How to Make Customized Lanyards?


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What Goes on a Lanyard?



Do you want to show your photo ID in a more professional and presentable way? Or display your member identification and event credentials respectably? If your answer is yes, then you need high-quality and affordable customized lanyards that can feature your event name, company name, brand logo, attractive colors, and many more!


There are several ways on how you can do this and make it work for your business. You can do this through a lanyard builder online or with the help of an independent or in-house graphics designer of a printing company.


Lanyard Customization of Artwork or Logo


There is a wide array of lanyards available that you can choose from. But if you decide to add your company name, logo, or other artwork, customizing it is an awesome way to advertise your business. The following are the printing options that you should know:


  • Dye Sublimation – this method gives you long-lasting and high-quality print. It is recommended to designs or logos that are complicated.
  • Silk Screen – it is the most common technique. It is best for simple logos and text. When it comes to pricing, it offers the lowest cost.
  • Woven – your custom design will be extremely durable because it is woven in. This is recommended for large projects.


The options for lanyard color and print combinations are endless. You can choose silkscreen on the micro-weave, woven on polyester, or dye sublimation on the ultra weave. You need to talk to the printing company about what they offer and if they meet your preferences.


Choices for Lanyard Finishing


How do you want the lanyards finished? You can choose to have ends crimped with a metal or sewn. There is also a safety breakaway option incase the lanyard will be caught or tugged onto something; the wearer can easily break away from the situation.


Breakaway lanyards are best for healthcare facilities, schools, and other organizations, particularly the industrial sector.


Attachment Choices 


How do you want the ID badge to attach to the custom lanyard? Here is a list of the following attachments you can take note of:


  • Metal swivel hook – it can keep the ID badge face forward all the time.
  • Bulldog clip – it is an attachment that is non-swivel, and it is very easy to use.
  • Swivel badge clip – it attaches to the ID badge and makes sure it faces forward.
  • Split ring – usually used with the wearer’s chosen strap clip.


Sample Steps Using an Online Lanyard Builder


If you want to create your design, it is easy and quick when you do it online. Here is a sample of the steps:


Step 1: Choose a printing method you prefer. Available options may be the following: dye sublimation, silkscreen, and woven.


Step 2: Select the size for your lanyard.

There are various thicknesses you can choose from.


Step 3: Add the image or text. You can use your brand logo, name, and other crucial elements of your design.


Step 4: Choose the type of attachment you like. You can select from various styles available.


Step 5: Choose the finishing option you prefer. After choosing one of the finishing choices, you can finalize your custom lanyard.

How Cupsleeve Printing Work in Events?


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Are Full Color Coffee Sleeves Recyclable?

What Makes Custom Hot Cup Sleeves Unique?



Do you know why many k-pop fans are going to cafes lately? Not just because of their delicious drinks, but it seems like businesses are taking advantage of k-pop concert events. It is a great way to attract and advertise your brand or café at the same time. The k-pop craze is still far from over!


Local fans in various cities are looking for chances to throw their parties to celebrate happenings, like BTS invited to the Grammy Awards.


Fans from all over the world are organizing parties in a café. They celebrate important dates, like k-pop artist anniversaries, etc. You’d be amazed by the long queue of lines outside coffee shops, not because a k-pop artist is coming. So, what’s the catch even if the k-pop artist is not coming?


The answer is, the long line is caused by k-pop lovers who are after a special cup sleeve printing design with a face or face of k-pop artists.


Understanding Cup Sleeve Event


Started in South Korea, the cafes hold cup sleeve events to celebrate a k-pop artist’s anniversary, birthday, or achievement.


According to fan clubs, there are k-pop celebrities who endorse cafes, and their faces are designed and printed on cup sleeves. And now, fans use the sleeves to promote their idols.


The event is not only common in South Korea but also various places. In a themed café, the place is decorated with posters and merchandise, making it a place for Instagram. A fan will receive a cup sleeve if they purchase a drink from the café.


Final Take


Today, printing cup sleeves for events has extended from birthday celebrations, anniversaries, and army enlistment of artists.


Other countries who are fanatics of k-pop artists are adapting too. If you have a business belonging to this category or industry, it might not be a bad idea to partner up with fan clubs and organize this type of event.


