Can I Print Stickers on My Printer?

Can I Print Stickers on My Printer? Helpful Details You Can Take Note


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What is Mirrorkote Sticker? A Simple Guide



The use of stickers is considered to be one of the most versatile and cost-efficient methods for business or even for personal reasons. You can see stickers almost everywhere! – signs, cars, windows, food or product labels, giveaways door jambs and many more! One of the best benefits of this type of print media is that it can last longer and it is less expensive.


Stickers and Labels are two different things. Stickers usually are graphical while labels contain logo, address or telephone numbers. This article contains the procedure of printing stickers and info on labels as well since they both have similarities in production. Let’s proceed on learning about printing stickers on your printer.


Using Your Printer to Make Stickers


A printer may have different functionality and purpose. Some are not that “sticker-friendly” when it comes to printing. Remember, use an inkjet sticker paper for inkjet type of printers and for laser printer, use a laser sticker paper since these two can’t be interchanged. That is the first rule you need to keep in mind. Use the appropriate kind of paper for the printer that you have.


You need to know the right medium where you will be printing your stickers, and they are usually printed on vinyl or paper. Knowing the difference between the two will help you achieve an excellent result.


Kinds of Labels


One of the cheapest and simplest forms of stickers is the paper labels. This is great for personalizing name tags, vinyl record sleeves, making instant photo stickers and many more! When you print from your home, you can use pre-cut labels or a whole sheet of sticker paper. Pre-cut stickers are recommended for these types of labels:


  • Oval Labels
  • Round Labels
  • Rectangular Labels
  • Square Labels


These are perfect for bottles and jars for your homemade products. If you want to use stickers that you want to cut by yourself, better buy whole sheets. You will want to use a cricut machine if you’re cutting a more detailed design.


Printer Options


Using the right printer is crucial since it will depend also on your design. If you have a 4-color inkjet printer with a print resolution of 1200 dpi, this is more than enough. However, if the design of your sticker needs a more dynamic range in color and more variation in tone, you might want to equip yourself with a printer with at least six cartridges. Know your options here:


Recommended Budget Inkjet Printer for Sticker Printing


  • Canon® PIXMA® TS6220 – at low cost, you can have vibrant color prints with it. This is perfect for amateur photographers and a starter printer for small businesses.
  • HP® Envy® 7155 – very inexpensive and can help you make stickers. However, it only has two cartridges (black and tricolor).


Middle Ranged Printer Also Great for Sticker Printing

  • Canon® PIXMA® Pro-100 – more costly but the features are advanced, and the printing output is better than the previously mentioned printers. Your sticker details will be more refined because it’s an 8 dye-based ink cartridge.

Professional Grade Printer Perfect for Sticker Printing Business


  • Epson® SureColor® P600 – the print results are incredible and perfect for professional-grade photos and stickers. The initial investment for this one is a lot expensive, but it is worth your money if you are really in the printing business.


Choosing the Best Machine Tips


Selecting the right kind of printer doesn’t need too much energy, but it does require you to know the following:

  • You know exactly what you want to create.
  • Be realistic on the capabilities of the printer.
  • Can you afford it?
  • You know the purpose.
  • Know the size of the media that you want to convert to sticker.
  • Steadfast colors and how long they last.
  • The Compatibility of the sticker and machine.


Sticker Printing Techniques and Things You Need to Remember


You don’t want to waste your money on printed stickers because you’re doing it all wrong during the first try. Here are some techniques and important things you will need to remember:

  1. Color Accuracy – CMYK used mostly for printing done at home and low-cost professional services but the printing result is accurate, good and inexpensive.
  2. Choose the right colors – wrong design choices can become color casts or tinted black hues.
  3. Long lasting – longevity of a sticker depends on the print process, ink and paper.
  4. Die-cut method – it can help in shaping the stickers for a stronger visual effect that emphasizes the design elements.
  5. Choose “High” Quality print mode – the result is better and of high quality.
  6. Break up color with big areas – don’t design stickers that have huge areas of solid colors.
  7. Ink cartridges are not running low on ink – make sure you are stocked before printing your huge volume of stickers.
  8. Compatibility of paper – there are printers that don’t work well with thick papers, check out which ones don’t and can work with the kind of paper you would usually use.


Types of Sticker Paper for Printing

There are two main types of sticker paper: glossy and matte.


  • Glossy – like a photo paper but with adhesive backing. It can be difficult to work on especially if you are using a laser printer.
  • Matte – just like a standard paper with adhesive backing. It is easy to write even with your pencil and pen, but not as smooth and bright as the glossy one.


The Printing Process of Making Stickers


Here are three different process that can definitely help you in printing your stickers.


Pre-Cut Sticker Labels Printing


If you are using a pre-cut inkjet sticker labels, here are the steps:

  1. You can use any downloadable templates.
  2. Once you have prepared the template, print one on a blank paper and check with your pre-cut paper if it’s aligned or not.
  3. Load the sticker paper to your inkjet printer, double check specifications and preferences.
  4. Paper width level should not touch the edge of the paper to avoid buckling it.
  5. Print the template.
  6. Let the ink dry first before touching or removing the sticker.
  7. Avoid printing the same exact sheet to avoid jamming the printer.


Using Microsoft Word to Make and Print Custom Stickers


  1. Open Microsoft word.
  2. Create your design using the shape tool, text box tool, etc., Or you may also download a sticker template if you like.
  3. In printing your finished design, you should do a test print first to know which side it will print so that you can place your sticker paper correctly.
  4. In the printer properties choose “other photo paper” then select the quality (draft, standard or high).
  5. Cut your sticker using a paper cutter or scissor.


Sticker Printing on Vinyl Paper


There are just few simple tools that you need to print your sticker using vinyl paper. Here are the steps you can follow:


  1. Make your design by sketching it out on paper. You can use graphics from the Internet if you can’t draw skillfully.
  2. Use an image editor software in your computer. Resolution should be at least 300 pixels per 1 inch (2.5 cm).
  3. Preview the design before finally printing.
  4. Load your printer with an 8 x 11 inch (20.3 x 27.9 cm) vinyl paper for printing. You should do a test print first to know which side it will print so that you can place it correctly.
  5. Print and Cut.


Using Websites and Apps


You may also want use website and apps when creating your stickers such as FoamCorePrint, Sticker Maker Pro (App), Aviatar, Emoji Me Face Maker, PicsArt Photo Studio and many others. Keep in mind that when printing your custom design, don’t forget the reminders previously mentioned in this article.


Can’t Do It On Your Own? Call the Professionals!


Not all are tech savvy or have the time to design and print stickers. The best thing to do is to call the professionals for help.

Are You Creative Enough to Make or Design and Print Your Stickers?


Creativity and skill is a plus in creating a sticker both for personal and business use. If you want a great output, you better be creative, and know the basics of using your computer and printer.


Paper Sticker Printing by Done by Professionals Benefits


  • Saves time.
  • Achieve the right output for your sticker needs.
  • Perfectly designed according to your taste.
  • Printing quality is far better than done at home.
  • They have the right materials, tools and equipment for the job.


Good for Personal or Business Use


Whether it’s for business or personal use such as birthdays, parties, etc. getting professional help for sticker printing is best and is highly recommended.


Make, Design, Laminate and Other Printing Services: Alibaba Printing Can Do It For You!

Alibaba Printing has been providing printing services for many years, and you’ll definitely get your money’s worth.


