printing at Tampines – An Affordable Business Ad

Flyers are fast and easy solution for advertising a product or service. You can see here what we did with a client for flyers printing at Tampines. The flyer has important details such as Store Name and address. This flyer printing project is for an appliance centre at Tampines having a sale.

The flyer is full of images of various appliances that the store offers. To add interest to potential clients, they put marked down prices and the regular prices of the items on sale. This will surely attract buyers because they can see how much they’ll save.

Businesses are encouraged to have at least one form of advertisement and flyers are not only a cheap choice, but an effective one as well. Many of our clients are small businesses that like to make their brand known all over the area without shelling a large amount in print or TV ads. The advantage of flyers is that you can print only what you need and distribute them in your target areas. One example of this is our client for flyers printing and distribution at Ang Mo Kio.

flyers printing at tampines

If you are interested in printing flyers for your business and have them distributed as well, please visit our office at Link @ Amk, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, 02-02, 569139 or call us at 9146 1431.

Flyer Printing and Distribution at Ang Mo Kio Helps Local Players

For small players like your local neighborhood carpenter Siew Hong Furniture, flyers are crucial in making their business more popular across the city. That is why they asked us to help them with their flyers printing and distribution at Ang Mo Kio.

Ang Mo Kio flyer distribution

Flyers are a cheap yet effective way to promote a product or service. The use of flyers dates back to the Roman times and is still being used up to this day because it is effective in disseminating information about businesses, especially the local ones. Distribution of flyers, when done correctly and at a good location, will surely increase the number of potential customers, hence, increased sales.

Just take a look at this flyer distribution at Suntec City, which features a laundry shop and clothes alteration shop. They asked for our service and helped them distribute flyers to boost their popularity. The campaign was effective and they are now more popular and have more clients.

flyer distribution at ang mo kio

This will surely happen with this local carpentry shop at Ang Mo Kio. As we reach more people through flyers, word of mouth will spread as well. The more frequent people hear about your brand, product, or service, the more they remember your brand when the need for your product or service arises.

If you want us to help you with flyer printing, distribution, or both, please visit us at Link @ Amk, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, 02-02, 569139 or call us at 9146 1431.

Flyer Distribution at Suntec City – Reach More Clients Using Our Effective Strategy

Like many small-scale entrepreneurs, a lot of businesses around the Suntec City area use flyers to advertise their products or services. Because flyers are an affordable means of advertisement, it is one of the most popular choices among small and medium size businesses. For instance, these two establishments in Suntec City.

flyer distribution at suntec city

The Laundry Club and Needle Works are two businesses that utilise our service for flyers distribution at Suntec City. They know that by sending out flyers to potential clients, their sales would eventually go up because of increased exposure and popularity. It is also a great idea to add a call for action bubble to any flyer. In The Laundry Club’s case, they offered a 20% discount for walk-in clients, which is stated on the flyer itself. This kind of strategy is very effective in inviting clients to walk into your business and hire or buy your services or goods.

flyer distribution at suntec city

Like our previous flyers distribution at Ang Mo Kio deals, the Suntec City flyer distribution deals are a huge help to the involved businesses. We helped them reach their target clients. You can ask us to distribute your flyers in public places or send them door to door using our own strategy.

Alibaba Printing can help you build popularity and trust among your clients. Let us handle your flyer printing and distribution. Call us at 9146 1431 for a quick quote.

Flyer Distribution at Ang Mo Kio to Promote Car Rental Services

Flyers are among the oldest ways of advertisement. It is said to be used by the Romans during the ancient trades. It may be an old method, but we know that it is still effective. It is so effective that most businesses today rely on flyer distribution, especially when they don’t have the budget to pay for a billboard, print ad, or airtime for TV.

flyer distribution at ang mo kio

We have done a lot of flyers distribution at Ang Mo Kio area. Our services help small business be known. By simply hiring us to print or distribute their flyers, the business will have the means of making their brands popular in the area. This Rent A Car service in Ang Mo Kio for instance, had seeked our flyer distribution service to help them build a strong following among residents of Ang Mo Kio and nearby areas as well. The company also made sure to include important information about their service and also added a special offer to attract customers.

Another good example of a straightforward flyer is this flyer printing and distribution in Bukit Panjang. Like the car rental flyer, it features contact numbers and address of the dealer, in this case, for real estate.

Are you interested in making your business known without shelling out a large sum of money for TV ads and Print Ads? Try reaching out to your target market through flyers! Contact us at 9146 1431 now.

Flyer Printing and Distribution in Bukit Panjang

Amongst our many customers include the professional real estate broker Ms. Laio Jingyi of Era Real Estate. The flyers have a simple and straightforward layout that basically shows the affordable rates of the units they offer.

flyer printing and distribution in bukit panjang

This Flyer Printing and Distribution in Bukit Panjang deal allows this client to reach out more prospects. They only paid a low rate that is included in our flyer distribution packages. We take care of the distribution and make sure they reach the target market, hence, an increased sales potential for them.

