Characteristics of a Powerful and Effective Envelope Printing with Custom Design


It’s crucial to make that first impression with a customized envelope. There are four characteristics of a creative and dynamic envelop that you should know.


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1. It can establish a fantastic initial impression.


The first impression is the key to getting new customers, and it’s not that easy when you’re doing it through custom envelopes. If your goal is to get new customers, experts recommend designing a customized envelope that’s in line with your plans.


Use a unique sealing technique for your custom envelopes to help in creating that lasting impression to a client’s mind. Plus, whenever there’s a special interior print included for security measures, the unique sealing technique, and maybe a company announcement on the flap’s interior grabs the attention of the user.


2. It can increase brand awareness.


It doesn’t sound as easy as you think since brand awareness is a complex concept. If you want to boost brand identity, it’s good to follow this rule: “unique, consistent, and identifiable.” It means you need to stay focused on the company’s personality, colors, emblems, logos, and voice. People should identify the brand instantly whenever they see the piece. The custom envelope should match the colors or hues of the company.


3. Powerful enough to stand out.


It’s easy to use the customized envelope in making your brand stand out, especially if you have a full grasp of how your brand is different from the industry competitors. The envelope can show the reader the idea of your company’s uniqueness in a few ways, which includes the size, adding of windows, the text color, font style, the color scheme, etc.


If you do things correctly and the custom envelope stands out according to your plan, you can leave a permanent impression in the minds of your receiver successfully. Ideas that specialize in designs can fuel up and propel your marketing method forward. The appropriate design of an envelope can rise above other competitors especially those that offer brand identity nor uniqueness. Custom envelope printing is one of the main components of the first marketing and advertising campaigns for newly established brands or organizations. For established brands can create the opportunity of becoming the face of the business for whoever is going to receive it, which makes it possible to create a special kind of envelop that sticks around a human’s memory once they get a chance to see it.


4. Functional.


Don’t be carried away by focusing only on the design of the envelope, it should also be about functionality. It means that an envelope can secure the contents properly inside it to prevent anyone else from peeking until such time it arrived safely to its destination.


Windows are common compared to all the other features you can choose from for your envelope. Many companies today use this method wisely for different reasons. One of which is to save ink in printing the receiver’s name outside the envelope when you can easily view such detail through a window. And it’s also a function to reduce costs.

Your Ultimate Guide in Envelope Printing and Buying


Are you trying to find the best envelope there is for your personal, business, or other purposes? If yes, then you need to learn at least the very basics about envelope printing and buying.

The selection process can be daunting and confusing, and you always thought that you just easily select one and get it done. There are many styles, varieties, planning for design, combination, and a lot of ideas to talk about when it comes to choosing the right one.

The first dilemma is you don’t know where to begin. Most decision making is being caught up on the paperweight, color, size, windows, adhesive, designing it, and more! This guide plus help from a professional printing company can clear some confusion.


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The Guide


Here are some key points that you need to take note:
1. Business Envelopes
It comes in many styles depending on the function or purpose. You can choose to have a small window on the envelope to show the receiver’s details, such as the name and address. There’s also the full-face type, which shows the full i-vital info. Another is the security kind, concealing account numbers, and other crucial data. The shape may come in square or rounded flaps, and each one has a different look. #10 is the most common business envelope, and the design can hold a sheet of paper that’s folded to three panes. Although it’s the most common, there are also many other sizes, styles as well as designs.


2. Different Yet Unique Shapes


A lot of brands are choosing square-shaped envelopes lately. It is common in galas, invitations, and other special events in the industries. Now, you can choose from a wide array of colors, with added features, and flap styles. It conveys a feeling of personal invitation for the receivers, which businesses use now for special or limited offers.


3. Specialty


Since it’s so unique, it can be hard to buy them in retail stores. People may receive a financial document, a historical document, or a packing slip placed in an oddly shaped envelope. It includes super-strong materials such as cardboard, Tyvek, etc. Professional printing companies can help you out; you only need to describe the kind of document and envelope style that you want to achieve.