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What is a Kiss Cut Sticker?

What is a Kiss Cut Sticker? Customized Design for Your Printing Needs


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What is Mirrorkote Sticker? A Simple Guide



There are different ways to cut your designed and printed stickers and one of which is the kiss cut. There has been a slight confusion between a kiss cut and die cut, but we are going to clear that up this time.


Kiss cut method, the printed sticker is created with kiss cut and it can be peeled off from the backing material. You’ll notice light cuts within the sticker’s border. The backing will not be cut, only the sticker. It’s also called as “easy peel stickers.”




Below are the main advantages of applying the kiss cut method if you use it for your business:

  • The border around the sticker allows you to hand write a special message before giving the sticker to someone else.
  • The sticker is easier to pull out.
  • The edge of the sticker is more protected.
  • It is easier for customers to use.


Die Cut and Kiss Cut Difference


There are only minor differences between these two methods. However, they still have different purpose, and this is why you need to be informed before making any decision.


Die Cut sticker is known to be the most popular. Each design of your sticker is cut around its edge through both the backing and vinyl paper. The whole sticker is cut and becomes a custom shape that you designed. It can be any size or shape that you want. Here, the sticker’s backing aligns precisely with the size and shape of the sticker itself.


With Kiss Cut sticker, it has another backing paper. It is primarily trimmed through the vinyl around the design’s edge and then cut through all the way around the surrounding sheet’s edge. The sticker itself has light surface cuts wherein the backing material is not cut, and you can peel off the kiss cut sticker from the sheet. This method allows you to peel off the sticker easily. You will see a tiny amount of the backing that’s actually framing the sticker.


Both kiss cut and die cut stickers still look the same when they are applied on the surface.


What is Their Similarities?


Here are their similarities:

  • Digitally printed on a white polypropylene, making the sticker durable.
  • Custom shapes are available for both.
  • Full-color
  • Both are finished with UV lamination for fading resistance and outdoor durability.


Should You Choose Kiss Cut Sticker?


Both die cut and kiss cut are made from the same material. However, the difference in its cutting method can have an impact on the application.


Kiss cut can be a great option for you, especially if you need to order in large amounts and keep all the designs safe within their backing papers.


It can also be great for any marketing purposes for your business.


Do You Want More Info on Your Sticker?


Some people would want more space on their stickers where they can put their coupons, social tags, contact details and website. Doing so would need back printing. However, you can also do this with your kiss cut sticker,


Kiss cut stickers usually have a rectangular backing around its design that’s larger than the sticker which can also be printed on. This is a great alternative for back printing because:

  • Better visibility on your extra info which can be placed just right next to the sticker itself.
  • Back printing is limited to black and white while you can do full color with kiss cut and it’s not dependent on the sticker’s shape.
  • Still for a low cost.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • Is Kiss Cut Cheap? – Yes
  • How long will I receive my order? – it will depend on the ordered number of stickers.
  • Does printing companies require a minimum order for sticker printing? – some may need you to order at least 1,000 pieces but there are also other printing companies that accept minimal orders.


Inquire Now and Ask Our Lowest Rates


Alibaba Printing provides professionally designed stickers, high-quality at affordable package rates. We also offer instant cheap sticker printing service here in Singapore. You can ask us for our lowest rates compared to other printing companies.


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What is Mirrorkote Sticker?

What is Mirrorkote Sticker? A Simple Guide


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What is a Kiss Cut Sticker? Customized Design for Your Printing Needs

Can I Print Stickers on My Printer? Helpful Details You Can Take Note



One of the main debates about sticker production is the material. It can be made by paper or vinyl. Both have different features and benefits since it will depend on what you need and your purpose.


Mirror coated stickers or more popularly called as Mirrorkote stickers in Singapore, it is a cast coated paper with a mirror-like gloss on its surface. It is achieved by coating the base paper first with fine pigments and adhesive or binder and then dried up by contact drying the coated surface in a cylindrical casting drum plated with chrome.




  • Again, the paper is cast coated, making it a high-gloss material with mirror-like appearance.
  • High-gloss quality printing is usually used by businesses to label their foods and other consumer goods.
  • Very eye-catching.
  • Excellent printability.
  • Cutting styles depend on the preferred sizes of the customer.
  • Great for those that need single or 4 colors labels that want a mirror-like gloss look.
  • A great and economical option.
  • Widely used in different types of industries.
  • Can make it water resistant by opting for finishing with matt lamination or gloss lamination.


Printing companies continue to innovate their ways in printing stickers since the demand for this kind of service is high. One of the common sticker printing demands these days are the Mirrorkote stickers made from art paper stickers. These art paper stickers also have gloss, matte and uncoated finish.


However, one of the main concerns of stickers is its exposure to extreme weather settings. Factors include changes in temperature and moisture. If it’s not laminated, scratches, writings and rubs can damage the sticker’s quality.


Custom Made


Stickers are usually custom made and designed according to your liking or requirements. This can be an awesome way to market, promote or advertise your company in a cheaper way.


You have the option to choose the basic mirrorkote sticker without any finishing like lamination. However, one way to make it more attention grabbing is to choose a gloss or matt lamination because it adds a more quality touch.


Custom die cuts or standard rectangular sizes are your options. You can create awesome and creative marketing campaigns for your business.


It’s also great for personal use like creating it as part of giveaways for special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, etc. A skilled graphics designer can help you bring your concept to life.


Perfect for Your Marketing Campaign


It is a fact that sticker printing is an underutilized tool when we talk about using it for marketing campaigns. A lot of businesses think that it’s a cheap way and could devalue their brand. It can be an effective tool because it is:


  • Cost-effective.
  • Eye-catching.
  • According to a marketing study done, about 90% of discussions (word of mouth) starts with offline materials that people just randomly see. It can be used as a conversation starter.
  • It encourages brand loyalty, especially if it’s directly given to the customers, and they use the stickers on their refrigerators, laptops, etc.
  • A way to provide product information, passing on the correct information about your business offerings.


Stickers can be utilized as product labels, address label, window sticker or name badges. You’ll just have to be creative on how to use them.


We Offer Cheap Rates


Alibaba Printing is not just equipped with high-tech tools for sticker printing, but we also have the most creative and skilled team that you can trust. You can take advantage of probably the cheapest sticker printing packages in Singapore.


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How Much Does Bookbinding Cost? Types of Binding Method for Your Printed Output

How Much Does Bookbinding Cost? Book Printing Singapore Types of Binding Method for Your Printed Output


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What is Saddle Stitch? And What the Binding Technique Mean

What is a Perfect Binding? Is it a Good Book Binding Technique for Your Printing Projects?


If you have important documents, written books, artworks or other printed forms for personal or business use, it is best to apply binding to achieve a cleaner and more-professional looking output, keeping everything in place and organized.


How much do we need to pay for bookbinding services? It will depend on several factors, including the number of pages, the materials to use for the interior and outside covers and the type of binding method. Let’s get to know a few of the binding method that you can choose from:


  • Case binding – most of the major books are hard bound and by far; this is the best binding technique. It is highly durable and can attract high prices for retail. However, this is not recommended for cost-conscious people or companies. Its price is the biggest drawback. The weight could be another issue and may lead to expensive shipping costs on your end.


  • Perfect binding – or also called as soft cover binding. It is economical both in production and delivery, and the output is still of high quality. The book does not lay flat, and this is less durable compared to case binding.