We have lots of similar deals like this, including the flyers printing and distribution in Jurong East. Since we know that flyers are a great means of business promotion or advertisement, we want to help businesses make it possible for them. Show how good your services or products. Showcase them using flyers. You will be surprised how fast you will reach your target using one of the most ancient means of advertising. If you want us to help you with flyers printing and distribution, please visit our office at Link @ Amk, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street or call us during office hours at telephone numbers 9146 1431.

Flyer Printing and Distribution Services in Jurong East Now Available

Fun and youthful – that is what this flyer for Posso Preschool initially shows. As we always say, first impressions last. So, it is a great idea to make your flyers looking fun and youthful if you are promoting a centre for preschoolers.


Flyer printing and Distribution in Jurong East

Posso Preschool searched for flyers printing and distribution in Jurong East and they have such high standards. Of course, having used the best quality materials and excellent technique in flyers distribution, we at Alibaba Printing met their requirements. Their concept is very much like the Kallang flyers printing project that we had.

Flyers are an ideal way to promote a business, but of course you must make sure that through your flyers, you can show how good your products or services are. We at Alibaba Printing can help you with that. We can make sure your flyers show your professional side and we can help you with distribution, too. Contact us now and let us give you a quote for flyers printing, flyers distribution, or both.

The Best Kallang Flyer Printing Service

You’ll notice in this flyers printing at Kallang project that it has full color and a catchy layout. KidStart Learning Centre is a learning centre for kids that offer English and math subjects, as well as creative writing, manga drawing, scratch coding, LEGO robotics, and even Aikido lessons.

flyer printing at kallang

We think that the flyer design concept is very ideal to what the centre has to offer. The design is dynamic and fun! Just like how their lessons surely are!

Like we always say, flyers are usually the first thing you use in order to have a contact with potential customers. Handing a high-quality flyer to your prospects will make an impression that your business offers high-quality products or services, as well. Never hand out cheap-looking flyers printed in low quality paper. Doing so will give the impression that your products or services are not the best either. So, each time you need flyer printing services in Bukit Merah, or any other areas here in Singapore, get it at Alibaba Printing. We can help you print the highest quality flyers and can even assist you in distributing them. Call 9146 1431 for more details.

Flyer Printing in Bukit Merah Helps You Reach Potential Clients

This SportyBots flyer has a cool layout and color combination. Like most of the flyers we print, this has a nice touch of different colors that help attract potential clients. It has all the crucial aspects of an effective flyer design, including the company name, services or products offered, the contact numbers and office address. It would be great if there’s an email address, too, so potential clients can easily reach you out.

Flyer printing in Bukit Merah

Like our Bukit Timah flyer distribution deals, this printing job is important to us. We make sure to use high quality paper and ink to guarantee professional-looking flyers. Remember what we always say – a professionally designed and printed flyer is the first impression you will leave with your potential customers. If the quality of the printed flyers is not excellent, then your prospects may think that your products or services are not great either. Always keep this saying in mind: First impressions last – especially in businesses.

It is a good thing SportyBots seeked our flyers printing in Bukit Merah. They know that we only offer the best quality flyers, thanks to the finest materials we use combined with our talented layout and printing staff members. The client is actually impressed with the quality of our work.

Want your business flyers to stand out among others? Call us now at 9146 1431 or visit our office at Link @ Amk, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street. We’ll help you come up with great flyers to promote your business in affordable rates.

Flyer Distribution in Bukit Timah and Other Areas

Al Borgo is a highly-popular restaurant located in Namly Avenue. Just recently, they availed our services to help them promote their 3rd outlet. The flyer they have also offers a 20% discount for dine in clients, which is only available for their newly-opened branch in Namly. This kind of flyer is a great promotional idea. You offer discounted rates and at the same time promote your new branch as well.

Flyers Distribution At Bukit Timah

The fyers of Al Borgo feature their new branch address, as well as operation time. Of course, it is important to state the terms and conditions of the said promo. The validity of the promo, for instance, is crucial, as well as other rules like “for dine in only” and “one voucher valid per table”. The flyer also features one of their yummy entrees.

Dining establishments are among our many clients when it comes to flyers printing and distribution. But we also have other companies like schools or clinics, such as the Toa Payoh flyer distribution service deal that we closed just recently.

We offer flyers distribution at Bukit Timah, along with other areas in Singapore. Please reach us through our contact number 9146 1431 or visit us at Link @ Amk, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, 02-02, 569139 for a quick quote.

