What is the Process of Foil Sticker Printing Singapore?


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How to Take Care of Decals? Sticker Printing Singapore Maintenance Tips



The Process Explained


Foil stamping or hot foil printing can be processed in various ways. For small order sizes or individual applications, foil stamping is done manually through a hot foil stamping machine. For bulk orders, it will be done through pneumatic pressing machines. Commercial foil stamping is used to customize items such as journals and notebooks.


How it Works


The small quantity and huge orders will be handled through a similar process. The design will be etched on the metal die, heated, and will then be pressed on a layer of foil in the middle of the die and item or product through a foiling machine. The foil will bond due to the heated metal die onto the surface of the item or product.


Step by Step Process of Foil Sticker Printing Singapore


Step1: Design creation – use graphic design editing software to customize your corporate logo or design. It will be rendered before it will be sent and created into a die.


Step2: Stamp creation – next, it will be engraved into the metal die through a die-cutting machine.


Step3: Positioning of foil – the sheet of foil will be placed over the surface of the item or product, covering the area where you want the decoration to appear.


Step4: Heat the die – the die along with the etched custom design will be heated before it is pressed.


Step5: Pressing of the stamp – through the use of a foiling machine, the custom dies will be pressed on the foil that is placed on top of the item. The heat, as well as the pressure, will bond the foil on the surface of your item.


Step6: Completion – once the design has been applied, it will then be checked for quality before it is packaged and shipped.


Equipment and Supplies Needed


  • PC – a computer with editing software like Adobe InDesign.


  • Die-cutting machine – this will etch out the logo or design on the metal die. Hot foil stamping and die-cutting machines are usually combined in one huge machine.


  • Dies – it bonds the foil and on the surface of your customized item. It is called the “stamp” in the process of foil stamping. The more affordable dies are made from magnesium, which is not very durable if used continuously. The expensive and sturdier dies are made from brass and copper.


  • Foiling Machine – in customizing products, there are three kinds of foiling machines. The clamshell presses are manually operated and intended for smaller operations. The roll press and straight stamp press are automated and intended for commercial foil applications.


  • Foils – in custom foil stamping, various types of foils can create different looks. Here’s a list of them to give you an idea:


  • Pigment foils – the effect is matte or non-metallic glossy.


  • Metallic foils – it can achieve a gold, silver, and copper appearance.


  • Holographic foils – the effect is rainbow or holographic in the presence of light.


  • Pearl foils – the look is subtler and gives an almost transparent shine with no additional color.



What are the Calendar Printing Singapore Selling Strategies?


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How Much Is the Cost of Calendar Printing Singapore?

How to Get a Calendar Published and Distributed? Cheap Custom Calendar Printing Tips




Are you looking for information on how you can effectively generate income by printing custom calendars in Singapore? If you are, then you will want to read on.


A lot of people like to have an attractive calendar placed on a desk or wall, and your fans or followers might appreciate the chance to buy your artwork. Read through the details below to learn effective selling strategies and achieve success.


Printing Your Calendar


One advantage here is the cost in production for every calendar is lower. You can hand-sell the calendars directly to family and friends, serve as samples or gifts to prospective clients.


The disadvantage, however, is you need to buy and invest money upfront, hoping that you will earn from it. We all know that calendars are time-sensitive. If you can’t sell them by Christmas, you most will likely not sell them at all.


What is Print on Demand Calendars?


Some services will let your design or customize your calendar wherein they will handle the printing as well as shipping on your behalf. You just need to upload the photos, customize your calendar’s design, and then set the markup price. They will handle everything, but in practice, you should be doing the marketing. One advantage of this method is that there is no money involved upfront. However, you need to push yourself in designing, marketing, with no risk involved.


BUT, the disadvantage here is the calendar’s price is somewhat costly.


What are the Effective Sales Strategies?


Without proper planning and strategy, your income might not be that high. You can boost your margins by offering premium calendars, giving you a larger margin. It can help your revenue even if you offer some discounts through the season.


You can offer different calendars in regular and premium forms. You can advertise some of the calendars through Facebook ads. Another option is setting up a sales-funnel kind of page when selling them, with A/B testing through the WordPress plugin Landing Pages.




Here are suggestions to help you produce and sell calendars effectively.

  • You can begin with print-on-demand calendars until such time you reach the desired volume, wherein you can print on your own.
  • Take advantage of social media. If you don’t have an account yet, better create your business account, it’s free. The feedback and likes can help you choose the best design or photos you can use for your calendar.
  • Don’t be afraid to promote your calendars. Remember, they won’t advertise and sell themselves.
  • Make use of a sales landing/funnel page to help your potential buyers decide what they should purchase.
  • Lastly, do not expect a huge amount of income from selling your calendars. Remember that it is seasonal, and many people do not use paper calendars that much anymore.


Final Take


If you don’t know how to create a design, but you have the money to run a calendar printing Singapore business, you can always get the services of a professional printing company to help you. They can assist you design, customize sizes, and produce them in minimal or bulk quantity at affordable package price deals. Do more research, before giving the go signal in producing the calendars.




How to Get a License to Sell Trademark Clothing for Shirt Printing Singapore Business?