4. Small


You can see tiny envelopes, and it’s a type of specialty envelope. It is commonly known as the #17 mini envelope, ideal for gift cards or paired with gifts. There is also the #1 tiny envelope or “coin envelope,” which is a popular choice for keys, business cards, and other small items.


5. Special Event Invitations


The A7 is the most common kind of envelope, with hundreds of styles and colors. It is common in anniversaries, weddings, parties, etc.


6. Printed Images and Messages


Professionally made or custom made envelopes have images, words visible outside of it. It is common for brands who want to use it as a method for advertising. It needs planning to get the right placement of details and color combinations, which is very crucial in marketing.

Unique Envelope Printing Ideas for Direct Mail


Digital marketing is an important method today due to the technological advancements we are all in, but the old fashioned way of direct mail is still unbeatable! Direct mail marketing can have a huge impact on whatever type of business you run. It’s a strategy that gives a personal touch and establishes your brand’s identity at the same time.

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Read before you Start printing your envelope: Your Ultimate Guide in Envelope Printing and Buying


The design of your envelope and getting that first impression is just as important as the content of your direct mail campaign. Using basic white envelopes is not going to help. However, envelope printing companies can surely help in making customized envelopes in getting that needed impact for the direct mail marketing campaign. Below are details of ideas that you can take note of for your direct mail efforts.


1. Shape and Size
Most people commonly see the standard type of business envelopes. But doing so won’t guarantee you a good result with your marketing efforts. Choose a unique shape and size to help you stand out and attract your receiver to open the envelope.


The use of square-shaped envelopes for direct mail marketing has become popular today. It gives that sophistication to letters since it’s an envelope usually used invitations and special events. It serves a practical purpose as well since it is efficient for placing unusually-shaped contents.


2. Brand Identity is Key!

Branding is important, and it’s one of the best ways to inform your customers about what your business is all about. Standard envelopes can turn in to a unique and eye-catching work of art, making your brand stand out. But, take note of the following:

• Distinct fonts or typography
• Logo
• Brand colors and combination
• Slogan
• Customized artwork
The aforementioned details are important since they represent your brand. You can take advantage of using them in your direct mail marketing campaign.
3. Eye-catching Color

A plain envelope can stand out using the right splash of color, making the receiver excited to open the mail.

Eye-catching colors include pink, blue, green, etc.! Use one solid hue or a combination of colors with different patterns to grab attention. The insides of the envelope can be tinted with color too.
4. Work with Texture

In marketing, “the next big thing” is texture. It has changed consumer behaviors, making a positive impact on marketing efforts.

You can try embossing the envelopes, creating a raised and recessed design to give more curiosity to the receiver after noticing it. A good example is to make the logo stand out using this method, or you can also highlight the slogan to create a three-dimensional feel and effect.
5. Teaser Window


Envelopes don’t just come in a plain paper you can have clear plastic on it to make a teaser window. Don’t just limit the window in using it for making addresses visible, have fun with the details too.
Discuss with the printing company what you want to make a successful strategic design wherein you can tease the customers first before they open the mail right away. It can draw that needed attention while keeping your receivers curious and excited to see the content inside.

Contemporary Food Packaging: Unnoticed Advertising Method


Looking to print your own food packaging box?

Looking for ideas to help you with your packaging printing? Read on here: 5 Examples of Food Packaging Boxes to Help You Start Generating Ideas


How to Choose Food Packaging Box for Your Business?



Food packaging is an unpredictable thing. A food packing box can be eye-catching and unique for it to grab the attention. However, brand loyalty is also another thing that even a horrible packaging design will not scare away customers. The point is that customers are getting harder and harder to please.


It depends on some factors. For example, there is convenience and sustainability, and then you quickly see that the quality of a food packaging box is more than just a box.


Here are some ways how food packaging has evolved in modern times and how it can change the future.


People mostly interpret poor designs or food boxes with no visual appeal as low quality. But in recent years, modern food brand packaging is back to the basics to make it more visually appealing.


‘Less is more’ has become a famous line. With this, many are doing it with no branding aside from putting their logo. It usually is true with food brands since simplicity in food is attracting more people today, and a simple packing balances it all out and amplifies the message at the same time.


