Promoting Social Entrepreneurship Event Through Flyers

Flyer distribution is a very popular marketing method due to its efficiency and low cost. At Alibaba Printing, we make sure that the flyer campaign is well-rounded. We will help you with the printing and guide you on which package to avail when it comes to distribution. Alibaba Printing has been helping a number of companies promote their products and services through flyers. A lot of flyer distribution Punggol projects under our company have helped various brands became a success. 

One of them is the flyer distribution we recently had near Punggol East 828826. The Social Innovation Park is an impartial, non-profit organization that aims to Educate, Empower and Enhance innovators and social entrepreneurs from the 3 ‘P’ sectors. The 3 ‘P’ sectors are the Private, Public and People sectors.

Our Client’s Vision

The organization’s vision is to have a more mindful world focusing on sustainable social needs solutions. In 2009, SIP was awarded with the Singapore’s Most Prestigious Brand Award, which is the youngest organization to ever receive the award during that time. 

Past and Present Projects

The many projects of SIP include the Global Social Innovators Forum , which is a platform they created to allow social entrepreneurs share their ideas and experiences. They also established PaTH or the Pop and Talent Hub, which is a talent development platform for social enterprise. It is the first in Singapore. This hub champions social entrepreneurship via the arts by developing creative PaTH talents from traditionally marginalized groups. In addition, they also established SEED, or Social Entrepreneurship and Eco-park Development, which is the first integrated social playground that focuses on prototyping, showcasing and exchange of solutions, both innovative and inclusive, that initiate social changes. 

Those are just a number of projects that are initiated by the organization to help social entrepreneurs. Social Innovation Park has been conducting events that help hone people’s social relevance and awareness. 

In this recent flyer campaign with Alibaba Printing, the non-profit organization is promoting its upcoming event with Get Active Singapore. You can check out their Facebook page to know more about what they are promoting with the flyers. 

Here’s an excerpt from their social media post:

Social Innovation Park (SIP) in conjunction with Get Active Singapore invites you to the family Carnival titled  ‘L.E.A.D. (Learn, Experience, Action and Direction) with Singapore’ on Sat, Aug. 03, 2019 at 50, Punggol East 828826. The event is supported by Our SG Fund and promoted by Punggol North Constituency.

Please register your interest at

Lots of fun activities await you in Punggol !!!

The recent flyer campaign aims to reach more people and disseminate information about this upcoming event. SIP believes that the more their cause is known to people, the better and greater their chance to help. 

How Alibaba Printing Can Promote Your Events

Like Social Innovation Park, you can also promote your company or organization’s upcoming events through flyers. Not only that, promoting your products and services through these printed media is also possible.  It is cost-effective and as we always say, they actually work!

Alibaba Printing Helps Healthsprings Treatments and Services in Reaching Out to Consumers and Clients

For their recent treatment promotions, Healthsprings Laser & Aesthetic Clinic commissioned Alibaba Printing to do their promotional marketing, particularly their flyer distribution and online campaigns. 

While it is unlikely for a digital company like Alibaba to meddle with beauty services and treatments, we wanted to help Healthsprings Laser & Aesthetic Clinic in promoting their different products and treatment services such as acne zapping treatments, face filler, and carbon peel treatments. They also pointed out in the review that the clinic’s rejuvenation treatments are outstanding and very effective. 

While others just list out the positives and negatives of the company they are reviewing, the press release made sure that they will be able to point out the pros and cons, as well as comparison with other facial treatment centres. “We want to cover all the crucial aspects and want to be as honest as possible with our review. We make sure to point out if the price is too steep or if they are effective or otherwise. It may be time consuming but we want to be transparent with our reviews.” 

Apart from conducting several tests and reviews, Alibaba took care of the aesthetic company’s flyer campaign and disseminated information about the said clinic – handing out flyers at public places and sending them to prospective clients through door-to-door distribution. Alibaba also made sure that Healthsprings has increased its online following by helping the company with search engine optimization and other online marketing-related stuff. 

Flyer Marketing at Your Service

We at Alibaba Printing can help you with your flyering needs. From layout and printing, to distribution of the flyers and marketing paraphernalia. Please contact us at 9146 1431 or visit our office Link @ Amk, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, 02-02, 569139.

Where Can I Post Flyers Legally?

There are many methods of advertising and you, as a marketer, have unlimited means in showcasing a brand or product or just spreading the word about your event or just about anything. While marketing typically base on the level of creativity of the marketing people, most of the time, it depends on the budget per se. That is why flyer posting is considered as one of the most inexpensive and efficient methods of advertisement, with the goal of turning a lot of heads and gaining attention. 

Moreover, while flyer advertisement is cheap, it is easier to execute as well, at least when compared with other methods of advertisement. It is not rocket science and won’t require a lot for you in terms of labor. The only question most of us ask is, “Where can I post flyers legally?”

In Singapore, there aren’t many hindrances when it comes to flyer distribution and posting. You can distribute at places like parks, malls, colleges, and even send them door to door through SingPost. Flyer distribution is very popular here and some housing developments even provide a box where you can drop flyers to collect. 

