What is Non Woven Bags Made Of?

What is Non Woven Bags Made Of? The Use of Polypropylene in Bags




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what is non woven bag?


The use of non woven bags these days have become really popular because of the many benefits it can provide not just for the company but also for the environment. Polypropylene bags are known because they are reusable, eco friendly and a great choice in marketing your business.


Let’s get to know more about this type of bag and the materials used to make it. Is it worth investing in it for your business?


Getting to Know Bags That Are NonWoven

There’s a difference between nonwoven and woven bags, so let’s try to compare them to clear up the confusion.


Woven bags are made using a woven fabric for durability. The fabric used is known to be flexible, the shape can retain well, it’s strong wherein it allows you to use it multiple times; it can be placed in your washing machines and can design the bags in a matte or laminated finish.


Nonwovens bags, uses fibers to make fabrics and producing the bags thermally, chemically or mechanically. The fabrics used makes it are more versatile if compared to woven bags, the application has a wider range, it’s less expensive, and a better replacement option to ditch plastic bags.


Nonwoven is considered to be a new generation of material that’s eco-friendly, has moisture, it’s flexible, breathable, non-combustion, light, non-toxic, non-irritating, easy to break down, can apply rich colors, reusable, recyclable and the benefits goes on!


Nonwoven cloth’s tailoring and sewing are very convenient because it’s light and easy to shape. The composition of its fabric include polypropylene, polyester, nylon, acrylic, spandex, etc. dissimilar ingredients will have very different nonwoven styles.



Non Woven Polypropylene Bags

NON-WOVEN POLYPROPYLENE is a thermoplastic polymer, it means that it can be melted, recycled and turned into other kinds of items. The NWPP is made to look like it’s ‘woven’ by making a cross-thatched pattern that it is being pressed on the material.


The bags are made by spinning polypropylene polymers through the use of heat and air turning them into long fluffy threads and pressing them in the middle of hot rollers to achieve a solid yet flexible kind of fabric that has a weave-like texture comparable to a canvass. The texture makes the fabric breathable, which looks and feels generally pleasant at the same time. Colors and texture last for many years too.


Do’s and Don’ts

Since Polypropylene bags are made up of synthetic plastic polymer polypropylene, they are known to be flexible, strong and are reusable, and are offering a lot of options in terms of uses for both customers and businesses. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts that you’ll need to remember about this type of bag.


Do: Print Area Should Be Raised

Are you thinking about printing on your nonwoven Polypropylene Bags? If yes then keep in mind that when doing so, you need to make a flat and even surface for printing your design when using heat. The thick seams, strings, buttons, zippers, and straps should not be near the printing area. You can use an interchangeable platen when utilizing a heat press, or you can also raise the print space with your print perfect pad or mousepad for an even, flat and firm surface.


Don’t: Placing Non Woven Polypropylene Bags in High Temperature

Using heat press should be used correctly to avoid getting your bags damaged. The press setting should be at a low temperature. The heat transfer with a low heat press application should be chosen. These types of bags should never be pressed in a heat that’s higher than 275 degrees to avoid experience some melting in your bag’s fabric. There are heat transfers at 300 degrees but some bags may encounter minor melting. 


Do: Decorate It

You don’t have to worry about beautifying it because Polypropylene Bags can be decorated as long as you keep the temperature low to avoid a melted and messy design. Others think it’s scary and intimidating, this is a normal reaction for first-timers. There are professional printing companies that can help you with this.


Don’t: Choosing NOT Environmentally Friendly Materials 

The good thing about this kind of bag is that it’s environmentally friendly and efficient. It does have an impact on the environment but it is among the least of any material, traditional and synthetic.


Although it’s considered as “plastic,” not all are equal in this regard. Here are the advantages of Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE), and the reasons why the environment benefit from them:

· Fewer natural resources are taken to produce them.

· Lesser waste products are generated in production and disposal.

· Widely recycled.

· Biodegradable or can be broken down into hydrogen and carbon.

· Whenever they are burnt, toxic gases are not generated such as chlorine from PVC plastics.


About half a century ago, Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE) became two new members in the family of polyolefin. Polyolefins are made from the natural polyolefin resins. Its electrical properties are good; its chemical resistance to solvents, alkalis, acids is good; durability and environmental stress resistance are also good. These two types of plastic can also do all traditional applications that are being used in paper, PVC glass or metal. You can also print on them, die-cut for presentations and packaging purposes, foil embossed and even satisfy all of the traditional uses for binders and other kinds of information packaging. They have increased durability and has more wear resistance compared to paper.


Types of Promotional Bags You Can Use

There are different ways that you can think of when using a non-woven Polypropylene and eco-friendly bag. You can make the bags as part of your marketing efforts in promoting your business or company. It can be perfect for any kind of reusable bags such as the following:

· Heavy-duty shopper and supermarket bags

· Tote bags

· Drawstring backpacks

· Foldable bags

· Carry bags for wine, coffee, and bottles

· Metallic bags

· Messenger bags

· Cake bags


Extra Design Features for Nonwoven Bags   

Once you’ve made your mind on the type of bag that you want to use as part of your promotional strategy, you can add eye-catching features in your bag’s design such as the following:

· Metal eyelets

· Rope handles

· Popper fastener

· Name cardholders

· Zips

· Velcro tabs

· Pockets

· Hard bases


Other beneficial features of using nonwoven PP ecofriendly bag include:

· It is 100% recyclable.