It’s a marketing goal that can help your business, and it supports fanatics at the same time. You’d be surprised with the outcome. You can spend a little on the custom designs and then boost your sales in no time. Plus, be ready for teens lining up outside your café!


Not everyone understands the appeal of this kind of event. Fanatics do this to connect with fellow fans.


More people are joining the k-pop fan club craze. Knowing this, it’s a good idea to be unique with your marketing strategy too. As long as there will be k-pop fans, going all out for their artist or idols, such events will happen anytime.


Do you have a café or a coffee shop? Have you tried this kind of event? If you need help in producing customized cup sleeves, you can always contact printing companies. They accept minimal or bulk orders for your special events. Create a design that will win the hearts of many! It can be in one or various colors. Think of the perfect theme before finalizing the design.


Are Custom Drawstring Bags Better than Backpacks?


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Why Is A Personalised Mini Drawstring Bag A Popular Business Gift?



The debate for drawstring bags or also known as cinch bags or gym sacks versus backpacks continues. There are distinct differences between the two, and you can choose whichever is most beneficial for your business.


Let’s get a more understanding of the custom drawstring bags.


What is a cinch bag or drawstring bag?


To simply put, a cinch bag is like an open-top kind of bag that can be closed through cinching a drawstring or rope closure that is also along the bag’s top. It does not just close the bag because the drawstring or rope closure functions as the bag’s handle at the same time, making it easy to be carried by hand. It also serves as shoulder slings, just like a backpack.


It is mostly used as school packs or book bags because of how easy it is to access the items inside it, and it is super lightweight. However, it lacks a sturdy structure compared to heavy-duty backpacks. You can still use it to carry a few books, school supplies, and papers.


What is a drawstring bag?


Not everyone knows that a cinch bag is also called a drawstring bag. It has the opening like of a cinch bag that is secured using a drawstring.


What about a school gym sack?


It is also a term associated with drawstring or cinch bag because of how the bag functions – hold athletic gear, sneaker, clean clothes, and other gym needs.


What bag should you choose for your gym needs?


Using the cinch bags is easy and convenient to carry all your gears. It is less structured compared to backpacks and can hold bulky items like your sneakers. A dedicated cinch bag can also handle your dirty and sweaty clothes after working out. You can avoid having your backpack or any bag stink up and use it for a different reason. And lastly, it is easy to clean, and it dries up pretty fast too.


What are the materials used to make a cinch bag?


This type of bag is usually made from hardwearing, casual fabrics that you can wash easily, like polyester or canvas.


How long will a drawstring bag last?


It is hard to say how long it will last since it will depend on your usage. A quality cinch bag allows you to use it multiple times to minimize waste and not dispose of it anytime soon. Since the materials used to make it uses sturdier materials, its lifespan is longer.


If you want to buy one, look for polyester-made bags with a higher denier count, which is used to measure a fabric’s fiber thickness, like 420 or more.


If you want it to last long, you can prolong its lifespan by avoiding putting too much stuff in it. You don’t want to rip and tear your bag because you placed angular and bulky items.


How to Choose Food Packaging Box for Your Business?


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Contemporary Food Packaging: Unnoticed Advertising Method

What are the Characteristics of a Good Take Away Paper Box or Packaging?



When marketing your food business, a customized food packaging box with a unique design is a good strategy. If you are looking for info on how you can choose the right food packaging box for your business, helpful tips are provided below.


  • Packaging Material

There are various materials you can choose from. There is a cardboard solution if you sell packaged food items, canned goods use metal tins, plastic solution for a variety of products, glass for your drinks, and other items that are also consumable. The options are many, but you need to know which one matches your product requirements in distribution and weight.


  • Attractive Design

It is crucial to customize the food box to ensure access in penetrating the market. Unattractive packaging is not saleable and does not attract customers. Since material plays a huge part here, make sure you check every type to make an informed decision. There are printing companies that can assist in designing your food boxes and help you choose which shape best fits your brand’s identity.


  • Ergonomic Packaging

How easy is it to open your product? It should be your utmost priority when it comes to how easy it is for a customer to open the food box. Doing so will help them easily remember how to do it again if they decide to buy it next time. You need to make sure that you following ergonomic packaging. Look for a solution or material for packaging that can help your product stand out and easy to open at the same time.


