Should I Do Envelope Printing Online Or At My Home Printer?


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What is the Purpose of Envelope Printing?



Are you thinking about making your envelopes but can’t figure out whether to do it online or design yourself and print using your home computer? It’s fun spending time being creative to create your envelope.


If you do have a printer at home, then doing envelop printing online is your best choice. You can use the template available over the internet and order it to the website right away. It’s easy and quick too.


But if you are willing to make your A7 envelopes at home, you can keep them simple and make them by yourself from scratch.




Step#1: Choose the editing software.


In creating the design, you can use graphic editing software like Adobe Photoshop. But if using layers seems too complicated for you, use Microsoft word and excel.


Step#2: Put the envelope in the printer.


The printing process of an envelope is similar to doing it on paper. There are just a few different steps that you’ll need to take note of. With the envelope, you will want to put the shirt edge first and make sure that the flap is closed.


Step#3: Make the spreadsheet.


We need the spreadsheet so that you can fill in the information. Make a section and put the name, address, and country. See to it that you fill the spreadsheet and label correctly.


Step#4: Document set up.


Read the details thoroughly because this is the most crucial part. Open a new Word document, but the size should match the size of your envelope to avoid wasting your ink. If you have a 4 1/8 inches height by 9 ½ inches wide, it should match the setting on your word document. Don’t forget to set the size in decimals.


Step#5: Choose your preferred font.


See to it that the size of the font is not too small. The font type does not matter as long as it is readable, so choose the size that is not too small. It should be big enough so that the receiver won’t have a hard time reading the texts. The text should be placed in the center to make it look symmetrical. Don’t forget to save the file.


Step#6: Begin with the Mail Merge


After the text, you will need to begin the mail merge. Proceed to the mailing header on Word Document, then choose recipients. Click on the “use an existing list option” found on the drop-down menu. Choose the excel file you saved once the folder pops up. After the excel file has been imported, choose the area where you prefer to put the spreadsheet.


Go back to Mailings, you will then see a drop-down menu with the name of the cells that will pop up. You will then choose the cells you prefer and put them on the document file.


Step#7: Setting Up the Printer Driver


The printer driver must be set wherein you will enter a custom size. The size you will choose must exactly be the same as the envelope size you are using.


Step#8: Printer Test


Doing a print test will save you time and avoid wasting a lot of paper or envelopes. It is highly recommended to do so before you start printing in batches.


Step#9: Printing Time


Just follow the steps and you will surely get them done in no time.


What Makes Custom Hot Cup Sleeves Unique?


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How Cupsleeve Printing Work in Events?



There is one particular strategy in the market today that draws attention to the business world. It has become so popular, and it is called custom hot cup sleeves marketing. This unique marketing tool may be the ticket you’ve been looking for if you are starting small and want to be in the limelight. Many business enthusiasts are wondering what this marketing strategy is all about and why it is so unique amongst the rest. Below are some reasons why this product is so popular and must be considered.


  • It is unique because it has never been done before. It is a safe reason to say it is why it has been a big hit. It is an original way to print your brand and design on a coffee sleeve while enjoying coffee in the mornings every day. Many have already considered it as a great marketing strategy. All you need to do is to order in minimal or bulk quantity of customized coffee sleeves, set a proper plan on distributing them to different organizations, and people will begin to see your great design and the name of your company.


  • Reach a broader target market or audience. According to studies, an average coffee drinker will carry their cup of coffee with them for 45 minutes to an hour during the morning. It can be wherever like a meeting at work or a gym workout, the cup of coffee is always around them. The advantage here is that a lot of people will see it. It can establish brand memory and might end up buying the services or products from your business.


  • You can be very creative. Coffee sleeves allow you to be creative with your design. It can be a movie promotion, announcements of promos, concerts, to breast cancer awareness. You only need to choose the perfect colors, sayings, and other crucial elements. It is an awesome marketing strategy because it is eye-catchy, most especially if you use colors that pop up.


People love to drink coffee, and the market is huge too. Coffee drinkers may be in the morning, evening, or throughout the day. You’d be surprised to know that many will know your brand name, logo, or services offered in no time.


These are just a few of the many reasons why using customized coffee sleeves for your marketing efforts can be unique and an awesome strategy to market your business. You can be super creative to reach a wider target market or audience. The coffee sleeve will be a strong strategy for your business unlike any other.


Do not be afraid to try out other strategies that can help your company grow. Businesses belonging to different industries have a strong rivalry to get the customers and hit their target market sales. If you haven’t tried coffee sleeves, maybe this is the right time.


How to Get a Calendar Published and Distributed? Cheap Custom Calendar Printing Tips


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What are the Calendar Printing Singapore Selling Strategies?



There are lots of people who have this concept of a calendar. Nevertheless, they do not know how to make it into the actual physical item and make it available to customers. However, there are two ways where you can dole out and publish a calendar: firstly, by self-publishing and secondly, through conventional publishers. By self-publishing; you can control and create greater sales preferences, while in conventional publishing, it will provide you bulk supplies and distributions.


