What Needs to Be on A Letterhead?

What Needs to Be on A Letterhead? Key Elements of a Company Letterhead



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What Is the Purpose of a Letterhead?


In today’s modern world, companies still consider the use of paper as an important part of communication and other documentation purposes. An official letterhead of a company is a must-have for almost all types of firms. Its main purpose is to convey a message to the receiver. Let’s dig a little deeper to know more about what a letterhead is and what needs to be on it.



Letterhead is also known as letterheaded paper, it is the heading that you can see at the top of a letter paper sheet. It mostly has the name, address, corporate logo and a background pattern. The “letterhead” term is usually used to speak of the whole sheet that’s being imprinted with a heading.


Many individuals and companies choose to make their letterhead template in Microsoft word or other kinds of software application. It is generally printed by either letterpress or offset methods. The size varies since there are companies that print their letterheads in A4 size (210 mm x 297 mm) while others produce them in 8.5 x 11 inches (215 x 280 mm) size.



  • It serves as your corporate identity. Anything that is sent to clients like letters, envelopes, publicity folders, invoices, etc., must create a consistent and distinguishable corporate identity. Your company address and logo must be reiterated on all your business marketing materials. The objective is for all people to quickly know who the letters are from when the logo is spotted on the letterhead of the company. This is also a different way to instill to everyone’s minds your image or company logo.


  • It serves as a visual interest. The main purpose of the letterhead is to convey the message to your recipient. The design is not very busy, not too-large graphics and there is ample space to type in the message. There are firms that put designs behind the text, adding visual interest to the letterhead, but keeping in mind the background image’s opacity and making sure it’s light enough to avoid overpowering the text’s clarity.
  • It proves authenticity. It can show the receiver that your company is reliable and serious. It also shows your commitment to brand identity. A professional letterhead always leaves a positive impression on the reader. If your letterhead is professionally designed, and it uses a better paper quality, the more enticing it will be for the customer to check out your business.


Top 3 Key Elements

Creating a letterhead needs effort and time, you have to be careful with even the most little detail. It also represents your company, and you don’t want to make something that doesn’t match your company’s identity. Letterheads are used in different ways, and that includes formal letters.


However, the use of letterheads is not just limited to stationary or paper. Did you know that many actually incorporate them in business cards, flyers and even in brochures? This is the reason why a company letterhead should be well-designed and contains vital elements so that it can show a good and respectable visual presentation of the company.


Here are the top 3 key elements on what needs to be on a letterhead that you don’t want to disregard.


1. Company Name

Would you like to read an anonymous letter with a nameless letterhead? Most people would disregard the letter if that’s the case. Your company name on the letterhead is one of the most important elements you need to remember.  It’s not just an introduction; it encourages the receiver’s interest to read your letter, and it’s a strong document that can prove that your business or company is real.


Its role is significant, which is why the company name is placed at the top of the letterhead. The readers are given a clear idea of where the business letter came from and would even allow them to think about its content.


2. Logo or Slogan

A well-made logo or slogan of your business that is placed on the strategic spot of a letterhead can be identifiable all over the commercial communication.


The most preferred spot for the logo or slogan is at the top part, just beside or above the name of the firm. But some also prefer doing it like a watermark wherein it’s set as a background.


Putting your logo on the most noticeable part of the letterhead can awaken the curiosity of your reader, and it can also boost your business’ branding at the same time.


3. Contact Details

Keep in mind that your letterhead can appear more real and persuasive to your client’s perspective if you put more details in it. These details are generally grouped together, and they are placed in an organized manner either below or at the side of the logo and company name.


The address is another proof that your company is not fraud, since you will be having customers who will want to contact you or visit the location of your business. However, aside from the physical and registered address of your company, it’s best to include your postal address as well. You can also put the address of your other business site.


The website and email address are vital factors since most people nowadays can be found online. If you have your social media accounts, you can also add them too. The use of email is convenient, especially for international customers. They usually feel secure if they see a confirmed and real address, which also means they have other ways to reach you if in case something goes wrong.


Contact numbers are your telephone, fax and voice numbers. You can also put in your professional license digits along with the date established if available. This is important if in case the receiver is interested in your proposal or offer, they can contact you right away for business transaction or further discussion of the details.


Organizing Your Design: Important Tips

After identifying the basic info of your letterhead, you will need to brainstorm on the design and template to ensure that the elements are arranged properly.