  • Saddle stitch binding – this is very economical and good for small booklets. The turnaround is fairly quick and is usually done in commercial printers in your area. This is less durable since the pages and covers can be damaged easily.


  • Comb, spiral and thermal binding – good for short-run books and you can pay for it at extremely low cost, it does not have a minimum number of order. However, the three techniques are not generally suitable for retail channels and standard distribution. Your readers can identify that your file is self-published.


What is the Best Method?



Binding a book does not just hold the pages together; it also serves a certain purpose, and it can stimulate emotions. The cost is the number one concern when selecting a binding method, but you should not just look at this factor alone.


One thing you must consider is who your readers are and how your book is going to be used. With this, you’ll know whether your printed document needs to be durable that can last for a long time. If you think your book can sell, choose a binding method that signifies value and that can entice a reader to pick it up.


If you think about these details, you’ll surely choose the most cost-effective and appropriate book binding method, and you’ll be satisfied with your choice.


Material to Use


The materials to use in binding your document depend on what method you’ve chosen. However, here is a list just to give you an idea on what they are:


  • Paper – papers that are specifically designed for book binding.
  • Tape – a bookbinding tape is made from cotton, linen or polyester.
  • Thread – waxed linen thread.
  • Boards – perfect board, binder board, chipboard, etc.
  • Mull
  • Paste – made from wheat flour.
  • Cloth – the most appropriate cloth is the binder’s buckram.
  • Carpenter’s square
  • Steel Ruler
  • Knives & Cutting Mat
  • Razor Blade
  • Shears
  • Flat Folder
  • Folding Stick
  • Folding Needle
  • Right Angle Card
  • Squared Card
  • Sewing Frame
  • Press and Tub
  • Paste Brushes
  • Piercing Awl
  • Beeswax
  • Sandpaper
  • Needles
  • Wastepaper
  • Rubbing Sheets/Vellum Paper
  • Workbench


Why don’t we get to know a little of more of the popular and cost-friendly methods for binding?


Saddle Stitch


A popular binding method that usually uses two staples wherein the folded pieces of paper are assembled one inside the other, and then the center line is stapled.




Also called as coil binding, is a common style in bookbinding. The pages here are secured together using a spiral plastic or wire that is coiling through a sequence of holes that are pierced on one side of every page, including the back and front covers.


Perfect Binding


It is also a widely used soft cover binding technique. It uses a special glue (strong and flexible) at the spine that holds the pages together.


Alibaba Printing for Your Magazine, Books, Booklet and other Documents Binding


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What is a Perfect Binding? Is it a Good Book Binding Technique for Your Printing Projects?

What is a Perfect Binding? Book Printing Singapore – Is it a Good Book Binding Technique for Your Printing Projects?



Find out more about Book Printing Singapore

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How Much Does Bookbinding Cost? Types of Binding Method for Your Printed Output


There are many different types of printing methods, and one of the most widely used is perfect binding.


Perfect Binding is a technique wherein the pages as well as the cover are being glued together using a flexible and strong thermal glue, placed at the spine of the book. And the sides of the book will then be trimmed to create a clean and perfect-looking edges.


Have you noticed the bookshelves of bookstores or libraries? The soft covered books that you see are perfect bound. It’s noticeable that these books have printed, rectangular spine and the covers are made of cardstock or a paper that’s heavier than the inner pages. The covers are also durable and attractive because of its clear coating.


Perfect binding method is a good option for companies, authors and organizations for their printing projects because it’s cheap and it gives a professional-looking output. It has been used for annual business reports, catalogs, manuals, thick magazines and brochures.

Let’s get to know more details of perfect binding and see if it fits your book binding needs.


Perfect Binding Process and Benefits


The process involved in perfect binding to assemble a printed project includes:


  1. The printer will stack first the inner pages together so that crisp block will be formed.
  2. The block’s spinal edge will be roughed up using abrasives or blades. Doing this will reveal more paper fibers and then boost the glue’s bonding area.
  3. Hot glue will be applied on the roughed up edge (mentioned in step 2) of the inner page block.
  4. The book’s cover will then be wrapped around the pages’ block; it will also stick to the glue placed on the spine.
  5. Once the glue has been cured, the book’s three open pages will be trimmed when needed to achieve clean edges.


The use of this method can be beneficial for anyone who is looking forward to achieving the following:

  • Professional-looking output
  • Visual appeal
  • Cheaper than hardcover binding
  • Can stack well.
  • The rectangular spinal edge made by perfect binding will allow you to print on the spine the title of the book or any information. This is something that spiral binding and saddle stitch binding won’t allow you to do.
  • Books for perfect binding can be printed in short runs and also good for on demand printing.
  • Perfect for cost-conscious businesses, organizations and authors.


The Difference Between Perfect Binding and Saddle Stitch Binding


Two common option in binding are perfect binding and saddle stitch binding. So what are the difference between these two?


Firstly, saddle stitch method is binding by organizing the pages together, folded and then stapled along its crease doing it from the outside to create a book. There’s a page count requirement for this method wherein it has to be a multiple of four pages.


On the other hand, with perfect binding, the pages doesn’t need folding. The pages are organized and then glued together at the spine along with the cover. The pages will be secured as soon as the adhesive applied has been dry.


It also depends on the paper’s weight that you’re going to use. There’s maximum requirement for saddle stitch and it’s about 60 to 64 pp for each booklet. If it’s beyond that, it’s recommended to choose perfect bound.


Perfect Binding DIY Guide


If you want to experience how it’s done, you can do this simple method at home. Below are the instructions that you can follow.


But first, you need the following:

  • TIME: 2 hours to finish plus 1 hour for the book to be completely set and all dried up.
  • For your book’s pages, you can prepare at least 20 pages or more of A4 size paper.
  • 2 pieces of extra A4 paper. It will serve as the endpapers, holding the book cover and text block together.
  • Bone Scorer
  • Penknife
  • Metal rules is preferred.
  • Glue
  • Cutting Mat
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Brush
  • A3 card stock, it will serve as book cover backing.
  • A3 art paper, it will be the book cover.
  • 2 heavy/thick book or 2 clamps or 2 clips.




  1. Use your bone scorer to fold your A4 paper into two equal halves and then cut along the line that’s been folded. Do this for all the 20 or more pieces of paper you prepared for the pages. Size and thickness of the book may vary.
  2. Make sure to clean the spine of the cuts that are not straight.
  3. Text block assembly – to ensure a straight spine, line up the paper.
  4. Hold the paper block in place by clipping it. However, if you’re using a thick or heavy book, the spine should jut out; it should be facing you. It will help you glue the area easily.
  5. This is an optional process that you can do. You can make cuts on the spine using the penknife so that the glue can sink in deeper and make the binding process stronger.
  6. Spread the glue evenly along the spine of the book.
  7. Wait for it to dry. You can apply at least two layers of glue on the spine. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for two to three times and then let it dry.
  8. Measure the height, length and thickness of the block.
  9. Prepare the backing of the book cover using the measurements you have from step 8. Use the card stock and then cut it into three segments. You need to have two large rectangular segments (backing for front and back) and a narrow rectangular segment that fits your book’s spine.
  • Use the A3 art paper and layout the book cover segments. Make sure to leave 0.3 centimeters space in every segment.
  1. Glue the segments on the art paper.
  2. Fold into half two new a4 paper. Place 1 on the top and 1 on the bottom of the book cover segments.
  • The end papers should be glued on the book cover segment. Let it dry under a heavy big books to prevent it from warping.
  • Use your pencil to mark out the corners and the spine area. (You can check the Internet for the template on where to mark)
  • Cut the marked out lines you made. The excess art paper should be folded using a bone scorer to make it tight.
  • The excess art paper should be glued to one side of the endpaper.
  1. The text block should be glued to the inner part of the book cover card stocks.
  2. Leave the project you just made under a heavy book and wait for it to dry.


