Increasing Your Flyer Distribution Response- Is That Possible?

Flyers may be old school, but they are still regarded as one of the most effective forms of direct marketing. As a matter of fact, flyers are widely used in Singapore by most companies in putting across and drawing attention for their respective businesses. Flyers, although mostly they come in standard sizes, can also come in different formats, such as A4 or letterhead size, A5 or half-letterhead size, DL, A6 or postcard size, and CC or credit card size. The response rates of flyers roughly average at 1-2%.

Flyers are inexpensive and are a good way to target your desired market through proper company information placement. There is a myriad of ways in increasing the response rates of a flyer campaign:

Increasing the Size and Improving the Type of Flyers

When selecting the type of flyer, we usually mean the type of paper and print used in  making them. Nevertheless, the type of flyer you should use must depend on the product or service you offer, the area of flyer distribution, and of course, the budget. If competition is heavy, and if you know that they are also having a flyer distribution service, you can try and make your flyers bigger and higher in quality. This will allow you to stand out amongst your competitors. For an island-wide mass flyer distribution, on the other hand, most of our clients use A6 or A5 which is usually smaller and cheaper. Most flyers used to promote businesses are printed on glossy paper with high-quality, colored ink as they help create a more professional look.

The Actual Offer

Flyer distribution Singapore may be inexpensive, but you must make sure that the content is great and worthy of reading. Flyers with unprofessional layout and content usually end up in the trash and can possibly do your company more harm than good. Do the flyer distribution correctly and you will surely enjoy a flyer campaign that brings profit. You must invest in high-quality, professionally-design flyers if the budget permits.

Method of Distribution

Considering the method of flyer distribution helps guarantee the highest rate of response.

Mostly used flyer distribution methods include door-to-door distribution for landed properties and HDB, letterbox distribution, distribution via SingPost (this is commonly used for condos and private apartments), person to person flyer distribution, or as newspaper inserts.

The above mentioned methods of distribution have their respective pros and cons. Price, effectivity, and target market must be considered in choosing a flyer distribution method. Nevertheless, choosing the best company in the field who will do the distribution for you is the best way to ensure success.

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Flyer Distribution Singapore Secrets to Success

A flyer distribution campaign that is not properly planned and executed has higher chances to fail, regardless of how much money you spend on it. On the other hand, if you carefully planned the flyer distribution process in every aspect, sure enough, it will turn into a success. Here are top flyer distribution Singapore secrets to success:

Know Your Goals

You have to know your goals when aiming for something. You do not just do the campaign and then realize at the end that you do not have a solid goal. Setting out clear goals at the start of your flyer distribution planning can help you decide on what steps to do in order to reach these goals. Remember to be specific on your goals. It can be driving 30% more traffic to your Social Media pages, enhancing the loyalty of customers by 20%, improving brand awareness in a month, or generating $10,000 worth of sales within 20 days. Set high goals, but make sure they are realistic or the campaign may end up failing.

Identify Your Market

The marketing world is already saturated, and learning who finds your products or services interesting can be a bit tricky. To identify your target market properly, you can start with doing a market research like online surveys. Thereafter, you can narrow down the most interested people group. Identifying your target market accordingly will not only save you money and effort, it will also help you make the marketing campaign a success.

Set a Budget and Stick With It

Know how much budget can your business give this flyer distribution campaign. Set up a budget that you can afford and also base it on the revenue that this campaign will possibly generate. Of course, the target revenue must cost relatively more compared to the budget you will give the marketing campaign.

Campaign Scheduling

A flyer distribution marketing campaign should have a good timing, so you must schedule your campaign based on various factors. Ask yourself, are you aiming for the holiday shopping rush? Does your target market includes college kids? Do you have an offer that links to a particular event? Also, take note that discounts are usually given during off-peak or lean season, so if your product sales is good during a particular season, it is unwise to offer a discount at that time.

Monitor the Flyer Distribution Campaign

Know if the flyer distribution Singapore campaign is effective by tracking your sales. You can do this by adding coupon codes and making sure your employees are aware of the campaign, thus giving you a heads up if the customers are making a purchase because of the flyers or otherwise.