Do minimalism and boldness match each other? Solid and contrasting colors, big lettering may only be what you need to make a memorable food packing box.


The use of the right color can tell the flavor of the packaging. Color psychology plays a crucial part when it comes to food packaging and branding.


Remember: you must follow the legal requirements, whether you use bold, minimalist, or both. There should be a balance between design and legibility, work with the professionals to avoid future problems.


Setting a limited edition theme for a packing box has become a trend, and has become more popular today.


Doing so can help loyal customers be involved with the brand more. Seasonal packing can help re-engage loyal clients. If the food you serve is appropriate for gifting, a well-designed packaging can always steal the show since it won’t need more additional wrapping, saving your customers time. And, eco-conscious customers will appreciate this kind of option.


Most of the food boxes usually come in either rectangle, cylinder, or square shape, this is an opportunity for many to think outside of the box.


Brands can create an identity with the uniqueness of the packaging. Being different can make a product stand out, and it earns word-of-mouth recommendations and show brand values at the same time.


Brands that use a unique shape in terms of packing their food to add convenience deserve recognition: using the box while eating at the same time.


Food packaging is more than just a box because there is more to it. There is more to than just stuffing the product in a sealed plastic bag as well. Design inspiration and creativity can help in making a brand famous.


The future eCommerce food brands need to align their packaging with values to stand out.


5 Examples of Food Packaging Boxes to Help You Start Generating Ideas

An excellent food package box design won’t just impress your customers, but it will also make them want to eat your well-packaged food. Designs that engage people do not only add value to what you offer and your business because it can make your brand memorable too. Printing companies offer a wide array of food packaging choices such as takeaway food box, food paper box, etc., all you need to do is to plan your marketing strategy and create the design that fits your goals and your brand at the same time.

Looking to print your own food packaging box?

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Looking for a Contemporary Food Packaging: Unnoticed Advertising Method?
It may not be that easy, to help you out, the following are five design concepts that can help you start in creating your food packaging.

• Hotdog boxes
These types of food boxes are excellent examples of creativity and simplicity. Hotdog businesses today use the packaging to put the fries and sausages in one box, combining design and convenience at the same time. You can mix the brand name along with the color, illustrations, and overall design of your packaging. Other important details like the contact number and address may be placed in the front when opening the box to help remind the customers where and how to contact you again.

• Simple with the right color
At first, the design may look very simple, but looking at the clever details creates the impact. You can use the basic palette for the box, but the font and colors for the logo can either make or break the whole design. Use soft calligraphy with color, leading to an elegant yet minimalistic design, proving that less is indeed more.

• More than just for popcorn
You’d never expect that a simple popcorn box can be versatile and could make a huge difference. You can put funny illustrations that bring up smiling faces to your customers, making your brand a memorable one. You can be creative or “think outside of the box” (no pun intended) and try to think of ways on how you can use the packaging that can attract the customers.


• An unforgettable design
You can stack up boxes on top of each other and create a design with it, revealing an illustration. Doing so can create an appearance that will surprise the customers. It can become boxes for gifts, sweets, cakes, tea, etc. Having creative designs can boost your product’s value. Customers would usually prefer a nicely packaged product rather than having to trouble themselves wrapping the item. It may sound like having a complicated design, but you can discuss with the printing company or supplier the different sizes and design options available.

• It’s your “mini” work of Art
A personalized or customized food packaging box is part of the customer’s experience with the brand. Takeaway packages give you a huge opportunity to bring out the artistic side of you, if you think you don’t have it, graphic artists can help you out. You can create a romantic style design, for example, and include the necessary details on the box. Put your favorite brand tagline too!

You can also do a takeaway box with a printed menu, and customers will see the details once they open the lid, this is what we call a complete experience.

Always take note that packaging is mostly building the experience for your customers and not just to make your brand or businesses recognizable, and it is part of your company’s whole image.

Choose Environment-Friendly Food Packaging Box

Looking to print your own food packaging box?