  • Distribution

One of the most disappointing experiences for a customer is when the product has been damaged before they get their hands on it. Make sure to think about how you are going to distribute the goods. If your food is contained in glass packaging, see to it that it is well-packed and safe for transportation, or else it’s going to be a losing situation for you. If your food items are heavy and you placed them on a huge heavy-duty box made of cardboard, the protection is still not enough.


Other accessories for packing may be added, such as metal or plastic straps, to make the box stay in perfect or decent shape. The food items may be thrown over at the back part of a vehicle or by employees in the distribution centers of warehouses.


  • Size and Shape

This is another crucial part in addition to distributing your goods. Look for the best solution there is that fits your distribution needs or preference.



Regardless of your food items are delicious or not, the packaging of the food box plays a huge role in achieving success. If customers are not attracted or enticed to even look at your food box, then there is less chance of them picking up your food items.


Why is Paper Bag Printing a Good Thing in the Food Industry?


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Can I Use Heat Press? Paper Bag Printing Tutorial

What are the Benefits of Custom Paper Bags with Logo?



Paper boxes and paper bags play a crucial role in restaurants and other businesses that belong in the food and beverage industry. Paper bag printing is a good marketing tool and a convenient packaging solution to maintain a steady flow of clients. It comes in different choices and sizes for all kinds of drinks and food. Below is a list of good things why the use of the paper bag is ideal.


  • Convenient Take-Out Solution 

Some customers choose the take-out option for their food. The use of paper bags can conveniently carry the food for the customers. It can come in different shapes. You can also print an attractive design that represents your business or brand.


  • Serve as Counter Bags

Food retailers can choose from various color and size options, from brown paper bags to white paper bags, which are greaseproof. You can print your brand logo for brand awareness.


  • Carry Fresh Foods

A paper bag is an excellent item to carry different types of food items. It is durable and affordable than plastic bags. It is biodegradable too, and clients can reuse them if handled well. Examples of foods include spices, candy, cookies, tea, and coffee. You can customize it according to your packaging requirement, and you can have it branded to reflect your brand name.


  • Bespoke Bottle Bags

It serves as total concealment for those who want to conceal their drink while carrying it. The size matches that of a bottle and the bag has a more luxury appeal. Plus, it is durable enough to withstand the weight and height of a bottle. Customize a design according to your preference.


  • Environment-friendly 

Smart business owners choose eco-friendly packaging. The paper is made from Kraft paper pulp and renewable wood. Many customers appreciate stores or businesses that use bags that are concern with the environment. It also gives a positive image to the company or brand. Customize the paper bag along with your logo and eco-friendly message to attract more clients.


  • Builds Brand Recognition

You can customize a design showing your brand and print it on the paper bag to boost brand recognition and memory. You can choose your favorite color and size to make sure the logo stands out.


  • Cost-effective

It is cost-effective. It is also durable to handle your packing requirements without the need to add another packaging. Compared to plastic bags, paper bags have higher tear tolerance in a similar situation. It is also easy and affordable to produce.


No matter what purpose you have, whether for an event or business, the paper bag is an awesome packaging solution, especially in the food industry. If you own a store, it is durable to carry various items, including wine bottles. Plus, it is cost-efficient, environment friendly, can be designed according to your preference or custom needs.


Which is Better for T-Shirt Printing Singapore? Heat Transfer or Screen Printing?


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How to Make a T-Shirt Design? Ultimate T-Shirt printing Services Singapore Guide

How Long Does Instant T Shirt Printing Singapore Take to Finish? Common FAQs Answered



The use of promotional apparel with custom designs is a popular category of marketing tools. There are two ways to print your artwork or business logo on the shirts: Screen printing and Heat Transfer printing. Although both can print an image on shirts, they are different, and one method might work for you over the other.


Customer preference is the key since both T-shirt printing Singapore methods have advantages and disadvantages.


Heat Transfer Printing

In the last 20 years, heat transfer has become a popular innovation when it comes to transferring images on fabrics. It utilizes combined heat and pressure when printing images on shirts as well as other items. The types of heat transfer techniques are (1) digital and (2) vinyl print. The two need a heat press machine.