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Use of Attractive Flyers in Flyer Distribution Singapore Can Generate More Leads

Social media promotion may seem to dominate the world of marketing, but lo and behold, consumers are still driven to make a purchase when handed a flyer that boasts an attractive and professional design. Businesses nowadays may have their websites and Social media pages, but they still use eye-catching flyers to be distributed to potential customers.

It is not undeniable that great flyer designs can generate leads and sales, while flyers that are done unprofessionally are often thrown away without the recipient even reading its content. That is why more businesses, especially those that are locally-based, still rely on flyer distribution in addition to their digital marketing channels. Designing a flyer is crucial to your marketing success. You have to make sure that your flyer is attractive, informative, and at the same time, will “push” the consumer to make that purchase. Doing these pointers will guarantee higher sales and faster return of investment.

So how do you make an attractive flyer that will catch everyone’s attention, and at the same time, turn into sales? Here’s how:

Use a legible template.

An optimally clear, legible template can help you bring out the best of the content. You do not have to overload your flyers with images and all the unnecessary information. When you overload your flyers, chances are, readers will be either too lazy or too confused to finish reading it. Use an outline that keeps your flyer simple but still holds just enough information to pique your potential client’s imagination and urge to buy. Do not pack a lot of color combinations, images and texts in a single flyer or else it could overwhelm the reader.

The flyer you hand out should help your potential customer understand what you offer and keep the information in mind. Remember that potential customers do not usually buy the product or service immediately right after seeing your flyer ad. So, the key is make your flyer memorable and your information easy to memorize.

Offer the benefit, not the brand.

When choosing flyer distribution Singapore as the marketing option of choice, you must make sure that the dominant information on your flyer is what you offer, and not the brand. You have to make the potential clients know what your product or services are, and then brand recognition will follow. For example, use “Cleaners for $8 an hour” for the headline instead of using your company name and leave the consumer clueless to what you offer.

An effective call to action.

One of the most crucial aspects of a flyer is the call to action phrase, which will be the part where your potential customer will think “I’ll have a go” or “I’ll make that purchase”. Call to action phrases can be a discount (Get 20% discount if you buy today!), or a command (Call us now at 567-8888).     

Combine the tips mentioned above, plus The Elements of a Powerful Flyer Distribution Plan and Flyer Distribution Singapore Secrets to Success for a guaranteed effective marketing.

Elements of a Powerful Flyer Distribution Plan

Flyers are still among the most powerful marketing tools that are available even in today’s high-tech world. When choosing a flyer distribution service, keep in mind that they must have accurate distribution methods, which will help you reach the right target. You must also consider getting an effective design that will help jump start your campaign. Here are the elements of an effective flyer distribution Singapore plan:

The Design. Flyers allow you to directly communicate with your customers in a rather effective manner. To make the most out of your flyers campaign, it is crucial to optimize the flyer design first. An effective flyer design means having the elements that will attract potential customers’ attention while maintaining the professional feel to it. The layout and design must reflect your company’s vision and must pique their interests at the first glance.


Call to Action. Flyers are not just layout and design. They need to have what we call the “call-to-action’ element. Adding phrases that will direct customers to do something favorable to your business is an ideal routine. Promos or time-sensitive offers like “Until tomorrow only!” or “promo ends on January 28!” are some of the examples. Adding this call to action element will definitely bring you more clients.

Personalized targeting. You can actually make your flyer distribution Singapore campaign personalized and targeted. There are ways to track the consumer’s buying habits. Surveys, for instance, can do this for you and you can use the information gathered to help categorize what you offer to whom. Remember that the key to a successful flyer campaign is your customers’ information, so you have to take advantage of it.

The Right Method. The right targeting method is the final element that can make or break your ad campaign. Your flyers will only go to waste if you do not utilize the right method of distributing them. This is where professional flyer distributing services enter.

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How to Maximize Flyer Distribution Response

While many graphic design programs have pre-programmed flyers templates that can be easily edited, free of charge, it is still best to go for a design that is unique and customized to your brand’s requirement. Flyer design can be done by you, or for best results and if you do not have a background in design, you may contact a professional to do the job. Regardless of who will do the lay outing, keep in mind these tips about flyer design:

Flyers Printing and Distribution at Tanjong Katong

Keep it simple. The more words you add in, the more cluttered the layout will look. Don’t forget to use images, because pictures always speak a thousand words and images can easily capture the attention of audience and at the same time send message before any text can.