· It is 100% reusable.

· It is anti-bacterial and water-resistant.

· It can be Pantone matched.

· It has different kinds of thickness that you can choose from 80gms, 100gms, and 120gms.

· Lamination is available: matte or gloss.


The extreme versatility of nonwoven bags allows you to create a reusable bag that can last for a very long time styled, shaped and designed according to your liking or need. This is why you must plan carefully if you want this as a marketing item in your company. It’s also very cost-effective, a perfect economical choice especially if your marketing budget is limited.


Recommended Print Techniques for Polypropylene Items

Nonwoven polypropylene bags is an excellent fabric to print on. The coverage is 100% and design output is of high quality, which allows you to send your marketing messages. If the artwork is intricate, you can use a silkscreen in any subtle color gradients or single block color. But if you choose to work with photographic CMYK artwork, you should choose OPP lamination, this is recommended.


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What is Non Woven Bag?

What is Non Woven Bag? Is It an Excellent Option for Your Business?    



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what is a corporate folder?


Do you have a retail business and are looking for excellent material that’s affordable and eco friendly? If yes, then you might want to consider a nonwoven bag.


Nonwoven bags are becoming a popular kind of reusable bag for any retail business. This popularity is driven by positive reasons and benefits.


This kind of bag is usually made with NWPP or non-woven polypropylene. Polypropylene fabric is known to be extremely durable, the texture and color could last for years too. With this, your customers can use the bags again for countless times. You can put your brand on a nonwoven bag and your clients can use them for a long time. We’re talking about years of advertisement here. You can think of the customized bags as your brand ambassadors being sent out carrying your brand name while people are using them at the same time.



Non Woven Bags – Reasons Why You Should Use Them

Although you may have different options on the kind of retail bag that you can use for your business, below are the reasons why you should choose non-woven polypropylene bags.

  1. The material feels like a canvas but actually, it’s a kind of plastic.
  2. It’s recyclable, clean, and machine washable too!
  3. You can have them easily customized to show your brand and message.
  4. Polypropylene is known to be one of the most flexible kinds of plastic.
  5. It is stiff and can stand on its own when loading and unloading.
  6. It’s flexible, strong, and it’s not toxic.
  7. It is specially designed for reuses, allowing your customers to help the environment as well.


How Are Polypropylene or Non Woven Bags Made?         

Nonwoven bags are made using unwoven materials, which can be produced chemically, thermally or mechanically. The fabric of nonwoven bags is made from fibers that are entangled together through a certain process that is applied to them, contrasting to having them woven together.


It is made by taking polypropylene polymers, rotating them into long and fluffy threads, and then the threads are pressed together to achieve a flexible fabric that has a weave-like texture. This texture makes the fabric washable and breathable.


Woven bags, on the other hand, are manufactured using a fabric that’s been woven together to give it strength. The weaving process involves individual threads that are joined together to make a single portion of material. Applying the same process many times produces one-piece or huge cloth. This cloth is then used to make tote bags in different styles and shapes.



Polypropylene Bags: Recycling Nonwovens   

Nonwoven bags are manufactured using polypropylene sheets that are made by fibers of polypropylene being bonded together with the use of mechanical, chemical or thermal processes. This type of fiber has been considered as the most convenient for home and shopping use.


Most retailers would choose nonwoven bags for the following reasons:

  • Ecological concerns.
  • It’s practical because it’s light, strong, inexpensive and durable.
  • It reduces the resources that are wasted in shipping due to its space efficiency and lightweight nature.
  • It’s soft, comfortable and flexible to carry which is one of the reasons why it is utilized in making medical equipment in surgical wards.
  • A good option to replace plastic paper gowns that are weak and easily torn.
  • Its porosity makes it a preferred storage option for fresh vegetables and fruits.
  • It can lessen plastic wastes that are disposed of in the seas, drainages, and rivers.
  • It promotes a society and economy that’s eco-friendly.
  • Manufacturing nonwoven bags reduces more plastic disposal.
  • It’s eco-friendly because the process involved in manufacturing is more energy efficient compared to paper bags and cotton bags.


Non-woven bag manufacturers today recycle the waste plastic that can harm the environment to produce durable and good quality bags from waste.


Customized Non Woven Bags

You can make a brand statement effectively using customized nonwoven bags. Reflective shopping bags have become a trend these days because of the added safety features of their reflective trims.


Below are the positive details of using customized nonwoven bags for your business:

  • The bags can be used in a broader range of applications.
  • It’s less expensive.
  • It allows you to choose many customization and printing options.
  • It can be made even with or without lamination, which means that your designs may be silk screen printed to produce the customized bags.


Use It as Promotional Material 

One way to establish a long period of advertising is through the use of nonwoven bags. Why a long period? This is because the bags are designed to last long, allowing your customers to reuse your customized bags.


It’s also a great way to send the message to your clients. It’s a must-have promotional material for businesses, especially in the retail industry. It’s cheaper too compared to woven cloth, perfect for marketing managers.


They’re Environment-Friendly Too!      


It’s a great replacement for bags that are eco-disastrous and couldn’t even handle a customer’s shopping needs without deforming, reaping or tearing.


Nonwoven bags versus plastic bags:

  • Nonwoven bags are more durable than plastic bags.
  • Plastic bags are less durable and environment hazard since this type of material is hard to decompose.


Nonwoven bags do not just help the company, but it also positively contributes to the environment by encouraging reuse and recycle to customers. And the efficient use of energy in producing them is also a great help for Mother Nature.