How Vinyl Heat Printing Works


This process utilizes a machine to cut each letter and design from color vinyl pieces. The full image will then be patched together on the item and then heat pressed. It is good for printing slogans, sportswear jerseys, multi-colored or small graphics.


How Digital Heat Printing Works


This process works like a home printer. The design of a full image is created using a PC and then digitally printed on paper through a special kind of ink solvent. As soon as the paper is pressed on the item or shirt, the ink will stick to it. Then, the graphics are transferred to it. Printing on garments through this technique results in high-resolution images. It is the best option for complicated and full-color designs.


Heat Transfer PROS and CONS




  • Images with multiple colors and complicated designs are easier to print.
  • It is cost-efficient for small or minimal orders.
  • The images produced are of high-quality.
  • Costs are minimal because of the affordable setup.
  • Clean and ecologically friendly.
  • You can easily customize your shirt.




  • Not recommended for dark garments or shirts.
  • The printed results feel stiffer on the fabric.
  • The designs do not last longer compared to screen-printed tees.
  • The colors are not as bright as shirts using the screen printing method.


Screen Printing


In creating the stencil for the design, the screen is cut. The ink is spread over the screen using a squeegee, which will pass through the stencil onto the shirt or item. For every screen, one color is used. Designs with various colors need multiple screens, which would take a lot of time to finish compared to heat press printing.




  • It is cost-efficient for bulk orders.
  • The printed design has a softer feel.
  • Its print lasts longer, and it is more durable too.
  • You can choose vibrant colors even if you use dark fabrics.




  • Messy process and time-consuming.
  • Limited to creating simple designs and few colors.
  • Not good for photoduplication.
  • Set up is expensive, needs bulk orders. Not good for minimum orders.
  • Uses more equipment and chemicals than heat transfer methods.


Which Is Printing Method is Best?


Consider the following questions:


  • Is your design simple or complicated?

Answer: YES – Choose heat transfer.


  • Does it contain 3 or more colors?

Answer: YES – Choose heat transfer.


  • What is the color of the fabric you will use?

Answer: Light – Choose heat transfer.

Answer: Dark – Choose screen printing.


  • How many shirts will you order?

Answer: Less than 500 – Choose heat transfer.

Answer: More than 500 – Choose Screen Printing


Are Full Color Coffee Sleeves Recyclable?


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Advertising Your Brand through Cup Sleeve Printing

How Cupsleeve Printing Work in Events?



Have you noticed disposable coffee cups with cardboard coffee sleeves thrown away after use? It is a waste, agree?


Geniuses from everywhere have found ways to help people recycle even full color coffee sleeves. Is it recyclable? Of course!


Before you throw away the coffee sleeve in the trash bin, here are suggestions on how you can create an incredible creation by yourself.


  • ART – do you like to draw? You can draw on the sleeve characters of various artists. You can collect the sleeves, draw on them using colored or black pens, and even frame them at home.
  • GIFT CARD – it is the right size to make it into a gift card or a handmade greeting card. You can leave it as it is, embellish or cover the design in your creative way.
  • KID’S VALENTINE’S DAY CRAFT – the process is very easy since it is a Valentine’s Day process-oriented craft for kids. You can create a heart shape, making it an awesome activity.
  • JEWELRY – you can create a cardboard chain made from coffee sleeves. It can also be an awesome garland.
  • GIFT TOPPER – this is best for holiday-themed occasions. You can always make a handmade-themed item that you can use for the first whole year-round.
  • OWL MAGNET – who doesn’t love magnets? An owl is a good project for those who adore this animal.
  • NOTEBOOK – use it to create index cards and cut down the paper you prefer to get the same result.
  • ALBUM FOR PHOTO – create a mini album. Scrapbooks don’t need to be super elaborate. You can put photos and captions that you can write down. It is adorable.
  • PLANT POTS – you can form a pot by using four sleeves. It is a good way to get rid of a large amount of stash you have.
  • RING-BOUND ALBUM – all you need to do is punch a few holes, add the book rings, and voila! You have a mini album!
  • RE-USABLE PATTERN – use it as a pattern in creating more coffee sleeves.
  • WALL ART – here, you can show well-designed logos or popular places. You need to use your inner artistic side.
  • TOY SHIP – Have you seen a miniature Mayflower? It will need some additional materials like skewers, tape, and some paper. It is cute and realistic-looking too.