Would You Do it Yourself?


If you are complete with all the materials, and you have extra time to do it on your own, then you can go and do it for your project. However, if you need it right away, you should call a printing company that’s providing perfect binding and other book binding services to make your life easier, pay only for a low price without any hassle.


Talk to Alibaba Printing for Your Options


Alibaba Printing provides a wide array of printing services in Singapore, operating for more than seven years with local and international clients, offering the cheapest, excellent and trustworthy services. Call us now for your perfect binding inquiries.


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What is Saddle Stitch? And What the Binding Technique Mean

What is Saddle Stitch? Book Printing Singapore And What the Binding Technique Mean



Find out more about Book Printing Singapore

Read on:

How Much Does Bookbinding Cost? Types of Binding Method for Your Printed Output



In the printing business, saddle stitching is one of the popular book binding techniques that is being used. It does sound like a bit odd but the term “stitching” is referred as “stapling” in the printing industry. The collated sheets are also draped over an apparatus that looks like a saddle during the process, and that is why it’s called saddle stitching.


Most of the magazines that you see are not glued but are actually saddle stitched. This type of binding is considered to be straightforward. The stapler is designed with very long jaws, which is especially made for saddle stitching; it’s not like the typical stapler that you see at your office. This can also be bought at office supply shops.


It can be good for booklets, catalogue, magazines, small printing projects and other non-bulky documents that have minimal number of pages. Let’s get to know more about what this binding technique is all about and how it can be a good option for your business or personal printing needs.


How is a Book Constructed Using the Saddle Stitch Method?


To give you a clear view of the construction process, let’s use an example from a saddle-stitched booklet done in an 8.5? x 11? size.


  • The pages as well as the cover of this sample booklet will have to be made from 11? x 17? sheets and then folded in half down to the 8.5? x 11? size.
  • The sheets that have been folded will be nested one inside the other which will be stapled together end to end the folded crease, this will form as the spine of the book. For every 11? x 17? folded sheet in half, it can make four pages of the book.
  • After the 11? x 17?cover and pages are printed, partly folded and organized; they will then be joined using the staples.
  • To help the book make it more compact, the pages and cover will be folded together tightly.
  • For the final step, the open edges will be trimmed if needed so that there’s uniformity on the pages, and its overall appearance will be neat and presentable.


Usually, the saddle-stitched cover is created in another kind of paper stock that’s different from the pages of the interior. Covers are often glossier, heavier or would have a different texture than the interior pages. But there are also times that the book cover is made from the paper that’s exactly the same as the pages and this is called as “self-cover book.”



Number of Pages in Each Book


In any publication, saddle stitch binding needs at least eight pages, every spread has four pages and up to a total of 92 pages. Documents that are saddle-stitched should be constructed in page multiplies of four pages (8, 12, 16, etc.) since they will be printed on sheets that will be folded in half.


It will depend on the final page count on how you will number your pages. Example is a booklet with eight pages. The front cover is the page 1, and the back page of it will be the page 2, and the pages inside it will carry on in order as pages 3, 4, 5 and so on. The inside back cover will be the last two pages or page 7, and the back cover will be the booklet’s page 8.


The Benefits of Using This Technique


If you’re looking for printing options, you might want to consider saddle stitching for the following reasons:


  • It is known to be the least-expensive binding technique, perfect for those who want to stay within their financial printing budget.
  • Generally, the turn-around time is quicker than you think. The amount of time to finish your saddle stitching binding request will be done faster than other types of binding methods.
  • For books with lower page counts, this binding technique works very well.
  • It can accomplish short or even long production runs. Since it is cost-effective, printers are ready to produce short runs for this binding technique.
  • A hole can be punched in books along its spine for insertion to turn it into a ringed binder.
  • It is relatively easy to create a design with it, and it can also accommodate artwork or images that span two adjacent pages.
  • Mostly good for printed pieces that will be mailed through postal service since it only has minimal weight.
  • It can be used in different sizes and forms such us pocket pamphlet, a large atlas or road map, comic books and more!


Frequently Asked Questions


Here are few of the frequently asked questions that most people inquire about saddle stitch binding that you will want to know:


Can a Spine of the Book Have Printing On It?


Definitely no, this is because the spine will not create a flat surface for a book with a traditional saddle stitch. Your printing company will give you a detailed explanation if you choose this method. You will be guided through it.


When it’s Applied for Binding, How Many Staple Wires Are Used?


Almost 100% of the time, for the cover and pages to be secured, two staples will be used. However, there are very small books having only about 2 inches of spine length, so one staple is already good for this. Larger books may need more than two staples to keep the pages held together.


Is it Good for Very Large or Very Small Dimensions?


The saddle stitching binding method can work well with almost any book dimensions, even the oversized and mini-sized books. It can also work well with any type of book printing orientation such as landscape, portrait and square.


Is it Less Costly??


Yes, it is the less costly method. It’s perfect for those who are looking for an inexpensive way in finishing their created books and documents that need binding. However, don’t misinterpret its inexpensiveness, you’ll be surprised with its clean and professional-looking output.


General Guidelines


The saddle stitch binding technique is seen to be effective for publications and booklets that are around 64 pages or less. If the book has a lot of pages, it tends to become bulky when it is folded, and the outcome may not lie as flat as you want it to be when it has been saddle stitched.


Another important thing to remember, when you layout your book, make sure to use plenty of blank space or margins around the page’s content. Once the book has been saddle stitched, you don’t want to see any of your printed images or sentences buried in the inner fold of the book’s spine or even be too near the edge since it may be trimmed off.


Even if saddle stitch binding is considered to be the least-expensive method, you’d still want to ask around for printing companies in Singapore and compare their prices. Most of them won’t be offering cheap rates. Ask for the packages and tell them your budget.


Alibaba Printing is known to be one of the printing companies offering the cheapest rates for all their services.


Contact Alibaba Printing


Get only the best color printing quality at very affordable prices and packages at Alibaba Printing. The services are reliable and trustworthy with more than seven years of operation using high-tech equipment for faster and excellent quality output.


For more information, you may contact Alibaba Printing through the following:


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When Can You Open Red Pocket Money?


When Can You Open Red Pocket Money? The Importance of Ang Pao Giving



Find out more about red packet printing

Read on:

What is Written on Chinese Red Envelopes? New Year Ang Pao Guide




Red envelopes, also called as red pocket, lucky money, ang pao, hongbao, lai see, etc. is a tradition of giving money to others such as children, grandparents, parents, etc. as a gift, wishing good luck, happiness and blessings to the receiver.



Red is a traditional color since it symbolizes happiness, energy and most of all good luck. Chinese people love this color, and this is why the red paper is more significant than the money inside an ang pao.



During the Chinese New Year celebration, ang pao giving is an important tradition because it is believed that whoever receives it are wished another peaceful and safe year.



The giving and receiving of red pocket money build relationships within family and friends. But when is the right time to open it? There’s a simple etiquette tip for this: NEVER open the packet in front of the giver. You will have to wait that you have finished your conversation, and that you are out of the giver’s sight.



