Flyer Distribution Tips and Tricks

Are you aware that the effectiveness of flyer distribution campaign depends on certain circumstances? In this article, we will offer a few flyer distribution tips and tricks that can help you reach more in your target market.

Effective Relay of Message Through Flyer Distribution

When thinking about flyer distribution Singapore, you have to think about what message to relay and whom it is meant. Your target market must be the first to be considered. Are you targeting youngsters or young adults? Design a flyer that will easily catch their attention and can relate with their age group. If you are targeting an older age bracket, you may try an approach different to what you will likely do with the youngsters and vice versa.

Attract attention

When doing a flyers campaign, make sure that you will be able to get the attention of prospective customers in a single glance. Try adding eye-catching headlines and images, as well as call-to-action phrases and offers that have a deadline. This way, the reader will be forced to make a decision fast.

Content with substance

A consumer receives an average of 12 flyers a week and most of the time, they do not read them completely. The key in earning another customer is to make sure that your content has clear and concise message that is not difficult to understand. Moreover, make sure that the first line already have what you offer. Do not talk about your company, talk about the product or service that you are selling.

How to reach you

Once you captured the customer’s attention, make sure that they know how they can reach you. Do not forget to include your contact details like email address, telephone numbers, website and social media accounts.

Distribution methods

There are various flyer distribution methods available for you. You can choose door-to-door, public distribution, mail-in, etc. Furthermore, distributing your flyers regularly will make customers distinguish your brand. Keep in mind that repetition can be the key in brand recognition.

Do you need advice in flyer advertising?

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