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Can I Use Copyrighted Logos for my T-Shirt Printing Singapore Design?

How to Make a T-Shirt Design? Ultimate T-Shirt printing Services Singapore Guide



We all know that having a retail clothing business is not that easy. One thing you need to learn is to obtain a business license for you to sell trademark clothing. Doing so is a smart way to plan your business. Clothing lines or also known as trademarked clothing have styles and designs that are protected by trademark law. Before you start selling clothes, in this case, you will want to consider the following details.


Do I need to Register my Business?


Wherever your location is, it is best to begin by registering your brand or business with your local government. Your business should have a name and structure. If you plan on expanding it across different countries or states, you need to register it in that store location and submit the requirements.


Permits and Licenses


When selling clothing, you typically need a retail business license since there is no specific business license in selling goods that are trademarked. You should get permission from the owner of the trademark that you want to sell their goods. You might also need to get a resale license, which lets you buy the clothing from the distributor with no sales tax.


Your business will have the sales tax as soon as you start reselling them. Check the local finance or revenue department of your location or country to get more specific details. If you want to hold a huge quantity of clothing, you need to also check lease and ordinances requirements in your local area to secure the permits.


Tax ID Number


Do you need employees to run your business? If you do, you must get an Employer Identification Number. You can ask the local government office to guide you through the steps that you need to do.


Trademark Holder


One important thing you need to do is you should communicate with the trademark holders and ask for permission to sell a clothing line using their trademarked design. You may be dealing with a TV studio, Product Company, or an individual trademark holder. Take time to research and find out who you need to talk to.


An application form is needed if you want to get a hold of big companies like Adidas or Nike. You’ll be indicating your store’s address, store images, and a short store concept description.


What is a Sublicensing Agreement?


There are times that the original trademark holder might already have given exclusive rights to another clothing manufacturer. In such cases, you must go to the other company and then get a sublicensing agreement. There may be some restrictions since it would depend on the original deal made with the clothing company and trademark holder, like the types of trademarked clothes you are allowed to sell that will be indicated in your sublicensing agreement.


Are there Fees and Royalties?


Some trademark holders ask for fees or royalties for you to sell their trademarked clothing or design. It can be a flat fee, a limited time, or a royalty fee for every sold item.




Don’t use trademarked designs and then adding your design on it that will show obvious imitation.

How to Get More People to Attend Your Event Through Flyer Distribution?



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How to Create Business Flyers for an Effective Flyer Distribution?



Want to promote your event through flyer distribution? After creating the perfect design, you need to make sure that they go straight to the hands of your target market.


Businesses today have various options in promoting an event, and one of the most unbeatable strategies is distributing well-designed flyers. Before we head on to what you need to do, check the following first:


  • The flyers should contain the design with crucial details such as event name, company name and logo, event location, event date and time, and other needed info.
  • Flyer uses attractive but not overpowering colors.
  • Printed in good quality paper.
  • Flyers checked and ready for distribution.



Here’s a list of what you should do online and offline.


  • Go to the local businesses

Why do this? It is one of the most effective ways to send the word out about your event. Ask the business owners if you can post on their windows or put flyers on the tables. Put it in the waiting areas of clinics, hairdressers, etc. You can offer the local shops to display their flyers during the day if your event is an ex-deal for their help.



  • Special Delivery Mail

Mail your event invitations to your prospects. You can have someone else do the delivery, especially if you have a long list of names.



  • Door to door

Many printing companies offer flyer distribution package deals and campaign that’s perfect for your event needs. It is a hyper-targeted strategy. You need to carefully plan the details and location of your target audience for your event for it to work effectively.



  • Distribution on streets

It is a strategy where you can be creative during the campaign. Don’t have enough budget to hire another team to handle the distribution? Why not do it with your staff from your company? Go to places with many people. Choose the best time to run the campaign. Before that, research on particular places with a high volume of people, the days, as well as the time. From there, you can create a schedule on when you will distribute the flyers on that particular day.



  • Internet or social media like Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Did you know that most people today are spending more time using the Internet, particularly scrolling more on social media? Because of this, many companies advertise their products and services here.


Social media like Facebook now has an option to let you advertise your event in a more targeted manner. You can use an image or video, choose the age of your target, location, and budget. Doing so will also help you gain more Facebook followers and likes on your business page. The flexibility of choosing how much you willing to spend for advertising your event will help you manage your finances efficiently.


Aside from social media, you can also embed your flyer on your website, blog, event webpage, or send it via email. You can tell people to share the flyer by messaging everyone that might be interested to attend your event.


Can I Use Copyrighted Logos for my T-Shirt Printing Singapore Design?


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How to Get a License to Sell Trademark Clothing for Shirt Printing Singapore Business?



Copyright and trademarks serve by protecting logos, including forms of intellectual property protection control in what way other people would use the logo. Trademark and copyright violations, in some cases, can lead to criminal charges. With regards to t-shirt printing Singapore using copyrighted logos, such a case scenario is possible. You must not use another designer’s logo and print them on your shirts for selling without permission. Develop your strategy by getting a good grasp of understanding the meaning of trademark and copyright, including the instances where it is legal to sell your shirts that have copyrighted images.


Copyright and Trademark: What does it mean?