But there are still individuals who follow the strict tradition wherein the red envelopes can only be opened on the 15th day in the lunar calendar’s first month. However, if you’re really tempted to open it, do it privately since it can be very rude to do it in front of the giver.





How to Give and Receive a Red Envelope Money during Chinese New Year                       


There are different types of red envelope etiquette, which is why it can become confusing at times to some people during the New Year celebration. Here is a comparison between mainland China and Singapore:



Mainland China:

  • Generally, working adults have to give red packets to children, family and close friends.
  • To express gratitude and respect, it is common to give to parents and grandparents.
  • The amount to put inside a red packet differs, ranging from hundreds to thousands of yuan ($30 to $150 or more).
  • For urban Chinese workers, the social demands of red packet giving can be stressful since they need to find enough money to cover for financial needs.




  • The amount depends on how close the giver and receiver are. The rate would range from $2 to $100 or more. Red packet giving is a sign of good will, which means you don’t need to push your finances if you can’t meet the target.



Common Dos and DON’Ts:

  • Number 4 is no-no since this is associated with misfortune and death. So don’t put any amount that has this number.
  • The number 8 is a lucky number and is believed to be auspicious. So you will want to give red packets with this number.
  • New things are always preferred in Chinese tradition which is why you will only want to give crisp and new notes.
  • According to tradition, married couples are the usually the ones to give ang paos but there are also others that don’t follow it, especially in their first year of marriage. The practice now depends on every family.
  • Giving and receiving of red packets should be done by using both hands.
  • Always say your well wishes to the giver.





Should You Give a Red Envelope the Traditional or the WeChat Way?


Traditionally, you give your monetary gift through the use of red envelopes not just in Chinese New Year but also in other events such as weddings, birthdays, graduation, etc.; However, due to the technological advancements today, there are tech companies developing other fun and interesting ways to share their blessings online and one of them is the use of WeChat app.


Many still like the idea of doing it traditionally since red packets these days have also evolved through the different design elements that you can add, the types of paper and other things that can be done just to make it look attractive and eye-catching. Believe it or not, some are even collecting red packets from different brands, especially those that are limited edition or made with complicated designs.


Aside from that, the giving and receiving of the “real thing” are still highly valued because of the fact that you can hand the packet over personally to another and give you the opportunity to bond or socialize, not just within your family but also with other people.


With regards to doing it the WeChat way, it was launched in January 2014 and eventually gained popularity over time. Just in 2016, about 2.3 billion transactions were done through this app. The receiver will have a monetary gift in “virtual credit” form and deposited in the WeChat Pay account, which can be used to purchase items later.


One good advantage of this app is that you can give digital red packets, share your blessings and wish them good luck even to those who are far, especially during the Chinese New Year.


What do you think is best for you?



Simple Steps on How to Make Your Own Packet


Since you have two options: traditional and digital way, you might want to try making your own red envelope. You can even teach these simple steps to kids or even kids at heart. Decorate it in any way you want as long as you use the right materials and design elements.


What you need:

  • Construction paper – Red color
  • Gold pen
  • Stickers that you can use to decorate.
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Envelope template that you need to print and cut. You can re-adjust the size of the template below.



  1. Print the template above and cut it. Put it on top of the red construction paper. Use it to trace the outline.
  2. Fold in sides A and B and use glue to seal it.
  3. Fold up the bottom part or letter D to seal it.
  4. Fold the top part or letter C to create a crease, you can leave that part open so you can put your money inside it.
  5. Decorate the front part of the envelope with drawings and stickers.



How to Send Red Packet in WeChat


If you’re busy to make a red envelope or even buy one from a store, you can use the WeChat app. Here are the following steps:

  1. Sending to one person:
  2. Open WeChat app and then tap on the individual to begin the chat. Tap on the + icon located at the upper-right corner and then select ‘Red Packet’. Red packet option may not be available in some other countries.
  3. Enter the amount that you want to send. The only amount allowed is 200RMB to one person.
  4. Enter 200CNY to move forward. You can type in a message for your receiver together with the red packet transfer. Tap on the ‘Prepare Red Packet’ to send the money.
  5. You will be asked to approve the payment. Confirm by tapping on ‘Pay Now’, then validate the transaction with your pass code or touch ID if you are asked.
  6. After you’ve approved, the money will be transferred instantly. You will then see a message about the money transfer. You will also see message confirming that the receiver has opened the red envelope.


  1. Sending in Group Chat
  2. The process is similar when sending to one person. Open the group chat. Do similar steps mentioned above, but you will be seeing different options in there.
  3. Enter the amount that you like. It can be fixed or random.
  4. You will be showed the total members in the group chat. You can input less than or equal quantity to the total number.
  5. Enter your message and you’re ready.
  6. If you choose the fixed amount, so the total lucky money you send will be divided equally according to the number of people in the group chat. For the random option, every member will be receiving a random amount; the highest one is the luckiest. Any remaining amount will be given back to you after 24 hours.


  1. To nearby people
  2. Go to ‘Me > Wallet > Money you’ll see multiple options. Tap on ‘Packets Nearby’ and send to people nearby. A QR code will be provided by WeChat to be scanned and claimed. The QR code will be regenerated every minute; the receiver will mostly need to scan the code from your cellphone.
  3. You can reclaim the packets by tapping on the three buttons located at the upper-right



How Much Cash to Put Inside an Ang Pao


The giving of a red envelope usually depends on how financially capable you are, and how much you are willing to give. However, just to give you an idea, here are a few details.

  • Parent and grandparents giving money to kids, the amount is usually $20 or just enough for them to buy a toy.
  • Married individuals can give$10 to cousins and unmarried young adults within the extended family.
  • Children giving to their parents, it’s generous to give around $50 to $100 or more.
  • Those who visit their family and friends, about $20 or more for the host aside from the red packets that you prepared for the kids.
  • Employers to employees, it is usually equal to one month pay during the start of the festival plus a smaller red token when the employee returns to work.



Feng Shui Year 2020: Does Giving Away of Lai See Bring More Luck to You?


For year 2020, the Chinese New Year will be on January 25; this date changes each year. However, the giving of red packets does not just happen in CNY; it is also practiced during weddings, birthdays, etc.


In Feng shui, it is believed that a red envelope with a gold I-Ching coin inside will be bringing good luck to the bearer of the packet whenever it is kept close and placed in a purse, wallet, accounting book or handbag.


Ang pao is also believed to be a holder of wishes by writing your aspirations and dreams in a red paper which is placed in the red packet. It is assumed that it inspires your thoughts to actualize.


Take note that this January 25 is not the actual date of placing your cures and enhancers of 2020 according to Feng shui philosophy, it should be set up on February 4, 2020.



2020 is Year of the Yang Metal Rat


The animal sign for year 2020 is White Rat, the name of the year is Male Metal Rat and since metal is connected to white, White Metal Rat is what this year is called.


According to the theory of Chinese Five Elements, the rat belongs to the water group, connected to rain, placid water and cold water. Water is associated to intelligence and wisdom, which is why the rat is considered clever, tactical and tricky. The rat has a lot of ideas, a keen vision and has the ability to solve problems quickly. The rat also has a strong memory, is brainy, brilliant, creative, active, agile, thoughtful, resourceful, alert and sharp-sighted. Other traits include quiet, gloomy, introverted, scheming and conspiring.


