Can I Use Kraft Paper for Paper Bag Printing? What Colors Are Best?


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Print on Paper Bags for Your Brand: What is the Right Size?

What is the Purpose of Paper Bag Printing?



Are you wondering about using kraft paper for paper bag printing, and what colors would fit best? Alibaba Printing will tell you the details based on their years of experience in the printing industry.


Kraft paper is used for different reasons in printing because it gives an old and antique look effect and feels. Using a laser or inkjet printer with brown kraft paper can cause problems due to its thickness, but there is a different printing method for it.


Why is the color of kraft paper brown?


The sack paper wood pulp is made from softwood through the kraft process. The long fibers are giving the kraft paper strength. Wet strength is also added to improve its strength more. Brown and white grade are produced. The paper is then microchipped to give it elasticity and porosity.



If you want to print on kraft paper, here some steps you can follow:

  • First, you need to buy a sheet of kraft paper, or you can recycle your grocery paper bags.
  • There are patterns that you can use over the internet for the design. If you know how to use an editing software, you can make a design from scratch.
  • Load one kraft paper to the bypass tray of the printer, then print.
  • Remove the printed paper so that it won’t cause problems during the next printing pf document.


It’s possible to print at home, but you have to take note of the thickness of the kraft paper. If you are using the paper bag as giveaways for business, and you need to print in bulk, it is highly recommended to get the professional services of printing.


Is it possible to print white ink on a kraft paper bag?


If you want to print using white ink on a kraft paper, you can achieve a similar effect by printing a kraft style background using a recycled stock.


The best colors to print on a brown kraft paper


If you are planning to use the paper bags as part of your marketing campaign, the brown kraft paper is not as versatile as the white one if you would like to apply different colors to it. It is highly recommended to stick to dark, black, or muted shades or tones. Such colors are not affected that much by the brown color of the paper and it can give a good contrast at the same time. Aside from black, all colors are affected to some extent when you print them on a brown kraft paper.


What color should you avoid?

Yellow, light, or pale colors should be avoided since it doesn’t have enough contrasting power against the brown color of the kraft paper. Check the color wheel to give you an idea of which color and tone work best.


Another tip: the manufacturing of this kind of paper will depend and may result in variation for the color of the sheet, wherein the front is darker than the backside



How to Get Most of the Flyer Distribution Campaign?


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Express Flyer Distribution Tips That You Need to Keep in Mind

Do Flyer Distribution Work for Businesses Today?



Are you trying to find proven details on how you can get most of your flyer distribution campaign? Look no further! Alibaba Printing can show you how you can achieve it, based on years of experience in this line of work and industry.


Giving of flyers is planned and not just because you want to do it for no reason. It always has marketing goals that you want to achieve for your business. Before starting the distribution campaign, there are certain issues that you need to look into first.


  • What is your message that you want your receiver to understand? What are you trying to do? Is it an opening event? A promo? Or both? Make sure the flyer is ready with the perfect details. There is no turning back once you approve the design for printing hundreds or thousands of copies.


  • Timing is everything. Paper is not durable and won’t last long. Check the local weather forecast for heavy winds, rain, snow, etc. Adjust the schedule if there will be weather troubles on the day of your distribution. Holidays are the busiest, and you’ll be competing with the decorations all around like during Christmas or Halloween, so take note that spaces might not be available as the regular days, better prepare ahead.


  • Who is your target audience? Can a general audience read your flyer or more specific ones? Handing the flyers out to people is one thing, but giving them to the RIGHT individuals is another thing.


  • Method of distribution. You have a few choices in distributing the flyers:

– Hanging of flyers in the community or public areas.

– Stack flyers in high-traffic locations.

– Hand the flyers directly to individuals.

– Door-to-door or car-to-car.


Whatever you choose, you need to consider the quantity and time of getting rid of them all. Another thing to remember is to get the necessary PERMIT or PERMISSIONS before the campaign day.


  • Experienced distribution team. Doing it alone will take you a lot of time, but distributing with a team will give you quick results. If you don’t have a support team from your company, you can hire a team from marketing or flyering agency that has monitoring and reporting after every campaign did to keep you updated.


  • Geographic and demographic targeting. Local businesses can target a specific location that can benefit from their products or services. Demographics are selecting specific people when handing out the flyers who can benefit from the message of the flyer to get a higher success rate.


True that flyers and distributing them is affordable, but you can throw money away if you are not doing it right. Many businesses would fail at looking at these issues and end up wasting paper, money, and time. You can create a smart plan to help you with your flyer campaign to get the most out of it and achieve your personal goals and marketing plans.



How to Do Transparent Sticker Printing Singapore?

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Sticker Label Printing Singapore: The Final Say on Paper VS Vinyl

How Can I do Sticker Printing Singapore at Home?



Are you trying to do transparent sticker printing in Singapore on your own? Or are you also thinking about hiring the professional services of a printing company? Alibaba Printing will show you the step by step guide if you want to do the printing on your own and tell why paying for the printing company would be a much better choice.


Most people know that printers usually print on white paper and is just limited to that. Such equipment can print with colors and also on transparent ones, which are called sticker sheets, and many don’t know that you can make stickers from it. There are transparent sticker papers that already come in precut shapes like rectangles and circles, but there are also plain ones that you need to cut manually.


Follow these steps if you want to do it on your own using your printer:


STEP1: You should know if your printer is an inkjet or laser technology. Check the manual.


STEP2: Use the right kind of sticker paper for the printer that you have since there specific brands, and some are compatible with laser and inkjet. Find out the purpose of printing that sticker so that you can choose between the precut or the plain ones.


STEP3: Just put the paper in the tray part of the printer. Usually, remember the labels should face down since the printers mostly print on that certain side.


STEP4: Arrange the data in your image editor or word processor so that your images will be printed on the right side of the paper. Use the ruler so that you can measure the right height and length of the stickers, including the distance. You can see rulers on the top of the screen, use it, and make adjustments if needed.


STEP5: Print the document by clicking the FILE tab, then PRINT. You can also directly press the PRINTER icon on the toolbar.


STEP6: double-check if the printer was able to print on the sticker. You can repeat step 4 and check all the data before reprinting again.


STEP7: If you bought an unmodified sticker sheet, manually cut the sticker using scissors.



The steps may sound simple, but it takes effort in designing the stickers and time too. You need to carefully set up the data to ensure that you don’t end up wasting paper due to wrong measurements.


It does involve some technicalities, and if you are not used to doing so, and you need to print in bulk, better ask the help of a professional printing company, especially if you are doing it for your marketing purposes.


Printing companies like Alibaba Printing can help you design from scratch, create the perfect design and combination of colors, and use the right kind of paper that fits the needs of your goals. The cost involved is not expensive, and you just need to provide the necessary details during the creation stage. Plus, you don’t need to cut the sticker manually since you have different options you can choose from for this.





Can Tissue Paper Printing for Marketing Help Your Brand?


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Wet Tissue Printing: A Useful Marketing Tool

Tissue Paper Printing 101: What is Tissue Paper?



Are you thinking about incorporating tissue paper printing in your marketing plans but having doubts if it can help your business or not? Alibaba Printing will discuss helpful details for you to know it has a positive impact on business or not.


Tissue pack marketing is not that familiar, but this inexpensive marketing tactic is making businesses in other parts of the world adopt the same technique. Tissue packs account for millions of sales each year in different countries, and this is a number that you don’t want to ignore. Brands are looking for affordable marketing tools that can help advertise their products and/or services. With this, there is a huge potential of getting a big market without having to spend A LOT!


Why has it gained attraction today?

There is a simple answer to this question: People need tissues, and most of them bring it anywhere with them. Because of humidity, sweat, or hygienic purposes in general, people bring with them tissue packs all the time. But those are not just the main reason for its success; in actuality, this method is cheaper than other forms of advertisements offline. It is an effective, cost-efficient solution that can create a huge impact.


One of the most interesting parts is that it is a bit similar to flyer promotion, wherein the distribution team also hands them out manually. But one main difference is that the receivers of flyers don’t have much use of the paper compared to the tissue pack wherein they can use it later on. The flyers received are mostly read, kept, or thrown away.


Tissues are a valuable thing today, and no one wants to throw them right away. Printed tissue packs have a longer life span and have more importance in terms of usage. Plus, let’s say the person does not need the tissue pack, he or she can give it to another person instead of throwing it away easily. Your investment in this method won’t be a waste.


Tissue packs are mostly handed out in other countries to people who are walking in streets, subways, or in high traffic areas. The results of this kind of promotional method are promising according to the results of the research conducted. There is a 75% acceptance rate for the tissue packs, which is higher than any other offline marketing tools and strategies.


And, people like to look at the colorful ads on the tissue pack while they are using it. Your promotion meets the end goal more often. It is a win-win for you and the receiver wherein you convey your message, and the receiver can use something valuable.


Using this method for your business could be a game-changer for your marketing scheme. It is easier to produce, has a higher exposure rate, and people will convey your message in a short time.





The Essential Elements in Envelope Printing



More in-depth details here: Envelope Printing

How Can Envelope Printing Benefit Your Business Amidst Technological Progress?

Where Can I Print Cheap Envelope For My Business?


Are you looking for details on must-have elements in envelope printing? If you are, Alibaba Printing will tell you what you need to know to help you prepare the information before heading out to the printing company.


Businesses know that envelopes are just as important as the content in it. If they are not well-designed, clients are not motivated to open them, which will end your chance of sending your message to your customers. It is vital to consider applying the right marketing strategy before sending out the mails.


Here are some of the essential elements in marketing that you can incorporate for your campaign in a direct-mail sales letter.