Give it a good start and a good end as well. Attractive headlines are the first thing that grab the attention plus it gives a quick description of the product you are selling. A good end is a call to action that is easy to understand and simple such as “buy now!” “call us today” or “visit us now”.

Make sure it is typo error-free. Typos are unattractive and looks unprofessional.  

Flyer Distribution Tips That Can Help Maximize Customer Response

Flyers are affordable to print, but you must work on the distribution part to get the ideal consumer response. Knowing your target market can help you get the best results. For instance, you do not distribute flyers about real estate to school children. Instead, you give them out to professionals and family patriarchs/matriarchs who look like they need or can afford to buy a property. Distributing the flyers to wrong people will only put your money, time, and efforts to waste. Here are some tips to streamline your flyer distribution process:

Plan flyer distribution Singapore that fits your business. For example, you are opening a new store that sells art supplies, you can try and distribute flyers to college students or people lurking around art galleries.

Analyze the profile of your customers. If your business targets young boys and girls, say, for your taekwondo class, residential areas and schools are probably the best places to distribute your flyers.

Repeat distribution process. Some businesses try flyer distribution just once. They do the mistake of ignoring the fact that consumers often take days, weeks, and even months to make a decision if they’ll buy or not. By repeating flyer distribution campaign, you offer repeat stimulation to help draw more customers.

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Why is Flyer Distribution a Good Way to Advertise Your Event?

Organizing a special event like a concert, store opening, a cultural event, a launching of brand, sports event, expo, and more, is not a joke. You’ll need to meet all the requirements, find a place for it to be held, and also, do something that will promote it. While there are many ways to promote an event, it is very challenging for small and medium companies to come up of ways that are both effective and economical. TV, radio, and newspaper campaigns seem out of the league for most small enterprises who are launching their businesses. Good thing, there is one way that is not only affordable, but also guaranteed effective.

flyer distribution Singapore

Flyer distribution has always been a great choice when it comes to events promotion. Furthermore, while social media has contributed largely to advertising, flyer distribution is still one of the most proven methods of guerrilla marketing.

Why is flyer distribution Singapore ideal in promoting an event? Here’s why:

Flyer distribution targets your audience. Flyers are ideal for targeted marketing and can be used effectively in promoting any event. Flyers can be distributed at select places and to select age group, helping in narrowing down your coverage, yet maximizing returns.

You can control or maximize creativity. Your creativity on your events should reflect on your flyers. Designing your flyer in a way that it will stand out and gain audience’s attention is a good idea in order to stand out and highlight your message.

Flyers are tangible. One of the benefits of flyers for marketing use is that they are tangible. The targeted audience can actually hold on to the flyer, which is the main objective. The next objective is, to allow them to read the message and decide to make the purchase. Make sure that the flyers are printed on high quality paper with equally high quality ink – print quality can help make the sale.

You can offer incentives. Consumers love incentives! You can track how effective your flyer marketing is by offering discounts, vouchers, or coupon codes with your flyers. This will create buzz about your upcoming event and at the same time measure your promotion results.

Cost-effective. Flyer distribution is not only effective, but also affordable. You can get a good return of investment without shelling out huge amount of money for advertisements.

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Flyer Distribution Singapore – What are the Best Places To Distribute Flyers

Being a business owner doesn’t mean you just lay back and watch your business grow. Business owners also wear a wide array of hats – you need to do your best to make your business be known and be a success. One of the hats you need to wear is the marketer’s hat. Marketing is the main thing that makes a business work and without it, your business is as good as none. Nevertheless, for small to medium enterprises,  advertising funds are a bit limited. So, how are you going to market your business without spending too much money and still be deemed effective? The best marketing option probably is flyer distribution.

Best Places for Flyer Distribution

You can have many ideas as to where to distribute your business flyers. To make it easier, here are some of the best places to distribute flyers in Singapore.