A nice letterhead needs an attractive design, and this is another critical element that you must remember. Below is a simple guide and important tips that you should know when designing your letterhead template.


Designing Guide   

  • Choose the right typography – the overall look of your work depends on what you select for your letterhead’s typography. Choose carefully to match the brand of your company. The task may be a bit daunting since you have so many options to choose from. But you can always seek help from an experienced and skilled graphics designer.


  • Keep it simple – if there’s too much going on in your letterhead, you might lose its effectiveness. Keep the design simple and clean. The main point is to deliver the message successfully to your receiver and not to distract them with too many designs. Your layout should be controlled for your marketing purposes.


  • Make a suitable hierarchy – this is a noteworthy principle in any type of design; this is the arrangement of sections in your design so that importance may be shown. A good hierarchy will help your audience identify the piece of info that is most crucial for them and guide them what part they should be reading first. The maker of your letterhead will arrange all the data where they are most noticeable. And all the other lesser vital elements can be placed in areas that won’t distract your audience.


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What Is the Purpose of a Letterhead?

What Is the Purpose of a Letterhead? Helpful Info That You Can Use


Find out more about letterhead printing

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What Does A Letterhead Look Like?

What Needs to Be on A Letterhead?


Is your business or company still a fresh start in the industry? If yes, then you should know that every business should have their very own official company or business letterhead. Its purpose is more than just for your marketing needs. Let’s find out more and why.


It’s must-have printing collateral for a business. It’s more than just a way of communication, it physically represents your company too. It can tell a huge deal about the image of your brand. It is also an essential part of your business’ means of communication in the sales and marketing department. Letterheads that are well-designed also shows the credibility and professionalism of companies.


Importance of Business Letterhead in Singapore: 5 Vital Reasons 

Writing and sending letters is still a core part of business communication. As they say, first impressions last. Many are now designing and using letterheads for both personal and business use. A letterhead carries the name of your company, contact details, logo, and address.


So, what is the purpose of this printing collateral and why is it very important? Let’s find out the 5 vital reasons below:


  1. Encourages graphic curiosity – a letterhead’s main purpose is to send a message to your receiver. But the first thing you need to watch out is the elements that you put in your letterhead. You put something that encourages the recipient to read on and that stirs curiosity at the same time. Don’t put too many designs and unnecessary details that will only make the reader confused.
  2. It’s your company’s identification – your company has an identity and one way to let the people know who you are is through the use of a letterhead. With this, you make something that is recognizable. Once the people see your logo, they instantly know who you are. You create an identity that is easy to remember and avoid designs that are too complicated.
  3. To show your contact details – every letterhead indicates the contact details of a business. This includes the name of your business, address, contact numbers, email, website, and social media accounts if you have. The fonts should be just the right size that your readers can see them clearly – not too big or too small.
  4. A way of communication – letterhead was originally called a letter paper and has always been a way of written communication. The letterhead has become smaller and lighter as time passed. Corporate logos are a popular element included in the design that started in the mid-1900s.
  5. It proves that your company is real – it also shows your recipient that you are serious with your intention and that they can trust your business. It’s all about showing them your authentic identity and leaving a good impression to your target client.


Why Do You Need it For Your Company and Brand Identity?

Here are other reasons why you need a letterhead for your business and why it’s an absolute must-have:


  1. It helps in making a good first impression – the first thing that your receiver sees is the topmost part of your letter which is the letterhead. The elements that you combine and place in the document such as the text, font, and colors attract the receiver. It’s like a way of dressing up the company. If your company letterhead is dull and not interesting to the recipient, no matter how well-written it is, you’re surely going to lose your client’s curiosity. If you want a good impression, put effort into designing your letterhead that helps them focus their attention on your letter.
  2. It helps in making you look more professional – all types of written communication should be done using a good-quality paper with a letterhead that’s well-designed. The documents and information in a letterhead make them genuine and credible.
  3. It can reinforce the image of your business – letterheads can build up your business’ image by means of an effective message. Whether you’re using the letterhead in communicating your products or services or whatever purpose you have, a letterhead of good quality boosts your company’s image.
  4. An excellent part of your marketing strategy – it helps your readers remember you if your letterhead has a good design. In marketing strategy, a good graphic design has a huge impact. You can effectively communicate with your audience using the letterhead. To achieve the perfect design for your business, let a professional or expert graphics designer help you, especially in the color combination, and the use of the right elements. Your ideas plus the designer’s creativity will produce the right type of letterhead.


