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Should You Print Flyers or Brochures?


Did you know that, until now, many are still not aware that flyers and brochures are not the same? If you are one of them, then you should gather your facts straight about flyer distribution to help you make the right decision before heading out to a printing firm and ordering bulk printing for advertising purposes.


Many marketers don’t care about the difference between printing flyers and brochures for their campaign. And you’d be surprised to know that many are not sensitive about their formats, which makes them unique from each other. Both shine in different marketing strategies, and there should be a consideration in designs too.


Here are the specific details of the difference that you will want to know. It will be beneficial for you, your business, and whatever purpose you might have for your future marketing plans.


Understanding Flyers


  • Usually, a flyer does not have folds, and it’s a single sheet.
  • You can choose to print on the front and back parts.
  • The standard printing size is usually A4 or 8.5?x 11?, but a client can ask for another size that they prefer since flyers are easy to carry and handle.
  • They are effective for short and brief messages while you can use them for different purposes.
  • Usually distributed by mail or by hand strategically.
  • Compared to other formats, flyers have a shorter lifespan when it comes to how they are used.
  • Are freely distributed, most especially if intended for short-lived promotions.
  • Are made as reference materials and printed on cardstock or thicker paper.
  • Other names: handbills, leaflets, and circulars.


Purpose of Flyers:

  • To announce events.
  • To advertise new business openings such as bars, clubs, restaurants, etc.
  • Fact sheets that are distributed during conferences or trade shows.
  • Serves as informational sheets, which is part of a company’s promotional campaign.
  • Serves as inserts for newspaper/magazine and handouts.
  • Other common advertisements are localized.



Getting to Know Brochures


  • Brochures constantly have folds, flyers don’t.
  • Advertisers tend to print on both sides of the paper.
  • They come in different types of folds and may be single or multiple sheets.
  • Brochures and booklets are not the same. Booklets also have multiple sheets, but they are constantly bound.
  • Brochures that have few sheets are at times called “pamphlets.” However, the two terms are similar. Pamphlets are also known as a bunch of flyers, which makes things a little more confusing.
  • The brochures are not just used once. They are made to be repeatedly handled and referred. The printing paper is cardstocks and more durable, which have a coating to resist fading and moisture.
  • Brochure distribution is usually more distinguished due to the printing costs.


Brochures are also popular because…


  • Many use them as reference materials for employees and customers.
  • To supplement other advertising resources that can help in closing a sale.



These flyers and brochures have their advantages. Before you set your order for bulk printing, you need to understand how they can influence your promotional campaign. You can get the most value for your money by choosing the one that perfectly matches your goals and advertising needs.


How Can I Make Stickers? Sticker Printing in Singapore Cheat Sheet



More Sticker Printing Info

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Are you trying to find the best info on how you can make your stickers easily? This is your ultimate sticker printing in Singapore cheat sheet that you will want to read.


Today, you can find many types of sticker papers, and you can even print your favorite photos too straight on a resin-coated paper with adhesive on its back. There are many uses of stickers that you might not be familiar with yet, such as phone covers, wall decals, gift bags, and many more! Most of the businesses usually use stickers for custom labels and posters. So don’t worry too much. You can make your sticker in easy-to-remember steps, no matter what purpose you have.


Designing Your Sticker

The first and foremost crucial step is designing the sticker. Let’s assume you do not have a lot of ideas about it. You can look through your computer and choose the best photo or design you want to use for the sticker. Some software programs like Adobe Photoshop can help you make changes to the color, size, filter, text font, etc. Too technical, yes? Well, you can always hire a graphics designer to help you out.


Choosing the Right Kind of Sticker Paper

Now, as was mentioned earlier, there a several types of sticker paper. It would depend on your purpose and the type of printer that you have. It is best if you choose the water-resistant kind of sticker paper so that it will last long. The glossy sticker paper can give you excellent print results. Matte, on the other hand, can be more water-resistant. Do you have an inkjet or laser printer? Look at the model of your printer before buying a sticker paper. Tip: inkjet printers are best with the glossy paper if you want to achieve a vibrant-looking sticker.


Printing the Sticker

As exciting as it may be to print your work of art, check if the printer has enough ink and if your design uses many different colors. See to it that you also print on the right side of the paper. To avoid messing up and wasting resources, you can do a test printing first using the usual bond paper to check if the margins, space, or size are correctly set.


Finish! Let’s Start Sticking

Once you are done printing, you can cut it according to your desired size and shape. You can now start sticking your stickers and use them according to your purpose.


Wait, Need Bulk Printing?

If you need A LOT and you don’t have enough time to design, print, and cut them one by one, you might want to hire the services of professional printing companies. It’s not as expensive as you think. You might be saving money, especially if you need them in bulk. You can find many printing companies in Singapore that can help you create the coolest design, choose the right kind of paper, and print them at an affordable price.