  • Plan Ahead – the copy, design, message, and size of your company envelopes matter and should be discussed in the planning stage of your campaign. For your sales letter to be a success, your receivers should read it, which is why the envelopes should be enticing enough wherein they are excited to open and check out what is inside. Write down the goals of your campaign, the actions that your receivers might take, and how your envelopes can become an effective introduction.
  • Awesome List of Receivers – this is a basic part of direct-mail marketing wherein the campaign for your sales letters must meet the standards of your audience that are highly targeted. There is a 40/40/20 rule wherein 40% of the direct mail success depends on the mailing list quality. You need to understand who your customers are and what motivates them to open the envelopes, and what you offer is beneficial for them wherein they are likely to respond positively.
  • Offer and Call to Action Must be Included – this does not mean the end-all-be-all, final call to action. The call to action of your envelope is to open it and see what is inside using words like ‘Open immediately – and learn the..,’ it gives the audience a reason to open the envelope and read the contents.
  • Design is Alluring – vivid images with attractive colors and bold headlines can grab the receiver’s eyes quickly. Make sure the envelopes will stand out over all the junk mail that they also receive. But it will also depend on the nature of the sales letter wherein you can include other graphic elements. Envelopes usually look like confidential material, which is why you have to create the right combination of details to make sure your brand won’t end up looking cheap because of a dull and not well-designed envelope.
  • Test and Repeat – even the slightest variation can have an impact on your campaign in terms of envelope size, design, and copy. You can test out different envelopes on a smaller market segment before doing the full-scale campaign. Track down the response so that you can compare which one shows a higher ROI. Repeat the mailings by sending out another sales letter like a full-color postcard direct-mail marketing. You want your prospects to keep your brand fresh in their minds. For best results, you can try mailing six weeks apart.


If you do it right, you will reap the benefits later on.




Print on Paper Bags for Your Brand: What is the Right Size?


Full details here: Paper Bag Printing

Paper Bag Printing: Is It a Smart Choice For Your Business?

Can I Use Kraft Paper for Paper Bag Printing? What Colors Are Best?



Are you thinking about using print on paper bags for your business? Alibaba Printing can show you crucial details that will help you make the right decision.


There are different sizes of paper bags that you can choose from, and choosing the right kind for your business might be a bit challenging. Paper bags come in white and brown colors. The brown paper bags are used more than the white ones. But if you are thinking about attracting customers, the white bags can highlight your brand’s logo, and the appearance is cleaner as well. It doesn’t matter which one you choose, since both colors have thick construction, resistant to rips and tears.


Which One Should You Choose?

Are you running a restaurant or a small deli? The shopping bags or paper lunch bags that have bag handles are the best options for you. Grocery stores need something that’s a heavyweight. The point here it all depends on the type of products you are selling. Below are some helpful details on the types of paper bags, capacities, width, average length, and height dimensions.


  • Lunch Bags

– Capacity: 1/2 – 5 lb.

– Length: 11″

– Width: 3 – 5 1/4″

– Height: 5 – 10″


  • Grocery Bags

– Capacity: 2 – 25 lb.

– Length: 17″

– Width: 4 – 12″

– Height: 7 – 18″


  • Beer, Liquor, and Wine Bags

– Capacity: Varies

– Length: Varies

– Width: 3 – 10″

– Height: 11 – 16″


  • Baguette Bread Bags

– Capacity: Varies

– Length: —

– Width: 4 – 5 1/2″

– Height: 16 – 28″


  • Produce Bags

– Capacity: 1/4 – 1 pk.

– Length: Varies

– Width: 6 – 8″

– Height: 8 – 10 1/2″


  • Recloseable Tin Tie Coffee Bags

– Capacity: 1/2 – 8 lb.

– Length: 9 3/4″

– Width: 4 – 6 1/2″

– Height: 7 – 16″


  • Merchandise Bags

– Capacity: Varies

– Length: —

– Width: 6 – 21″

– Height: 9 – 24″


Note: The length here is the dimension from side to side of the base of the bag. Width is the dimension from front to back of the base of the bag.



Many already know that paper bags are 100% reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable. A lot of paper bags can hold more weight or pressure compared to using plastic bags. It also presents less risk of suffocation to animals and young kids.



One of the downsides of using paper bags when compared to plastic bags is that it is not waterproof. Using paper bags is more expensive than plastic bags. It can also take more of your storage space than plastic bags and are significantly heavier too.



There are benefits and drawbacks, but it also depends on what your brand supports. Today, people are concerned with the environment, and many believe that using paper is a lot more beneficial than plastic bags. Many companies today are shifting to paper bags not just for environmental reasons but also because of the marketing benefits that it offers.



Express Flyer Distribution Tips That You Need to Keep in Mind


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Effective Flyer Distribution Ways to Reach More People

How to Get Most of the Flyer Distribution Campaign?



Do you need an express flyer distribution service for your upcoming event? If you do, Alibaba Printing caters to clients that need quick service. For this, you might want to keep some things in mind to help you accomplish your tasks at hand.


Many already know that the distribution of flyers is an effective marketing tool that can help you achieve your marketing goals, especially if it is well-planned and executed accordingly. It can help the business generate and build clients, as long as the design of the flyer is right for the brand and the distribution technique is smart, allowing you to capitalize on a cost-efficient tool that can reach potential customers.


The printing and distribution services are relatively inexpensive, helping you promote your brand to your target audience, especially if you do it right. According to statistics, the paper is still a hot medium used by many marketers to deliver the message to their potential clients. Printing and distribution of flyers is still the most preferred method in receiving messages from businesses in the local area, according to a recent study.


Yes, the use of flyers is still hot, and the two main things that help in getting the most out of the campaign are DESIGN and DISTRIBUTION. Below are the best tips that you should keep in mind or write down.


You have the option to do it on your own or hire the services of a printing company. You can find a lot of pre-programmed sample flyers over the internet that you can simply edit for free. Remember, the success would depend on the design, and if you don’t have the eye for it, you could end up putting too many elements on your flyer. It is highly recommended to let the professional graphics designers handle it. Remember the following details below:


  • Keep it SIMPLE – an image or picture can speak a thousand words; you can take advantage of this fact. Don’t clutter the design with too many words. You want to awaken the interest of the reader, not make them throw your flyer away to the garbage.
  • Make sure the headline is catchy, even you want to call your own business! A ‘call to action’ portion is a must. Create a headline that turns heads and describes your brand at the same time, and contact information must also be included.
  • TYPOS, a common mistake that you don’t want to overlook. Have it rechecked twice or three times by other people!
  • Creativity means choosing the right colors, fonts, sizes of all the elements, and many others. It’s not just about how you feel, it’s also about the overall look of the design. SIMPLE, CONCISE, and PERFECT.


It may sound simple to others, but not everyone can pull off an awesome looking flyer on their own. Alibaba Printing has an in-house graphic designer, experienced, and knowledgeable in creating the best flyer for your brand.

Sticker Label Printing Singapore: The Final Say on Paper VS Vinyl


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Sticker Printing Singapore Q&A: Can I Print Stickers Using My Home Printer?

How to Do Transparent Sticker Printing Singapore?



Are you a little confused about using paper or vinyl for your sticker label printing in Singapore? If you are, Alibaba Printing can help you clear your mind on this matter to help you make the right decision for your business.


You may already be thinking about which one but still unsure, below are details on the crucial points that you need to remember.


Vinyl Label and Stickers Properties

Vinyl is polypropylene only. It has replaced PVC vinyl since it has the same properties, just without the toxic contents that PVC has, which is a concern for the environment and many people. So what are polypropylene’s properties? It is weatherproof, waterproof, scratch-resistant, UV-resistant, weatherproof, and tear-resistant. Plus, it is safe to be used for food packaging, and it’s recyclable too.


Polypropylene labels and vinyl stickers are a little more costly compared to using paper. However, they have more properties that customers like. A good example would be its ability to peel off in one action rather than ripping it off into smaller pieces. The plastic-like finish of polypropylene is also appreciated by many.


Labels and Paper Stickers Properties

Don’t get it wrong, but paper can still provide a good look, most especially if you use matt or gloss laminate for the type of finish that you like. But, it’s clear that it is not as durable as the polypropylene vinyl, it’s not waterproof too, which is why it can be torn to pieces easily.


With that, if you have a tight budget, then this option is cheaper, giving you more labels/stickers within your limited budget. Some clients like the finish of paper since it doesn’t look too plastic, and textured paper can also give that rustic effect or look.


Labels and Food Safety

This is one of the main differences between paper and vinyl labels for products. Polypropylene is adequately safe when used outside the packaging of the food but the uncoated paper is the only 100% safe for food when directly touches the drink or food for consumption.


Example: You can place a polypropylene label

outside of the plastic container for food. But if you need to put a sticker on the apples itself, the uncoated paper is the safer choice. There may be instances when the label or stickers will have direct contact with the mouth like children’s toys, wherein the uncoated paper is the best and safest choice.


The Final Say:

  • Find out the purpose and needs. Do you need waterproof or durable properties? If so, choose polypropylene vinyl.
  • If you don’t care about the properties, but you want your budget maximized, then choose paper.
  • For food labels, you have to remember a few things. If it’s for outside of the container or packaging, use polypropylene vinyl.
  • But if you think the stickers may be placed on something that will be consumed, choose uncoated paper.
  • Lastly, if the label or sticker will be in direct contact with the mouth, choose uncoated paper.




Wet Tissue Printing: A Useful Marketing Tool


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Tissue Paper Printing is Vital for One Reason: The Importance of Hygiene

Can Tissue Paper Printing for Marketing Help Your Brand?



Are you looking for a unique marketing tool that’s different yet effective to promote your business? Well, Alibaba Printing can show you why wet tissue printing can be the best option for your business if you want to step away from the traditional forms of promotion that are usually boring and plain.