Logos are protected by copyright. Did you know that most logos do not have copyright? But, logos generally have trademark protection, legal protection that applies to a phrase, logo, or name.


Copyrights are legal protection for those who make original dramatic, literary, artistic, and musical works. Even if many use the words “trademark” and “copyright” interchangeably, they are dissimilar.


The logo trademark is filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office or USPTO as well as the last 10 years. But, after the fifth year of wherein the trademark is still active, the USPTO needs the registrants to file an affidavit. If the registrants won’t, the trademark is no longer protected and is canceled. So, if you want to use the logo, check with the USPTO website to know if the trademark is still valid. If not, you can use the logo.


But, there are times wherein you want to apply a creative work of art and turn it into a logo, copyright law will apply in this case. All works made before 1923 are generally considered part of the public domain. With shirts and logos, all logos you to apply from a work of art created before 1923 is free, and you can use them.


A work under copyright usually lasts 70 years after the creator’s death, or 120 years after its first publication, or whichever happened first.


What is Parody Exemption?


Parody is allowed to be used by trademark law and copyright law as immunity to the violation. It means that an existing design or logo can be used on your shirt that parodies a current logo without being indicted of copyright and trademark violation. You have to modify the original design or logo in such a way that it is clear to the masses that you are engaging in imitation or parody. Let’s say the Apple logo, you can take in worms thrusting their crowns out of the bitten apple. This alteration shows your viewers that you are using parody to the iconic Apple logo. But be careful in altering. It should not be very alike to the original logo. You can still be accused of making a shirt with a copyright violation design.


Licensing and Permission


It’s best to seek permission from the trademark or copyright holder of the logo. Write a letter or send an email stating your intent in using the design. You may be granted the permission that you need wherein you need to pay a flat fee or a percentage of your sales with that logo. Failure to follow your deal will result in copyright infringement.

How Much Is the Cost of Calendar Printing Singapore?


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Can I Do Cheap Calendar Printing at Home?

What are the Calendar Printing Singapore Selling Strategies?



Are you looking for the exact price details on how much it will cost you to print calendars in a minimal or bulk order? If so, then you will want to continue reading on to get some very helpful tips.


Customizing calendars are requested by businesses and even for personal events. The technology today allows many people to create their designs online and order them directly on the website. However, many still prefer to call a professional printing company to help them out with more details, create attractive designs, and answer their queries.


There are different types of calendar printing in Singapore that you can customize.


  • Wall calendars – hang on a wall, with various sizes to choose from.
  • Desk calendars – the spiral-bound adds style to the workspace.
  • Magnetic calendars – perfect to help you keep track of the schedule at a glance.
  • Poster calendar – it is compact, and the year’s schedule is fully displayed. You can choose card stock or glossy style.
  • Card calendar – Usually smaller in size, and can be perfect gifts.




  • Wall Calendars – 11” x 8.5, 12” x 12”, and 8.5” x 5.5”
  • Card Calendars – 5” x 7”, 2” x 3.5”, and 5.5” x 8.5”
  • Magnetic Calendars – 4” x 6”, 4” x 8”, and 2” x 3.5”
  • Poster Calendars – 8.5” x 11”, 27” x 39”, and 11” x 17”


One awesome fact about calendars is you can make them in a size that fits your preference or requirements. You can choose a custom size by specific height and width.


The wall calendars are specially made and hung on the wall. The 5.5” x 8.5” fits a home office or office cubicle.


8.5” x 11” poster calendar may be small, but a 27” x 39” is just the right size in a shared workspace or for everyone in the family. Large-sized calendars are viewable from a distance.


Magnetic calendars can be placed on refrigerators perfectly, which is big enough to be seen from a certain distance.


You need to consider the space that a calendar will take-up since it will be displayed for one year. Small-sized calendars are cheaper, but if you want to advertise your company or brand, the larger size can give you the spotlight that you need.


Another thing to take note of is that the size affects the pricing of package rates of calendar printing.


Order Quantity


Poster, wall, and magnetic calendars are printed in bulk. Orders usually are around 500 and 1,000 pieces. However, some printing companies accept lower quantities. You need to make arrangements and inquire about it. The card calendars are bought in low quantities, around 25, 100, and 250 pieces. Again, it depends from one printing company to another.




The price can be determined once you have set your requirements. Just remember the following factors that can affect pricing:


  • Size
  • Type of calendar
  • Type of paper used
  • Quantity


The printing company can tell you the exact price once you have established your calendar printing needs.


Is Mask Keeper Singapore Better Than Using Mask Lanyards?


Mask Keeper Singapore

Can I Do Mask Keeper Advertising For My Brand?



Is there a thing as mask hygiene these days? Are you aware that most people wear their masks again after having a meal or doing other things that require them to remove their masks? With this, there is a great risk of virus or bacterial contamination all around. Which is better to use? Mask lanyard or mask keeper in Singapore?


Why do we need to wear masks?


Wearing masks is a way to prevent transmission and save lives at the same time. It has various types, and it can be used as protection or prevention of onward transmission.


Why wear masks in public areas?


Masks should be worn, especially in places where the virus is circulating. When in a crowded location, you should be at least 1 meter apart from others or in places with unknown or poor ventilation. If you have doubts about the quality of air, it would be safer to wear a mask.