A rat leader owns power, makes decisions and may take advantage of other people and pressure them.




Zodiac Signs and Birth Years that Bring Luck


Here are Chinese zodiac facts that you will want to know:

  • It is based on natural elements.
  • It is based on years and not months.
  • The 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac are joined with the five basic influences of earth, fire, water, metal and wood.
  • A cycle of 10 years that is running concurrently with a cycle of 12 years will define whether the years in the cycle of 12 years are unfavorable or favorable ones.
  • The Asian birth rates go up in the dragon years; this is considered as a favorable sign, but decline in tiger years, which is considered as years that yield difficult children.



The Animals


The animals of the Chinese zodiac year are as follows:


  • Pigs (1947, 1959, 71, 83, 95, 2007) – one of the unluckiest signs.
  • Rats (1936, 1948, 60, 72, 84, 96) – dynamism and prosperity.
  • Oxen or Buffalo (1937, 1949, 61, 73, 85, 97) – good leaders.
  • Tigers (1938, 1950, 62, 74, 86, 98) – used as a shield against evil.
  • Rabbits (1939, 1951, 63, 75, 87, 99) – luckiest of all signs.
  • Dragons (1940, 1952, 64, 76, 88, 2000) – adventurous dreamers and has strong leadership abilities.
  • Snakes (1941, 1953, 65, 77, 89, 2001) – wise, intense, beautiful and handsome.
  • Horses (1942, 1954, 66, 78, 90, 2002) – unlucky sign.
  • Sheep and Goats (1943, 1955, 67, 79, 91, 2003) – elegant and creative.
  • Monkeys (1944, 1956, 68, 80, 92, 2004) – intelligent but easily discouraged.
  • Roosters (1945, 1957, 69, 81, 93, 2005) – creative and knowledge seekers.
  • Dogs (1946, 1958, 70, 82, 94, 2006) – loyal but sometimes selfish.



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What is Written on Chinese Red Envelopes? New Year Ang Pao Guide



What is Written on Chinese Red Envelopes? New Year Ang Pao Guide




Find out more about red packet printing

Read on:

What is Chinese Lucky Money? A Helpful Red Packet Guide

When Can You Open Red Pocket Money? The Importance of Ang Pao Giving




One of the most significant holidays that are celebrated is Chinese New Year even if the date fluctuates each year. It is very colorful, abundant and could last in two to three days.



There are different symbols during this festive season that have corresponding meanings such as plum blossoms for hope and courage and water narcissus as “flower of good fortune.” The Chinese words for “Good Luck” will be written on red paper shaped in diamond and “lucky oranges” are also placed around the house.



Aside from that, one common tradition is the giving of money as a gift placed inside a red envelope.



In this article, you’ll learn interesting and helpful info, including the characters written on Chinese red packets and other details, which will serve as your guide.





A Short Background History on Using Red Packets  



There are different versions of red envelope history and there was one story that came from the Song Dynasty (960 – 1279), China. It was believed that a demon was terrorizing a village and that nobody has found the means to defeat it, not even the political leaders and warriors during that time. There was a young orphan with a magical sword that was given by ancestors, which lead to a battle that eventually killed the demon. There was peace from then on and the elders presented the orphan a red envelope or maybe a red pouch perhaps considering the time it happened; it was filled with a lot of money to repay the courage and for successfully eradicating the terrorizing demon.



There was another story from the Qin Dynasty wherein the elderly people would be threading coins using a red string known as y? suì qián which means “to avoid old age.” Those who received it will be protected from illness, death and aging. Over time, it was replaced with red paper envelopes or ang pow’s when printing presses have become common.



So in Chinese New Year it’s tradition to greet adults that are visiting a household with kids saying “G?ng X? F? Cái, Hóng B?o Ná Lái” translated as “Best wishes for the New Year, may I have my red envelope please?”





Interesting Facts on the Culture behind Chinese Red Envelopes             



The bright and beautiful red packets also known as ??, hóngb?o symbolizes good luck, giving it to friends and family. The most important element here is the envelope itself and not the cash in it. The color red is believed to symbolize prosperity and good luck in Chinese as well as other East Asian cultures.



Here are interesting facts that you will want to know:



  1. The red envelopes are usually given to family members, friends and colleagues wherein the amount is accustomed to whatever the relation is. A good example is the grandparents, and parents get the highest amount compared to casual acquaintances and employees.
  2. There are rules that need to be followed when giving red packets and even when receiving. You need to obey those practices since they are part of tradition (it will be mentioned later in this article). One example here is only fresh and crisp notes should be placed inside a hongboa.
  3. Today’s high-tech age, many people now prefer digital red envelopes than using the traditional paper packets. It is virtual but very real value of money is transferred using an application through gadgets such as smartphones. If you have a favorite artist, you may even send a hongbao to the person.
  4. The number 4 is never included in any amounts because the word “four” sounds like the word “death” in Chinese. However, for those that include amounts with the number “8” will mostly bring prosperity and good luck.
  5. The Red envelope is not just used in Chinese New Year. It may also be used in other celebrations when sharing blessing and good luck such as the birth of a new-born baby, weddings, graduation, etc. Color matters a lot since it has different meanings. For example: White envelopes are usually used at funerals.
  6. This tradition has crossed other traditions and religions. The giving of green envelope is a practice done all over Southeast Asia every Islamic holiday of Eid al-Fitr. This is also practiced by Southeast Asian and Chinese movement all over the world with huge celebrations in New York and London. Red envelope is indeed a global spread.



Aside from these interesting facts, you might also be wondering on what the Chinese images and characters mean. Below are the details.




The Chinese Image and Character Meanings on a Red Packet      



The red packets have images or Chinese characters written on the front, conveying meanings to express a certain occasion. Below are the details:



Image/Chinese Character Translation/Meaning
Fish It has been known to represent luck and wealth. If it’s shown on the red packet, it means abundance of everything each year.
Young boy and a girl It shows kids that are excited to receive the red envelope.
The Three Immortals (Fuk Luk & Sau) Fuk is known as the deity of riches, Luk signifies power and authority, and Sau represents longevity.
Phoenix and dragon Mostly used in wedding packets. It signifies yin and yang (female and male) which symbolize a blissful bond between the wife and husband.
Mandarin Citrus Fruit (like an orange) It sounds like “gold” in Cantonese, representing wealth.
Chinese Zodiac Animals These are the 12 animals based on the cycle of the lunar year.
Double ‘He’ (?) This is known as the double happiness symbol that is commonly used in wedding decors. It signifies happiness.
‘Gong He Fat Choi’ (????) These are congratulations and prosperity. If you receive a packet with these symbols, it means you are wished with good luck and prosperity.
‘Fook’ (?) Fortune and good luck.
‘Ya Sui Chin’ (???) Money to ward off any evil spirit.
‘San Nian Fai Lok’ (????) Happy New Year



So when you use a red envelop, make sure to know the symbols to avoid confusion to the receiver.




How Much Money Should You Give When Using a Red Packet                           



Giving money during occasions such as Chinese New Year using a red envelope is a way of sharing your blessings. The amount that you can put inside the packet usually depends on your income. It has been a tradition that if you are not married yet, it is a need to give red packets to others.



On Chinese New Year’s Eve or on the New Year’s Day, parents usually are ready with a red envelope, placing it in the pockets of their kids. Red packets are normally used only among families who are giving and receiving it. However, in some rural areas, the practice is to give it to every child whom you meet during the New Year time.