Residential Areas

Residential areas are always on top of the list when it comes to flyer distribution. However, this statement depends on the nature of the business you are going to promote. Residential areas are the go-to place for flyer distribution if your business targets home persons, youngsters, and the residents of the areas in general. Say, you have a restaurant at Holland Village, promoting the business to residents of the area is ideal. You can hand the flyers out to passers-by or you may opt to avail professional services that will distribute the flyers. For large-scale businesses that target clients from any point of Singapore, residential areas like condos and HDBs can be reached by mailing them through SingPost.

Street Promotion

Busy streets are an ideal working stations for most flyer distributor. The main goal if flyer distribution is to hand out flyers to prospective clients. Some of Singapore busiest streets are great choices when it comes to distributing flyers. People are there, and most of them are active consumers on the lookout for products and services. Clarke Quay, Chinatown, Haji Lane and Orchard Road are some examples of Singapore streets with heavy foot traffic.

College Campuses

If your target market includes college kids, then a college or university is a great place for flyer distribution. Most students are out during lunchtime, so try to do it by that time. Keep in mind that college and universities may have their own set of rules when it comes to flyer distribution so make sure to get in touch with the respective school administration first before doing your marketing.

Public Events

Public events and festivals draw a lot of people and this is the best place and time to hand out flyers. To maximize results, go to events that are most likely to cater your target market. Say, you are to open an art supply store, then the Singapore Art week, which will be held in various locations, is an ideal time and place to distribute your flyers.

Flyer distribution Singapore can be a tricky marketing strategy, but once you know how and where to get it done, you’ll see results that are worth your money, time, and effort.

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How Much Does Flyer Distribution Services Cost In Singapore?

Flyers are always considered as an effective marketing or advertising methods.  Nevertheless, effectivity is not guaranteed, but is always possible, provided that you do the marketing and flyer distribution correctly. With flyer distribution, your firm or company is allowed to capitalise on a tool that is not only effective, but also affordable and at the same time expand the company’s customer base.

Flyer distribution can be done in various ways. You can choose HDB door-to-door and walkway distribution, or even choose to have the flyers delivered by Singpost to condos.


Pricing Factors

The flyer distribution rates in Singapore are affected by various factors. Distribution location and type of service are just two factors that can affect the price. Keep in mind that public areas like parks, malls, and streets have generally lower flyer distribution price compared to distribution campaigns at landed properties and condos. Type of services like specialized campaigns can also affect the price and hike it up. Personalized distribution services, such as the distributor needs to wear certain costumes can really help spike up sales, but expect this to have a higher price compared to standard flyer distribution.

Price List for Flyer Distribution Services

Flyer distribution firms typically charge a per hour rate for their service, while some charge their clients for the first 1000 flyers handed out. Alibaba Printing’s price is competitive and starts at a low price of SGD 20.

Our Flyer Distribution Price List as follows:

HDB door-to-door distribution — SGD 20.00-32.00 / 1000 copies (min. 10,000 copies)
Landed flyer door-to-door distribution — SGD 60.00-68.00 / 1000 copies (min. 4,000 copies)
Walkway flyer distribution — SGD 60.00-65.00 / 1000 copies (Min 4,000 Copies)
Industrial flyer Distribution – SGD 60.00-65.00 / 1000 copies( Min 4,000 Copies)
Cardrop flyer distribution — SGD 28.00-32.00 / 1000 copies (min. 10,000 Copies)
Condo flyer distribution (via Singpost) — SGD 160.00 / 1000 copies (min. 4,000 copies)

We also have special printing and distribution packages for those who want their flyers to be distributed only to New BTO Flats. We print these flyers on A5, 128gsm glossy paper. Prices start at SGD 825 for printing and distribution.

Flyer Distribution Tips

Flyer distribution is not a single-strike process. Remember that potential customers may take weeks, if not months, to decide and make their first purchase. Hence, it is advisable to make another distribution campaign a few weeks after the first, as this will help make consumers remember your brand well.


Some FAQ: For our Distribution services

Any Min order?
Refer to price list above.
what if i have less then the min quantity?
We will provide custom quote for order lesser then min package order. 
Can i selected only blks that i want to distribute?
Yup, will be under selected blk distribution, cost will base on your area and blks indicated. 
lead time for distribution?
Normally flyers ready us, will take 2 weeks to clear everything.
Depends on quantity and on hand project from time to time basics, check with us on current status to be accurate. Do let us know if you have got urgent requirement.
Reporting for flyer distribution
Daily distribution report provided for checks
why choose Alibaba Printing?
– Good Online review  and testimonial from customer
– Reasonable price 
– Consistence reporting 
– Mobility for ad-hoc projects
what is the Payment terms ?