When wearing a mask, the person should always wash or disinfect the hands, even after using it. However, wearing one does not indicate that you can have a close conversation or contact with others.


If you are in a crowded religious building, shopping centers, schools, restaurants, or public transports, it’s a need to wear a mask while maintaining physical distancing at the same time.


How to take off a mask?


If you plan on taking off your medical mask for a meal or other activity, take note of the following steps:

  • Clean your hands first using soap and water or rubbing alcohol.
  • Gently remove the straps from your ears and avoid touching the front part of your mask.
  • Pull away the mask from your face while leaning forward.
  • You can only use a medical mask once. And if you have used it for long hours, discard it immediately into a closed trash bin. But if you have just worn it for a short period, you can re-use it and keep it in a mask holder.
  • Clean your hands after touching your mask.
  • If the mask is already damp or soiled, replace it with a new one.


Should I use a mask keeper or mask lanyard?


Re-using a mask is possible. However, you need a special thing where you can keep it safe from getting it contaminated or you spreading the virus or bacteria all over the place.


Mask keepers have become popular these days because you can have it customized with your names, it’s very lightweight and handy at the same time. Some material used in making the keepers have antimicrobial properties, which is why it has become an important tool to many people.


The use of lanyards in keeping masks has raised public eyebrows. However, it somehow provides comfort to the person wearing a mask. It does help in preventing contamination because it’s not just placed anywhere. Since it has become a fashionable trend, it encourages people to wear their masks all the time.


Well, it depends on your preference whether you go for mask lanyards or mask keepers.


How to Create Business Flyers for an Effective Flyer Distribution?


More Flyer Distribution Details

Are Flyers the Same with Brochures? Flyer Distribution FAQ

How to Get More People to Attend Your Event Through Flyer Distribution?




In the world of advertising, flyer distribution is one of the most economical methods in promoting a product or brand, but it also depends if the campaign is done right.


In creating a business flyer, make sure to take note of the following tips:



  • The content of your flyer must be short and direct to the point. Be attentive to the size and design of the whole flyer. It should show the crucial details in attracting the readers.


  • There should be digestible sections wherein it contains headings that are readable and pleasing to the eyes.


  • Bullet points and infographics are highly recommended. Make a summary of what you want your reader to read by using bullet points and charts.


  • The headline should grab a person’s attention.


  • There should be a call-to-action. A reader who is curious and would like to make a purchase would instantly look for the details on how to contact you. Use “Call Us” or “Order Now”.


  • Your reader should have the contact details and directions to your physical store for them to reach you, just in case they decide to call or visit your branch when they are available. You can put the contact details at the bottom part.


  • Proofreading is a MUST. Why? Because it can be a huge turn-down if a reader sees misspelled words and grammatical errors. Worst case scenario is the sentence could create misleading information, which could get you in trouble. ALWAYS proofread before printing.


  • Communicate effectively. If you know your target market, you’ll create the appropriate strategy. Use words or a language that your target clients would understand better.


  • Take advantage of testimonies from your clients. These testimonies do not just stir curiosity. It also encourages the reader more to buy the product. Make sure the sentences are well-written and emphasize what your brand offers.


  • Colors must not be too much nor too dry. Some colors evoke the emotions of customers. Apply the colors that perfectly fit the message or campaign.


  • Do not use many different font sizes on various parts of the flyer. Organize the fonts to make them visually appealing. The font size should also be enough wherein the words are readable at a certain distance.


  • The type of paper is also another key in making your business flyer perfect. Check the durability and quality before deciding to print in bulk.


  • Did you know that you can apply a paper coating to make the flyer more durable and make it last longer? It adds another layer of protection to the paper.


  • The photos must be high-resolution, crisp, and clear.


  • Your business logo must be included in the design of your flyer. If you want your brand to be recognized and remembered, don’t forget this tip.


  • The flyer distribution location must be well-planned and strategic. Know where your target market is mostly located and run a strategic campaign. Create a timeline, especially if a second run of the campaign is needed.


How to Take Care of Decals? Sticker Printing Singapore Maintenance Tips


Sticker Printing Singapore

How Can I Make Stickers? Sticker Printing in Singapore Cheat Sheet

What is the Process of Foil Sticker Printing Singapore?



Do you have vinyl decals, and you want to keep them looking impressive, just like the day when you first placed them? Small or large vinyl decals on your storefront, vehicle, wall or floor, all have general rules that you need to know to maintain their look. If you wish to know more, then read this fill sticker printing Singapore article.


How to take care of decals from the start?


The right decal care begins during the installation time. Before installing one, you need to see that the surface you want your decal to stick on is clean. Decals won’t stick to areas that are not clean. Plus, the dirt behind it can make the decal have bumps or spots that will make the graphics look unattractive.


When cleaning the surface, use rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth when wiping down the area where you want to place the decals. Make sure that you do not use an ammonia-based window cleaner. It will affect the bonding agent of the decal. It will make the decal not stick well and diminish its longevity. Follow all the instructions provided after you clean the surface thoroughly and make sure that you place the decal appropriately.


How to restore color to vinyl decals?


