Flyers Printing and Distribution in Orchard: How Effective Is This Marketing Method?

There are a lot of advertising opportunities that marketers look into. Among these is flyer printing and distribution. However, at this modern age of social media marketing, is it still a good option? For instance, is flyer printing and distribution in Orchard really great if you want to promote your product, service, or event in Singapore?

For us, yes. Flyer distribution will stay as relevant as it is was back in the traditional times as it is today in digital age. As a matter of fact, many marketing organizations still believe that it is a highly-effective marketing strategy, particularly when done correctly. A well-organized flyer printing and distribution campaign that involves proper planning, great design, efficient strategy for distribution, as well as a diligent tracking system can provide top notch results.


In a study done by a well-known marketing association, more than 70% of flyer recipients read the flyer contents before choosing between keeping it or throwing it out. That is compared to the actual viewing percentage of TV commercials, which the study states that only 38% of TV-watching people notice. In addition, they say that only 19% of those who read newspaper and magazines notice print ads.


Small, medium and large enterprises can greatly benefit from flyer marketing. Small business can choose this budget-friendly advertising method and use it to reach local prospects, while large businesses can use this economical choice in reaching out customers in various locations.

Planning Your Flyer Distribution Strategy

Flyer distribution offers one of the most effective and cheapest forms of business marketing. When done completely right, it can also be considered as a results-oriented method. Handing out flyers draws attention to your brand in a non-demanding way, allowing your prospective customers to take in the info you provided and taking their time to decide about future purchases.

While the low-cost nature of this marketing method can increase the risk of being wasteful, this is easily preventable. By planning the flyer distribution strategy very well, you can extend your reach for optimum returns.

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Flyers Distribution at Dover

Flyer distribution can be a simple yet effective way to advertise your product, service, or event. It may not replace any marketing effort, especially online marketing nowadays, it can be a cost-effective way to promote if you can do it correctly. As with most marketing ways, you must consider many different factors before starting your flyer distribution at Dover.



How to Make Your Flyer Distribution Work

Here are some tips on how to make sure your flyers do not end up in the garbage.

Go small. If you will be handing out flyers in the street, mall, exhibitions, at trade shows, or events, better make sure that the flyers will easily fit in people’s pockets or purse to minimize the drop-rate. It won’t be ideal to have credit-card size flyers as well because they will be too small for the message you want to convey. A5 or A6 leaflets will be great sizes for this.

Collaborate with other complimentary businesses. Getting involved with potential marketing partners lowers your chances of your flyers getting rejected. Ask for an established business for a marketing partnership, in which you will have your flyers in their store and vice versa.

Think about flyer inserts. Another good marketing strategy is to have the flyers inserted into a publication (preferably influential and well-known in your area). Most likely, this will cost you some money, but this will allow your flyers to get distributed exactly to your target audience.

Sponsor an event. There are ways to distribute your flyers in a rather “premium” way. For instance, you can sponsor an event for a little amount and let the organizers include your flyers in the event’s goody bag or giveaways.

Plan the timing. Think about the proper timing when distributing your flyers. Plan ahead of the time and determine if it is ideal to distribute pre- or post- event, send flyers during the holidays, etc.

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Ways to Flyer Distribution at Bukit Merah

It may seem effortless, but flyer distribution really requires a lot of work. You don’t just hand them out; you need the flyers to be appealing to receptive customers. First, when you create the flyers, keep them small, simple, and brief. Hand the flyers out where target clients can be found. Also, when doing flyer distribution at Bukit Merah or at any other location, it is crucial to keep professionalism and be polite at all times. Finding creative ways in distributing the flyers is involved, as well as making sure that you do it the right way.

Effective Flyer Distribution How To’s

Here are some of the useful tips on how to make your flyer distribution more effective.


1. Determine your target audience.

For a more effective flyer distribution in Singapore, one of the most important things to do is to pick a target audience. Different groups have different interests, hence they gather in different areas, too. It would be more appealing to your target audience if you refine the message you will send and change strategies depending on your target audience.