Looking for ideas to help you with your packaging printing? Read on here: 5 Examples of Food Packaging Boxes to Help You Start Generating Ideas

Did you know that many individuals and companies prefer an eco-friendly and food-friendly food packaging box most of the time? Some suppliers can provide paper boxes keeping the food fresh for a long time and making sure it won’t be contaminated with bacteria or damaged by water and air. This type of food storage is usually the first choice of fast-food chains, especially for food takeaways and deliveries.

The food boxes are not just used to preserve and transport food, companies all over the world prefer using them than plastic because of affordability and the materials used are environment-friendly, and they are recyclable too, without having to worry about damaging the environment.

Why choose this type of food packaging?
1. It’s easy to customize
The white and brown high-quality food paper boxes can be made in any dimension, size, and shape. They are commonly used to pack burgers, cakes, pizza, popcorn, and many more, which is why different options are available.

2. Environment-friendly and recyclable
The boxes are usually made of food-grade high-quality paper that is easy to reuse and recycle. The biodegradable trait of the material can avoid causing pollution compared to using plastic boxes and bags.

3. Affordable
Food companies often choose the cheapest packaging solution for their business to reduce costs. The boxes are affordable or cost-friendly because of the initial purchase price and the continued usage in recycled form. But it’s not just about the affordable price, it’s also about using high-quality food-grade paper boxes.

4. Food Safe
A food packaging box is not just environment-friendly, you are assured that your food is safe for transport and consumption. Plastic packaging usually has harmful effects when placed with hot food. So, double-check if the packaging material is food safe or not to avoid future problems with food-safety inspection people and with your customers at the same time.

5. Durable
Most people think that food paper boxes aren’t sturdy enough to hold food. A paper box is durable enough since the materials used are researched and engineered to make sure that it can easily be handled, it’s robust, and won’t be torn easily when whenever it’s full with food and traveled from one place to another.

6. Printable and Laminated
The lamination makes sure that the box itself and food fats or oils will be preserved well. Normal boxes without lamination can absorb oily and fatty oozes from the food, causing damage and tear. And the good thing about allowing companies to print their desired designs and other marketing stuff on the box can help them advertise their brand at the same time. It’s not just any typical food box, it’s branded, colorful, and fun!

Final Say
The use of environment-friendly food boxes for personal events or business purposes is a great way to preserve food and help mother-earth at the same time. Another advantage that should is the cheap price yet high-quality material, allowing companies to choose different options and become creative with their marketing strategy.

What Goes on a Lanyard?


Customized lanyards are so handy and flexible. You can see them in schools, different organizations, sporting events, concerts, seminars or conferences, youth events, workplaces, churches, hospitals, and many more!¬¬


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How to Make Customized Lanyards?

Dealing with Food business? Now delivery its a trend as most people work from home, Check out our Food Packaging Box


Lanyards are not just used for ID cards since it’s a very flexible item that can serve depending on the purpose, industry, or setting. Different things go on a lanyard, let’s find out what they are:

1. Keys – to help free the pockets and make sure to keep an eye on your keys, just add a keychain to the lanyard. It is helpful to those who tend to forget a lot of things! A pro lanyard tip for you here: Make sure to only add the keys that you need, just in case you lose it, you don’t have to worry about losing all the keys. A good example is that if your lanyard is attached to a work ID card, attach the work keys on it too. Do not mix your stuff like your car keys and work stuff together to avoid losing them all at once in case something happens.


2. Charging cable – it can be a lanyard and charging cable at the same time. There is a 2-in-1 charging cable lanyard, which is great for everyone without having to carry extra cords everywhere.

3. USB flash drive – it’s always best to be prepared. With our technology today, USB flash drives are handy for busy people like event organizers, students, etc.

4. Flashlight – lanyards are very helpful for people who are working late at night. You can attach a flashlight along with a whistle, a security feature that helps if you’re working or going home late at night.

5. Photo – start your day inspired by adding a photo of your favorite person or pet on the lanyard. It helps in bringing your good mood back after a very rough day or even start an interesting conversation with your coworkers, students, etc.

6. Personal moments – everyone can be creative with their lanyards. You can add or decorate the lanyards with beads, stickers, other memorable stuff for fun, or even for a lanyard decorating contest in school or at work!