Due to the harsh weather and exposure to ultraviolet light, the vinyl will disrupt and become dry. It’s natural for a dye to fade and break after a while, no matter how durable the plastic vinyl is. As the oils penetrate the vinyl, they will either seep out or volatilize the plastic. Moreover, when it vaporizes, the dye will break down at different levels and periods.


Vinyl will undergo oxidation when aging, producing chalk-like residue. This residue can make your image blurred and obscure the color of the decal. The risk of color fading due to the aging of your wall decal, business door decal, and elevator door decal is present, which is why you will want to know how to refurbish its color and clean the decal.


To bring back the color and restore the health of your vinyl decals, use a restorative product designed for vinyl and follow these steps below:


  • Use a soft cloth, water, and detergent to take care of any apparent dirt on the decal. In case you see some molds, use sodium percarbonate detergent to do away with the substance. Don’t scrub too hard, or use a scrubbing pad because this will harm the vinyl.


  • Rinse off the decals using water when you finished removing the molds and dirt. Let them dry for a while.


  • Wipe them off with rubbing alcohol when the decal is dry already. Wipe the surface gently and make sure that it is totally clean.


  • Lastly, when the vinyl is thoroughly clean, coat it with a vinyl restoring product.


Cheap Custom Drawstring Bags: How Much and What Are its Printing Method Options?


More important info here: Custom Drawstring Bags

Branding that Can Go Everywhere Using Custom Drawstring Bags

Why Is A Personalised Mini Drawstring Bag A Popular Business Gift?



Custom drawstring bags are popular. The quality of materials is superior and durable enough to hold the load in the bag. Furthermore, the cords at the edges allow for stress-free portability.


The bags are widely visible among events and corporate companies. They are customarily modified for roadshows and events for freebies.


Are the drawstring bags all similar?


Drawstring bags are created using various types of materials. Some use canvas cotton, nylon, and even polyester.


Also, they have different thicknesses, whereas some have thin and lightweight for everyday use. There are also thick drawstring bags for heavy-duty to hold more load.


The higher quality the drawstring bag is, the better it is built to make it last longer. Also, the more weight it can hold.


To sum it up, not all drawstring bags are the same.


What about the cost? Is it the same?


When considering the price of drawstring bags, it depends on the material used, size, thickness, and quality.


A drawstring bag with custom designs can be for as low as $2.69 each. The pricing is affected by various factors. Example: A thick nylon drawstring bag, using silk screen printing (A4 size), and a single color logo.


The price may differ if you are considering for lesser quantity or more than 1 color logo of silkscreen printing.


Other drawstring bags, such as cotton canvas drawstring bags, will cost more depending on the product type.


Printing Methods or Options for This Particular Item


Three printing services are available, which are suited for custom-made drawstring bags.



Silk Screen Printing


It is a method of ink printing onto the bags, and usually, it is the most cost-efficient printing technique, especially for bulk orders.


Nevertheless, if you want to have various colors to print on your logo at minimal quantity, you can choose other methods of printing.





Looking for a canvas drawstring bag customization, it is perfect with embroidery technique.


The weaving of thread is the process called embroidery, and it can make your design stand out and look stylish.


Logo embroidery is generally utilized to print out a company’s logo, making it look very firm and solid. It is not only intended to print company logos but also names and other special characters.



Digital Heat Transfer Printing


Embroidery might not be the right option, especially if when you have an intricate design with small details or if it has many colors in it.


The most appropriate would be the digital heat transfer printing technique, which allows both small details and various colors printed. This process is sophisticated, wherein your design will be printed on vinyl heat transfer paper and heat hard-pressed on the bags.


Is T Shirt Printing Singapore Profitable in 2021?

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Can I Use Copyrighted Logos for my T-Shirt Printing Singapore Design?


Are you thinking about starting a t-shirt printing business in Singapore? If you are, then you are probably asking if it is going to be profitable for 2021.


One of the clothing pieces that will never go out of trend is the t-shirt. Whether it’s a plain t-shirt, a body-hugging t-shirt, or a graphic tee, they have always set the trend and are accepted and liked by people of different age groups.


Another positive note is that according to the latest reports, the custom t shirt printing Singapore including the other parts of the world has tremendously increased in the past years. The global market for this particular printing service in the printing industry has anticipated crossing the year 2025 the 10 billion USD mark. You can see that many celebrities today are wearing shirts to spread messages and set a style.


Here are the reasons why printing of t-shirts will be profitable in 2021:

  1. Branding – customizing shirts have become one of the most effective ways to promote a business. They put their brand’s logo, including other details, to draw attention and create brand awareness.
  2. The craze for T.V. series – you’ll find fans of popular T.V. series, and people like flaunting the shirts of their favorite series and characters.
  3. Loyal Clients – it’s hard to gain customer loyalty. Competing companies today are not only dependent on websites or events, but they instead give t-shirts as a giveaway with a minimum purchase amount of their products. It can help retain previous customers and make new clients feel special at the same time.
  4. Boost company team spirit – custom shirts help develop a strong connection and bond with the employees and company. It motivates, unites teams, and boosts commitment in achieving the goals of the company.
  5. Marketing that is off-the-clock – it is like a marketing tool that works off-the-clock. The shirts encourage customers and employees to wear them any time of the day and everywhere, which results in building brand identity at the same time.
  6. Setting a fashion statement – some people love to show their style through custom prints.
  7. Affordability – if you compare it to other ways of promoting a brand like T.V., hoardings, billboards, etc. t-shirts are one of the most efficient and effective methods to advertise a brand or business. It has a longer shelf-life, which means visibility is longer too. It has increased the demand for this particular service.
  8. Safer and greener earth – many are very much concerned with the environment, which encourages them to use eco-friendly items. There are environmental quotes printed on the shirts that can motivate in protecting the planet.