Advance payment before commencement of  distribution project, Via cheque, Ibanking or cash payment in office. 

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Brand Recognition with the Help of Flyer Distribution

Flyers may be old school, but they are as effective as they can be. Flyer distribution is a surefire way to promote products, services, and even events! Flyer design is one thing, but flyer distribution is another. You need to get your flyers into the hands of an experienced flyer distributor.

Singapore flyer distribution is still a booming industry. There are a lot of ways of distributing flyers, but only those who have the experience in the field know how to generate returns form them. Here are some of the effective flyer distribution tips that allow you to reach more people within your target market:

It is recommended to do what we call “reverse-engineering” when it comes to flyer distribution. Put yourself into your customer’s shoes. This will help you know and define your customers. Who are they? Where do they usually hang out? Thinking as your customer will help you pinpoint what to do and where to distribute the flyers.

Your flyers finally have an amazing and attention-grabbing design, so what’s next. You have to create a distribution plan. Professional flyer distributors can help you with this. A flyer distributor knows how to distribute your business flyers systematically, thus reaching more potential customers and generating more income for you. And don’t forget that flyer distribution is not a one-strike campaign. It doesn’t matter if you’ve already covered the whole of Orchard, if you think more potential customers are possibly there in Alexandra, go for a flyer distribution campaign there. Moreover, customers can sometimes take months to make their first purchase. If distributing the flyers in the streets seems not enough, you can try and distribute  your flyers to condos through mail. Singpost has affordable rates that allow you distribute flyers and reach those who are at home and offices.

Being visible all the time can help establish your business and make your brand recognizable. Once people know what you can offer and they can recognize your brand by simply seeing the logo, you can say that you are on your way to being one of the top brands or service providers; and this is possible with the help of the old-fashioned flyers.

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Things To Do When Considering Flyer Distribution

Flyer advertising is considered as a low cost marketing choice that is best for both small and large scale businesses. Flyers can be a great way of introducing a new brand, product or service and promote them into the local community.

For example, a local salon that targets men and women aged 16 and up may use flyer distribution to promote their services in the area. Same goes with a new cleaning service provider that can use flyers to promote their services door to door, at HDB and other nearby establishments.

Are you considering flyer distribution as one of your marketing options? The following tips can help you make the most out your advertising budget:

Tips for Effective Flyer Advertising

Utilize a bold headline. The use of company names as headlines is not advisable for flyers. Keep in mind that flyers are not business cards. Headlines that catch the attention of the receiver can greatly help in making the first impression, which is important in guaranteeing sales. Customers aren’t really interested in your brand name, what they want to know is how can you help them or how can you be of service.

Use call-to-action phrases. First thing to do is use a bold headline to catch the attention of the receivers. But that doesn’t stop there. Once you get the prospects engaged, you have to make them do what you intend them to do, that is make a purchase or avail your service. So, how will you do that? Adding call-to-action phrases like “Call Us Now”, “Buy Now” or Like Us on Facebook” are just some of the examples. It is also ideal to use phrases that will make customers come back for the next purchase, such as “Get 20% off on your next purchase” and so on.  

Maximize ad space. Although it is cheaper to print on one side only, it would be better to have your message printed on both sides – which means you will have more space for more  information about your product or service. For a slightly higher cost, we think that the flyer distribution charge will be more worth it.

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Scaling Up Your Flyer Distribution Campaign? Here Are Some Tips

The oldest marketing campaign is perhaps flyer distribution. The strategy dates back to the olden times, when people tend to give out printed paper or flyer in order to promote their businesses. These days, even with the growing popularity of marketing through the Internet, flyers are still considered as one of the most effective ways to advertise a brand and make a sale, particularly the first few sales. The best thing about flyers is that they are inexpensive and easy to make and distribute. Nonetheless, many businesses still need the help of a professional flyer distributor since they know strategies that will scale up your flyers campaign.