Calendar Creation


The feature and value of your calendar are reliant on the layout and design. See to it that you have the rights to use those descriptions when planning your calendar. If you don’t have permission or any legal rights to the design of your calendar, you can use it from a free stock directory. However, you need to be mindful that they have specifications on licensing. There might be extra charges for using their photos.


How to Find a Publisher 

If you are not one of those big names, having a calendar published will be hard and very tiresome. Yet, there are bigger publishers where people’s calendars are getting picked up. Moreover, some sites can help you publish your calendars. Go to the site of your preference publishing company and request their submission procedures. Each publishing company has its different requirements.




Several sites offer to print calendars through print-on-demand. However, there are pros and cons with this kind of option wherein the risk is very low, but the cost is also high to get consumers to buy your calendar and eventually make a revenue of approximately $17 to $24 per calendar. But in the case of a calendar, you may also use an offset printer.


There are publishing sites that offer affordable and high quality and quantities for a calendar that starts from 1,000 for full-color printing. Depending on specs, you will pay at least, for example, $1 to $2 per calendar. In addition, if you print more, you pay less. They offer different sizes, and you will experience what your calendar looks like what you purchased from the store and not a spiral-bound selection that you get from a POD establishment.


It is a great way to make money when you do a self-publish calendar. You need to know who you want to reach out to. For example, if your target is for a golf calendar, make some deals with golf pro shops. Another one is if our target is local, make a calendar that can be used for fundraising or school.


Also, keep in mind the timeline of your calendar to be published. For instance, if your calendar is for the year 2022, your product must be ready not later than the spring of 2021.


You can sell your rights to any publishing company for mass distribution of your product if you can show that it is successful by presenting your verified sales record along with your physical product.


What are the Characteristics of a Good Take Away Paper Box or Packaging?



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How to Choose Food Packaging Box for Your Business?



If you have a business and you need to provide packaging for your products, you will want to know the various characteristics of good packaging.


Good packaging builds a good relationship between the package and the customer. Today, it has been considered a ‘silent salesman.’ It has a psychological effect wherein the customer feels the produces thinks about his or her, wherein the producer thinks about the convenience of consumers. This kind of attitude from customers has an extensive effect on marketing goods.


A good take away paper box or packaging has the crucial features below:


  • It is not too heavy, and the design does not make it inconvenient to the customers. In short, a good package is convenient.
  • It is secure enough to protect the product or items.
  • It can adapt. It means that it does not show difficulty in keeping in a refrigerator or almirah.
  • It can establish in the minds of the consumers that the contents in the food box are of standard quality.
  • It gives prestige to the person carrying the packaged goods. It is an excellent characteristic that aids in better marketing.
  • It carries the mark of artistic sense. It gives more status to the customers who carry the food box or packaging. A few sentences that are easy to understand should be written on the ‘shelf package.’ A retail package or shelf package should entice immediate attention. The whole package must be sanitary and clean that have a protective seal.




One of the most excellent advantages is convenience. It plays a crucial role in transporting goods easily to a facility. It is why it should be packaged in a good manner.


Another benefit is it aids in advertising and branding. Putting your brand and printing it well using one or different colors on good packaging helps promote a business. You do not need to think about spending more on advertising when it comes to getting the needed attention. Did you know that if you package the products well, it can boost the demand for well-packaged goods or items? Yes, it does.


Another benefit is it protects the products against harmful or any elements that can damage the items.


Good packaging can be perfect for reuse or recycled for other needs.


Additional advantages include a reduction in marketing costs. It is better to handle item losses through good packaging. It can result in a decrease in marketing expenses.


Both quality and quantity are improved if you have good packaging. It helps keep the food in place wherein quantity and quality are intact, and will not be acted by external forces and incidents that will damage the packaged goods.


Good packaging also helps in establishing a sound and strong business atmosphere. It can represent a brand, especially if you create the perfect design. Make sure to customize it that can represent your company and create a positive impact for your customers.


What is the Purpose of Envelope Printing?



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What are the Steps in Envelope Address Printing?

Should I Do Envelope Printing Online Or At My Home Printer?



Purpose of Envelope


According to a well-known marketing company, an envelope has two purposes. First, it carries its contents securely from its origin to another place. The crucial and second purpose is to get the envelope opened. The two mentioned are the major roles or jobs of envelopes.


Success is achieved for the two purposes if there are know-how knowledge and creativity. Businesses continue to rely on their experience in producing quality services and products to achieve goals and deliver content intact. Creating new products to stir and entice attention is another thing. Such activities engage receivers with the envelope, and they serve to have them open it along with the promise of offering value.