These are facts that will put your doubts to rest. It may be challenging, at first, to start-up and pursue this as a business, but you have to find the right market and create the perfect design that will surely hit the right spot in hitting the goals and sales.


How Much Will it Cost to Order Custom T Shirt Printing Singapore?


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Are your events lining up, and you are looking for information on the most affordable, fastest, and reliable T Shirt Printing Singapore service? You are on the right page, offering the lowest rate for as low as $7.32 for every t-shirt.


Everyone sets a budget, and this is the most important factor in every business. T-shirts have become one of the most in-demand items in marketing. Why? Because it is flexible, and you can customize it according to your theme, event, or marketing goals.


Prices would depend on some factors, including the quantity. When you calculate the cost of printing the t-shirts, quantity is key. If you only want minimal order, you can expect that the retail prices could be $8 and up for each shirt.


With this, you think it may just be okay making it yourself. But if you plan on selling or distributing, it will be highly inefficient on your end. Why? Because if you need to buy 50 or more, you can pay for a cheaper price. If you will order in bulk, expect to get a more discounted price.


It is highly recommended to maximize your buying ability, but you should also be careful at the same time. Buying too many would result in a loss. It’s crucial to know your objectives, your market, and who will pay for the shirts in your organization.


More Features Will Cost You Extra Cash

The cheapest shirts are white ones. However, it won’t stand out that much. If you will use it for advertising purposes, this is not a good thing.


You might want to consider paying more if you prefer printing on colored shirts. Not all printing companies are charging more for colored shirts, so make sure to double-check before finalizing your orders.


Printing firms will mostly charge printing using a few ink colors – utilizing two or more colors will make the cost more expensive. You can always keep things simple and visually appealing at the same time.


If you prefer to print the design on the front and back part of the shirt, it will also increase the cost. Another extra fee would be getting customized embroidery for every t-shirt.



Shipping Cost

Since printing companies cater to local and international clients, let’s talk about shipping costs. Usually, many offer free shipping. But here’s the thing, some will incorporate the shipping price into the cost of every shirt.


See to it that you calculate all the options that you have before choosing the free shipping option or to pay for its shipping fee with a cheaper t-shirt price.


Let the Professional and Experienced Team Handle It

No matter what the goals or how complicated the design is, never settle for less when marketing your business using the t-shirts. Cheap is good but always check the quality and how long they have been offering printing services.





How to Print T Shirt? T Shirt Printing Singapore Step-by-Step Guide

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Is T Shirt Printing Singapore Profitable in 2021?


Are you planning on doing your next project that involves t shirt printing, and you don’t have any idea where and how to start? If that’s the case, this step-by-step guide can help.


Below is a list that you can follow to achieve your t shirt printing Singapore project:


Step #1: Create the Design.

What’s your story? Make sure to create something that matches your story, your brand, or something that looks awesome. You can create something great if you know who you want to impress or your target market. What is the perfect design that will reflect your brand’s identity? It can be a logo, an illustration, slogan, or a combo of all three. Make sure that you also choose the right t-shirt color.


Step#2: Know How Many You Need and Set the Budget.

Do you know the quantity you need and how much you are willing to spend on this project? Know that the more you order, the more likely it is you get a cost reduction. If you plan on selling the shirts, ordering in bulk is the best choice. The size is another thing to consider here since some other sizes are a little pricier than the others.


Printing Cost

The cost varies from one printing firm to another. It could start from $8 up for each shirt. The price will also depend on the technique you will use, the quality, and the quantity. Again, bulk orders can get big discounts.


Step#3: Printing Method

You need to compare the cost for each method, consider the output, materials, and production time. Some of the common custom t shirt Singapore printing methods are as follows:

  • Screen Printing – it is reliable, affordable, high quality, and best for a large number of orders. But a new screen is needed for every new design revision or color. It is pricier for colorful designs.


  • Vinyl Graphics – durable materials, and the colors are bright. More cost when adding new colors. Not a good option for large quantity orders.


  • Direct-to-garment (DTG) – new option inkjet printing. Great for complicated customized designs. Works well in small batches. No-go for dark-colored shirts.


Step#4: Look for a Printing Company

Once you have made up your mind about the design, quantity, sizes, and printing method, you can now look for a printing company that will help you with your project. Take note of the following factors when choosing a printing firm:

  • Check the various printing services they offer.
  • Cost.
  • Printing time.
  • T-shirt options- materials, colors, sizes, cuts.
  • The quantity you can order.
  • Proof and support.


