Flyer Distribution at Bukit Merah – Are You Fit for The Job?

Is it easy to do flyer distribution work? Clearly, there are some jobs that may be more complicated compared to others, and there will be different levels of difficulty when it comes to distributing flyers, and this depends on the task that you need to perform on your working day.

If you are just starting out on this job, you can always do a simple distribution task. After which, you can then develop more skills and gather additional knowledge to make you a more competitive flyer distributor in your area.

Flyer printing in Bukit Merah

Who Can Do Flyer Distribution?

If you are planning to become a flyer distributor, chances are, you will ask if you need to have any experience or qualifications in order to start? While it would be a plus if you have some previous experience, it won’t be necessary as you will surely receive the proper training to be the best distributor in your field. You do not need to have any academic background to be a flyer distributor. What matters here is that you know how to follow instructions and work hard.

How many distributions should I be making in an hour?

When doing door-to-door flyer distribution at Bukit Merah, you should aim to deliver at least 100 flyers per hour, to maybe up to 300. Of course, it will be of your advantage if you can distribute more than that. This is possible as you develop your speed and get more experienced.

Distributing flyers at public places like parks and shopping malls is a bit different. Places with high foot traffic are more likely to get the most number of distributed flyers. However, the number of flyers distributed would be nothing if they do not end up to your target market. So, it would also need a lot of working on to do. Yes, you have to know what kind of target market you have and determine the places they frequent to, as well.

These are just some of the tasks that mostly affect the daily work day of a flyer distributor. If you are interested of becoming one, please read our blog posts on Ticket Printing at Bukit Merah – Types of Tickets and Flyer Distribution at Bedok – The Duties & Responsibilities of a Flyer Distributor.


Flyer Distribution at Bedok – The Duties & Responsibilities of a Flyer Distributor

When talking about flyer distribution at Bedok, there are many things that are needed to be considered. For one, the distributors have a lot of duties and responsibilities to be able to make the campaign a success. Let us tell you that there are various types of flyer distribution jobs, which require you finish a diverse range of tasks – sometimes good, but can be bad, at times, too.

If you are interested in becoming a distributor of flyers, here is a brief article about flyer distribution tasks that you need looking into. Another thing, with the help of this article, you can have a look on whether flyer distribution is the job for you.


What Does a Flyer Distributor Do?

Working as a flyer distributor is almost similar as a postman/ woman or mailman/woman. However, you don’t just hand over a flyer; you will need a bit of extra work. While it is called “flyer distribution”, it is not all distributing. There are other tasks to do, as well, which are on top of your main job, which is to deliver flyers or leaflets. Hence, if you are to do flyer distribution, consider doing the following, as well:

  • Knocking on doors
  • Upselling the product or service by talking to recipients
  • Collecting returned flyers
  • Getting orders or leads

Do Distributors Need to Make Any Research?

It is advisable for flyer distributors to do your homework, which, will get yourself ready and make you informed on what you are distributing. It will help if you have a short introduction when handing out flyers, which can benefit both the client and you. Moreover, it will make the client more confident in you, and at the same time instill loyalty to you as their designated distributor.

In addition, initial research will arm you with the knowledge needed to persuade prospective buyers like any good distributor or salesman usually do. The more you persuade the prospects effectively, the more sales your customers will receive, and of course, the more work for you.

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Flyer Printing at Tiong Bahru – What is a Good Paper Weight For Flyers?

Printing flyers will require you to consider a number of factors including the type and weight of paper that will be used for printing. For instance, your flyer printing at Tiong Bahru needs not only the right design and layout, which is the first thing that you need to do, but also the right kind of paper to make sure you get to impress  your recipients.

Deciding on the paper that you will use for your flyers will have a great impact on the cost as well as the overall quality of your flyers. Since the paper quality contributes to the first impression your customer sees on your flyer, it is ultimately necessary to use the best quality that your budget permits. Keep in mind that the lower the budget, the lighter the paper and the lower quality it will have. Low quality flyers are more likely to get torn or damaged easily.

We have here a guide to various paper weights that are typically used for flyer printing. The GSM or grams per square meter is the standard gauge for paper weights. Generally, the higher the GSM rating of the paper, the thicker and heavier it will be.



Available Paper Weights

80 – 100gsm: This is the most popular choice of paper weight used for general office paperwork. This gsm classification is not ideal for flyer use as it is too light and thin.

110 – 120gsm: This is a good choice for printing compliment slips and company letterheads.

130 – 170gsm: Ideal for posters, brochures, flyers and leaflets as it is more durable, thicker, and heavier.

170 – 200gsm: This paper weight is great for brochure covers, double-sided flyers and luxurious posters. Its thickness can be described as midway from paper to card.

200 – 250gsm: This is heavier like a cardboard and can be good for brochure covers.  It brings a nice, high-quality finish to your printed materials.