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What is a Corporate Folder?

What is a Corporate Folder? The Advantages Using Presentation Folders for Your Company or Business



Find out more about corporate folder

where can i distribute flyers In Year 2020?



Are you looking for ways to boost your professional image? Presentation folders are great for such need. Let’s get to know more what a corporate folder is all about.


What is it?


It is sometimes called as a pocket folder, a sturdy corporate presentation folder that is used to organize and store documents like the ones that are distributed in important meetings and other demonstration.


You can also print creatively and use the corporate folder to present and promote your business or corporation to new customers and boost your image at the same time with your existing clienteles.


One of its important uses is that it holds your documents safely and neatly in one place. Presentation folders are ideal whether your purpose is to deliver significant documents to clients or hand out marketing materials for exhibitions and trade shows.


There are certain key items that your presentation folder should have:


  • Booklets and brochures – you should have product info using booklets and brochures on what your products and/or services are all about since a client will be encouraged to know more of your business and will want to contact you later.
  • Business cards are a must – this is a crucial feature in your presentation folder so that your clients will have contact details on hand.
  • Pen and paper or notebook – you can work with it in different ways. You may be having your documents with you, but you’ll never know if you need to write down something important. With regards to handing the presentation folders out to clients, it’s also a great idea to provide them with pen and paper too.
  • CD or DVD presentation – if you have videos or digital marketing means about your business; your corporate folder could be designed to make an area where a DVD or CD can be held in place.


Uses and Types


Corporate or presentation folders can be made in different designs or styles to meet whatever purpose you have. It is mostly used to help the company in their marketing efforts for their products, services or both, but they also have other functions. One good example is when a business produces a new product and would like to show their customers the benefits of their product in an orderly manner. It can also be used to organize sheets and documents for distribution at a conference for the delegates.


Here are the different types that you will want to know:


  • Standard 9″ x 12″ two-pocket
  • Tri-fold or Tri-panel
  • Tabbed (in hanging files or filing cabinets)
  • Capacity (typically with a 1/4″+ spine to carry more)
  • Green or Eco-friendly
  • Mini or small


The Advantages for Your Business


Imagine your business being a machine that’s made up with different parts but are all working to achieve the same goal. The corporate folders represent the motor oil that is keeping the parts (divisions in your company) functioning smoothly and proficiently. Your presentation folders can be so much more than just something you use to keep your files together especially if you take time on how you can implement and use them in different divisions of your company.


Here are advantages of using corporate folders that should know:


1. You Stay Efficient and Organized Using the Folders      


From the lower to higher departments, corporate presentation folders will help your company keep running on the right track. You use these folders for inter-company communication to make sure your employees are constantly updated especially with the new practices and policies that you would like to implement.


Furthermore, you can keep your client’s info in one place so that you can easily find it when the need arises.


2. Create Memorable Impressions and Show off Your Products


The folder can help in cultivating a corporate and professional look which creates an impact when you present your business or yourself as an expert in the industry that you are in. When clients notice your presentation folder, you’d be surprised yourself that they will be impressed with your commitment to the details. And when you hand out the business folder after any meeting, you are assured that the info you’ve provided will be retained, still keeping the impression at the end.


Whether you’re selling a product or providing a service, you can use the corporate presentation folders by putting excellent quality photos on its front and center part, including taglines and testimonials from your clients. Before your potential customers open the folder, they should have an idea on what you offer and the reasons why they need it.


3. Help You Build Your Brand and Market Your Company


You can have your corporate folder customized by adding your company logo and help you get the word out, but there’s actually more to branding than just that. It’s also about your product and/or service, your style, employees and a few more others that make up the identity of your brand. You can combine colors and other special features to portray the goal and values of your business accurately.


Many actually forget the powerful use of customized presentation folders. Instead of using postcards or flyers, you can utilize the folder to send out information or as part of your marketing tool. You can even add a CD or a flash drive holder in it so that your promotional videos may be included. Think about the possibilities.


4. Close and Sign Deals


Seal the deal using a legal-sized  folder when signing a contract with another company or client. A professional looking folder helps in making them sign the contract, and you are also sure that your signed documents will not be lost.


Constructions Basics


The most economical option is the 9”x12” size presentation folder since it can hold sales literature, brochures, contracts and other important documents, that’s measuring exactly or smaller than 8.5” x 11″.


The standard design that most would choose is a folder with two interior pockets that has horizontal flaps. You may also choose from other pocket configurations.


It is made from a heavy cardstock to ensure long lasting sturdiness. It has a clear protective finish like an aqueous or UV coating or even a plastic laminate in some cases.


Do You Need Printed Marketing Materials?


Are you looking for marketing tools provider that’s quick, excellent quality and affordable? If you are, then you will only want an experienced printing company to help you for your business’ needs. You can rely on Alibaba Printing, probably the cheapest printing company that you will find in Singapore that provides high quality and affordable services.


Corporate presentation folder printing is just one of the many other services that we provide. We can also help you with your brochure, flyer and other marketing materials that you can use for your promotional agendas.  We have price packages that won’t hurt your budget, feel free to ask us anytime, and we can discuss the details more.


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What Makes a Great Flyer In Year 2022?

What Makes a Great Flyer In Year 2020?


Find out more about Flyer Distribution Singapore

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what is flyer distribution In Year 2022?

Should Condo Flyers Distribution Be A Vital Part Of Your Marketing Strategy?