Step#5: Choosing of Shirt type and Fabric

100% cotton is a popular option. For a breathable and softer alternative, try 50% cotton and 50% polyester blend, it is more affordable than 100% cotton. Choose the cut style that best fits your market. If you are confused, you can choose a short-sleeve crew-neck in white, gray, or black.


Step#6: Submit all the Files for your Printing Project

The design must be in vector format: an AI, PDF, or EPS file. PDF is the most versatile format if you are unsure.


Step#7: Proof-check!

Before the printing firm prints on the shirts, you will be notified and receive proof wherein you can make some final changes, so make sure to review it. Check everything! – colors, words, numbers, etc.



Which Method is Better for Cotton T Shirt Printing? Vinyl or Screen Printing?


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Are you confused about whether to go vinyl shirt printing or screen printing? Which one is perfect for your custom design? These are basic questions that a lot of people would ask when creating an outfit for a team, employees, business, or organization. Both have various benefits, but screen printing has been favored by many designers and printing companies.


How Vinyl Shirt Printing Works


It is a method known as vinyl heat transfer, wherein it uses a machine to cut out letters and designs. These letters and designs are made of colored vinyl pieces. The heat press is then used to transfer every piece of vinyl to a material.


What about Screen Printing?


It is also known as silk screening, and it utilizes stencils (screens) in recreating your design on the material. Every color of the design must have its stencil for accuracy. The ink passes through the stencil in parts that you like, making it easier to reconstruct the design.


Which is best for Cotton T Shirt Printing?


There are four factors that you need to look at when comparing vinyl shirt printing and screen printing: Color, details, quantity, and fading.


  1. Color – If you want a vibrant color, screen printing is preferable because it will let your choose from a wider range of colors wherein every single one can be blended to achieve gradient designs to make sure that they won’t appear messy.
  2. Details – you cannot go wrong with screen printing for this one. The minute details can even be seen on a screen-printed material or item. It is also the same for complicated design features since the method includes making distinct screens for every color. Vinyl shirt printing, on the other hand, will let you do some detailing but most of them will be lost.
  3. Quantity – vinyl printing method is more on a small run, about 1 to 12 items since it will take lesser time in setting it up. Screen printing, on the other hand, is great for bulk orders, about 12 or more, since you do not need to make alterations on the setup from one shirt to another. The truth is, the time it will take in running bulk orders for screen printing is the same as running small vinyl prints.
  4. Fading – both methods are effective, but screen printing has proven to last longer. Vinyl printed designs will last for a few years before it starts to fade. Screen printed shirts will last the entire lifetime of a t-shirt, and it is more proficient against wear, tear, and washing.


It can be hard for you to choose between vinyl and screen printing for shirts. You can always ask the help of professional printing companies to guide you and make an informed decision. You can also ask for awesome package printing deals, and other options that you can choose from that will surely fit your budget.




Which is best for Cotton T Shirt Printing?


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How Much Does Cotton T Shirt Printing Cost? Guide to Starting a Screen Printing Business

Which Method is Better for Cotton T Shirt Printing? Vinyl or Screen Printing?

Custom tees continue to be a trend all over the world. Many people can find brands or businesses that will let their customers choose the design or customize their products.


If you would like to build your t-shirt brand, you need to consider major factors. First is the use of software to create the design. The second factor is the cotton t-shirt printing technique that will help in producing excellent quality prints and intricate with colorful designs.


Below is a list of methods that are best for printing on custom t shirts that will perfectly align with your marketing goals.


  1. Digital Textile Printing or Direct to Garment (DTG) method

It is the latest technology in the printing industry. It uses inkjet printers, which allow you to print intricate designs with various color combinations not only on cotton fabric but also viscose, polyester, linen, and wool.


The good thing about using this method is as follows:

  • You won’t need a huge space and start your business in a smaller area.
  • It can execute even the most complicated design.
  • It doesn’t need bulk orders because you can ask to have 3 to 4 custom shirts printed through it.
  • With its setup, it will be easy for you to acclimate to the business model of print-on-demand.
  • Maximum combination of colors.
  • Water pollution is minimal, and it is eco-friendly.
  • You can stay away from large inventories and avoid dead stocks.


  1. Dye Sublimation

It is a heat printing wherein the designs are made through software and then printed on the shirt using heat transfer. Compared to other printing methods, it uses dye-based ink, turning it into gas with heat. Heat and pressure will transform it from solid to gas state, but once it is applied, it will turn to solid back again. It is a unique printing method because the gas will become part of the polyester fabric, making the design part of the fabric.


The good thing about using this method is as follows:

  • You can make premium designs that aren’t layered.
  • The fabric is still soft and breathable.
  • It is an expensive technology, but it works well with polyblend shirts.
  • The print-on-demand can be possible for those who prefer bulk orders.


  1. Plastisol Transfer

It is a great option for those who don’t want to buy printing machinery yet and would like to experiment with some design before heading on the bulk orders. The virtual designs you will create will be outsourced to those who have plastisol printing machinery. The design will not be printed on the shirt directly but on the plastisol paper instead of using an inkjet printer. The printed paper will be shipped to you, or your clients can apply the designs on the shirts using a heat press.


The good thing about using this method is as follows:

  • To save on preliminary costs, you can outsource the design printing.
  • Best for start-up businesses and experimental designs.