Design Rules in Printing to Achieve Marketing Success     

A letterhead is a crucial piece of marketing for your business, whether you send it via snail mail or electronically. There are simple and basic rules that you just have to remember to create a successful letterhead layout.


  1. Make sure that it looks professional – you don’t want a business that looks like a “joke” to others. The design of your letterhead should reflect a serious business to give it more integrity and clout. It should create an effect on the reader, they should take it seriously and they feel that the business cares.
  2. Don’t overdo it! Simplicity is key – the main point is for you to communicate to your prospect or customers effectively. With this, make sure the design is simple and not overpowering the written message that will distract them from reading your letter.
  3. Background’s opacity should not be too strong – if you want to put a background image on the whole page of your letterhead, make sure that’s it’s faded enough that any word you put on top of it can be read by your audience. Too dark background images can be very distracting.
  4. Basic Info of your business is a must – aside from the name of your business and logo, never forget to include the contact numbers, mailing address, fax number, email, website, social media accounts. You can add the company slogan or the board members’ names but the previous vital info should be your top priority and should be easy to find in your letterhead.
  5. Keep the balance – ¼ inch margin should be set aside around the outer edges of your letterhead not unless you’ll be using a bleed as part of your design. It will look unprofessional and unbalanced if you type too close to the edges. Your written message should be at the center of your letterhead with even and proper margins.
  6. Legible fonts should be used – use clear and simple fonts that are easy to read. Cursive fonts can be difficult to read.


Letterhead Printing Service That You Can Trust!

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What Does A Letterhead Look Like?

What Does A Letterhead Look Like? Your Business Letterhead Guide           


Find out more about letterhead printing

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What is Non Woven Bags Made Of?

What is the purpose of a letterhead?


A letterhead is a crucial marketing material of a company and it is usually used to communicate with customers, business associates as well as the media. And since a letterhead gives you the opportunity to be exposed, creating a design that’s appropriate for your business can help you establish your brand.


The heading part of a paper is the letterhead, usually located at the top which includes your company logo, business name, contact information, and address. It serves as a company pad, making your letter papers look professional and formal.


What is a Business Letterhead?

A business letterhead is considered as the company’s official paper used when printing letters and other documents.


Even though anyone can send letters through e-mails easily, but this is so common that your e-mail might be filtered to SPAM messages or even deleted directly. A letterhead can help you grab your receiver’s attention even at first glance, this is one of the reasons why it’s a must-have in every business!


The Basic Components of a Letterhead

To give you an idea of what a letterhead looks like, you can picture in your mind the following components that can be seen printed on a paper. Below are the details.


Brand Image

This part can help identify your business’ brand. A letterhead would usually contain one image printed on the paper which is the logo and placed on the top part of the paper, either located on one side or across the top. It’s best to have this printed by a professional printing company to ensure that the image is not hard to see and decipher. The high-quality image on your computer translates a high-quality image on your letterhead when printed using good equipment at the same time.


Contact Information

One of the most vital parts is the contact details and you’ll also see this on the letterhead. This will define the company’s identity further. When your receiver needs to contact you right away, he or she can find your address or contact numbers instantly along with the business name, physical address, website address, email, and social media accounts. Depending on the layout you choose, this info can be found on the bottom or top part of the letterhead.


Should You Have a Slogan in Your Letterhead?        

This part can be optional. It’s the company’s catchphrase or short slogan that can sometimes be seen on a letterhead. It can help a business stand out which can establish a connection between the company and the slogan. It’s usually just a short sentence because a long saying can take up too much space and may detract from the contact info. When you make a letterhead, simplicity is key along with the vital details. The recipients will be able to see what they must see, establish a positive connection, and they won’t be overwhelmed upon first glance.        



The kind of paper that will be used when printing the components also has an impact on the overall look and design of your business’ official stationery. An off-white or plain white paper color usually is the choice for a more professional and clean letterhead. Thin and lightweight paper is easy to tear. A thicker and heavyweight paper is recommended. Use the right type of paper to achieve a positive impression from the receiver.


Where Can a Business Letterhead Be Used?  