300 – 400gsm: Anything that falls over 300gsm is ideal for use in business cards and brochure covers, but make sure to consider the folding and stitching implications related to heavy board use.

400gsm and above: This is a very thick card that is used for luxury business cards.


The ideal paper weight for flyers is between 130 and 170 gsm. You may ask us about our available printing paper qualities. Check out our blogs on Flyer Printing at Ang Mo Kio – Frequently Asked Questions and Flyer Distribution at Bedok – The Duties and Responsibilities of a Flyer Distribution.


Flyer Printing at Ang Mo Kio – Frequently Asked Questions

There are several factors that may affect the effectiveness of flyer printing and distribution. Here are a number of frequently asked questions regarding flyer printing at Ang Mo Kio and other areas.

Q: How effective is flyer distribution?

A. The success or failure of flyer distribution can be determined by several factors. Flyer distribution is highly effective when the product or service is what the people need. It will also be effective when it has a clear and eye-catching layout and when there is some promotion on the flyer itself. Furthermore, it would be more effective when it reaches suitable target market.

Q. What’s the difference between door to door distribution and direct mail?

A. Door to door flyer distribution is delivered right to the prospective clients; doorsteps through professional flyer distributors. This is ideal for businesses with the goal to reach a large number of audience because it is cost-effective. For example, real estate agents that target residents planning to sell their homes or cleaning services that target homeowners who have day jobs or kids. Direct mail flyer distribution is delivered to specific people who are strategically targeted through thorough market study. This is usually done through mail or SingPost.

Q. How do I know you will actually distribute my flyers?

A. Here at Alibaba Printing, we use sophisticated GPS tracking system that tracks our designated flyer distributors. This allows you to know when the flyer distribution takes place, the area of distribution, how far the flyer distributor has walked, and the exact distribution route of the distributor. We can have shared distribution, which is performed by our teams of distributors.

Q. What is a good flyer layout?

A. The flyers must be as simple as possible, yet be able to catch the attention of your prospective clients. The message must be clear and concise and at the same time be able to relay the messages that you need to disseminate. It is also advisable that you add a call-to-action phrase so the prospects will have the initiative on what to do next, which is buying or availing your offered products or services.

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Is Handing Out Flyers Effective? Flyers Printing and Distribution River Bukit Pangjang

Flyer distribution – is it still an effective marketing approach? Well, if you do it right, flyers can help market your business, making it a strong and successful tool for advertising, regardless of your target market.

Most advertisers still believe that in spite the age of digital marketing, attractive flyers handed out to targeted recipients can yield better results. But how is it done and what are the strategies?


A good flyers printing and distribution River Bukit Pangjang must be well-designed and well-planned as well. First, the design must be thought of, especially in the layout and message aspects. You must make sure that the message is brief yet concise, and must contain the exact message that you want to relay, nothing more and of course, nothing less.


Furthermore, flyers must be simple yet eye-catching, as we always reiterate. You must make the client be curious about what you can offer, but don’t leave them hanging. The flyers must have the information that they need to know, including your contact details and some call-to-action push.

Next is the distribution process. No, you don’t just hand out the flyers. You need a plan to do this and it starts by knowing your target market. Keep in mind that flyers are used to make a reminder to prospects that you’ve previously met, or who have made a request at some point, asking for more information upon an initial call. Sales are, more often than not, made after a few contacts and not just the first one.

Prospective clients need a number of touches to keep your brand in their thoughts, thus keeping the process of sales progressing. You will need a flyer to serve as a “follow-up”, which is very important part of the sales pitch. Moreover, it is also important to measure the response of those who got the flyers. This will allow you to see if the campaign is effective or otherwise.

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Flyer Printing and Distribution at Queenstown: Still The Best Choice For Most Businesses

These days, despite the modern advertising campaigns brought by the media and social media, flyer printing and distribution is still considered as one of the most effective strategies when it comes in promoting a brand, service, product, or even an event.


Many businesses still use this marketing method and regardless of the size of the business, they are likely to get flyer printing and distribution at Queenstown to give their brand an aggressive boost. Flyers, as we all know, is a form of printed media, which are distributed in public places teeming with people. Some times, these flyers are posted on bulletin boards at high foot traffic places. The main goal of this is to disseminate all the information you want the public to know.


Apart from handling the flyers to passers by or posting them on public information boards, they can also be distributed through door-to-door mail or via the SingPost. This method of distribution is also highly-favored because you get to reach your target market in a more direct way.

One distinguishing quality of flyer marketing is its cost-effectiveness. They are not as expensive to make as a magazine print ad or TV commercial, but it has a wide reach. The only expenses involved in the production of flyers is the cost of flyer printing plus the distribution charge, which are both surprisingly minimal, compared to other advertising means.

Flyer production is not complicated either. Flyer design can be commissioned for a low price, but you can actually create a layout yourself, that is, if you aren’t too busy for that. Either way, even if you get someone to layout your flyers, it will not be too expensive. Just keep in mind the important factors that must be considered, such as simple content, eye-catching layout, and call-to-action phrases.