Your relatives such as your parents and grandparents will continue to give you red envelopes even when you are already married since it symbolizes their blessing and love for you.



How much money should be in a red packet? Here’s a guide that you can use:



Elders, most especially your parents and grandparents. 500–2,000 yuan.
To your own kids. 100 yuan up to the amount you are happy to share.
To the younger age bracket with no income. Specifically the ones who are still going to school. 50–200 yuan
To other kids. Use small red packets and put 10 yuan or 20 for the kids of your acquaintances in case you’ll be meeting them during the Chinese New Year time.
To your employees if you have a business. 100–1,000 yuan which are given on the last workday before the holiday of Chinese New Year.




Reasons Why



People may have different reasons why they want to give red envelopes to others.



  • It serves as protection against an evil monster.



There are different legends and stories about how an evil monster is attacking kids or village people. The story usually ends on people praying or asking for help from those who can fight these evil spirits. The people threaded coins using a red string which warded off the monster and never to return since it has become a tradition. The coins are now replaced with notes while the thread is now popularly known as red envelopes.



  • Sharing your blessing.



The giving of red packets is a gift for the ones that we love, or those that we know that are close to us or even to those who are our acquaintances. Red is a most popular and fortunate color in China, wherein people use it to share their blessing and joy to others.




Tips When Giving a Red Envelope during New Year



When you give a red envelope, there are certain things that you need to remember since this is a very important tradition that everyone is still practicing up until today.



  1. New bills or notes – it is a custom to put crisp and new bills inside a red packet during Chinese New Year. It is not good to give a dirty and wrinkled note. Before the celebration, people would stand in a long line at banks just to have their old bills exchanged to new.
  2. Do not give amounts in 40 yuan or 400 yuan since it is considered as bad luck as what was mentioned earlier in this article. Even numbers are better than odd ones except for number four. It is known to enhance luck if you start or end with number eight.
  3. You should avoid putting coins.
  4. Prepare your red packets in advance and you have to carry some of them with you during the Chinese New Year Period just in case you’ll be meeting someone whom you need to give the red packet to.




What to Do When Receiving the Envelope     



To avoid becoming rude when receiving a red envelope, you may want to remember these tips:



  1. To be polite, always receive it with both hands.
  2. Always express your thanks and greetings to the giver using popular Chinese phrases such as X?nnián h?o (Happy New Year), Guònián h?o (Happy New Year), Jíx?ng g?ozhào (‘lucky star high shines’), etc.
  3. Do not open the red packet right infront of the person who gave it to you. Do it privately.




Sending Red Envelopes through WeChat        



WeChat red packets or WeChat red envelope is transferring money online using a messaging application called WeChat.



This is popular to young ones. Over the years, it has become a good way to send a red envelope with a colorful message as a greeting, but it has now evolved wherein you can greet your friends and relatives during the span of Chinese New Year celebration.




The Shape and Design of Red Packets



Red envelopes are usually designed with red and gold colors since it symbolizes abundance, good luck and to ward off evil spirits.



Today, printing companies are making promotional red packets with popular cartoon characters.



However, the traditional designs in front of the red packets are carefully done using different symbols promoting success for the whole year, long life, wealth, good health and luck.



Aside from the characters, graphics may also be included such as swimming carps in the flowering lilies, intertwined dragon and Phoenix, peonies in full bloom, the three immortals, golden pineapples and many other attractive and beautiful designs.



It’s all about quality and presentation, and many printing companies take pride in producing it.




Should You Do This Tradition for Chinese New Year?



Giving and receiving red envelopes has been done for a long a time, a tradition that can keep family ties, maintain good relationship and communication. Regardless of how old you are; this is a tradition between close family, relatives and friends.



But today, you can give red packets to almost anyone. The giving of red envelopes to your acquaintance, co-workers or higher-up’s kids are usually done for social interacting. It is mostly for fun between friends and being polite with acquaintances.




Other Names for Red Envelope



The national language of China is Mandarin wherein the red envelope is called “hong bao.” Here are the common names that you will want to know:



Language      Country                                                        Red Packet

Mandarin     – China, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia   – hong bao

Hokkien        – Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan                – ang pow/ang bao

Cantonese    – Hong Kong                                                 – lai see

Vietnamese  – Vietnam                                                      – Lì Xì

Korean          – Korea                                                          – Sae Bae Don




Red Enevelopes Feng Shui



This is a time-honored tradition that originated in the Chinese folk culture. As what was mentioned earlier, red represents power and good luck. The rectangular shape of the envelope resembles ancient shields, which mean protection. Feng shui practitioners are presented with one or more red packets with money placed inside as payment whenever they share their mystical cures or sacred wisdom. However, there are consultants that are specific in their fees aside from the red envelopes, there are also some that would like to have their fees placed in one or more red packets, as others may also want to specify the number of red envelopes and leave you decide on the amount to put inside them. The tradition differs.



If the issues are deeply rooted or require complex solutions, more red packets may be demanded. Multiples of nine are favorable. The number 27 is considered a strong number in feng shui while 108 is favorable. The red packets energetically shield the giver and receiver.



According to tradition, the red packets have the following effects:



  • It can show the giver’s appreciation, sincere intention and respect for the shared sacred knowledge.
  • It can strengthen and boost the efficiency of the information given.
  • It can protect the feng shui practitioner away from harm for naively or inappropriately revealing secret info.
  • It acknowledges the integrity of the relationship at work.



Ancient wisdom and feng shui works on different levels that are not constantly obvious. It is fundamental being open to the probability that an expert may be able to help you.




Making Your Own Envelope for CNY



Here are simple steps in making your own red packet. It’s also a good project for kids.



What you need:

  • 1 piece of plain white paper
  • Red paper
  • Pens/paints
  • Paper glue or pritt stick glue




  1. Draw a pattern of the envelope. You can use an extra red packet that you have and open it carefully, using it as your guide for the envelope pattern. Or find a template over the Internet and print it.
  2. Use your pen to trace it on the white paper.
  3. Cut and fold by following the lines.
  4. Apply glue.
  5. Put designs and be creative.



It’s simple and fun.




Buying A Ready-Made



A do-it-yourself red packet is an activity that is mostly enjoyed by kids and adults. Coloring it is an opportunity to teach the young ones the tradition and importance of using the right elements and the reason behind them.



Making one may be a hassle to some and buying a ready-made red envelope is best option. There are companies that sell them in packs of ten or more. You can select the ones that fit your needs or the ones that are appropriate for the receiver. You can also have them custom made; you’ll just have to inform the designer or printing company what you want for your red packet.




How Much Will It Cost to Order Online?



The cost will depend on the size, the material used, the colors and designs applied. When ordering online, there’s a minimum order on the number of envelopes depending on the printing company. You’ll pay lesser if you order more.



Ordering online is less-hassle and there are many options that you can choose from.




Choose Alibaba



Alibaba printing can take care of your red envelope printing needs. Our clients range from local and international companies, providing only high-quality materials and finished products.




Send Us a Message Today



For inquiries and more information, drop us a message, and we’ll be happy to answer your queries.











What is Chinese Lucky Money? A Helpful Red Packet Guide


What is Chinese Lucky Money? A Helpful Red Packet Guide



Find out more about red packet printing

Read on:

What is Written on Chinese Red Envelopes? New Year Ang Pao Guide



Chinese lucky money is placed in a red envelope, following a tradition that’s done every Chinese New Year and other special occasions by giving the packet to family, friends, relatives and acquaintances.