Flyer Printing at Tai Seng Now Available

flyers printing at tai seng


When choosing a flyer printer, it is advisable to pick one that allows limitless edits until the templates are approved. Moreover, the quality of print is crucial. FIrst impressions last, they say; and this is the same with flyers.

You distribute flyers to potential customers and if they see that your flyers are not laid out and printed professionally, it will reflect your products or services as well.

A flyer printed on high quality paper using the finest color inks will surely look more professional compared to flyers that are printed on cheap stock paper. For instance, for this flyer of Dennis Gym, we used high-quality glossy paper and full color print. We want the flyer itself to attract attention and encourage potential clients to go to the premise.

Apart from printing it on high gloss paper using fine ink, the flyers also feature a nice layout that showcases the gym’s various equipment and services. The flyers also include complete contact details and addresses of different Dennis Gym branches. These details are very crucial if you want to promote a business and invite more patrons.

If you are also looking for flyers printing at Tai Seng, you can visit our office at Link @ Amk, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street or call us during office hours at telephone numbers 9146 1431.

Flyer Distribution at Hougang Area is Now Easy to Reach

flyers distribution at hougang


Making your products or services known is the main goal of having your flyer printed and distributed, like the flyers distribution services in Toa Payoh. When you have the right layout and design combined with attractive, eye-catching colours, any person that will receive your flyer will become interested; hence, increasing your potential sales.

This flyer for CompuThink is one good example of a great flyer design. This is a two-sided flyer that features the company name, company address and contact number. It also has a short call for action sentence that invites potential customers to try their services. To make it easier for potential clients to find their physical office, an easy to read map is included. The backside features the services offered.

CompuThink chose Alibaba Printing to manage their flyers. It is a good thing we have a wide service coverage and offers flyers distribution at Hougang. For flyer printing and distribution services, please visit Alibaba Printing.

Flyer Printing in Ang Mo Kio Features Simple Yet Catchy Design

This flyer design from Fresh Cleaning proves that anything can still look good regardless of how simple it is. The flyer design maximises the space and uses it to include every important detail like the name of the company of course, the contact details, webpage address, email address, and physical office address. The flyer also contains basic information about the services offered, as well as a simple price list to guide potential clients.

flyers printing in ang mo kio


The layout is straightforward with simple font and an image that is also coloured in neutral. The flyer also features a “call for action” tagline, which is the Engage Fresch Cleaning Now! These call for action taglines are a great addition to flyers, particularly with companies that offer promos and discounts.

We cover a lot of areas for our flyer distribution services. Apart from the flyers distribution at Hougang, we offer flyers printing and distribution services in every corner of Singapore.

It is a good thing there’s a reliable flyers printing in Ang Mo Kio. Visit us at Alibaba Printing and browse our wide array of designs and various printing service like flyers printing and distribution.

Affordable Flyer Printing and Distribution in Yio Chu Kang

Colourful and straightforward – that’s what this flyer design for YC Tuition is all about. The client was looking for affordable flyers printing and distribution in Yio Chu Kang. Despite its budget, you can see that the colour incorporation is excellent. The use of various colours, which is actually the idea of the client, makes the look ideal for tuition centres.

flyers printing and distribution in yio chu kang


Even though the space is limited, the flyer is maximised by adding some of the important pointers of the tutor centre’s services. The contact numbers and FB page are present, making it easy for potential clients to contact the tutors.

This is a great flyer layout for similar services like tuition centres, schools, special education centres and more. Remember, first impressions are important. And when you are introducing your company, services, or products through flyers, it is crucial that you focus on the layout and design of the flyers. Take it from this catchy but simple design in the flyers printing in Ang Mo Kio. These flyers are your gateway to earn recognition and more customers. We at Alibaba Printing will help you with that goal. Interested? Browse around for more of our printed flyer samples.

Getting a Flyer Distribution in Toa Payoh to Increase Coverage

Having a company that offers the best when it comes to printing and distribution of flyers is a must if you want to introduce your product or services to a growing number of crowd. Increasing your coverage is crucial if you want to get more customers. One example of this is the client we had for flyers printing and distribution in Yio Chu Kang.

flyers distribution at toa payoh

One of our popular customers include Finest Health Medical Centre, which is located in Toa Payoh. Their flyers have great design and color combination and really show the colors of the said clinic.

The flyer features the clinic’s logo and name laid out on top for quick recognition and of course its contact numbers and address. To make it easy for people to locate the clinic, we also incorporated an easy to follow map.

It is also important to maximize the space on the flyer. That’s why the client decided to indicate some of the clinic’s services offered as well as some of the logo of its prestigious clientele. The flyers are printed back to back, with the other side having the same information but in Mandarin.

Like Finest Health Medical Centre, you can also avail of Alibaba Printing’s flyers distribution services in Toa Payoh. Please contact us now, only at Alibaba Printing.