Branding that Can Go Everywhere Using Custom Drawstring Bags


Is your advertising and promotions budget low? Don’t fret! There is still an effective way to run your campaign without harming your finances thanks to the drawstring bags that have become quite popular these days. The custom drawstring bags are now a current choice as promotional items because these are affordable and have incredible promotional and advertising outreach.

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If one of your goals is to have your business motivate your staff or get the attention in tradeshows, one of the best ways to achieve it is to choose drawstring bags as giveaways without having to worry about the cost because it’s budget-friendly. You can get your brand exposed to only a fraction of the cost when compared to the traditional advertising methods like T.V. ads or billboards. It is a kind of bag that is nice to look at, and it lasts long too since a person can use it wherever and whenever. Be it in road trips, office, adventure activities, picnics, etc. You might not know this, but many people use the bag daily or regularly. It is sturdy and reusable, a portable billboard for your logos, message, and brand.

If you are worried about the cost of running an advertising campaign, you can still make that lasting impression on your target market through the use of personalized products. Drawstring bags will never be out of style and will always make a noise for your business. It is ideal in promoting, gifting, thanking your clients, and motivating your team. Remember to choose the color that perfectly matches your brand. The fabric should also coordinate with your marketing goals as well as the needs of your customers.


You have many models to choose from, and it could be overwhelming. Below is a list of some drawstring bags to help you get started on your planning stage.

• Non-Woven Water Resistant Made in Polypropylene – it is water and tear-resistant. Your brand message will look good in this type of sturdy bags and will surely make their heads turn!
• Vertical Combo Made in Polypropylene – this is perfect for clients that love the outdoors that need plenty of storage space. It has a dual pocket design that will help in keeping the travel essentials without adding more items. It also comes in bright colors, which will surely attract many people.
• Pennant Polyester – it offers a wide-angle display for your brand at an affordable cost. It is perfect for people like road warriors, outdoor-loving individuals, and college students.
• Sports Pack with Mesh Pocket made in Polyester – it has a mesh pocket and reinforced eyelets that can take the outdoor life beating. Because of the material, it is sturdy enough to last long.

These are just a few examples. The printing company or producer of drawstring bags can help you find the perfect kind that will surely fit your marketing needs, goals, and budget.

Facts about Drawstring Bags

The use of custom drawstring bags is ideal for many purposes like conference bags, shopping bags for retailers, swimming gear bags, gym bags, hiking or camping packs, and many more. Whatever need you’re thinking about, as long as you can send the message out there to your target market and place, they will surely keep it and use the bag over and over again.


Let’s get to know some important facts about using this kind of bag in this short yet full in details article.

If you are looking to print your Custom Drawstring Bags you can visit: Custom Drawstring Bags

Read about why you need Custom Drawstring Bags for your marketing: Reasons Why Custom Drawstring Bags are Awesome Marketing Tools


Understanding What a Drawstring Bag Is

It is a rectangular in shape bag that cinches in at the upper or top part using a drawstring. Every end of the string is attached at the bottom back part of the bag to make it big enough, which can also double as a backpack. But they are not just plain bags since some other drawstrings can have notable additional features too.


What makes it Special among the Rest?

It is a popular substitute for personalized tote bags since the user can easily clinch the bag and keep the valuables safe. Compared to duffels, backpacks, and other types of complicated bags, you don’t need to fiddle with the clips, straps, or even buckles. All you need to do is to put your stuff in, pull the drawstring to close it and then slip the strings on your arms and you are good to go.


The Best Uses that You Should Know

It is a versatile kind of bag, but it is rather popular in conferences and events. It is a lightweight and cost-effective promotional tool that is perfect in holding keeping the essentials in one place. It is also useful for those who go to the gym or other fitness industry since it is just the right size to carry extra clothes, swimming gear, small and light towel, water bottle, etc.



If you want the bag customized, you can choose from different materials that would depend on your purpose, need, or budget. It includes cotton, camo print, mesh, polyester, nylon, jersey, insulated fabric, embellished fabrics, clear plastic, and more.

But one thing you need to keep in mind when choosing the right material is how you want to make it your own. You can have the bag customized according to your preference in color, size, and other details that you want.


It Encourages People to Promote your Brand

When used as part of a promotional or marketing project as giveaways or welcome packs, you can take advantage of it by showing off the logo and slogan of your brand with matching colors that will surely make them remember what your brand is all about. People will surely love to use the bag and show it off with others. They could talk about the event and how they love and enjoy what they received.




Reasons Why Custom Drawstring Bags are Awesome Marketing Tools

There are several daily uses for drawstring bags, including hiking implements, and toting picnic supplies. The spacious middle compartment of a drawstring bag plus the brilliant color options with its simple closure are the striking features of logo items. The custom drawstring bags have a good and huge space where the brand and message can be placed strategically and in style.


If you are looking to print your Custom Drawstring Bags you can visit: Custom Drawstring Bags

Some Articles about Custom Drawstring Bags:

Facts about Drawstring Bags

Branding that Can Go Everywhere Using Custom Drawstring Bags


This type of bag is highly functional and has high retention at the same time. People who receive it will use the drawstring bags in many days each week, wherein you will have the assurance brand exposure. This drawstring or “cinch” bag has a cool and casual charm, which makes it perfect for each genre of users in many age groups. If you’re planning to use this as part of your marketing effort, choose an appealing model that your target market or receivers will appreciate to use it all the time instead of having a cheap one that won’t last for a long time.


Bags made of high-quality materials can last long, and people enjoy using it for a long time, these make a great value for your money when you use them as your promotional items. There is a better and positive marketing effect if your products are attracting more, and your brand will be exposed as well at the same time. A drawstring bag is a flexible model that will surely look good anytime and anywhere, and your brand will surely get the exposure that it needs.


This kind of gift item has a long term marketing effect since it assures you the value of the money you’ve invested for your promotional needs. It is easy to distribute since it is lightweight, and the logo items are perfect for events like tradeshows and conferences. Marketers have the budget to distribute the bags to all who are part of the event that can help in getting the brand information all around. If your design is vast, the drawstring bag can be a perfect choice due to its large imprint area.


Here are a few examples of drawstring bags that you can use for your promotions:


  • Corona Deluxe Cinch – it can attract and make good impressions during tradeshows and corporate events. Its shoulder straps, side gussets, as well as headphone port are boosting popularity and functionality among the participants.
  • Trail Loop – it is lightweight and trendy, made in polyester that can provide a canvass space for printing and expanse storage space at the same time. It is ideal for camps, adventure trips, road trips, which will surely attract many people.
  • Executive Knapsack – it is superior in quality that has storage and imprint space, showing as a high-value gift during advertising campaigns or business events. The message of your brand will surely grab the attention of many, and it will become a “hot topic” for sure.
  • Recycled PET Cinch – it is perfect for environment-friendly campaigns. It could be a preferable choice because it uses recycled materials; it has a useful mesh pocket for beverages to carry bottles too.


Plan before choosing the type of drawstring bags you want to personalize for whatever purpose you have. Check your goal and your budget too.