The red envelopes may have different designs and symbols, which are believed to bring good fortune, wealth and luck. The amount of lucky money in a packet would depend on the financial capability of the giver, the age of the receiver and the event or occasion. The amount may be affected depending on how close the giver and recipient are. During the Chinese New Year celebration, older kids usually receive a higher amount compared to the younger ones.


During the weddings, the lucky money given is just enough for the newly wed to buy themselves a gift that they can enjoy.


The lucky money is not just placed in any kind of envelope. There’s a tradition that is being followed, this is because of the different tales or legend behind the use of red packets or how it actually all started. The packet should be red since it signifies happiness and luck, and it also drives away evil spirits or monsters.


Children who received a red envelope use their lucky money to buy toys and candy while the bigger kids buy stuff for school or even save the money for tuition.




Red Envelopes Bring Good Luck


Chinese lucky money is also called as Yasuiqian in Chinese or Hongbao. Yasuiqian means “money warding off evil spirits” and it can also shield the kids from any misfortune and sickness. However, when given to the elderly, you’re wishing them long life and good health.


The lucky money in ancient China was actually coins that were strung together using a red line. The adults place the coins under the pillow of their kids while they were sleeping during New Year’s Eve, or they were given whenever they greet happy New Year to another person.


But today, the coins that were known as lucky money have evolved to paper money. Using coins and placing them in the red envelope is discouraged. Red packets now are more attractive with different designs, characters and symbols while combining other colors at the same time. Aside from that, brand new or crisp notes should only be put inside it.


Whoever is receiving a red envelope in an occasion like Chinese New Year is wished good luck and prosperity. If you ever you get one, never forget to say your thanks and greetings and to avoid opening the envelope in front of the giver as courtesy.




 Red Envelope Printed Collection


We always want our receiver to feel happy when they get a red envelope. We want them to be fascinated and amazed too with the designs. There are many printing companies these days that take pride in what they do especially in producing red packets for Chinese New Year and other occasions.


You have the option to choose an in-house red envelope design, foil stamping and logo printing, or have your own exclusive design created according to your needs. Different types of fancy and textured papers to choose from, other add ons may also be applied to your red packet to enhance its overall look and presentation.




Types of Printing Effects on a Money Packet

If you want an attractive red envelope, printing a character or symbol with an effect on it will definitely make it eye-catching. Here are some known printing effects that you can choose from:



  • Foil Stamping – it adds flair to a plain red packet. Aside from the most popular gold color, you may choose different shades too. A thin strip of foil will be threaded through a foil press mechanism wherein the packet is placed under the foil. The applied heat and pressure will leave an indent on the envelope (deboss) and not the ink. The heat will then make the color from the foil used “bleed” on the packet.
  • Prism Stamping – it’s very versatile and metallic colors may be used as well.
  • Flocking – a process that involves putting a lot of small fiber particles on the envelope resulting to a texture known as flocked surface.
  • Spot UV – a UV coating is applied to a certain area or areas of the packet.
  • Laser – a die-cut technique can imitate even the most complex design using a laser. With this, it allows you to create a beautiful and high-quality piece.
  • Embossing – it’s a way of creating raised designs and images against the background in materials such as paper, etc.




Selecting the Right Material for Your Chinese Money Envelope


When you choose to have a custom-made red envelope, selecting the right material is a tricky process, and you will need the assistance of the printing company’s designer since they are knowledgeable on this matter.


It’s not just about the taste and preference; it’s also about the budget that you can allocate. The kind of materials that will be used have different prices, but you are rest assured of a good-quality output regardless of the price.


The red color has different shades, ranging from bright red to burgundy with a combination of metallic, solid, matt or translucent types of paper. However, it will depend on the occasion. And if you are using it for Chinese New Year, you should stick with the traditional color that is always used during this celebration.


There are also red packets made of embroidered silk fabrics with Chinese knot, pendants and patterns. You can message or drop by the office of the printing company for more inquiries and clarification.




Fancier Designs Drive People to Collect


Fancier designs of red envelopes and the ease of trading them on the different market places online are driving people’s interest in collecting red packets.


With this, it can be worth more because of the growing number of individuals or community collecting them, increasing the value as design pieces.


In the listings of the collector’s group, you’ll find out that many don’t actually follow the traditional design or color, and this may be the reason why there are a lot of red packet collectors.


Today, hongbao is not just plain red anymore according to designers of suppliers since they are more likely into incorporating bold colors and complex designs and they use more costly materials.


Before, it was just printing and stamping but now, more suppliers are handling fancy paper, satin and leather. This makes the process of decoration complicated. It is still common to see at least three or more decorating procedures in one red envelope. It may include ultraviolet treatment, embroidery and flock printing, adding a velvet-like texture using the fibers of textile.


An example of an elaborate red packet involves techniques for multiple decorations such as Swarovski crystal embellishment, embroidery and satin material stamping.


Brands are competitive over red packet designing and would use better finishing and elegant materials.


The collection of red packets these days are not just because of interest, it has now become more of buying and selling them. It is a competition on who can get red packets from the better brands.


What do you think? Can you see yourself as a collector out of hobby or as a trader?




Red Pockets Goes Digital


China’s tech companies continue to build their financial services; they are convincing people that the exchange or giving of red packets can still be done in a fun way through the use of smartphones.


WeChat’s red packet is one indicator that it has become successful and fairly popular. Smartphone users these days are eager to try new things.


In 2015, over one billion red envelopes were delivered through WeChat, and on Jan 1, 2016, it reached to more than 2.3 billion red packets sent.


Many are using this method because it’s quick and convenient, especially if the receiver is far away, but it still lacks the subtlety of receiving the red envelope in person with brand new and crisp notes.




Learn the Basics on How to Give a Red Packet

Giving and receiving a red envelope has simple rules that you just need to remember:


  1. Give crisp and new bills or notes.
  2. Avoid putting coins.
  3. Avoid the amount with number 4.
  4. Know the right amount to give to your elders, younger kids, your own children, employees, family and relatives, other kids and acquaintance.




Zodiac Year 2020: Year of the Rat

According to Chinese Zodiac, 2020 is the year of the metal rat which will start on January 25 until the Lunar New Year’s Eve on February 11, 2021.


Chinese zodiac’s first 12 year cycle is the rat. It includes the years 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020, 2032…


In the zodiac signs, the rat ranks first even if it’s not that adorable, and it’s also found in the derogatory languages. Its characteristic is like an animal with spirit, alertness, wit, flexibility, fragility and vitality.


In terms of the people’s fortune that is born in the year of the rat, it says it will be a prosperous wealth and career. There may be salary increase, promotion, may pass exams for qualification and receive certificates. With regards to health, one may experience heart problem and respiratory system illness.


For those who are seeking love and relationship, the single will begin a connection if they try their best to chase after someone or ask help from their elders. With this, it is advised to stay away from entertainment places and not to drink too much liquor.




Alibaba Envelope Printing


We take pride in printing the best and high-quality red envelopes for any occasion. You can tell us what you need, the design and elements that you want. We can discuss what fits your preference and what your budget can achieve.


We understand the importance of the Chinese lucky money tradition, and we all want our receivers to be mesmerized and happy when they get their red packets. Drop us a message today and we’ll contact you as soon as we can.

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