The use of flyers is an awesome way to grab your potential customers’ attention in a very busy location effectively for a minimal cost.  But the question is, how can you make your flyer stand out and catch someone’s attention? Here are some tips from professional designers that you can take note:


Techniques to Make Your Flyer Standout


  1. Headline or Title – make sure that this part right here in your flyer should be snappy! Create something that’s memorable, provocative and unusual by using little powerful words and including some of these in your title: The secrets to, easy, finally, unlock, how to, free, discover, proven, etc.


  1. Product or service benefits – focus on sending the information about what your business can offer, and it should be precise, short and straight to the point. Avoid writing a long article in your flyer. You should be able to answer your potential client’s question: “What’s in it for me?” When you create this part, right from their perspective by using the “your” and “you” words and avoid I, our, we and us. You can add these enticing words: save, free, love, guarantee, new, results, etc. Don’t use long paragraphs, make use of bullet points by putting them in a text box.


  1. Graphics – use striking colors but not too overpowering. One large image is already good rather than using many small graphics all stuffed in your flyer. Put a stunning photo or illustration and it should show the focal point of your business offers; it should grab attention, supports the story that you created and sets the overall mood. There are cheap images online that you can buy. However, if you think you don’t have an eye for graphics, a professional designer can always help you out.


  1. Organize your elements – this includes the boxes, contrasting colors, borders and font size. You don’t actually have to fill your flyer with lots of text and graphics. Leave some white space so that some elements can stand out to make it readable.


  1. Testimonials – put a compelling and striking testimonial from a happy customer, demonstrating their emotions after experiencing the results of using your products or availing your services. Don’t forget to put the first and last name, company name and place of the individual giving the testimony or endorsement.


  1. Highlighting – titles and subtitles are in bold format and are highlighted at the same time. Refrain from using ALL CAPS letters since they are actually harder to read.


  1. Avoid complication – align terms to a grid and make it simple using two typefaces.


  1. Proofread! – ask someone else to proofread your output. Double check important info such as contact details, URLs, email address, etc., and check for typo errors.


  1. Limited-time offers – you can design a coupon at the bottom quarter part of the flyer. Don’t forget to state the deadline or the limited-time offer date.


  1. Tight budget? – you can try to use cheaper paper if you are doing it by yourself. It is still recommended to ask for help from printing companies to ensure a great and professional-looking


What Is Flyer Distribution In Year 2022?

What Is Flyer Distribution In Year 2022?


Find out more about Flyer Distribution Singapore

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is it against the law to pass out flyers In Year 2022?

what makes a great flyer In Year 2022?



Flyer distribution is known to be one of the oldest marketing techniques, and many companies have been using it for a long time and are still doing it until today.


Even in the midst of technological advancements, flyer distribution still has worked and won’t be out just yet.


Experts say that advertising using flyers it still very effective and distributing the flyers to homeowners is considered to be the best strategy in offline advertising. Careful planning on productive and efficient ways on flyer distribution with proper monitoring on keeping a track on the response of the overall campaign will surely lead to success.


One of the best opportunities that flyer printing gives to companies applying this marketing strategy is you can advertise and promote your products and services within your limited marketing budget, which is sure to give you real results after doing so.


You just have to establish and figure out the places where your target market is usually found. Make sure to design the flyers in a way that it’s providing reasons, and it’s creating a desire to the potential customer to pay for your products or services.


Reasons Why Flyer Distribution Still Works Effectively Even Until Today


Let me tell you the top reasons why this method still works like wonders in marketing.


  1. You can advertise for a low cost – it won’t require you to prepare a hefty amount of marketing budget to promote your business.


  1. Increase lead generation quickly – distributing flyers won’t take much of your time, especially if you are doing it at the right place and time and as a result, you’ll get your leads in no time.



  1. You get an instant response, especially if reach your target market directly – one good thing about flyer distribution is that you won’t need to sit and wait for a long time to get a response from your potential customers since the reply is almost instant. This method is simpler than other advertising mediums; you just need to set up your campaign and distribute near your target clients.


  1. It allows you to be creative – the limitation is very few in flyer distribution, and it gives you the freedom to try whatever you want.


  1. Old-school way is still cool! – it’s undeniable that flyer advertising is still appealing to clients. It strikes some kind of curiosity unlike e-mails; people usually don’t open them and are often sent to trash.


If you want to advertise, using flyers is an affordable way of sending information to your potential customers about the goods and services that you provide. And for flyer printing and flyer distribution, it’s crucial to choose the right printing company that can provide this type of service for you since they will play a huge part in promoting your company via their flyer distribution campaign service.


Doing this method is still an attractive way to get new clients and having a terrific design allows you to showcase what your business is all about.

Is It Against the Law To Pass Out Flyers In Year 2022?

Is It Against the Law To Pass Out Flyers In Year 2022?


Find out more about Flyer Distribution Singapore

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is flyer distribution legal In Year 2022?

what is flyer distribution In Year 2022?


Flyers, one of the most effective marketing methods in traditional promotions and advertising. A lot of companies are still applying this cost-efficient technique, even if they are also advertising online. If you are a startup business, or you have a limited budget, flyer distribution is your best option, and it works! You’ll definitely get your money’s worth.


Flyer distribution is not against the law in Singapore but there are instances when it becomes illegal. With this, before you start passing out flyers, you’d better know what the laws or the rules and regulations are to avoid getting in trouble.