Some people believe that only huge corporations should be using a letterhead. The truth is, whether a business is big or small, letterheads should be used when sending letters to clients and other businesses or even for company meetings. It can also be used for different purposes such as the following:

  • Minute meeting or notices – it will make it legal documentation of what was discussed during the duration of the whole meeting.
  • Writing of invoices – it makes it official to avoid unnecessary input of details especially financial matters.
  • Handing out business-related info of other parties – any business matters written on a letterhead makes a document more official. It establishes credibility, developing trust to the receiver.
  • Tendering inter-departmental reports and legal company announcements – this is important since this can assure that the reports and any other announcements are officially coming from the company itself. It makes the letter more trustworthy and final. An important document that needs to be stored in a proper manner.


Letterheads are not just used within the workplace today, some use it for personal purposes too.


What Are Its Major Role in Your Business?                

Let’s see how letterheads can boost your business, below are the details:


  1. It’s your most straightforward introduction – a letterhead is significant printing collateral of a business which is why it’s considered as one of the most valuable documents in a business wherein the logo and contact details are clearly visible.


Usually, the recipients or potential clients can identify a brand through the logo on the letterhead. With this, the importance of using such should not be underrated. Careful placement of the logo and other details can positively contribute to the image of a brand.


  1. It can serve as a legal document – a letterhead is mostly used in official correspondences since it is regarded as a legal document. Specifically speaking, a set of letterheads of a company represents the whole firm through its significance, usage priority, and meaning.
  2. It implies professionalism – customers or receivers are pleased if they are considered formally all thanks to the sense of professionalism boosted by the right placement of the letterhead.


A letterhead can measure a company’s competence and without it, a bare business letter will give the receiver a reason to question the ability of a company. With this, businesses of all sizes strive hard to engrave their professionalism with their recipient through the use of a letterhead. As such, the firm brand, the sense of significance, and what it signifies are established effectively, while the feeling of a letterhead being a personal letter is reduced.


  1. It can become your salesperson – aside from a letterhead representing your business, it also helps in promoting your company. Readers are usually caught on the design of the letterhead first before they read the content, and this is understandable.


Another vital reason is that if a letterhead is combined with the right design, template, and other elements, it can build a good impression on the professionalism of a company to the recipient. If it pleases the eyes of the reader, the brand can be advertised successfully.


  1. It can persuade your customer – we all know that the first impression is crucial. What they see at first glance can either persuade or deject the recipient from reading on. With this, the letterhead can help get their attention first.


People would choose to read letters that have well-represented letterheads because it gives them a feeling of safety. Aside from that, the information provided will intensify the sense of reliability, honesty, and it provides a clear impression of a firm’s vision.


In addition, a letterhead helps in building authority to a firm’s branding and makes it look more competent. Business letterheads also show that the letters officially came from a working and real firm, not a fake or fraud.


  1. Marketing means – readers are provided with correct details of contact information so that they can reach the firm quickly. It’s a useful means to attract potential customers and increase sales at the same time.


Things to Consider When Designing It             


There are a few things that you should consider when designing a letterhead. Here is a list of what they are to help you create a powerful letterhead for your business:


  1. The size of the letterhead – you don’t only adjust this measurement according to your liking, but do this in a way where everyone else also likes what they see. Use measurements that are web-friendly. The preferred size is 900px by 100px.
  2. The template of your letterhead – there are different types of templates that you can use but the most popular option is the layout that’s easily-centered.
  3. The resolution of your letterhead – you don’t want to make something that’s too sharp or too blurry. It’s best if your letterhead has at least a 300 dpi resolution.


Others things you need to keep in mind:


When using colors in designing the letterhead, use 2-3 bright contrasting colors, it’s a graphic design trend that you can try. You can add your chosen colors to the header, border and body text.


Don’t forget to put the logo near the top part. Once again, we want to establish that your brand can easily be recognized. You can also use the color of the logo all throughout your template to combine them all together perfectly.


A colorful border is also a must-try! But just make sure that it does not overpower all the other elements in your business letterhead, making it distractive to the eyes.


Create a striking header in a geometrical, asymmetrical or slanted position. This way, you can make sure your letterhead stands out among all the others.


Alibaba Printing Company Can Help!   

It’s not easy to create a business letterhead that works and not all of us are gifted with graphical skills. With this, if you need to create one from scratch, it’s highly recommended to contact the professionals. Alibaba Printing can help you achieve the following:

  • A letterhead with excellent design.
  • Print professional-looking letter paper for your business using high-quality equipment.
  • Print in bulks for cheaper printing packages that you can surely afford.


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