  1. Screen Printing

It is the most popular and adopted in all printing techniques. It uses screen printing inks to create durable and vibrant designs. It is best with bulk orders. Print-on-demand is not feasible, and it is difficult with this printing technique.





How Much Does Cotton T Shirt Printing Cost? Guide to Starting a Screen Printing Business


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Thinking about starting your own shirt printing business, particularly investing in the screen printing method? If yes, then you will want to read this guide to answer the questions you have in mind.


What is Screen Printing?

It is a printing technique that’s comparable to stencil. It transfers a design on the product (substrate) through a screen made from a synthetic polymer.


Can I Make Money?

An estimated amount that you can make in a year is at least $100,000.


What is the Average Cost?

There are elements that you need to take note of in running a screen-printing business. Below are the details.


  • Cotton T Shirt Printing Cost – the wholesale cost for cotton shirts would be about $24 for every dozen, 100% heavyweight cotton white tees. Price varies on quantity.


  • Silk Screens – It will cost you around $25 for the pre-stretched mesh screens. The images can be changed, and the screen can be used repeatedly. You can reuse the screen beyond 20 times.


  • Making Silk Screen – to make the screen, you will need to spend about $1.50 on supplies. If you prepare it ahead of time, making the screen will be faster. What takes a lot of time here is waiting for the mesh screen frames to dry.


  • Screen Printing Ink – from a gallon of plastisol ink for screen printing, you can produce thousands of prints. It is recommended to calculate the cost at $.05 for every t shirt. Tip: When you choose the best plastisol ink for screen printing, do not just base it on price alone. Why? Because your low price can become expensive since it will take more time (labor-wise), and you will need to buy more chemicals or ink modifiers to get the right consistency of the ink. Buy high-quality, premium ink.


  • Time & Labor – it takes time to make screens and print on the shirts. You will be more productive if you reclaim, pre-clean, or coat some screens gradually. If you already have on your shelf ready-to-expose screens, in less just than an hour, you can expose and make preparations for the screen printing.


  • Business Utilities – you need to calculate shop space, electricity, heat, lights, as well as added space that you need to use. It is crucial to choose the right location and environment so that your silkscreen will function well, given the right conditions.


Benefits of Having Your Own Screen Printing Business

  • There is a big market for small printing jobs that most big printing firms do not need.
  • In an hour, you can make money even in the small space of your own home.
  • Being the middleman, you order and print the customer’s exact order.
  • A shirt with a brand name can add recognition to what you are selling.
  • Little to no inventory, wherein in a day, the local distributor can deliver the t-shirts.
  • You are the boss.


The cost may be affordable or expensive at the start. However, if the business goes well and you get many printing orders, you’re assured of a good stream of income.







Dri Fit T-Shirt Printing Singapore Pricing for Retail Guide: How Much Should I Charge?

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Are you considering selling dri fit tees? If yes, then the first thing that many usually ask is how much you will charge at retail. It’s not an easy question to answer and guessing on it is a bad thing to do. There are things that you need to consider. This article is your ultimate dri fit t-shirt printing Singapore pricing for a retail guide.


Most of the transactions today are conveniently done online. If you’re thinking to sell your dri fit shirts through the internet, you will need to think first about how much you need to invest in producing them. We should keep the costs at a minimum as long as you do not sacrifice quality. Many individuals are willing to pay more for good quality retail tees, rather than shirts that do not make them feel comfortable.


With this, disbursing for one to two dollars more upfront might let you charge at least $5 to $10 more, and you’ll have more clients who likes or loves wearing your products. That is how you establish your brand to achieve success. Do not hesitate to put a price tag on your brand, most especially if you sell quality tees. If you charge them at a lesser price, your customers will think they have lesser worth.


Market Research


Studying the market is one way to determine the retail cost. Check out the competitor’s shirt line and see how much they charge and how they are pricing them. It’s crucial to understand what they are charging for their items when you are trying to convince people to choose you over your competitors.


Pricing Calculator

When you have your t-shirt cost, you can then calculate a price that’s according to your desired profit. Most retailers hit a profit margin of around 50%. With the 50% margin, multiply production cost by 2, then you’ll get your retail price. But if you are considering another profit margin percentage, you can use this:



[(cost to produce) ÷ (100-profit %)] x 100 = Retail Price




Step 1: [(10.00) ÷ (100–60)] x 100 = Retail Price

Step 2: [10.00 ÷ 40] x 100 = Retail Price

Step 3: 0.25 x 100 = Retail Price

Answer: $25 = Retail Price


After the pricing, next is psychology.


Price for Individuals, Not for Figures


Fact: Individuals do not act rationally all the time.


Good pricing needs to consider human emotion and human behavior to find the right spot in enticing people to buy your dri fit shirts. Here are some pricing tactics that can help boost your price for emotion above logic:


  • Ending price using a non-round number, and not a five or zero. Why? Because people are lazy in looking for information just to finalize their decision.
  • Bundle your items together and provide a price break. Don’t just focus on selling them one by one, and try doing it by the bundle.
  • Utilize Anchor Pricing. It means placing the original price and showing the price you are setting for the shirt.