Flyer distribution is generally LEGAL in Singapore. Nevertheless, it depends on where you are distributing them as well as what the content of the flyers are. Generally, you are allowed to distribute flyers legal as long as the flyers do not break any law or are not about anything illegal, are not political in nature, or are not used for solicitation.  Moreover, if you distribute flyers in a public place without causing any damage or obstruction, you are doing it legally and therefore may continue with your marketing.

Check out how much does it cost to distribute flyers and read about how Alibaba Printing helps Healthsprings Treatments and Services in reaching out to consumers and clients.

How Much Does It Cost to Distribute Flyers?

How Much Does It Cost to do flyer distribution in Singapore?



Flyers are among the most effective ways of reaching out to customers and promoting your products or services.they are a great way to build customer base, generate business, and improve brand recognition, as well. With the combination of effective flyer design and proper distribution techniques and channels, this method of advertising allows you to use a cost-efficient tool that you can capitalise through reaching out and expanding your customer base. Flyer distribution is inexpensive but effective, as long as you do it properly. 



Services and Specialisation


The price of flyer distribution mostly depends on the method used. There are door to door distribution, walkway distribution, sandwich board advertising, and other types of distribution methods that are customised according to the clients’ needs. There are even flashmobs, specific distribution profiles, mascot distribution, and many others. 


Factors That Affect the Price of Flyer Distribution

Here are the most common price factors in terms of distributing services:


  1. Distribution location. Most of the time, the price for flyer distribution in public areas are lower compared to the distribution services at landed properties. 


  3. Type of service. While the prices are almost similar depending on the quantity of flyers to be distributed, availing additional services can generate a little extra when it comes to cost. For instance, sandwich board advertising and customised flyering can be a bit more expensive compared to regular distribution. 



How much does it cost to distribute flyers?

Generally, flyer distribution firms charge by the hour or per 1000 flyers. These range between $25 and $40 if it’s for basic distribution packages while it can increase up to $50 for a customised distribution in a per hour rate. 

Challenges That You May Face



  1. Flyer distribution is not just a one-time process of advertising. It takes weeks or even months for a consumer to decide if your product or service is worth a try. So, it is important to distribute another set of prints after a few weeks or so, keeping your brand at the consumer’s  forefront. 


  3. Consider your customer profile. Where do they go frequently? Try to increase your advertising coverage in the area to maximise your brand exposure. 

Is it Illegal to Put Flyers on Doors?

Is it Illegal to Put Flyer distribution on letters or doors in Singapore?


The answer is no. Door to door flyer distribution is not illegal and the town council actually provides a box for every household, in which the flyers are collected and contained. 
When Does Flyer Distribution Become Illegal?
Flyer distribution in Singapore is mostly a legal way of advertising your product or services. But there are times when it becomes illegal. Flyer distribution, remains legal, unless the distributors enter a private property, which can be considered as trespassing. Nevertheless, since there are already flyers boxes provided for the household, it will be almost impossible for flyer distributors to trespass, all they have to do is to put the flyers into the designated bins. Flyer distribution also becomes illegal if the flyers are political in nature, which requires certain permits. 
If flyers are just for commercial purposes – promoting and advertising products and services – distributing them on the streets is legal. 
Flyer distribution is legal when done in public property as long as it is not stated otherwise. Distributing them on private properties, such as shopping malls, SMRT, and other private establishments depends solely on the management of the establishment in question. 
The entities’ control of the establishment, however, can be gauged by its smoking areas. For instance, The bus station or train station is a non-smoking area and you will see smokers at one end. This area is where the public property begins and where you can start handing out flyers. Sheltered areas or areas near the top-up counters are considered as part of the station and most likely flyer distribution is not allowed in there. 
Shopping malls, on the other hand, only allow flyer distributions if they are conducted by their tenants. If you are NOT a tenant, you can probably make arrangements with the mall’s management for a fee. 


Is Flyer Distribution Legal?

Is Flyer Distribution in Singapore Legal?


Flyer distribution is a common if not the most effective ways of promoting products, services, or events. While it is done by most enterprises and organizers, there are some that are still questioning the legality of this marketing method. Is flyer distribution legal?
As a matter of fact, flyer distribution is LEGAL in Singapore. Nevertheless, it depends on where you are distributing them as well as what the content of the flyers are. Generally, you are allowed to distribute flyers legal as long as the flyers do not break any law or are not about anything illegal, are not political in nature, or are not used for solicitation.  In addition, if the distribution takes place in a public place and you are not causing any obstruction, it should be legal.
Best Places For Flyer Distribution

With the best locations for flyer distribution, you can take advantage of these and help boost your sales. 
One way to make sure that you reach your customers and they see your flyers right away is to hand the flyers directly to them or at their doors. You may do this by handing out flyers to passers-by on the streets or distribute them door-to-door. You can also place the flyers on car windshields, have them as inserts in shopping bags and print ads. 
You can have the flyers mailed to customers through bills and invoices or hand out the flyers directly to event attendees. Some even set up a kiosk at festivals, trade shows, concerts, and other people-flocked events where they can stop for a little while and learn more about your product or service. You can also insert flyers of new products in packages of existing retail customers. 

So, now that you know that flyer distribution is legal as long as you are doing it at the right place at the right time, you can now start disseminating your company information through this useful, economical and effective marketing method.