Alibaba Printing is all about creativity and uniqueness for every brand. The services offered are in different forms of advertising than you expect, but everyone knows that any kind of advertising is good advertising. However, there is always a smarter, more unique way to do things. Copying the exact pattern, style, design, or colors is never an option.


Wet tissue printing maybe a new idea to you or some and might consider as no connection to your business. However, advertising your business when it comes to uniqueness doesn’t need to be “always in the box,” we go out of our comfort zones if you want to get ahead, beat your competitors, and get the market’s attention.


It doesn’t matter whether you are a car dealer, wedding supplier, real estate agency, and a lot more others; the pocket tissue pack is an excellent avenue in boosting brand recognition. Can you imagine the huge market you can attract if you use this kind of marketing tool? Adults, young adults, teens, and even kids! Most of them carry in their bags or purse, in their car, office table, comfort rooms a packet of wipes.


Think about giveaways for your wedding event. Add personalized tissue packs with printed pictures and other memorable details of the event. The possibilities are endless when it comes to designing the packet. What about a fundraiser event wherein you are trying to promote an organization or business? Add tissue packets with custom details of the company logo, contact number, etc. taking promotion to a higher level!


Did you just open a restaurant or food truck? Offer your branded wet wipes for every purchased food. It’s a good way to help your customers clean their messy fingers and a perfect giveaway to remind them of your delicious food and awesome place, giving them a reason to come back!


The point here is that people nowadays, most especially in this pandemic time, keep tissue packets with them because they need it. Every time they take the packet out from their bags or purse, your brand or logo is exposed over and over again to the user or other people around, most especially if the design is noticeable and unique.


The packets have different sides where you can take advantage and apply your artistic touch. Not good in editing? Don’t worry about it, most printing companies have in-house expert graphics designer that can help you bring to life your imagination! Use the side wisely, and don’t put unnecessary details. Attract using the most obvious element of your brand that people will surely remember,



How Can Envelope Printing Benefit Your Business Amidst Technological Progress?




More info here: Envelope Printing

The Essential Elements in Envelope Printing



Do you think envelope printing is already an “old school” that should be left forgotten during this technologically developed times? Definitely NO. Alibaba Printing will help you clear your mind by showing you the different benefits your business will enjoy if you consider making it part of your marketing schemes.


The world or even the business operation itself is not just all about marketing and brand presentation online. In the offline world, many easily overlook small things like envelopes, for example. It’s simple, small, lightweight and people still use them every single day. It is more used on the practical side, wouldn’t you agree?


Envelope printing is one of the key tools in the arsenal of businesses, it’s one of the many companies that don’t recognize and use.


Brand Cohesion

Direct mail importance is given, EVEN in this developed technological times. Even though it’s a fact that direct mail is effective and vital, you still need to make sure that you are grabbing this as an opportunity for you to promote or advertise your brand as much as possible. Think about the number of people who will see your envelopes, you want them to get a glimpse of what your business is all about. You can tell them about your company at a glance, and you’ll notice the profile of your business will grow.


Embrace Your Creative Side

You might say you’re not creative, but you have to allow your creativity to show. There are so many designs out there, hundreds of colors, layouts, and fonts to choose from. It gives you the power to create something unique, and from your vision, mind, and goals. You establish the idea that your customers can recognize your brand instantly, and customizing the envelope has a huge contribution to make that happen.


Your clients will ascribe characteristics to your company based on how you have interacted with them. If you simply send them brown and white plain envelopes, they won’t be that happy or excited about your brand or business. Add some personality and color so that they will react more positively.


Easy and Affordable

You can print on your envelopes using your office printer in just minutes. But, if you need to print in bulks with a professional and elegant look done by experts, you can talk to a printing company to help you out with everything. Printing companies like Alibaba Printing have in-house graphic artists who can assist you in making the perfect envelopes for your brand. Remember, the higher the quantity, the cheaper it will be.


Many will still agree that the old school is cool, such traditional or old strategies are still used by many outside the internet world. One fact is that a lot of people would still appreciate receiving a well-designed envelope, stirring curiosity, and creating excitement in opening it at the same time.


Paper Bag Printing: Is It a Smart Choice For Your Business?


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Paper Bag Printing as a Marketing Tool – The Benefits for Your Business

Print on Paper Bags for Your Brand: What is the Right Size?



Are you looking for other tools that you can use for your marketing schemes to promote your company or brand effectively? If you are, Alibaba Printing shares this information, whether paper bag printing is a smart choice for your business or not.


Paper bags have become a trend lately and not just used as a mere package for products. Events and other marketing activities of the companies have seen it as an important tool for many reasons, especially if you customize them.


The use of paper bags is more popular today, and retailers are looking for alternative ways in offering a trendy and effective substitute for plastic bags. Although another option would be the use of fabric bags made from jute or cotton, it would be more costly for many smaller businesses or to those that have a limited budget.


Paper bags are worth investing in for some reasons, and it could be a smart choice for your business because of the following:


  • It’s an environmentally friendly option that you want to take advantage of – if you are concerned about the environment, then this would be a better choice for you, which would create a positive impact for your business. Today, you can find a lot of fully biodegradable paper bags. If these bags are not biodegradable, they can be usually recycled wherein most come from recycled materials, and that’s a fact.


  • A great choice if you want your brand to be noticed – you can print your brand logo, add other details or elements using the right combination of colors, depending on your project or marketing scheme. You can keep it minimalistic; you can send the message to your clients or potential customers or create something that grabs people’s attention. Do not limit your imagination; you have endless possibilities! Once your paper bag leaves your store, many other people will surely notice it!


  • It adds luxury – paper bags are not simple and boring. It comes in different sizes and shapes; you can choose to laminate them or design them according to the style of your brand. You can also choose the type of handles that you want for the bags, adding a luxurious feel to it. You can opt for silk ribbon or rope handles, which would all depend on your styling and overall budget. If you are confused and you don’t have any idea about designing or styling, a team of graphics designers from an in-house printing company like Alibaba Printing can help out with details. Everything will be discussed and planned according to your preference and when you need them for delivery.



There are various ways on how you can advertise your brand, but if you want to make it stylish, reusable, unforgettable, and collectible, then choosing paper bags would be a smart investment and choice. Plan it and ask printing companies to get your price quotation for you to know how much you need to set aside for the budgeting.


Effective Flyer Distribution Ways to Reach More People


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Tips that Work on How You Can Increase Sales through Flyer Distribution

Express Flyer Distribution Tips That You Need to Keep in Mind



Looking for helpful information on how you can reach more people using your event flyers during your flyer distribution campaign? If you are, then continue reading on as Alibaba Printing shows you the most effective ways to reach more people based on their years of experience.


Event flyers are known as old school, but it still is an effective way to promote products, services, or events. Your beautifully designed flyers need to be in the hands of the right team of people. It involved proper planning before running a distribution campaign. You don’t just go out there and give them to random people, or else all your efforts will be a waste.


Here are different ways for you to reach more people when distributing the flyers, both online and offline.


#1. Direct Mail – you can mail the invitations if you have a list of potential people that will attend your event along with their address. All you have to do is to send them. If you have a tight budget and can only spare for a few numbers of invitations, try printing off the labels and stuffing the envelope yourself. If you need to send it to a larger number, the mailing house can do the work for you. The cost would depend on how many flyers you want to mail.


#2. Shops and services in your local area – we all know this is a traditional way of doing it. You can ask the local businesses and see if you can post the flyer in their shop windows, display tables, etc. Check the places that has a waiting room where people are spending their time and have nothing much to do like opticians, hairdressers, dentists, clinics, etc. Put them in places where your potential clients usually are found. You can also offer to display their flyers during your business event in exchange for allowing you to put your flyers in their shop.



#3. Door drops – if you don’t have an address list, this is the cheapest option you can choose. The process itself is time-intensive, but it can let you cover a wide geographical area, but this is workable if you have a hyper-targeted distribution. If you are targeting students, then you want to work your way at a campus or anywhere where there is a dense population of students. You can ask for the help of Alibaba Printing for more workers to do the job.


#4: Street bodies – this is a proactive approach wherein you give the flyers in person. Hit the streets and target high-foot areas like the main streets, bus or train stations, entertainment complexes, sporting facilities, etc. Remember, your target audience will tell you the best times, days, and places where you can do this. If you have the budget but less time, it’s always best to hire people to help distribute the flyers. But make sure you are permitted to distribute the flyers before you start handing them out.


#5. On the Internet – distribute your flyers digitally too. Share it on your social media accounts.


Use the most of your flyers. Online is not enough, and many people love tangible things.



Sticker Printing Singapore Q&A: Can I Print Stickers Using My Home Printer?


Important details here: Sticker Printing

Getting to Know Sticker Printing Singapore More for Your Brand – Is It The Right Tool For You?

Sticker Label Printing Singapore: The Final Say on Paper VS Vinyl



Are you thinking about printing stickers for an event or marketing campaign? Are you confused about whether to do it using your printer or with the help of a printing company? If your answer is all YES, then Alibaba Printing can show you how you can do it and whether it’s a good option for you to do it on your own.


Every company or individual has a limit in budgeting the money for marketing or personal use. Many are curious to know whether they can print their stickers using their home printer. Well, of course, you can. You can customize it on your own without the help of a designer, you can print only to the number of pages that you need, and you won’t need a special kind of inkjet printer for it, but you need to plan well to avoid wasting sticker paper and ink.


The first thing to establish is to know how many stickers you need to print and check the documentation of your printer to see the number of cartridges you need to use. Cartridges don’t come cheap, so you better be careful.


STEP 1: Buy sticker paper, you can usually find them in supply stores.