Factors You Need to Remember


Passing out flyers in Singapore is legal, but you need to remember the following:


  • It depends on the location.
  • The content of your flyer is a huge factor. Some contents are not allowed especially if it contains political details.
  • You are not trespassing any private property.
  • You are not causing disturbance or obstruction.
  • You need permit or approval from upper management if you want to distribute flyers within the malls or other similar establishments, especially if you are not a tenant.
  • You are not allowed to pass out flyers near the top up counters of stations.
  • You may do it door to door by leaving the flyer in their designated flyer box.
  • You may put the flyer on a car but remember to ask permission to the manager or owner of the property where it’s parked before doing so.
  • You are dressed appropriately.
  • If you are requested to stop handing out flyers, you have to adhere without asking questions.


Why Choose the Flyer Distribution Method?


This is one of the most direct advertising methods and its cheaper too compared to other traditional marketing approaches. It has a lot of opportunities, and you can increase your market presence in no time especially if it’s done right. Here are tips that you need to do before launching your flyer distribution campaign:


  • Plan ahead.
  • Know who your target market is.
  • Know the location of your target market. Among all the public and private places in Singapore, where do you usually see them pass by or hang out? Doing this will help you seek your permit if needed. You will also have time to learn about the rules that they have in that area with regards to flyer distribution.
  • You should have a budget and avail the quick service and cheap flyer distribution package of a printing company.
  • A professional graphics designer can help you produce a well-designed flyer combined with the right use and placement of elements to attract your potential customers.


How Cheap is Flyer Printing and Distribution?


This technique is less costly as what we have mentioned earlier. With regards to the price, it will depend on the number of copies you are planning to print, and if you want to avail the flyer and flyer printing distribution package. Other factors that can affect the price of a flyer are the size, the colors and the type of paper that you want to use.




Is Flyer Distribution Legal In Year 2022?

Is Flyer Distribution Legal In Year 2020?


Find out more about Flyer Distribution Singapore

Read on:

is flyer distribution effective In Year 2022?

is it against the law to pass out flyers In Year 2022?


Flyer distribution is one of the most effective traditional advertising methods to help a company gain more market presence, entice or inform customers about their products/services and boost sales. It has still been used today even with all the technological advancements that we have.


Generally, doing so is known to be a legal advertising method. However, if it’s done incorrectly or inappropriately, that’s the time we can say that it’s illegal.


Is it Legal in Singapore?


Yes, it is but not in all places or locations, and it will also depend on the content of the flyer. So long as you are not breaking any Singapore laws, then you are safe.


Just remember not to include in your flyer any political content. Do not distribute your flyer by trespassing any private property or causing any types of obstruction and disturbances.


The Most Effective Locations


As what we have previously mentioned, you can’t just distribute your flyers anywhere in Singapore due to some legal factors. With this, choosing the right place is a huge aspect to make your marketing efforts work and to reach your potential market effectively.


One of the best strategies is the door-to-door distribution; this can help you ensure that your target clients will really receive the flyers and potentially turn it into sales. Is this allowed? Yes, but don’t forget that if it’s a private establishment or property, you could become a trespasser if you are not careful. There are already flyer boxes for each household, so problem solved for this. Just place the flyers in their respective bins, and you’re good to go.

Your printed flyers can be handed out directly to your potential clients and may be included in the shopping bags, print ads or newspapers. Another great alternative is to tuck them in the windshields of cars.


When Does It Become Illegal?


Here are the important things that you need to take note to avoid illegal acts or circumstances during flyer distribution:


  • Entering a private establishment or property is big no-no!
  • Political content. You will need a permit to print and distribute flyers that have this type of content.
  • Flyer distribution should have a commercial purpose, aiming at advertising and promoting goods and services.
  • You can distribute at public places like streets, parks, etc.
  • Don’t distribute your flyers in SMRT or shopping malls not unless you have the permit to do so.
  • Public property begins in the smoking area of SMRT, and this is where you can start flyer distribution.
  • You are not allowed to give out flyers near the top-up counters or sheltered places since it is still part of the station.
  • The ones that are mostly allowed for flyer distribution in the malls are their tenants, but certain arrangements for non-tenants may be made for those who would like to give out flyers within the mall premises.


Just remember these points and you’ll be safe with your advertising and promotion strategy. Now you know that flyer distribution is legal in Singapore.












Is Flyer Distribution Effective In Year 2022?

Is Flyer Distribution Effective In Year 2022?


Find out more about Flyer Distribution Singapore

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how to distribute flyers effectively In Year 2022?

is flyer distribution legal In Year 2022?

Effective Advertising with Flyers: Choose Our Pamphlet Distribution Service


Marketing is a crucial part of every business. It has different methods to help the business grow, gain popularity and increase sales at the same time. One of the most common advertising techniques is flyer printing and distribution. It has been implemented by many small and big companies before. However, even until today, we can still see flyer distributors around us passing out more graphical and fun flyers wearing decent attired or costumes amidst the technological advancements that we have.


So why is it that this method continues to live on? Is flyer distribution really effective? Let’s try to dig in a little deeper to get a satisfying answer.