7. Pen – all you need to do is to slide the pen on the lanyard, and you are ready as ever to sign any documents, take notes, and many more! You can even combine attaching your stylus and pen to your lanyard to easily hand them out to your event attendees to make things easier.

8. Phone holder – we all don’t have a big pocket all the time if we go to a concert or an important event. You can use a 2-1 charger cable lanyard plus a wallet and phone holder at the same time to ensure your phone is always with you.

9. Ribbons – badge ribbons for speakers or hosts in events can stand out with the help of lanyards. You can also be creative by giving your badge ribbons to your event attendees too.

10. Hand Sanitizer – a mini hand sanitizer spray can keep your hands germ-free without having to look for this item in your bag all the time!

11. ID cards – this is the most common use in places or buildings that have security.


Why A Lanyard Is Called A Lanyard? A Meaningful History

Lanyards are indeed popular because of their purpose and how it can help a lot of people in its simple form. Have you ever thought about its origin and why it is called a lanyard? Let’s answer that curiosity and get to know more about this awesome product.


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The lanyard is more than just a usual cord holding your ID or small items. Although it is the most common use or purpose, you’d be amazed to know that it has existed for centuries! The history behind it is meaningful and colorful.

In the Beginning…
In the 15th century, the first use of Lanyard came from French soldiers as well as privateers. Using it helps them keep their weapons close at reach or hand during combat and/or climbing ships’ rigging.

Lanyard originated from the French word ‘lanière’, which means ‘strap’ in English. Originally, the lanyards looked simple and were just made from a rope or cord that were found on a ship, simply tied around their weapons or whistles. In World War II, some soldiers still use lanyards that were attached to their uniforms but with more detailed attachments designed to carry objects for both civilian and military life.

Over time, the popularity of lanyards continues to flourish, specifically in the 20th century, their functional purpose was still retained while becoming more ornamental at the same time.

In the 1950s Lanyard weaving has become a famous craft to teach French and American kids during this time. Children were taught how to make complex knots such as the box knot, Chinese knot, butterfly, and triangle knots. Aside from that, it has seen to help develop manual dexterity. The UK also is seeing a resurgence of ‘scoubidou’, which is a French craft, basically has the same process of how lanyards were created during the mid-20th century.

When it comes to their decorative purpose, you can usually see military officers who have colored braid on their shoulder, which is actually a special kind of lanyard being used to denote their award or rank, a kind of braid and which side it is worn. Such lanyards can be intricate, it can be made with highly stylish knots.

Today, lanyards have become part of businesses too, a very important marketing tool in helping promote their brand, products, or services. This is a good development in lanyards, another purpose that many companies are taking advantage of. A great way to advertise in a more attractive yet cheaper way, helping a business become popular through people wearing their brand name wherever they go.

Now Part of a Cultural Icon
When you go to corporate events, festivals, or concerts, you’ll notice a lot of printed lanyards, and you could be wearing one too. Now you know that it has a rich tradition and history that stretches back many years.

It has become a functional piece of art that has already made an impact in shaping civilization.

What is the Best Lanyard Material? Tips on How to Choose the Right Type

Lanyards are almost anywhere! Buildings with securities and employees wearing lanyards, even in students in schools, hospital staff, small and big companies, trade fairs and conferences, etc. It has become an essential product of our lives today.


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However, it’s also crucial to choose the right material for the lanyard. What is the end purpose of the lanyard? With this question, one can base on the design, style, and type of material to use. There are different types of materials in making a lanyard that you should know:
• Nylon
• Satin
• Polyester
• PET (polyethylene terephthalate)
• Braided paracord
• Braided leather

Lanyards can be divided into different classifications wherein all have their diverse functions:
• Nylon imprinted lanyards – it can be used for many purposes such as holding of security cards, ID badges, or ID cards in business establishments, attaching small devices or gadgets like MP3 players, cameras, and USB flash drives to prevent loss. This kind of material is shinier and thicker compared to polyester. It is also the top and best quality over all the others.