STEP 2: Design the sticker using an editing application that’s familiar to you. Use something like Photoshop, GIMP, Microsoft Word, or anything that will allow you to add images and write texts. Set it to standard letter-sized document, maximize the space by carefully arranging the designs, and making sure you can cut the stickers at the same time. You can also utilize a sticker template that you can find online.


STEP 3: Check the colors. Remember, heavy colors can take a toll on the ink supply of the inkjet printer.


STEP 4: First, print a test page using a plain sheet of paper to help you see if you are satisfied with the quality.


STEP 5: Insert a sticker paper that’s completely flat, without any folds or wrinkles to avoid getting stuck in the feed of the printer.


STEP 6: Wait and let it dry once the printing is done. Do not touch the surface.


STEP 7: Cut out the sticker using a paper cutter or sharp scissor.


Is it too much of a hassle? Well, the good thing about it is that you can save money IF you are doing everything correctly. However, if you are not that artistic and familiar with using editing applications and software, you will end up putting a lot of effort and time into designing it. Plus, it’s always best to get the help of professional graphic designers to help you print the best design for your marketing plans. There are in-house graphic designers in printing companies like Alibaba Printing wherein you can lay down your plans, details, and other preferences.


It’s not expensive to have the stickers printed from a printing company. There are cheap sticker printing packages that you can avail of.




Tissue Paper Printing is Vital for One Reason: The Importance of Hygiene


In-depth info here: Tissue Paper Printing

Reasons Why Tissue Paper Printing Promotion Is Very Successful

Wet Tissue Printing: A Useful Marketing Tool



Are you considering tissue paper printing as part of your marketing strategy to boost the market presence of your brand or company? If you are, and if you need help, Alibaba Printing will help you understand why this can be a perfect addition when running a promotional campaign.


Using pocket tissues have different benefits. But do you know the main reason why you should take advantage of this tool? People are conscious of hygiene, and most of their pockets or bags would always have a pocket tissue, and they carry it with them all the time.


Tissue papers are the best in sucking dirt, oil; and keeping you away from germs, viruses, and bacteria. In today’s pandemic situation, people think about cleanliness all the time, and the use of tissue is already the main thing.


The absorbency features of the tissue paper are one of the main reasons why it is found in almost anywhere – houses, restaurants, etc. It is extremely crucial to keep our hands clean through regular washing, wherein statistics say that 80% of infections are spread by our hands. Washing is not enough, drying the hands is also a crucial factor. According to research made, bacteria are removed after washing and the mechanical rough action of drying the hands using tissue papers.


Our current pandemic situation today is one of the ways you can incorporate your message into your marketing strategy. You can show that your company cares about all the clients and they will surely be more loyal to your brand. You can use tissue packs with your customized design printed on the packaging along with your message of concern like “stay safe,” “stay at home,” “wash and clean your hands,” etc. beside your brand name and logo.


For business people, many would think that tissue paper printing is not the right tool for them because they offer a different service. A successful marketing campaign is run by imaginative minds that go beyond the boundaries of promotions through the use of effective marketing tools in terms of boosting ROI and market presence. Do not close your mind with just simple and plain ideas.


Printing on pocket tissue packaging is one of the best ways to get repeated exposure to many people, especially to those who are conscious of hygiene. You can use it as part of your corporate giveaways or freebies for company events. You have to be creative when it comes to marketing your business, and one way to do it is to think outside of the box. Using this tool can give you several advantages that others don’t have.


One fact that you don’t want to disregard is that tissue paper is affordable and part of everyone’s NEEDS.

Alibaba Printing can help you in creating the perfect design that will surely make them read the tissue pack, create promotional messages, and make sure that they will make the call and close a sale.




Paper Bag Printing as a Marketing Tool – The Benefits for Your Business


Other helpful in here: Paper Bag Printing

Types of Custom Paper Bags for Food Packaging

Paper Bag Printing: Is It a Smart Choice For Your Business?



Is paper bag printing an effective marketing tool for your business? Many would ask the same question too. Well, Alibaba Printing has local and international clients who have already tasted the success of boosting market presence and boosting sales by having this as part of their marketing plans, and for other crucial reasons. Let’s find out what they are.


There are two very important reasons why many businesses today use printed paper bags. The following reasons are as follows: the product is used for advertising, and the next reason is it does not cause any destruction or detriment to the surroundings or the environment. Many groups are aware of the situation about the environmental threats happening today, and they need some promotional strategy to utilize the product in the market, which is environmental-friendly.


The Benefits of Paper Bag Printing for Your Business

  • Paper bags can be an instrument for you to promote your brand image since it shows your concern towards nature. You can increase sales by introducing green technology to your clients. You will surely gain the trust of environment enthusiasts.


  • The use of plastic bags is declining. You can take advantage of this fact by producing printed paper bags and customize it using your eye-catchy promotional message that will surely lure customers. Putting the logo and brand name is the most grounded message commonly utilized by different organizations.


  • It is more affordable and eco-friendly. The materials used in producing paper bags are recyclable materials that are safe for the earth. Custom printing for plastic bags is limited compared to paper bags, wherein you can use different colors. Plus, the sides of the paper bags have a wide space wherein you can print details of your promotion, your message, and your company. You can print on both sides of the paper bag too.


  • You can put promotional texts on the paper bag including the crucial details such as the bag-name, phone number, website, email address, logo, company address, etc. Just make sure that the information is placed well and is not messy to look at.


  • It can be reused for different reasons. Paper bags are not just used when people need something to put in their shopping items. It can serve as a perfect lunch bag, a bag to organize items in the office, for school papers, etc. You get the idea that people consider paper bags more important than plastic bags because they know they can use it again, especially if it has a cool and unique design.


  • You can choose the perfect size for your products. You can use it as part of your giveaways or as the main package for your products when people make a purchase.


  • Many people love to collect a well-designed paper bag. So if you want your brand to be part of their collection, take advantage of this fact and make sure you create a design that will surely make them want to keep the paper bag and show-off to their family and friends and on social media.



Many people today are accustomed to using printed paper bags, especially in urban communities, wherein many places all around the world have boycotted the use of plastic bags.




Tips that Work on How You Can Increase Sales through Flyer Distribution


Read here for more details: Flyer Distribution

The Best Urgent Flyer Distribution Ways

Effective Flyer Distribution Ways to Reach More People



One true claim about flyer distribution is that everyone knows IT WORKS, which is why Alibaba Printing receives non-stop printing and distribution package requests from their regular and even new clients. What made this method so effective that even in high-tech times, businesses would still choose the traditional way of marketing their brand?


However, mind you that it’s not as easy as it sounds. Getting the flyers out there is a bit trickier, placing them on windscreens, door-to-door distribution, or simple flyering is still all in all effective methods of marketing.


But others still fail in this simple method and were not able to utilize its full potential. Simple doesn’t mean it’s easy. Before designing, printing, and distributing to thousands of potential leads to your company, take note of the following tips below that WORK to help you increase your sales.


  • The message in your flyer should be EXTRA clear – the message should be clear, conveyed quickly, clearly, and creatively. It should be memorable, imaginative, and has a sharp copy. The distribution should be more unique, sharper, shorter, and more memorable. Attempt to stir the reaction of your audience.


  • It’s flyer distribution and NOT leaflet distribution – leaflets are cheaper, true, but you are trying to MAKE money and NOT saving money by choosing leaflet distribution. You want to spread your message, and if saving money affects spreading your message, then doing the whole thing is POINTLESS. Make sure that the message and design are presentable and neat. You are choosing flyers over leaflets because you want to distribute a short and snappy message. You don’t need the extra space for that.


  • Shaped flyers can create an extra impact – add a simple shape to make sure you get the attention of your receiver. Every trick you have should be used to make sure that every receiver will read the message. You get maximum impact and a boost on ROI.


  • Focus on your CUSTOMERS, not about your company – many people would not care even if your company existed for 50 years! What they care about is what you can do for them. It’s not just about placing the elements everywhere on the flyer like the logo, contact details, etc. Customers want a company that sees through their wants and needs. They want to be pleased, they want the BEST. Show them that your company loves them, make them feel your passion.


  • Giving discounts – it is a good idea to add this to the flyer. The hard part of any business is getting the customers. Attract the customers first, and profits will follow. Doing so helps in building loyal clients. If you give your customer good services, they will most likely return. The more they come back, the steadier things will be for the business. Once your business has become steady, you will now see opportunities and rely on your steady stream of loyal clients that you built up.



Getting to Know Sticker Printing Singapore More for Your Brand – Is It The Right Tool For You?


Full info here: Sticker Printing

Custom Stickers Singapore Awesome Advantages That You Don’t Want to Miss

Sticker Printing Singapore Q&A: Can I Print Stickers Using My Home Printer?



Sticker printing in Singapore is one of the hottest marketing tools today that companies put their hopes on to increase their sales, market presence, and brand visibility. Alibaba Printing has a lot of regular clients who think positively about adding it to their advertising schemes.


However, many people still might know or understand yet the beauty of making stickers, using them, and taking advantage of its simplicity yet powerful punch when marketing a brand. Let’s get to know some interesting facts and learn the details as you read on.


The Process

To give you an idea of how the stickers are made, here are the steps:

Step 1: Designing the artwork for your advertising goal is the first step.

Step 2: Once the artwork has been approved by the client for printing, it goes into production.

Step 3: The printed artwork will now be cut into smaller pieces for preparation.

Step 4: Lamination is the next right after cutting.

Step 5: Die-cutting is the final step.



The stickers can come from different types of materials. With this, you will have to figure out first the purpose of using the sticker and how much budget you have allotted for it. Litho stock from lithography printing is the most popular kind of material. However, it is not water-resistant but very affordable, and it may or may not have a coating over it.