Interesting Statistics:

According to a study done, here are interesting statistics showing the effectiveness of flyer printing and distribution:


  • About 78% for door drops and 79% for direct mail are consumers who glance at the flyers. About 23% and 32% would proceed in reading them thoroughly.
  • About 33% of receivers would keep the flyers that have discounts or coupons and other special promos.
  • About 71% of customers who received free samples, offers and coupons during the purchase period said that the info helped them shorten their list of options. The same reactions were gathered from 66% of customers who received their offers from supermarkets and about 47% who received new flyers and 62% who got money-off coupons.
  • And about 48% of flyer receivers went to see the advertised business or company personally, and they requested for more information or made a purchase of the promoted products or services.


Make sure to plan your strategy first.


Flyers distribution services are results-oriented strategies that are cost-effective to help you promote your products and services. Your flyers aid in communicating with your target market in a relaxed and undemanding manner. They can just take the info easily and refer to the flyer whenever they need it.


However, there is always a downside to any marketing efforts and with regards to flyer distribution, its low-cost nature has a high risk of being wasteful, but this can be prevented by carefully planning your distribution strategy. You should take note of the following:


  • Spend time in understanding your target audience to create the appropriate design for them before printing your flyer. The graphics should match and be appealing to your audience by using the right combination of images, colors and words that they can actually relate.
  • Choose the right location or areas for your flyer distribution. Make sure that most of your target audience is in that certain place.

Don’t just plan for the first campaign but also plan for the next schedule since flyer distribution works best if it has a follow-up action. Flyer distribution is not just a one-time thing. To answer the question if flyer distribution is effective or not, yes it is if it’s done correctly.


Are you thinking about using this traditional method? Look only for the most experienced printing company in Singapore to help you and avail the lowest price at a high-quality service.




How to Distribute Flyers Effectively In Year 2022?

How to Distribute Flyers Effectively In Year 2022?



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How to charge for flyer distribution In Year 2022?

is flyer distribution effective In Year 2022?


The use of flyers is an excellent way to promote your business and inform your target market about your products and services. However, doing so is not as easy as you think. Flyer distribution is a powerful advertising method, especially if it’s done correctly, and if you’re handing out flyers just to finish your task at hand, you might be ending up wasting your resources and time.


It needs effort and planning to establish an appealing impression to your potential clients.


Helpful Tips in Flyer Distribution That You Should Know


For you to distribute your flyers effectively in Singapore, here are the tips that you need to remember:


TIP#1: Make your flyers simple and straight to the point.

The simpler and smaller your flyers are, the less likely they are to be discarded by the people receiving them. Flyers that are made with simple layout and are smaller in size is less costly on your part compared to bigger and more elaborate flyers. Show your potential readers the info that they need without having to add other excessive details. Doing so will make them respond more to your flyer.


TIP#2: Pick the right target market.


You need to be certain with the target market for your business. If your potential customers are girls aged between 20 to 25, then your flyer might not be helpful for the elderly women aging 60 and above. If you know the right clients, you’ll avoid wasting time and energy.


TIP#3: Your flyers should be well-designed and eye-catching.


Yes, you’re making it simple, but still you need to put the right elements to entice the receiver to read your flyer. You should design something that catches their attention upon receiving it. Use attractive but not too overpowering color schemes. Put your well-designed logo and headers in the right place. Headers should show what your business (product or service) is all about and not the name of your brand or company.


TIP#4: Always put your contact information.


Never forget to include the address, telephone number and the operating hours of your business. You can put coupon codes, freebies and promo expiration dates if you are advertising. Putting a small map can be helpful especially if your address is confusing.


Etiquette When Handing Out Flyers in Singapore


It’s a must for you to know the local flyers distribution dos and don’ts in Singapore. There are private institutions and establishments that have rules, and it’s good if you are aware of what they are. There may be instances that you’ll be stopped in distributing flyers, especially in areas that are non-public and if this happens, you need to leave without asking why.


Remember to do the following:


  • Always dress up appropriately.
  • Use effective and descriptive sales pitches.
  • Smile and be polite all the time.
  • Pick up your dropped flyers to avoid making the company look bad and uninteresting to others.


Remember all the tips here and you will surely achieve a positive result in your flyer distribution campaign.




How to Charge For Flyer Distribution In Year 2022?

How to Charge For Flyer Distribution In Year 2020?


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How much flyer distribution In Year 2022?

How to distribute flyers effectively In Year 2022?


Distribution of flyers in Singapore is a continuing marketing method that small and big companies are still executing. This traditional way of promoting a business is a proven and effective way to reach out to potential customers, and it’s only for a minimal advertising cost compared to other offline strategies.


Services offered:

The charge for flyer distribution varies, and you can find a lot of printing companies that offer cheap rates, but you still need to check their background if they have done flyer printing and distribution for a long time. Company experience matters since they know how to do things in this type of service. Here the different services just to give you a general idea and their respective prices all in SG dollars:


  • HBD door to door – $20 to $32 for every 1,000 copies
  • Landed – $60 to $68 for every 1,000 copies
  • Walkway – $60 to $65 for every 1,000 copies
  • Industrial – $60 to $65 for every 1,000 copies
  • Cardrop – $28 to $32 for every 1,000 copies
  • Condo – $160 for every 1,000 copies
  • New BTO flats – package starts at $825 for printing as well as distribution.


Is there a minimum number of order?

-Yes and it depends from one company to another. It could be 4,000 to 10,000 copies minimum.


Can I order below the minimum requirement?

-Yes. You can have a customized order for the number of pieces. Ask for the printing company to make a quote.


What are the payment methods?

-Generally, printing companies will ask for advance payment before the flyer distribution schedule. You can pay using cheque, cash, Ibanking, etc. You may inquire about this for more clarification.