Testing It Out

Since not everyone has the money and time to spare, it is always ideal to test out your flyer campaign first. Doing a test campaign helps you see if the flyers are engaging and if they will be bringing in returns.

Design your flyer. Start with a simple layout that focuses on the message. Less is more, even with flyers, and the simpler the layout, the easier it is to test out. Then you can try giving out a promo or freebies.

Use special codes or URL. To help track your ad efforts, you can use special URLs or promo codes to include in your flyer. Coupon codes like “PROMO1234” or special URLs will make counting and tracking of flyer-generated sales.

Print a small batch first. Ask your flyer printer if they can print out 200 pcs or less. This won’t take long to distribute and you can quickly see if the flyers can give you good results. 100-200 flyers may take a whole afternoon to distribute.

Once you’ve seen the result of your flyer distribution test run, it would be easier for you to determine if the next step to do is to scale up. A few sales, say 5 or 10 out of the 100 flyers is usually enough and might be a good sign to start a full-scale flyer distribution.

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How Do You Distribute Flyers Effectively?

Flyer distribution needs more effort than you can actually think of. Making your flyers appeal to receiving customers takes a lot of work and planning. While flyers are small with only minimal information, they have to sound professional and polite. Finding creative ways to hand out flyers is one of the best way to guarantee great turnover and cash ins in the future. Businesses, especially those that are new in the field, usually ask this question: “How do you distribute flyers effectively?”

Here are some tips that you can follow:

Pick your audience

Picking a target audience makes flyer distribution more effective in terms of cost and effort. Choosing whom to hand out the flyers take a lot of studying and practice. A flyer that is meant for a younger target market, say 18- 30 years old, should not be handed to an 80-year old grandma. Different age groups have different interests, so it is ideal to refine the message on your flyers according to your target audience.

Keep them small and simple

To save from printing costs, keep your leaflets small and brief. Do not give out all the information about your business on one page. Just include all the needed information such as product or services offered, contact numbers and office address, and promos if there are any. Stick to phrases and sentences that are simple but at the same time, powerful.

Make your flyers eye-catching

Guarantee a more effective flyer distribution by making sure that the flyers catch the recipient’s attention. Use attractive color combinations that are not overtly clashing, but still bold. Large fonts for the headlines are also ideal, as well as use of bullet points for some important info.

The ROI or return of investment for flyer advertisement greatly rely on how do you distribute flyers effectively. Once you have learned the proper and effective way to do it, you will reach more people within your target market and have more probable income returns.

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What are the Top 3 Most Effective Flyer Distribution Methods?

Flyer distribution can be done in various ways. Choosing the right way of distributing flyers for your business can help reach the right audience and at the same time save you money and effort. Considering all the available options can significantly maximize performance while minimizing the printing and distribution costs as well. In general, the cost of flyer printing and distribution is the least you must think of as long as the flyers generate income or you are making money out of your advertisements. In short, you don’t have to think about how much it costs if you are actually making money because of it! When you have found a profitable method of flyer distribution, you can scale up your efforts and optimize your message further in order to improve returns and continuously make sales.

So, what are the top three most effective flyer distribution methods? Here we have outlined not only the most effective, but also the cheapest, easiest and most proven ways to distribute flyers:

Local distribution by foot. Yes, by foot or distribute the flyers the old fashioned way. The best way to distribute flyers is still by handing them out to potential clients or customers at busy places such as parks, malls, schools, etc. Local businesses get great benefits on this method. There will be a higher chance of getting the support of the locals, thus welcoming new customers and better cash flow. You can seek help of those looking for flyer distribution jobs like the college or university students or post the vacancy on the local notice board. This method of flyer distribution allows you to see other business-related things other than the distribution of your business flyers, which you can hire someone to do for you.

Distribute the Flyers to Condos Via SingPost. Another way of flyer distribution is through mail. You may talk with SingPost about this and you may discuss with Alibaba Printing( Partner of singpost). Most of the time, publications will require you to have the flyers printed in advance and then have them delivered or shipped to their printing facility. This method is effective since SingPost is already trusted and can help you establish your brand’s credibility.

Door-to-Door Flyer Distribution. Door to door flyer distribution is another effective method of distributing flyers locally. It allows direct delivery of flyers to your potential clients. This is great for HDb and landed properties distribution.

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