Ticket Printing at Bukit Merah -Types of Tickets

Before, promoting and hosting an event needs to be done by a specialist or professional. When it comes to festivals, concerts, gala, sports day, or even food and beverage events, full-time staff members are almost always needed. This is because you will need someone to overlook the event, especially the important things done prior to the said event, including ticket printing.

Ticket printing at Bukit Merah

These days, times have changed. Because of technological developments, events management and ticket printing at Bukit Merah and other areas can now be done by the events organizer themselves. This Do-It-Yourself ticket printing is now possible. There are easy-to-use software that assist event organizers in creating, designing and printing of tickets, as well as sell tickets online and track them while on it.

Ticket printing at Bukit Merah

Different Ticket Types

Here are the common types of event tickets that are usually requested for printing:

General Admission

This type of ticket is typically on sale in an extended period of time and also, it is much cheaper. That is why most of the printing volume includes the general admission or GA tickets. Events gather a high revenue from GA tickets.


VIP tickets usually come with premium experience such as prime location or seats, as well as extra services like meet and greet or photo ops. Second to the General Admission tickets, VIP tickets are the second most valuable ticket types and also drive a lot of revenue.

Reserved Seating

For seated events, you can let the attendees pick their preferred seating. This kind of ticket provide the guests a bigger value and the chance to be closer to the performer or speaker.

Multi-Day Pass

If the event takes place over several days, you may choose to give the attendees the option to have a multi-day pass, so they wouldn’t have to worry about securing tickets for the other event days. You may give discounts for multi-day passes.

One-Day Pass

On the other hand, if your event is a multi-day event, you can also give your attendees to buy tickets for only one day.

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