There are several types of coffee sleeves that you can gather and make recycling.


  • Kraft Corrugated – Kraft means “strength,” it is superior in flexibility too, plus it is 100% eco-friendly.
  • White Corrugated – made of white Kraft paper – 85% of it is post-consumer paperboard. It has a double-wall, the exterior has a smooth finish, and the interior is corrugated.
  • Kraft and White Embossed – the surface of the paper is altered, which is the process of embossing, creating a recessed design or three-dimension raised effect.
  • Kraft and White Dimpled – it is highly embossed, initially developed for protective packaging, which is a bubble packaging alternative.


Now you know you can gather them up, categorize and create something unique.


Why Is A Personalised Mini Drawstring Bag A Popular Business Gift?


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Cheap Custom Drawstring Bags: How Much and What Are its Printing Method Options?

Are Custom Drawstring Bags Better than Backpacks?



Drawstring bags are accessible, and all-purpose bags perfect for parties, game day, at the beach that can pack all the essentials.


A personalized mini drawstring bag has a decent weight-bearing capacity to bear the day-to-day grinds easily. It is popular with people of all ages, especially in the younger ones, making it a trendy and fashionable accessory.


Because of the wide space, it provides to print custom designs, it has become effective marketing. Below are the five reasons why it has become a popular business gift item.


  • Color choices – you can choose within solid tone colors, which can make your design pop and attractive. It can help in making your brand and message stand out.
  • Versatile – it can penetrate a huge market, and it fits all age groups. It is an item that is well-received by almost all types of customers, making it an awesome giveaway item during business events and tradeshows where there is a diverse audience present.
  • Affordable – Popular but affordable. It is a perfect option for projects with a tight budget and for promotions that need mass giveaways.
  • Durable – it comes in various styles and designs, making it a functional bag for everyday use. It lasts long and can withstand wear and tear.
  • Simple – It does not have buckles or zippers, making it an awesome choice as a beach bag, sports bag, or school bag. Even the younger ones can easily put their stuff in and retrieve things.


It’s a multipurpose bag that can serve as a corporate gift for employees or as giveaways at events, making them loyal to the brand. It can be a special team spirit item for school, sports team, etc. It can provide excellent brand visibility at it also affordable. You can choose from diverse materials and customize them with designs that match your purposes or business.


The bag is usually made of non-propylene and cotton materials that are good for green-themed occasions. Drawstring bags are also reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable. It can highlight the social commitment to preserving mother earth at the same time. You can choose popular color combinations, making the item attention-grabbing and irresistible to look at.


Nylon and Polyester drawstring bags are outdoor-friendly and attractive. For more functional features, you can add pockets like a vented front pocket. Adding pockets will make the bag stylish and popular.


In dark surroundings, you can use reflective materials like 210D nylon for more visibility for your customers. You can choose colors like yellow to make it visible in dark places.


There are various ways to use the bags. Have you thought about customizing it for your marketing and promotions? If yes, you will want to work with a professional team to help you out with the details, especially in creating the perfect design. You can hire a graphics designer or talk to the printing company if they have an in-house editor who can assist you.



What are the Steps in Envelope Address Printing?

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What is a Business Envelope? Envelope Printing Guide

What is the Purpose of Envelope Printing?



Do you want to add your return address on the envelope but don’t know how? You can easily set this up before you start printing on an envelope. Once you have set up the envelope according to your preference, you print, save, and reuse it later on.


How to set up a return address?

Step 1: Open Microsoft Word.

Step 2: Click the FILE tab.

Step 3: Choose OPTIONS.

Step 4: Click on ADVANCED.

Step 5: Scroll down, type the return address under GENERAL in the MAILING ADDRESS box.

Step 6: Click on OK.


How to verify printing options?


Before you perform a batch of envelope address printing, verify in the printer options if everything is set correctly. Here’s what you need to do:


Step 1: Go to the MAILINGS tab, CREATE group, and then choose ENVELOPES.