When done properly, this method of advertising will surely help boost the brand’s popularity and build brand recognition much faster.

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Flyer Printing at Buona Vista – Do’s and Don’ts of Flyer Printing

Any business strategy can go well with the help of flyer printing. Flyers can help boost your advertising methods, regardless if it is an online campaign or an offline advertisement. Nevertheless, there are several factors that needed consideration. To help you with this, here are the do’s and don’ts of flyer printing at Buona Vista.


Flyer Printing Tips

Make your flyers as simple as possible. Make sure to make the message clear but the overall flyer design simple. When it comes to flyer printing, there is a three-second test that must be considered. This must involve handing out the flyer and in three second tops, the recipient must be able to learn important information about your brand. Therefore, minimal graphics and good font size must be used.


Consider your target market. If you know who your target market is, you will know what they need and focus on it. Determine your target market and have a more personal and more effective approach.

Add a call to action phrase. Flyer printing must also involve one thing: your call to action phrase. When used with a simple flyer design and a great message layout, your call to action phrase will help guide prospective clients what to do next. You may add words like “Buy it now” or “50% off until tomorrow”.

Don’t say too much. In advertising or marketing, saying too much is basically saying nothing. This also applies with flyers. Do not cram everything on the flyer layout, making your flyer full of text that no one wants to read. For best results, choose a simple yet concise massage and include a quick call to action along with it.

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Flyers Printing and Distribution Botanic Gardens: Understanding the Advantages of Flyer Marketing

If your company is dedicated in expanding and continuous improvement, then you must have a strategic way to sell your product or service using the most effective method you can get. While there are a lot of marketing methods available, flyer printing and distribution Botanic Gardens can be a great advertising method, not to mention, it is cost-efficient, too.

Flyers_Printing _and _Distribution_Botanic_Gardens

Advantages of Flyers as a Marketing Tool

Using flyers to promote your business can greatly contribute to its success. Flyer distribution creates an instant impact that generally affects the business’ target audience, hence increasing the chance for product or service purchase. Compared to other advertising methods, flyer printing and distribution is highly noticeable and is more likely to get the customer’s attention.

Another flyer distribution advantage is that it can be modified easily to meet your requirement and cater to the taste of your potential clients. Flyer designs are easily tweaked to make them more appealing and the method of distribution can be customized, as well, in order to reach your target customers in the best way possible. A flyer that is effective, is the one that has attention-grabbing features and gets its message delivered. A memorable design that has a high-impact in a non-demanding way is the best layout. This type of flyer is valuable, especially after the customers finally decide on the product or service they will avail.

Flyer distribution also help make the customer decide faster. For instance, if you are one of the companies that provide general products or services, say, you offer carpet cleaning or laundry services, for instance, promoting them through flyers can be an effective influencer.

Since flyers are typically distributed in person, with a person to person or P2P interaction, it gives a rather personal touch to the marketing campaign. This is crucial if you want to make a potential customer prefer your brand over the competition. Compared to advertising through TV, radio, or social media, flyer distribution has a more personalized appeal and gives you the chance to communicate with the potential clients personally.

Flyer distribution is not a very complicated way of advertisement. A little research on your target audience, the proper layout and message, and the right distribution method is all you need in order to make it effective. Nevertheless, to get the best results possible, it is advisable to get professional services of a trusted flyer printing and distribution company.

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Flyer Printing at Steven: Taking Advantage of This Marketing Method

When it comes to marketing, the most affordable and most versatile method is probably through flyers. Flyers are advertising tools that are printed on quality paper and are distributed to target clients in order for them to know more about what you have to offer. Since they are basically just print ads, they are lightweight, easy to use and very affordable. As a matter of fact, flyer printing at Steven is one of the low cost forms of advertising that can be effective, if you know how to utilize it. Distribution of flyers, when done correctly, can help you send out the message about your business, but it can also be done if you want people to know about a certain event or organization, too.

Flyer_Printing_at _steven

Flyer Printing and Marketing Advantages

For you to know more about the ideal flyers used for advertising, you must have to know what these printed matter can do for you. The following are the advantages of flyer printing:

Provide an improved business marketing avenue.  With flyers, you do not just use the materials to promote the business, you are also taking advantage of the opportunity to let the customers know about your product or services in a more creative way. Flyer advertising is great and can give you an advantage if you do it strategically or distribute in strategic areas and times.

You can save a lot from this marketing method. Compared to other marketing methods, flyer advertising is a low cost form of advertisement as flyers do not cost much. A lot of printing companies offer various print and distribution packages that you can take advantage of.

Reach more from your target market. With flyers, you can reach more people compared to other promotional tools like banners and posters.

Imagine what flyer can actually do to your business. This method of marketing helps you reach business goals without spending much on advertising and we think that it is a great way to advertise.

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