Vynil is another common type wherein it many choose it for its damage and water-resistant features. It is considered as the most durable sticker, but it is a bit pricier compared to other types of paper. It doesn’t easily fade and curl from high temperatures.



You can choose between the matt and glossy coating. UV coating is another option wherein the sticker will be sun-resistant. Matt makes the sticker look plain, while glossy adds shine to the paper. UV coating uses ultraviolet rays to make the paper look extra glossy, and it adds a stronger protection layer.



Stickers today are self-adhesive called PSA or pressure-sensitive adhesive, which is made from rubber and resin. It is the most common kind of personal and industrial use. The rubber is put on the strong surface of the cellophane, and then a coating agent or release agent will be attached. The white or yellow paper on the back part of the sticker is what you remove when you apply a sticker. The release liner is responsible for protecting the stickiness from any dirt, and it will not move away from the sticker itself.



Screen printing is the most common method since it is affordable, and stickers can be printed in bulk in just minutes. This is a traditional method, but there is a modern way of doing it today. Offset printing is another economical option. Digital printing is another popular choice wherein custom decals in bulk can be produced in a short amount of time. Even you can do digital printing at home so long as you have the printer.






Reasons Why Tissue Paper Printing Promotion Is Very Successful


More info here: Tissue Paper Printing

Tissue Paper Printing is Vital for One Reason: The Importance of Hygiene


Are you thinking about advertising your brand through pocket tissue printing? If you are, then you should know the reasons why it has become a successful tool in Marketing. Alibaba Printing is also providing this service in Singapore.


There are several factors why advertising in a tissue pack has become a success and one of which its cost-effectiveness compared to advertising in newspapers or flyers. Tissues are part of everyone’s lives, and consumers are always exposed to the messages of brands every time the tissue paper is pulled from the pack. And because of this, tissue advertising has the potential in boosting a product or service, campaign, or brand image.


We now belong in a highly competitive market, and it is vital to stay ahead of your competitors when it comes to marketing your brand. With this, Alibaba Printing devotes to helping companies through our designed solutions that can help in maximizing the efficacy of your campaign while maintaining the cost low and the quality high.


Here are some examples of tissue printing that you should know:


Wallet Tissue – a simple tissue pack, but it has a great impact when it comes to efficiency. It can propel your marketing campaign. Its reusability is high, and the image of your brand will surely be registered with your clients numerous times. It also adds a premium feel and brand value. You can choose between matt and gloss finish, which will be based on your design and needs as well to ensure your investment won’t be a waste.


Cardboard Tissue – this is a versatile and sturdier solution. It gives you flexibility in terms of choosing colors, gives you a wider range of designs that you can incorporate. It can have 3 to 5 panels, giving you a larger canvas to show off your products and services and market your brand even better. You can have the sides perforated so that you can add vouchers or coupons in the tissue pack, resulting in a boost in the sales.


Tissue Box – you get more brand visibility when you have it printed on the box. Proper planning of distribution can help in getting the attention of the wider audience. the box itself gives you a larger canvas that has multiple panels, allowing you to educated and inform your customers about your products and services. It is also a long-term solution since they are used for a longer period, wherein your clients are exposed repeatedly to the message of your campaign.


Customized pack – you can design the pack according to your marketing goals and needs. It allows you to show your unique brand. You can design it yourself or ask the help of professional graphic designers.


You will have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right marketing tool for your business. But, do not limit your exposure to what you are used to doing. Tissue pack printing might be the perfect solution that you have been looking for.








Types of Custom Paper Bags for Food Packaging




More insightful info here: Paper Bag Printing

Paper Bag Printing as a Marketing Tool? Why Not?!

Paper Bag Printing as a Marketing Tool – The Benefits for Your Business


Are you in need of custom paper bags packaging for your food business, but you don’t have any idea what kind to buy? If you are, then Alibaba Printing can help you out with the details.


Restrictions have been imposed by the government due to the increasing fame of health and environment protection. And now, green paper packaging is has become more popular again. Today, food packaging bags are now mostly used by people, from paper bags that are oil-proof and snack bags that you see in the stalls to take-out bags like the ones from the food chains. Their paper bags are used well-designed and printed. Let’s get to know the types of paper that are mostly used in the food market when customizing paper packaging.


There are various types of paper that you can choose from, but the ones that are widely used are coated paper, kraft paper, offset paper, and white cardboard. Their difference is mainly based on the smoothness, toughness, and aesthetics of the paper. When you want a customized bag, the manufacturers would depend on the purpose of your paper bags and the paper’s characteristics to satisfy the needs of the customers. Let’s dig in a little more to know the papers’ characteristics.


  1. Coated paper – main materials to make it are copper base paper as well as paint. Its thickness is 70 to 250 grams, usually used for Labels, cigarette cases, cartons, etc.
  2. Kraft paper – it is from softwood sulphate, usually yellowish brown (in addition to cream, light brown, or white) and thicker. The thickness is 80g to 120g. It has a high tensile force: stripes, single light, no grain, and double light. It is usually utilized to make envelope bags, paper bags, medical records bags, portfolios, eco-friendly portable paper bags, takeaway paper bags for food, for dried fruits in the supermarkets.
  3. Offset paper – it has a white and smooth paper surface. Its whiteness, smoothness, and tightness are lower compared to coated paper. It is appropriate for use in printing multi-color or monochromatic book covers, inserts, texts, posters, maps, pictorials, and color trademarks. In recent years, different packaging products are also utilized for dry fruit packaging like chestnuts.
  4. White cardboard – it is made from bleached chemical pulp. The white cardboard surface is smooth, and it has a firm texture. Today, in the domestic market, white cardboard has a huge market share. It is mainly utilized to create exquisite high-end bags, handbags, business cards, gift boxes, and many others.


There are still other kinds of papers, but the four ones mentioned above are the most common types utilized in food packaging on the market. If you belong in the food industry, make sure you understand the needs of your customers and the purpose of using a custom paper bag for your business.







The Best Urgent Flyer Distribution Ways



If you need more information about flyer distribution for your company, go here: Flyer Distribution Job

Is Flyer Distribution Still Effective Amidst Technological Advancements?

Tips that Work on How You Can Increase Sales through Flyer Distribution


Are you searching for a printing company that provides urgent flyer distribution for your brand? Alibaba Printing provides this service at a cost that won’t hurt your pockets!


Know some of the best ways of how this reputable company is doing it to give you an idea of what goes behind your success in penetrating the market using flyers.


We all know that flyer distribution is considered one of the most effective ways to promote or advertise your products and services. But, it’s not good to just go out and distribute the flyers in your neighborhood because you have to consider that flyers are a vital part of your marketing plan.


There are several ways on how the flyers are distributed, and here are some of the best that you should know:


  • Door-to-door – this is the most common way, dropping the flyers in their mailboxes. Research reveals that more than 79% are more probable to respond to the flyers that are given through door-to-door.
  • With the help of staff distribution – the trustworthy staff of Alibaba Printing always delivers wherein your flyers are given to people on the streets, malls, as well as public places. One of the best times to do this is during public events, but of course, research must be done first to know if the flyers are given to the right market or potential clients.
  • In-store – flyers may also be placed right at your store or in an office, hotel lobby, and other establishments that you can partner with or that can grant permission to do so.


Sometimes you think you will feel that you are running out of ways on how you can distribute your flyers, but there are many other methods, you just have to be creative since you will also be seeing your competitors doing the same thing.


There are several things you need to remember before the campaign.

TIP1: The flyer must be perfectly designed for your campaign. What kind of campaign would you like to run? Are you trying to market your products or services by giving discounts and other promotions? Or are you launching your new product? Is it a store opening? If you have established your main reasons, then you’d know what details to put into the flyer.


TIP2: Make sure that the design elements in your flyer are not lacking or overly done. At times, we tend to get too excited, and we like to put in almost anything! But this is not about what you feel, but about creating a work of art that perfectly places the design elements that are eye-catching and convincing at the same time. You can ask the in-house graphic designer to help you out.


TIP3: Print according to your budget that is also enough to cover the whole campaign period.


TIP4: Plan before running the campaign. Planning is the most basic part of every marketing strategy. You can strategize your location to boost your market presence effectively.

Custom Stickers Singapore Awesome Advantages That You Don’t Want to Miss



In-depth details here: Sticker Printing Singapore

Know the Difference: Decals versus Sticker Printing Singapore

Getting to Know Sticker Printing Singapore More for Your Brand – Is It The Right Tool For You?


Are you looking for ways of promoting your products that have longer audience exposure but affordable at the same time? If you are, you might want to look into using custom stickers Singapore.


Alibaba Printing offers excellent quality printing services, and one of which is sticker printing. Many of the company’s clients make use of this promotional strategy because of the awesome advantages it provides. If you are curious to know what they are, then read on.


#1: It’s an effective marketing tool that can be placed almost on anything. Anywhere you look, you can find stickers. 


#2. The cost is not expensive, very budget-friendly at excellent quality. It’s cheaper than other marketing tools, and it lasts longer, too, compared to corporate bags, umbrellas, etc. The latest stickers today are more durable and well-designed.


#3. It helps extend your brand quickly.


#4: It’s simple and easy. The overall time it needs to create the design until the production process and receiving the stickers is easy. You can choose any custom designs, make one for yourself, or ask a graphics designer to help you out.


#5. It is versatile because of its smooth surface, and you can use it on different types of surfaces. Plus, you can also choose back and front stickers depending on your need or requirement.


#6: It has a variety of use, they are available online, and it comes in different sizes and shapes.