Step 2: Tick on OPTIONS, then click the ENVELOPE OPTIONS tab.

Step 3: Choose the options that match the size of enveloping you have in the ENVELOPE SIZE box.

Step 4: Hit on the PRINTING OPTION tab. Information to wherever the envelope must be loaded in the printer is being displayed here.


a.) The positioning of the loaded envelope is determined in the feed method. Whether it is aligned in the left, middle, or right place and defines whether the short or long edge is applied.

b.) The envelope can be either down or up, and it is the side that the address is printed upon.

c.) The envelope is rotated if it is fed the short edge first. This process will avoid the text from appearing upside down.


Step 5: Put the paper as shown in the dialogue box.

Step 6: Click OK.

Step 7: To test the printer, type something in the delivery address box and then click print to run the print test.

Step 8: See to it that it printed correctly.

Step 9: If you observe that it didn’t print properly, do the following:


  • Make sure that the printer is updated. If not, update it.
  • Check printer information if available to find out exactly how to properly load the envelope.
  • Go back to the printing option tab and make any alterations in the printing options. Then print again in such time that you determine the results that you wanted.



Creating and Printing or Saving an Envelope


Step 1: Click the MAILINGS tab, in CREATE group, and choose ENVELOPES.

Step 2: Delivery address box, type in the mailing address.

Step 3: Click FONT found on the shortcut menu to format the text, choose the text, then right-click the text selected.

Step 4: Type in the return address or utilized the preconfigured one in the RETURN ADDRESS. If you want to choose the address found on the electric address book on your PC, click INSERT ADDRESS.

Step 5: If you wish to keep the return address, but don’t do not want to use it on the current envelope, choose OMIT check box.


How to Make a T-Shirt Design? Ultimate T-Shirt printing Services Singapore Guide


More info here: T-Shirt Printing Singapore

How to Get a License to Sell Trademark Clothing for Shirt Printing Singapore Business?

Which is Better for T-Shirt Printing Singapore? Heat Transfer or Screen Printing?



The most popular item in the apparel category is the t-shirt. And in business, the more popular the product is, the tougher the competition will be in the market.


Below is the ultimate t-shirt printing services Singapore guide to help you make the perfect t-shirt design.


  • Look for design ideas.

Take note of beliefs, styles, and key themes you want your brand to be popular with.


  • Discover various design elements.

You utilize line drawings, typography, images, illustration as the base of your design. You can mix and match elements to create the perfect design. Keep in mind that the smallest design details tell a thousand words. To be safe, stick with forms and shapes that are recognizable from a distance and up-close.


  • Choose the color strategically.

Visuals matter a lot. Each color can affect how people see your products and brand. Learn about color psychology and the basics of color theory. Also, take note of other technical aspects like the color of the shirt when choosing the colors for the design or font, making sure it’s readable or clear.


  • Finding the right type of shirt.

The V-neck, polo, and crew neck are some of the t-shirts that you can choose. Who is your target market, and what is the goal you set for your brand? The polo shirt is not the best choice for the urban feel or streetwear shoppers, a cropped or baggy tees might be a perfect choice.


  • Printing Methods

Various printing methods would depend on quantity, colors, budget, and the intricacy of design details. Discover the options you have to make sure it fits your preference, goals, and finances. There are other flexible printing techniques. It is best to be aware of what you are working with while you still have the time to do the needed adjustments to the designs that you have. The three popular printing methods are screen printing, sublimation printing, and direct-to-garment.


  • Create your designs.

Once you have the idea, make the actual design. There are ways on how you can achieve this. First, is you do the designing yourself. If you have the skills and tools, creating it won’t be that hard for you. If it’s your first time, Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop might not be a good choice in editing your design because of the learning process. Second, you can hire a designer. Not everyone is as talented as the others when it comes to creating a design. You can always pay for professional graphic designers to help you out. Most printing companies have in-house graphic designers that you can count on.


  • Products generators of your printer.

Most of the printers have product generators. It allows you to make designs easily. If you don’t have the time or do not want to bother yourself in finding a design software and setting the print size and quality appropriately, this might be the perfect option for you. If you are confused and not ready to buy any printer, you can test your creativity through a mockup generator.