2. Keep flyers simple. Avoid adding unnecessary clutter to your flyers.

Keeping your flyers simple will not only cost less, they are less likely to get discarded, too. Giving the audience just the right information is the key, so you do not overwhelm or bore them with too much info. Just stick to words that stick and call to action phrases that work wonders.


3. Make it eye-catching.

The flyer design must catch the attention of the recipients. It could be done with the proper color combination, right image, and a clear headline. Bright colored paper can draw attention, but avoid colors that clash. Also, it is great to have a snappy phrase that would cause receivers to remember your leaflet even after reading it.

4. Include contact information.

Contact info is a must. Phone numbers, office or store addresses, event site, or website and email address are useful additions to your flyers.

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Flyer Printing at Joo Koon: How To Make Flyers That Impress

Printing flyers, while economical, is one of the best ways to spread word about your business, product or upcoming event. If you are new on this marketing method, here is where you start. It is necessary to make the flyers as impressive as possible without making them look overly extravagant or over-the-top. Here are some tips on how to make flyer printing at Joo Koon more impressive.


How to Make Impressive Flyers For Printing

Find inspiration.

Before printing out your flyers, make sure that the layout is great and you will have the message you want to convey. If you are aiming to reach a younger market, then you may need something that looks modern, hip, and stylish. On the other hand, if you are promoting a formal event, you’ll need something that exudes elegance, formality, and class. Look around you for inspiration. Check out other businesses’ flyers and evaluate your likes and dislikes for each. This will allow you to decide better on the final layout of your advertising material.

Choose the correct format size and printing process.

When it comes to flyer printing, the two main concerns are format size and printing process. You may consult these things with the experts like us. Find your best option by comparing various formats and processes for printing. While the standard flyer printing size is 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches, you may also opt for a larger format or folded, odd-shaped, or die-cut ones.

Pick your colors.

If you have a color theme, pick colors that are closest to it. However, if you want to make sure the flyers are eye-catching and attention-grabbing, use bright colors that complement each other. Make sure that the colors work together instead of clash.

Use the right images and graphics.

The images or graphics can make or break your flyer design. Make sure to use graphics that will support your overall message. You can seek a professional photographer or graphic artist for this.

Use the correct font type and size.

It doesn’t matter if you use offset printing or a digital printer. What really counts is that you use the right type of font and the correct size as well. Like images and graphics, the correct font type can have a big impact on how your flyers will turn out. Most of the time, simple, thick fonts work best for this.

Avoid clutter on your flyer.

For improved visual appeal, it is best to leave some white space on your flyers. This will create a contrast that is very good to look at. The graphics and any other components may become difficult to see if you cover up every single inch of the flyer. As much as possible, avoid unnecessary components and make it as simple as possible.

Check how it looks from a distance.

The point of flyer printing is to be visible. So, make sure your flyers can be visible from afar as much as possible.

We hope these tips in making sure flyer printing works the way they are supposed to work, and that is to promote anything you want to promote. Read our previous articles Flyer Printing and Distribution River Valley and Ways to Flyer Distribution at Bukit Merah to know more about flyer printing and distribution.


Flyers Printing And Distribution River Valley- What Are The Do’s And Don’ts

Flyers can be a good complement to any of your marketing strategy. Flyers can generally boost both online and offline advertising campaigns. Nonetheless, there are certain elements that you need to consider. Here are the do’s and don’ts of flyer printing and distribution River Valley.


One example of a simple design for flyer printing and distribution River Valley.

Flyer Printing and Distribution Do’s and Don’ts

Do make it simple. It is ideal to keep the flyer design as simple as possible while keeping the message intact. The flyer layout must pass the three-second-test, in which the receiver must know the product or service your offer, your company name, and the call to action in three seconds upon receiving the flyer. Hence, it is best to keep graphics to a minimum and only the important information intact. This can greatly increase the chances of a higher response rate.

Do think about your buyers. Learning about your prospective clients can help you focus on what they actually need. A thorough target market research can help create your ideal customer profile. This profile allows you, as a company, determine the goals, roles and even what motivates these people, hence giving you an idea on how you can personally connect with them.

Do state a call to action. Make sure to add a call to action message on your flyer. Combined with a simple flyer design, a call to action phrase will make it clear for the receiver what to do next. For example, they have to get the offer immediately or it will expire, you need to state that on the flyer.