#7. You can use the stickers to provide information or additional details to your clients, and it can also possibly close a sale. You can put your contact details, key info of your products and services, prices, promos, etc.


#8. Make a bold statement and channel your creativity through your customized stickers. It helps your brand stand out and boost its position in the market. Stickers create a positive impact.


#9: You can make it as part of your comfortable promotion.


#10. It provides long-term value.


Lastly, one of the ways to take advantage of this marketing tool is to use it for direct call to action. You can put a voucher code or any promotional offer and highlight any of your special offers.



Customizing stickers for your brand may sound simple or non-extravagant, for some. However, this method is probably one of the best and effective when it comes to alluring the eyes of your potential customers especially if the stickers are well-made and we-designed.


You don’t need to worry about not being artistic and not knowing what details to put on your sticker. Alibaba Printing has professional in-house graphics designers who can help you throughout the process. You can lay down your goals and preferences, and they will take care of the hard work for you.


Are you worried about paying a lot for the stickers? You don’t have to worry that much. Just tell the printing company your budget to set your expectations.



Paper Bag Printing as a Marketing Tool? Why Not?!



Find out more here: Paper Bag Printing

Paper Bag Printing Client FAQs

Types of Custom Paper Bags for Food Packaging



Are you looking for other ways or marketing tools that you can utilize to help you promote your business? Alibaba Printing offers various products and services including paper bag printing.


Paper bag as a marketing tool? Why not?! You’d be curious about the reasons why right?


Promoting a business is not that easy, and we all know that. You have various options out there, but we all need to find the right strategies. The more marketing tools you have, the better! Why? Because the competition in every industry is tough, and you will use the best strategies out there that will fit your budget at the same time.


Paper bag is a booming contemporary bag, a versatile replacement of using plastic bags. It comes in different sizes and shapes since it will depend on the purpose or why you want to use it as a marketing tool. It functions as a plastic bag too, but it’s just more eco-friendly.


It can carry small items like cosmetics, accessories, use as souvenirs for weddings and other events, etc. But don’t limit your imagination. It’s not just something where you put your stuff. It has a special purpose when it comes to promoting your business too.


How is a paper bag used?

  • As a souvenir bag for parties or corporate events like weddings, seminars, etc. where you can print a design on that features your brand or company or any promotional message that you want to send out to your target market or even the public.
  • As a takeout bag for traders like bread, fried foods, and salad sellers, etc.
  • A practical thing to bring your provisions wherein a person doesn’t need to use plastic bags. It’s a reusable paper bag where you can store your lunchbox and bring it with you all the time. It means you get repetitive advertisements each day so long as the paper bag is being used and in good working condition for its function. No one throws away a well-designed paper bag. People reuse them all the time.
  • As a business promotion for your events and other special gatherings. It is more fashionable than the usual crackle or plastic bag with many variations of colors to choose from. You can put images, it’s easy to design, it’s more durable, and you can print an artwork according to your liking if you customize it.


You can choose the best size of a paper bag that fits your products. Today, people are more concerned about the environment. You can join the movement, too, by encouraging your clients to buy your products to get an awesome paper bag that they can reuse every day. People today are attracted to buy products because of the cool packaging that they get after purchase, and that’s a fact. Take advantage of these simple truths, and you will surely boost your business’ market presence and ROI in no time.


Is Flyer Distribution Still Effective Amidst Technological Advancements?



Learn more details here: Flyer Distribution

Flyer Distribution Common FAQs of Clients

The Best Urgent Flyer Distribution Ways



Are you looking for answers if flyer distribution is still an effective way to promote your business amidst the technological advancements that we have today? If you are, then you should read on to know more!


Alibaba Printing is one of the many printing companies that continue to cater to local and international clients that need marketing tools to boost their presence through flyer distribution.


Technology has indeed changed a lot today, and promoting a business can be done in the most high-tech way possible too, wherein people can find your business on the Internet, so why bother printing papers and marketing this way?


New businesses might have doubts about this traditional method, but why are you looking for answers if it’s effective or not? It’s because you are curious to know if it still works, right?


But even with the technological developments, not everyone can see your ads, though. Most people would receive spam emails, and you don’t like that either. Not all who see an advertisement online clicks on it buys the product or even visits the store.


Flyer distribution is one of the fastest ways to spread knowledge because a printing company like us can distribute hundreds of flyers within a high traffic time of the day. With the right marketing plan, an interesting and enticing call to action, productive techniques in distributing the flyers, and excellent staff will make everything work and achieve a business’ marketing goals.


With years of experience in this industry, we list down the three reasons why this is still an effective method until today.


#1: It is cost-effective.

New and smaller businesses do not always have a huge budget for marketing and promotions. There is no other form of advertisement that won’t hurt your pockets, and that is the distribution of flyers. You get premium-quality printing at a low cost. You get well-planned marketing for your campaign too.


#2: It is a more targeted and strategic marketing method.

It is simpler than any other type of medium. All you need is someone to help you set up the flyer with its design, create an enticing call to action for your potential market, and look for the right location with high traffic that is close to your business so that you can reach out to your potential clients quickly.


#3: It’s more creative than technology.

You have control over how you want to be creative with your flyer, giving you the freedom of your design. It is an awesome alternative method, especially if you need to tap a large audience within a limited time. Busy streets where people are not holding there cellphones or gadgets all the time can receive your flyers and read instantly, especially for those who don’t have access to digital platforms.


These are three simple reasons, but very legit.


Know the Difference: Decals versus Sticker Printing Singapore




More helpful info here: Sticker Printing

Sticker Printing Usual Client FAQs

Custom Stickers Singapore Awesome Advantages That You Don’t Want to Miss



Are you looking for information about the difference between decals and stickers? If you are, then continue reading on to know more and choose which one is perfect for your business or personal needs.


You might be confused as to which is right for you because stickers and decals are very similar. Labels, stickers, and decals all have two layers: (1) paper backing and (2) adhesive layer, which is on the paper backing and can be made of various materials including paper, aluminum, and vinyl. The design is printed on the adhesive layer’s front side.


Quantity and Size

Labels and stickers are usually smaller and are applied mostly to water bottles, laptops, and other smaller items. Decals are larger and are commonly applied to windows, floors, vehicles, walls, etc.


When it comes to quantity, decals are ordered in smaller quantities because of its size. Stickers, on the other hand, are ordered in bulks for marketing purposes as giveaways on corporate events, etc. Labels come on rolls and are mostly ordered in large quantities due to their purpose.


What is the Purpose or Intended Use?


Although decals, labels, and stickers are similar, the main difference would depend on the intended use or purpose. Generally, stickers are usually utilized for illustrations and logos. Decals are for décor or advertising on windows, floors, vehicles, walls, etc.



Location and Application Surfaces

Decals have different types. Decals that go on walls and the floor are different. You can also find decals for outdoors and more permanent too, you can talk to us for more information.


If you have a smaller format of advertising, you can choose stickers, which are mostly applied on smooth surfaces and can also be removed easily. It’s easy to install too. Labels are mostly applied to cans, jars, bottles, bags, etc.


How Long Will It Last?

Decals last the longest, next is the stickers, and last is the labels. Some may take years before the color fades, and it would also mostly depend on how it is used.


How Much?

When it comes to their prices, it will depend on some factors.The size, quantity, material to use, etc. For more specific details, you can always give us a call for a free quotation.


No matter what kind you choose, it’s best to take note of the following details:

Choosing the right kind of material makes a lot of difference. If you choose sticker printing, it is less expensive but less durable compared to decals. But the good thing about using stickers for business is that it can help build a brand image.


Bad printing can ruin an entire campaign. But if a printing company like Alibaba printing is well-experienced, then you are sure to get only the best and high-quality output.


The quality of the adhesive is vital. A well-designed sticker can become worthless without proper adhesive. Know your long-term intentions to determine the quality of materials that will be used.








Calendar Printing Are Great for Advertising; Studies Show


cheap calendar printing








It’s obvious that technology is dominating people’s lives today. But even with the popularity of mobile technology, about 78% of consumers are still using printed calendars at work or home according to a study made. If you think about it, that percentage is a lot, wherein many still use the traditional pen and paper way, making it a legit proof that calendar printing Singapore is a great advertising method that businesses should take advantage of.


Read more about how to print calendar in Words Doc:

Printable Calendar in Word: Is It Easy?

To order yours click here: Calendar Printing Singapore

Make money with calendars here: Can I Make Money With Customised Calendar Printing?


Not everyone wants to go full-on digital. Another study showed that more than 50% of mobile phone users have never used the calendar function. This is a study made according to ‘Calendar Usage in the Workplace.’


A comparison was made in the calendar usage from the years 1981 and 2011 and you’d be surprised with the results that not a lot has changed.


In 1891:

  • Almost everyone had a printed calendar at home or business, this about 98% of people.
  • 70% printed calendars at home, and 80% of businesses were promoting or advertising calendars
  • There are about 3 to 4 calendars placed at home and 2 to 3 in the workplace or business.


In 2011:

  • 78% of businesses and 79% of homes have a printed calendar.
  • 61% of printed calendars at home and 76% of businesses are promoting or advertising calendars.
  • 3 calendars are still placed at home and 2 in the workplace or business.


This only shows how printed calendars are important in the lives of many to keep at pace with their schedule.


Let’s get to know the most popular sorts of calendar printing since they all come in all sizes and shapes that suit the needs of a person, business, or organization.

  • Wall calendars – this the most common style found at home and usually placed near the kitchen. If you want to make this on your own, you can choose a pre-existing template for a quick and easy printing fix.
  • Day planners – this is another popular style that busy people like to use to organize their schedules. Although not everyone today likes writing them down without the alarm, unlike the features of a phone that can notify you of an upcoming event, many are still more comfortable in using the printed planner.
  • Desk calendars – common at work or businesses because it’s handy, easy to reach, and adds style to a place, especially if it is well-designed.
  • Pocket-sized calendar – you can customize it using your picture and print a calendar at the back part of it.