Will I know the status of my flyer distribution?

-Definitely, yes. A report will be sent to you each day and will be provided by the printing company. Everything will be organized for you before the campaign starts.


Factors that affect the rates of flyer distribution include:

  • The type of service and package you’ve chosen.
  • The location. Public places are cheaper than landed and condo areas.
  • Special arrangements for campaigns can increase the price such as including costumes for the distributors. The price from the standard rate will be very different if you wish to have a customized service.
  • You may be charged hourly or for every 1,000 copies produced, and this will depend on printing firms.


The awesome benefits of flyer distribution:

  • It can help your business reach your target market quickly.
  • It greatly helps in marketing your events, products, services and promos.
  • It can help inform people of your new business, especially if you are launching a new product.
  • You can hand them out discount coupons and freebies along with your flyers.
  • If you have an upcoming big event, let the people know about it through flyer distribution so that many will be coming to see it.
  • It’s cheaper for you to advertise using flyers.
  • It’s very effective.


What are you waiting for? You can call a printing company today and ask for their cheapest rate in flyer printing and flyer distribution to help your business increase clients and sales.


How Much Flyer Distribution In Year 2022?

How Much Flyer Distribution In Year 2022?


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How Much Does Flyer Distribution Cost In Year 2022?

How to charge for flyer distribution In Year 2022?


Printing flyers and distributing them in a specific area is a great way to advertise your business and help it gain more customers to boost your sales. It’s indeed a simple strategy come to think of it, but it actually requires more effort for you to say that your campaign is a success.


There are certain things that you need to keep in mind when printing flyers:

  • The design should be appealing and captivating.
  • You put the right graphics elements together such as the images or illustrations, the font size of the text, the correct color scheme and combination, borders, etc. If you hire a printing company for flyer distribution services, they’ll know what to do especially if they are skilled and experienced for the job.
  • You should be creative in sending the right message to your target audience.
  • Don’t forget to put the needed information from your business or company. Double check the details and make sure that it’s correct. Check for typos and grammar errors.
  • Make it interesting for the receiver, create curiosity and answer this: “what will they benefit from your business?”


How much will you need for flyer distribution?


If you are planning on hiring a printing company for flyer printing and distribution, you shouldn’t be worried that much about its cost compared to other offline advertising. Flyer campaigns are considered to be one of the cheapest advertising methods with very positive results.


The rate varies from printing company to another since there are factors that could affect the price. Some may be charging you per hourly rate while others will charge you for every 1,000 copies. The price could start from $20 up to $60 or more.


With regards to the number of minimum copies, it depends on the type of service that you want to have. For example, if you would like an HBD door to door flyer distribution service, you may be charged SG $20-$32 for every 1000 copies with a required minimum order of 10,000 copies, or you may be charged by the hour. You can ask the printing company whichever you prefer most.


The different flyer distribution services that you can choose from are HBD door to door, landed, street/walkway, commercial, industrial, cardrop, and condo distribution.


There are customized services available as well but this could really push the regular price up. For example, you would like to have the distributors wear a costume; you will need to pay extra for this.


This is a marketing effort and investment of your company, and you will want to get updates on the flyer distribution campaign. You won’t have to worry about it since most printing companies will be informing you and will send you a report on a day to day basis or until the campaign is done.


In choosing a printing company, make sure they are experienced in this kind of job, and that they have already been established for many years. This is crucial since we need someone to help us achieve a successful flyer distribution campaign.





How Much Does Flyer Distribution Cost In Year 2022?

How Much Does Flyer Distribution Cost In Year 2022?


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Can You Put Flyers on Cars In Year 2022?

How much flyer distribution In Year 2022?


Flyer distribution, a proven marketing method that small and big businesses have been using for a long time. Today, most people are found online but not all are always looking at their phones or gadgets, right? So the best way to reach out to them is to attract their attention the good old way – flyers.


Flyers might be understated by most businesses but the results of doing this technique correctly have helped thousands of companies reach their sales potential and became the leader in their industry. Which is why even until today, flyer distribution is still part of a business’ offline marketing strategy while implementing their online advertising and promotions at the same time; getting the most out of the traditional and modern way of marketing. How cool is that?


How Much is the Cost?


There are many printing companies in Singapore that offers very cheap packages for flyer printing and flyer distribution. Below is a general information just to give you an idea that can serve as your guide when you plan on having a flyer campaign.


Most of the distribution services include the following but not all printing companies offer the same services:

  • Door to door
  • Walkway
  • Landed Property
  • Car drop
  • Sandwich board advertising
  • Customized services such as flash mob, specific distributor profiles, etc.


  • Price ranges would depend but here is a general guide:
  • Usually, you will be charged by the hour or for every 1,000 flyers.
  • It can range from $25 to $40; this is for basic distribution.
  • From $40 to $50 for customized distribution.
  • You can be charged around $40 each hour for extra marketing and services.


Pricing factors on flyer distribution are as follows:

  • The location for flyer distribution – if the area is more public, the price is generally minimal than distributing in landed properties.
  • The kind of service – the prices are quite the same on the distributed quantity, but if you add for extra services, you will be paying for more.


Things You Need to Remember:

Below are some important things you need to remember about flyer distribution:


  • The flyer distribution is not just a one-off procedure.
  • Your customers might take weeks or even months before they decide to purchase your products or avail your services.
  • To help your business retain in your customer’s minds, distribute another set of flyers after a certain period of time.
  • Plan and think about the profile of your potential market. Where can they frequently be?
  • Find ways to increase your area to maximize your business’ exposure.
  • The minimum quantity of flyers varies from one company to another. You can check and compare the packages that they offer.
  • Most of the printing company’s distributors are full-timers.