Don’t say too much. In advertising or marketing, saying too much is basically saying nothing. This also applies with flyers. Do not cram everything on the flyer layout, making your flyer full of text that no one wants to read. For best results, choose a simple yet concise massage and include a quick call to action along with it.

Don’t forget the details. One of the best tips in flyers printing and distribution is to never (ever!) forget the important details. For example, if you are promoting your new massage service, do not forget to include what it is called, what your spa’s name is, location, as well as the contact information. This may sound silly and you may think that it would never happen to you, but let us tell you that it happens all the time, especially when the company laid out the flyer design themselves.

Don’t use low quality paper. Like any advertising materials, the quality of paper you use affects the overall design of your flyers and what people will think about your company. Using cheap paper may mean to customers that your company is cheap and low-quality as well. Of course, you don’t have to go with the highest quality paper, just don’t choose the lowest quality you’ll find.

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Flyers Printing And Distribution At Queenstown

Flyer distribution will always be one of the oldest marketing methods ever. And lots of companies, not only in Singapore, but all over the world are using this effective method. Even in this age of social media and digital advertising, flyer distribution still works wonders. Although social media and email marketing are becoming the norm, many companies still believe in the power of flyer distribution that usually takes place on the road and in public places.

Marketing experts in flyers printing and distribution at Queenstown suggest that it is still one of the best strategies, especially to marketing products to homeowners and professionals alike. With the right print design, proper planning, productive and efficient distribution methods, combined with a monitoring system, this advertising method will surely work for your brand.


Here are the top reasons why they believe flyer advertising still works:

  1. Low advertising expenses. Unlike most advertising methods, flyer marketing does not need a huge amount of money in order to push through. You can start with printing a minimum amount of flyers (maybe 200-300 pieces) and have it distributed by your staff or through professional flyer distribution services. This will only cost you a fraction of the amount you will otherwise spend on a newspaper print ad or other more expensive methods.
  2. Quicker lead generation. When done at the right place and at the right time, and distributed to the right people, flyer distribution can generate leads faster than any other advertising methods.
  3. Can provide immediate response with the correct target audience. With flyers, getting a response is faster and you may reach your target market more effectively. There are ways to study the target market and professional flyer distributors know this.
  4. Old school is still cool. Flyer advertising remains an appealing marketing method because, we can’t deny it, old school will always look cool. It is an attractive way to earn a following and more potential clients and a great way to showcase your product or services to prospective customers.

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Tips for Flyer Distribution at Outram

Our company has made a lot of flyer distribution assignments in many points in Singapore. We have done distribution in Orchard Road, Ang Mo Kio, and many others. We also had flyer distribution at Outram and it was a success. This article will discuss how a flyer distribution campaign becomes a success. These tips does not only apply to Outram, but with any area as well.

An example of our design for a flyer distribution at Outram project.

For a guaranteed success in flyer printing and distribution, it is ideal to make sure that you think about what approach to do first. Flyers are relatively cheap to produce, but it doesn’t mean that you’ll just throw away money by letting the neighborhood kids to distribute them.

Flyer Distribution Tips

Think like your prospects. Have you ever heard of reverse engineering? It is thinking from your customer’s perspective or simply put, wearing your customer’s shoes. This will enable you to determine how your customers think. Who are they? Where do they hang out?

Develop your distribution plan. Use Google Maps or your local street map to plan your distribution in a systematic way. Work outward your retail storefront or your target area and follow a concentric circle. This allows you to work closely with your potential clients and retain your current customers, too.

Consider your customer profile. Do you target young professionals? If yes, think about what do they do during their free time – do they hang out for coffee or visit a local museum? You may try asking owners of various stalls to allow you to leave your flyers at the counter. This is usually allowable with a small fee.

Distribute again and again. Flyer distribution is not a one-time-big-time event. When you distribute flyers, make sure that you distribute again after a few days or weeks, since many potential clients usually take weeks and even months to decide and make a purchase. Keep your brand in front of your customers so when the time comes that they are ready to make that purchase, your brand will be the first one they will think of.

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