These are just a few examples, but many still use calendars for different reasons. People still love to see colorful designs and feel tangible things.


Why are calendars great for advertising? Because many people still love to use them and even place them at home! You don’t want to miss a huge market of those who use calendars wherein you can show off awesome images of your products and services.


Printable Calendar in Word: Is It Easy?


calendar printing singapore





Are you trying calendar printing at home on your own? If yes, you’re probably looking into how you can do it in a Word document.

Read more about calendar Advertising and steps to Consider in order to print:

Print My Calendar: Steps and Things to Consider

Calendar Printing Are Great for Advertising; Studies Show

To order yours click here: Calendar Printing Singapore

Calendars are visible almost everywhere. It’s part of our lives to monitor our schedule by reminding ourselves of the current month, day, or year. It helps us update ourselves and organize our week too. These are the reasons why people need calendars, especially for those who are very busy people.


For those who have time to make the calendar and print them at home would have the advantage of saving the troubles of leaving home and money, maybe. Now, let’s look at the steps if it’s easy or not.


Step1: Click on new and choose one of Word page’s templates. In the list of categories, you click on Calendars.


Step2: Once you start working on the calendar, you will need to rename the file. If it has images, you can swap it out with the pictures that you want to use. Just delete the image, and insert the ones that you want to use from your computer, or simply add clip art to the document.


Step3: You can print it right after you have set everything up. Make sure you use the right paper in terms of size, texture, and quality of your print settings to avoid any printing problems.


Three easy steps. It may be simple to some people, but not all have the time and eye for creating a design, especially if it’s intended for business marketing plans. With this fact, many would choose to hire the services and expertise of a calendar printing company, and here are the reasons why:


  • Calendar printing Singapore companies can help in making a professionally designed calendar that is perfect for marketing and advertising purposes.
  • The calendar can be customized exactly according to your liking compared to a ready-made template wherein you can’t edit much, or you have limited options.
  • You have a wide array of choices when it comes to the types of paper, sizes, and shapes.
  • Print shops can give you better print quality, crisp colors, and a package price that will surely fit your budget, especially if it’s in bulk order.
  • You don’t have to worry about the design elements, especially if it’s intended for marketing purposes since the graphics designers of printing companies are skilled enough to help you with your marketing goals.
  • Lastly, the receiver of the calendars will surely be amazed as to how awesome your calendar would look.


If you have a printer and other materials to make a calendar, you can simply do it, but it depends on your purpose too. It is highly recommended to hire the services of a professional print shop, especially if you want to use it as one of your marketing tools or event giveaways.


Print My Calendar: Steps and Things to Consider

desktop calendar printing

Read more about how to print calender in Words Doc:

Printable Calendar in Word: Is It Easy?

To order yours click here:

Calendar Printing Singapore


Are you thinking about printing your own calendar? If yes, then here are simple steps that you can follow:


Step1: Choose the image that you want to use for your calendar so that you can determine what size and shape the calendar will be.


Step2: Choose a size. Are you planning to place it on a table or desk? Or do you want to hang it on a wall? Smaller wall hung calendars are usually 5.5”x11.5”. But most calendars are 12” wide and 10” to 13” in length.


Step3: Would you prefer a single side or double side print? Think if you want your calendar to be printed on the same page as your image on the backside.


Step4: Choose the software that you can manipulate to design your calendar. Make sure that you know how to use software like Photoshop, etc. If you don’t have any access to any software, you can find templates online for free that have tutorials at the same time.


Step5: Choose the cover stock that you prefer or the type of paper you want to use. Know the finish, size, texture, weight, as well as the brightness of the paper.


Step6: Print the calendar using your printer and make sure it matches the settings to your document.


Step7: You don’t have a printer? You can go to your local calendar printing Singapore company to help you with all the details.


Things to Consider:

You need to take note of the following

#1: The format and size are crucial, and you need to think about your receiver or audience, your sense of aesthetics, and your budget. Choose a photo that can fit in the top panel size without having to sacrifice too much image resolution.


#2: Choose the best and right printer. If you want to achieve crisp and clean images, you can use printers that can produce quality prints that are budget-friendly at the same time.


#3: Choose the right paper since it can affect the sharpness and vibrancy of the photos. It’s recommended to use semi-gloss paper, but if you want to achieve a muted look but still see great results, you can use a thick matte king of paper.


#4: Binding the calendar is crucial too. Small-sized calendars can be stapled, but if you want a more professional and larger look, there are printing companies that provide spiral binding. Or you can buy your home spiral binding machine, which you can purchase at a fairly inexpensive price.


Calendar printing is not just done for personal reasons. Most businesses use calendars as part of their marketing tools and campaign, which means this is best done by professionals who can help in designing the most professional looking calendar and print them in bulks at the same time. If you think this is too much for you, you can always get the services of a printing company to help you out from scratch.


Paper Bag Printing Client FAQs



Know more here: Paper Bag Printing

Paper Bag Printing as a Marketing Tool? Why Not?!


Are you looking for information about paper bag printing in Singapore? If you are, and if you have questions in mind, then this FAQ sheet can help.


Alibaba Printing has been in the printing industry for many years, and we have served a lot of customers locally and internationally with our wide range of products available, helping them achieve their marketing goals.


Generally, the use of paper bags is common in electronics, fashion, food, jewelry, etc. To help you out, here are the most common questions and concerns that we get from our customers.


Tell me some details about the glue for the paper bag.

– The durability testing of the glue is a crucial process because it should be strong enough to hold the items inside the paper bag. It also helps you know how many items you can put in the paper bag. We make sure that the glue is just enough to hold everything together.


How do you print on the paper bags using standard images and colors?

– We usually use CMYK or Pantone codes to avoid any color inconsistencies. So if ever you give us your logo, make sure to provide us the codes behind its colors.


How will I know that I get the right paper bag size?

– It depends on the kind of product that you offer. It will help determine the appropriate size that you need. However, the paper bag should be slightly larger than the products that you offer.


I’m confused as to how many paper bags should be printed.

– You should know when your packaging replacement will be. Do you have a plan to keep the paper bags in 3, 6, or 12 months? Based on some of our customer’s experience, three months is the perfect phase for them. You can follow this basic formula: Your quantity of sales per day x 30 days (average number of days each month) x number of months in a certain design in circulation = Quantity of paper bags that you need.


Example: 500 products per day x 30 days x 3 months = 45,000


What is the printing method that fits my budget?

– Paper bags orders in bulk usually need offset printing. The quality of the image is sharper and higher. Plus, the rubber pad is applied evenly on the printing surface. Remember, the more you print, the lower the price will be. However, the printing cost will depend on how complicated the printing process will be.


How about printing on the different sides of the paper bag, will the cost change?

– The cost will be determined according to different factors such as the complexity, how many colors are printed, and the number of orders.


What about production time? How long?

– It will vary. If you have a design file and non-printed paper bags ready for printing, the production time will be quicker. You can talk to us for more accurate details on this matter.



Flyer Distribution Common FAQs of Clients



Full details here: Flyer Distribution

Is Flyer Distribution Still Effective Amidst Technological Advancements?



Flyer distribution is one of the most in-demand services that we have. Our company has high satisfactory ratings from our clients is not only because of the affordable package that we offer, but also because we can guarantee results after careful planning for the campaign.


Are you thinking about implementing a flyer distribution campaign in Singapore? Are you looking for answers to your basic questions? If you are, then below is a list of FAQs that most clients of Alibaba Printing ask about the service.


  • What services can your company provide? – We can provide flyer printing and distribution at the same time. We are a one-stop solution for graphic designing, printing, web development, and marketing services.


  • I can’t find the product or service that I need for my business on your website – You can call or email us directly for other information and a free quotation.


  • How can I discuss my plans with you? – A video call or meet-up may be set up.


  • I don’t have a designer with me to help me – we have an in-house graphics designer that can assist you.


  • If I engage your graphic design work, what is the handling time? – 2 to 5 days.


  • Do I need to set up a bleed for the artwork? – Yes, 3mm bleed all around.


  • How many industrial offices and commercial offices are there around Singapore? – There are around 210,000 registered industrial and commercial offices.


  • How many offices can you distribute to each month? – We are capable of reaching more than 100,000 commercial offices every month. We are continuously expanding our distribution team to cover about 99% of the commercial offices in the whole Singapore area soon.


  • Do you have a team of own distributors, graphics designers, as well as printers? – Everything is 100% in-house. We take in all of the services that we provide.


  • How will I know or monitor that my flyers are sent out by your team? – We send out photo reports and weekly email reports so that you can keep track of all of the activities effectively.


  • How much do I need to pay for your services? – We are one of the printing companies that offer the lowest price in the market. If you can tell us your budget, we can lead you to the right package price that fits your marketing goals. Please take note that HBD/Outdoor distribution has more traveling and planning, and this is not cheaper than the flyer distribution.


  • Can you tell me the difference between distributing to HBD/Outdoors and commercial areas? – based on statistics, flyers distributed in the commercial buildings have a more positive result on ROI than HBD/Outdoors since flyers that are distributed in the public can result in more waste of paper.


  • How is Alibaba Printing different from other companies? – We focus on your needs so that we can effectively distribute the flyers to the right area. We act what we say and implement the plan carefully.


  • Can I select the location as to where I can distribute the flyers? – We will follow the schedule of the team. You can choose 1 to 2 districts, which would depend on the quantity of your order.


  • What if there are still extra flyers left? – We can distribute it to another district of your choice.


