Printing of Wall Sticker at Ang Mo Kio Available at Alibaba

Wall decals or stickers are used for promotional and decorative purposes. Wall stickers are sometimes done using vinyl sticker cutters but sticker printing can also be done, particularly for advertising or business use. Alibaba Printing does not only offer flyers printing and distribution at Sing Ming and other areas in Singapore, but also printing of wall stickers at Ang Mo Kio.

We recently had this sticker printing project commissioned by MindSet First, promoting their free trial sessions at their centres. Mindset First is a tutor centre primarily catering students who want to keep updated with English, Maths and Science subjects. Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced composition writing is also available. Coding classes for junior, senior, and master levels are also offered.

Mindset First uses wall decals or stickers to keep their brand visible, allowing them to offer their services and promos right where people can see it. You can do similar advertising method like this by getting your own wall stickers as promotional tool. We print wall stickers with varying sizes and are also available in different materials such as vinyl, regular stickers and other specialty sticker paper. We will make sure that your stickers are made using high-quality materials and printing technology. Alibaba Printing can help you lay out and print your wall stickers or any other marketing materials. Check out our Facebook page, or visit us at Link @ Amk, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, 02-02, 569139 for more details.

Do’s and Don’ts of Flyer Printing and Distribution at Sin Ming

This post is not only for flyer printing and distribution at Sin Ming, but about flyers printing and distribution in general. Flyer distribution, as we always say, is one of the most ancient ways to advertise. It is already tried and tested and also can be considered as one of the cheapest ways to promote a product, service, or event. You will see here a good example of flyers:

The do’s and don’ts when it comes to flyers

Do deliver a clear message. Any marketing campaign should have a clear message that will allow focus on their goal – and that is to make their product or service known.

Do add a discount or promo. Indicating that the customer will get a discount can help them decide to make a purchase. It is a great way to push customers to make their first purchase, which can lead to product or brand loyalty.

Do not focus on your brand, but focus on the customer instead. They do not care if your company is one of the oldest companies in the world, what they want to know is how you can help them make their everyday lives better.

Do not distribute the flyers without the needed consent. If you are to distribute flyers at any public place, make sure to ask for permissions properly.

For best results, ask us about our flyers printing and distribution packages. Apart from flyers, we also print various marketing and business tools like business cards, leaflets, brochures, and invoices. We even offer printing of receipt book at Ang Mo Kio and any other areas in Singapore.

Flyer Distribution Singapore – Providing an Effective Way to Promote Any Business

Promoting or advertising a product or service usually involves brainstorming of the company’s marketing team, thinking of various ways to effectively and efficiently execute it. While many big companies have the ability to pay for production of TV commercials as well as the air time, most small to medium business are not financially ready for such expenses.

For local businesses such as Kleepers, flyers are a great way to advertise and reach potential clients. Area-based flyer distribution can help such companies reach their target market in a faster and less expensive way. Distributing the flyers in targeted areas makes it possible. Kleepers is a fast-growing cleaning service  provider that guarantees quality cleaning, customized cleaning schedule that are professionally done by our trained cleaners. As a widely-known cleaning company, we want to help make Kleepers look more professional in every aspect, including the flyers they hand out.

We are proud and happy that this company trusted us for our variety of services, including our specialized and targeted flyer distribution Singapore service. Apart from distribution services, we also offer high quality printing of flyers, leaflets and other marketing tools. If you need help in promoting your products or services, need printed materials that are made using high-quality paper and ink, or need flyer distribution assistance, you may call Alibaba Printing. Alibaba Printing Sg is located at  Link @ Amk, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, 02-02, 569139 or you may call us through our phone number 9146 1431 for more details.

Alibaba Offers Printing of Receipt Book at Ang Mo Kio

Technically speaking, a receipt is a written acknowledgment that something of value was placed into another person’s possession. Receipts typically have various elements such as name of the payer, the amount paid, date, items or services that were paid for, etc. A receipt book, on the other hand, are bound sheets of receipt used for typical business transactions like buying and selling.

Did you know that Alibaba Printing does not only print flyers and leaflets but also prints receipts and vouchers? This receipt here, was made as one of our printing of receipt book at Ang Mo Kio projects.

Nonetheless, not all receipts are the same. Receipts are basically used to track the exchanges of money and goods; but not all receipts, I repeat, are created equal. Receipts have varying requirements and names and all of them have their respective jobs in the business.

Alibaba Printing is a trusted printing company that offers receipt printing, invoice printing, paper bag printing, folder printing and other printing jobs like flyer printing at Ang Mo Kio and many more. Contact us now to know more about our offers. If you want to know more about our printing and other services, please visit Alibaba Printing at Link @ Amk, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, 02-02, 569139. You may also call us through 9146 1431 or email us at

What are the most common elements of a receipt? First is the Business name and business address. Every receipt page must hold the business name and address. It can be anywhere on the page, but what’s important is it should be visible. The other components are price, products or services. Since the receipt must list what the customers bought and paid for, these must be included. Other elements include the taxes, subtotal, and total amount of transaction. All official receipts have these components and will help any business keep track of their transactions.

Flyer Printing at Ang Mo Kio

Will you wait for a special occasion to send your love to someone special? The Love Florist believes that you must not wait for Valentines Day, Mother’s Day, or your anniversary to send your loved one a bouquet of flowers. On their recent ad campaign, we were commissioned by The Love Florist for the Flyer Printing at Ang Mo Kio and the their flyer layout was lovely. Since it is for a flower shop, of course, there are images of flowers laid out beautifully and they used italic scripts as fonts.

A good layout composed with carefully selected fonts and images is one of the keys to an effective flyer ad campaign. Also, it is ideal to have your flyers printed on glossy paper, of course using the latest techniques in printing. This is where Alibaba Printing can help. Moreover, after the printing is done, you may need help in distributing the flyers. We can also help you with that. We offer flyer printing and distribution to any part of Singapore.

Like the Love Florist, various business owners trust Alibaba Printing for their flyers printing and also to manage their flyers distribution. Different Singapore-based small to medium enterprises such as daycares, tutor centres and our most recent flyers printing and distribution at Pioneer gig for StealthGrate, are among our clients.

Want to materialize your flyers idea into eye-catching, sales-inducing marketing materials? Contact us now at Alibaba Printing. Alibaba Printing can help you with your flyers printing and distribution needs. Our phone number is 9146 1431 or you may email us at Our office is located at Link @ Amk, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, 02-02, 569139.

On their recent ad campaign, we were commissioned by The Love Florist for the Flyer Printing at Ang Mo Kio and the their flyer layout was