• Polyester imprinted lanyards – this is the most commonly used type because of its durability, flexibility, and cost. It’s a polyester fabric material mainly known for its durable quality, affordable price, and good air breathability, which makes it a good option for people who like to exercise a lot. It can give the best wear-comfort. Choose this type of lanyard if you want to use it for a long time.

• Tubular imprinted lanyards – this is polyester with a shoelace shape, which makes it very comfortable to wear around your neck. It is popular amongst sports enthusiasts. If you need a comfort-wearing material, choose this. It is also a perfect choice for those who are on a tight budget.

• Dye-sublimated lanyards – this is good quality and very durable for custom printed with very complicated logo designs. It is very bright, colorful, tender, and classified as a high-performance lanyard. The lanyards will undergo the advanced dye-sublimated printing process. The dyes will infuse on the lanyard material, which means the designs will not fade even when used in extreme conditions.

• Woven lanyards – this is a unique kind since the slogans, designs logo, or texts will be woven directly on the polyester material. The simple words are woven on the lanyards using threads. Simple logos are suitable for this weaving process. If you need a high-quality design imprint, then this can be a perfect choice.

• Beaded Lanyards – this is a decorative lanyard used to hold ID cards and small items. At times, it is considered as jewelry and shaped like a beaded necklace. A good market for this is women and young girls because it makes them look more fashionable. You can choose pearls, glass beads, or crystal beads. The cost will depend on the material used.

Advertising Your Brand through Cup Sleeve Printing


 Advertising Your Brand through Cup Sleeve Printing



Are you thinking about advertising your brand? There are different ways of promoting your products and service such as television, radio, print ads, the internet, etc. but it depends on the market budget the company has. Huge companies usually opt for television or internet marketing because they have the means to do so. But smaller companies can choose print ads like flyers because it costs less.


Need quote for Cup Printing? Refer to Cup Sleeve Printing Singapore

Zero waste future?  :  Reusable Cup Sleeve Printing Singapore Can Help Make a Zero-Waste Future

Do you it’s recyclable?: Are Full Color Coffee Sleeves Recyclable?

Looking to print lanyards? Check it out here: Customized Lanyards


Coffee sleeve printing has become popular these days because it’s an easy method to advertise your brand out there whenever and wherever. You can have your brand imprinted on a coffee sleeve for local coffee sellers. According to a study made in a university, on-campus students drink about 9,000 cups of coffee on average in a week. An average individual will hold their cup of coffee for about an hour or less wherein 6 people can see every coffee sleeve, and about 65% of them can remember what they have seen on the cup sleeve.

Here are some things you need to take note if you want to promote your brand through cup sleeve printing to coffee shops, restaurants, and cafes:

1. Research first the total cost of coffee sleeve production in terms of how much it costs per sleeve, designing, and printing. Look for reputable printing companies in Singapore.
2. Know your marketing message. What are your goals? This way, you will know if you want to add a coupon for the customers to encourage them to repurchase, advertise an upcoming event, etc.
3. Designing your ad that fits the message of your brand goals. Use one color or full-color scheme. Make sure it’s not overly done, it’s precise and attention-grabber. Create s design that is enough but not overpowering.
4. If you can’t find a distribution company, you can handle it on your own. Once you have your imprinted cup sleeves, go to the nearest coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants near your company or location that offers takeout. Providing coffee sleeves for free for them is an advantage that they will take since it can help them reduce costs.
5. Check your sponsored companies regularly to see if they are using the sleeve or not or if they need an additional supply of coffee sleeves. If you have a marketing department, they should be able to monitor this. But if you are providing the coffee sleeves for free to the community, you need to make sure that whatever your message is on the cup sleeve, your company should live up to the promises.

Others important things to remember:
• Always include contact information of the company. Each sleeve should contain a call to action, website URL, street address, and other contact details where people can easily reach you.
• The ad should be appealing to the customer.

Plan first to see if this method of advertising works for your brand. Check out different establishments first and ask around if you can partner with them in providing the coffee sleeves. Aside from food and beverage businesses, you can also target hospitals, schools, universities, etc. that serve coffee. This way, you can advertise your brand to a wider area.