  • How many flyers can you distribute in a day? – Usually, we can distribute around 1,500 to 2,500 each day. In special cases, we can do 3,000 to 6,000 each day for an added cost.




Mask Keeper Singapore is a Need and here are the Reasons Why

Mask keeper printing



To order yours click here:  Mask Keeper Singapore

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Why Is Using A Face Mask Keeper Popular Today?



The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the ways of men, and now we are implementing a lot of new normal ways to be able to work and live a normal life as much as possible. This virus is not going anywhere anytime soon yet, so people are trying to implement precautions through the use of different products to avoid cross-contamination of germs of viruses.


One of the simple yet effective and affordable ways of storing used and unused face masks is through a mask keeper. What is it, and how is it beneficial for all? Why has this suddenly become a health trend today? We have different questions, but you will want to know first its features and other interesting details.


The standard size of face mask keeper has the right dimensions to store a used mask. It is foldable, 60mm x 90mm, and a spread out of 185mm x 123mm. It is made of food-grade material that’s environment friendly at the same time. The design itself is easy to carry so that the person using it can easily slide it in his or her pocket, purse, or bag. It also has a protective layer to ensure that the material is moisture and dust-proof to prevent secondary pollution from building up.


One keeper can store one disposable face mask. It can keep a face mask clean or wearable again after removing a used face mask for a short time to eat food or do another important activity. The plastic is made of high-quality material, making it safe and durable to use.


The reasons why people are using face mask storage are due to the following reasons:

  • There is a global shortage of disposable surgical face masks. With this, people are finding ways on how they can conserve the face masks, most especially after removing it away from the face for just a short time. Not all people are comfortable with the idea of using reusable face masks and would rather spend money on disposable ones.
  • It gives the wearer a safe place to store their used masks if the situation calls for it.
  • It avoids cross-contamination of germs all over other personal belongings in the bag or everywhere.
  • It is easy to clean and carry around without having to worry about bringing big-sized cases everywhere.
  • It avoids getting the used face masks from being exposed to air pollution, which could increase germ build-up from the moisture obtained from the wearer.
  • It is customizable and affordable.


Since it has become a health trend today, people are enjoying the benefits that they can get from using this simple innovation, making sure that they stay safe from cross-contaminating germs and viruses. It is not exclusively made for adults since it is also available for kids.




Safety First! Store Your Face Masks Using a Customized Mask Keeper Singapore

The COVID-19 pandemic is not going away anytime soon, and people are becoming creative, especially in keeping themselves safe from cross-contaminating the virus.

case keeper mask



To order yours click here:  Mask Keeper Singapore

Read more about simple away of using Mask Keeper:

Using Mask Keeper Singapore to Prevent Cross-Contamination in a Simple Way

Mask Keeper Singapore is a Need and here are the Reasons Why



Aside from using face shields, gloves, and other items for safety precautions when going out, the face mask keeper Singapore is now becoming a trend of safety for the following reasons:

  • There is a global shortage in supply for face masks, surgical face masks, to be exact. This disposable type of face mask is a need in today’s new normal way of living, and not everyone is a fan of using washable or reusable face masks. Using mask keepers would reduce the percentage of using a new one whenever a person would need to remove the face mask for a certain instance.
  • People can store the used face mask in a short period when dining or doing something important wherein removal of the face mask is required. It also avoids placing face masks on the table or on all the other things that an individual has, causing cross-contamination over personal stuff like pockets, keys, etc.
  • It helps in the prevention of used face masks to become polluted by open air. Used surgical face masks could build up moisture over time and will be contaminated due to open-air pollutants. People can now avoid this problem and lengthen the life of the face masks and allow the individual to use it again before it finally expires.
  • Face mask keepers are handy, small, lightweight, and easy to clean and carry around. Depending on the design of the keeper, you can choose from different styles with custom designs too. You can choose a foldable mask keeper where you can easily slide it in your pocket. Another style is the hard case if you prefer the keeper to give you solid protection. You can also choose the food-grade silicon kind if you want to sanitize it with boiling water. It all depends on your needs and preferences. You can even choose your favorite color and design!


It may be a trend today, but people still need to remember the importance of clean hands by constant washing and sanitizing using or germ-killer soaps or alcohol-based products that you can buy in pharmacies or groceries.


Before putting anything in the mask keeper, one crucial thing to remember is that it should be clean and sanitized, and you know which side uses the outer or inner part of the face mask to place it inside properly. The hands should be clean before and after putting the face mask in the keeper too to avoid cross-contamination.


If the face mask is already full of moisture, you need to use a new one to avoid bacteria buildup, do not put it in the keeper if this is the case.


It could be one of the best and simplest innovations during this pandemic time. There’s no harm in trying it too, and even experts say that it’s a good idea to separate the used face mask using a keeper or storage to avoid cross-contamination.




Using Mask Keeper Singapore to Prevent Cross-Contamination in a Simple Way

mask keeper singapore



To order yours click here:  Mask Keeper Singapore

Read more: Safety First! Store Your Face Masks Using a Customized Mask Keeper Singapore

The spread of coronavirus has indeed affected the way of life all around the world, and one main reason why this happened is cross-contamination. This pandemic is not going to disappear that soon yet, and the use of face masks will need to stick around for a long time too.


Since we cannot stay at home all the time, face to face coverings can help in reducing the spread of COVID-19, and even the experts recommend the use of face masks, especially when social distancing in some cases is hard to maintain. There are even other places in the world wherein wearing of face masks are mandatory, and it’s a fact that it has become part of our new normal ways wherein people are trying to find creative options to ensure that they won’t forget to bring their masks along with them. Even other health-mind products such as face shields, keychain touch tools, safety goggles, and many others are being introduced in the market today. The standards or sanitation have peaked, all thanks to this pandemic.


You might be hearing different kinds of innovations to be safe, but you might be relieved to know this simple accessory. Meet the mask keepers, which can keep your face coverings from germs, moisture, and dirt. It is a great idea to avoid cross-contamination between your used face mask and other things that you have in your bag, such as your wallet, keys, eyeglasses, etc.


But, would the medical experts recommend or believe that doing so is worth it? Some experts think that keeping the used face masks in a case or keeper inside a bag is a good idea since it can prevent it from getting dirty, and better yet, cross-contamination from other things that you have.


If you look up online, you can find a lot of options, from silicone to fabric. The only thing that you always need to keep in mind is to properly clean the case or keeper between uses with disinfectant wipes or alcohol.


Although a case keeper might be an additional thing that you need to carry around with you, you can choose the thin and light mask keeper that is foldable, or the mask bag that’s also lightweight and thin, or the mask case made of hard material. But don’t fret since most are from materials that would fit in your pocket, bags, or purse.


There are certain instances wherein you need to remove your face mask, especially if you will be dining, visiting a dentist, etc. With this, you don’t just put your face mask everywhere, you must keep it in a place wherein it can’t spread germs or become polluted from open air.


The use of a mask keeper Singapore is one effective way that you can try. But never forget to sanitize or clean the mask keeper or case all the time, don’t forget to wash your hands too before and after removing the face mask and putting it in the keeper. And another thing, do not store a face mask with too much moisture to avoid a fast buildup of germs.


It’s worth a try.


Sticker Printing Usual Client FAQs



If you are looking for more details about sticker printing for your business, go here: Sticker Printing

Know the Difference: Decals versus Sticker Printing Singapore



Sticker printing has many uses, and our clients come from all types of industries for business and personal purposes.


Alibaba Printing has been providing sticker printing services for many years, and our loyal clients can attest to the quality and affordable packages that we offer.


If you are new to this kind of marketing tool and you are looking for information on how you can take advantage of it for your business, here are the usual client Frequently Asked Questions that can help you:

  • Where is the sticker made from? 

– All of our stickers are manufactured here in Singapore.


  • Can you design the sticker, tape, or label for me? 

– We can help as long as you provide us the files that we need, such as the logos and the fonts that you prefer.


  • Is there a possibility that the number of my stickers differs from what I originally ordered? 

– There is a possibility that we usually send more than what you ordered. But if you are short with stickers, tapes, or labels, we can offer you more for free.


  • Do you have the glossy or matte finish kind of sticker paper? 

– Yes, we have a matte or glossy finish.


  • How long will the stickers last? 

– It mostly depends on the weather conditions, but our stickers can last 3 to 5 years.


  • Do you have clear vinyl or transparent stickers? 

– Yes.


  • Can it stick to fabrics? 

– Yes, it can.


  • Can I use a pen to write on my stickers? 

– Yes, but strongly suggest using permanent markers and ballpoint pens.


  • Is it possible to print QR codes on the stickers? 

– As long as you include them in your artwork, we can print them. Make sure that the QR code has a white border around it, and the size should be at least 2.50cm or 2”.


  • Will the logo of your company appear on my sticker too? 

– No. We will not include anything else. We only print what’s on the artwork.


  • Can you ship my orders? 

– Yes, free shipping within Singapore.


  • When will my stickers arrive? 

– After you have approved the proofing, the stickers will be ready in 5 working days. But if it entails more complicated work or its exceptionally bulk orders, it may arrive a few more days later than the usual schedule.


  • What about expedited shipping? 

– There are limitations as to how fast you want your stickers to be delivered. We can speed things up, but it will come at an extra cost on your part.


  • Can you ship to other countries? 

– Yes, we can, local and international.


  • Can you deliver on the exact date for the arrival of my stickers? 

– Yes, we can, but you need to email us ahead to make the arrangements.


  • Will you send me a proof before I order? 

– Yes, we can send you the proof before confirming your order, and we can revise it until you are satisfied.


For more in-depth questions or clarifications that you have in mind, call us, and we’d be glad to assist you with your questions.