You can talk to a printing company providing flyer printing and distribution services for clarifications on the packages. They mostly offer fast distribution, daily reports at affordable prices.


Choose a printing company to ensure professional, high-quality and experienced staff that can cater to your needs from day 1 involving graphic designing, printing until distribution day.







Can You Put Flyers on Cars In Year 2022?

Can You Put Flyers on Cars In Year 2020?


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Where Can I Distribute Flyers In Year 2022?

How Much Does Flyer Distribution Cost In Year 2022?


Flyers are still being used by small and big companies as part of their marketing strategy even in this modern world. It’s a proven and effective way to inform potential customers of your products, services, promos, events, etc.. However, in Singapore, there are certain rules that you will need to remember before distributing flyers all over the town, and you have to be familiar on what they are.


So, can you put flyers on cars? There are rules and regulations and even laws about flyer distribution. Before doing so, please take some time to look for information on your target area prior to handing out your flyers since it may vary with the location. These rules may change from time to time, and it’s important to update yourself.


Always Make Sure It’s Okay to Do This.


Before you have your flyers printed you need to do the following:

  • Check the area if it’s legal to put flyers on cars.
  • Check with the city hall and show them a sample of the flyer that you have. You can have it approved.
  • You could get in trouble if you put flyers on cars randomly without knowing the certain rules and regulations in that area.
  • Always double check.
  • If you are given the approval to do so, remember to be careful and do not damage the car.
  • You can proceed but ask politely for permission before handing out flyers, especially if you are in a private property.


Where Can You Legally Put Your Flyers on Cars After Getting Your Permission?


Once you get your permission in placing your flyers on cars, you might want to check out the following areas


  • Restaurants, pubs and bistros
  • Libraries
  • Airports
  • Barber shops and salons
  • Transportation stations
  • Shopping malls
  • Street parking
  • City parking lots and towers
  • Universities and schools
  • Grocery stores


You can usually hand out flyers as long you get the approval from upper management. This is the reason why you need to plan ahead before you start printing your flyers in bulk.


Learn about the location of your prospect clients. If you know their area, then it’s easier for you to identify the location. You will know who to talk to about flyer distribution and if they allow you to put them on cars.


Not all car owners would appreciate seeing flyers on their cars. They are more concerned about the damage that might be inflicted by the person putting the flyer or the cheap quality of paper getting stuck on the wiper due to rain.


Aside from putting the flyers on the car, you can always directly hand it over to passersby or do it door-to-door by dropping it in their flyer boxes, which, by the way, works well too.


So to finally answer the question, whether you can put a flyer on cars or not, the answer is, yes. BUT don’t forget to ask permission first before doing so and be familiar with the law, rules and regulation in that area.


Where Can I Distribute Flyers In Year 2022?

Where Can I Distribute Flyers In Year 2020?


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Can You Put Flyers on Cars In Year 2022?


Flyer distribution is one of the best offline marketing strategies. It’s cheaper than other methods plus it gives you the positive results that you need for your business, helping you achieve your goal quickly.


Small and even big companies are still including this method as part of their marketing strategy for different reasons such as:


  • Product launching – flyers are used to inform the public about new products or services that a business has.
  • Events – it could be an opening of a new branch, a party event with special guests, an event for a cause, etc. This is a great way to inform the people to come and witness the event.
  • Promos – some companies provide discounts, coupons and other similar gimmicks to entice their target market to make a purchase decision, and this type of flyer is a big help. They are more likely to keep their flyers and use them immediately or later. Nothing beats a good old-fashioned flyer with attractive offers for the clients.
  • More effective than TV ads – according to an international news released, it mentioned that print advertising is twice as effective as TV ads for big retailers since it is very good in targeting specific audience.
  • Integration – this traditional method also works well with digital advertising.


In Singapore, flyer distribution can be done through the following services:

  • HBD door to door
  • Landed distribution
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Streets
  • Walkway
  • Car park cardrop
  • HBD letterbox
  • Condos


In Singapore, flyer distribution is legal but there are rules and laws that you need to know. There are certain areas that should be off-limits. You are allowed to pass out flyers in public places. If it’s a private property, you need permission to do so to avoid getting yourself in trouble. It might take some time to get the approval which is why you need to plan your flyer distribution first before making any move.


In your flyer, you also need to be careful with your content. Having political content in your flyer is not allowed, be mindful of what you advertise. You are not allowed near the top up stations as well. You can always check with the city hall or the upper management in malls and other establishments and institutions to know the Dos and Don’ts before you even begin your campaign.


Choosing a printing company


When choosing a firm to handle your flyer printing and distribution, remember the following:


  • The firm should be a well-established and experienced printing company providing this kind of service.
  • Has extensive networks of distribution.
  • Has a wide reach in flyer distribution.
  • Sends you the report each day before and after the campaign.
  • Professional and reliable service provider.
  • Experienced and well-trained distributors.
  • Budget-friendly packages but still maintains high-quality service.
  • They are quick and accurate in terms of delivery.


Flyer distribution works, and it’s one of the most direct outreaches in traditional marketing where your distributors can directly interact with your audience for any questions and other inquiries regarding your product and service offerings.