Print Tips


Envelopes today should perform perfectly on various inserting and printing equipment. The know-how knowledge comes in place here. Getting the envelope opened is another matter. Being creative is the heart of marketing. Envelope focus on uniqueness in the mailbox. “The first impression lasts,” and you won’t get a second chance for that first impression, which is a crucial task of an envelope. There are different ways on how to get the receiver to interact with your envelope. Examples include a different way to opening it, a hidden window, or an embedded repositionable, unique, and new ideas greatly help.


Make Envelope Stand Out


This is the first tip that you will want to remember. You can add some special effects by utilizing emblazoned graphics outside the envelope, use different colors, or try printing inside it.


Cost-Efficient for Conflicting Budget


Which technique is more cost-effective when it comes to promoting your brand? This is a question that you will want to answer. The large project runs of 5,000 pieces or more envelopes with customization like orienting, engraving, and embossing may sound expensive and time-consuming, it could be enough if it is within your budget, and you’d definitely get the best benefit of the first impression. The smaller project runs need to weigh the benefit and cost of customization because these smaller runs of envelope customization might not be cost-efficient.


Keep in Mind Postal Regulations When You Design the Envelopes


Your efforts will be put to waste if the post office won’t accept your beautifully designed envelope. Limit the use of return address info and graphics to the upper left corner of the envelope to ensure that you meet the post office’s regulations. The face of the envelope should be blank so that the post office can add any needed details, and to give space to add the address of the recipient. Always double-check mailing regulations before you order.


One thing you need to remember when creating a design is that at the top part of a pre-made envelope, there should be a clear area of 3/8-inch that’s built in to give the space it needs to pull it through the press during the printing process. This is when you are printing the envelopes afterward the conversion process.


Being familiar with the considerations will help you create the perfect design that meets your budget.


What are the Benefits of Custom Paper Bags with Logo?


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Why is Paper Bag Printing a Good Thing in the Food Industry?



Paper bags are noticeable everywhere. They are not only used in stores and boutiques, but also in different industries and organizations. It can be beneficial in various ways because of its features and what it can offer.


Did you know using a paper bag is an efficient marketing tool that is usually overlooked by many? The benefits of using it for your business are as follows:


  • Effective tool for marketing – customers carrying custom paper bags with a logo of your brand is already a form of advertising. People carrying your brand give you exposure to a lot of potential clients. A well-customized bag will surely be reused later for various reasons.


  • Grab people’s attention – custom bags are more attractive compared to plain ones. Printing designs using bright colors of your logo will attract the public’s attention.


  • Give your client an idea of what your brand is all about – most businesses use customized paper bags to let the customers know who they are and what they offer. They include brand messages and values printed on the bags.


  • Image boost – most people would think that customized bags come from high-end boutiques and stores. If you think about revamping your business, using custom bags is an awesome way.


  • Economical – you do not need to invest a lot of money if you want to use the bags in marketing. You can buy them at a lower price and get a quick turnaround time too.


  • It can save you more on transportation and storage – in terms of cost for inventory, the paper bags are economical and excellent for businesses. If you compare having glass mugs or metal tins, the paper bags would only take a little space of your storage. With transportation, even a thousand glass mugs would need a few trips to complete the delivery. With a thousand bags, it could fit even in a van.


  • Eco-friendly – you can tell your customers through the paper bags that you care for nature. Customers prefer using recyclable and reusable items compared to plastic bags. People today are eco-conscious, and they will appreciate the fact that you are helping mother earth. Companies that continue to use plastic items are frowned upon today, and that is why many businesses are changing their ways. Aside from the marketing advantages it provides, you are also decreasing plastic waste.


  • Wide variety of options – the paper bags can come in different sizes, colors, shapes, and styles. It can be a pinch-bottom bag, bakery bag, S.O.S. bag, party bag, mailing bag. You have a variety of choices that you can give away to your customers.


  • Hold giveaway items for your events – clients love more giveaways. The customized bags can hold marketing or promotional items that you can give away during events or parties.


The competition is very tough these days. If you own a business, you need to be smart with your marketing strategies. You can try or combine different advertising and promotional methods that are efficient and cost-effective at the same time.


What are the Types of Tissue Paper Printing Advertising?





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What are the Uses of Facial Tissue Paper? Tissue Paper Printing Info



Have you ever considered promoting or advertising your business by creating the perfect design and printing them on the covers of pocket tissue paper packs? Interesting, right? Who would have thought that businesses could take advantage of this strategy, boost market presence and sales at the same time?


Tissue paper is super useful, ubiquitous, and at times serves as a secondary function in reserving tables, etc. Have a tissue paper pack can help in keeping personal hygiene or cleaning your mess, it is indeed a lifesaver. And since you can find one almost everywhere, it also shows its potential as an effective marketing tool for businesses.


A tissue pack handed out to people in Singapore is accepted gladly of all pages. It is low-cost, and you can customize it easily, making it a perfect vehicle to promote to a broader market. If you want your business to make a bigger impact, custom-designed boxes can be a good option.


If you want a subtle touch, you can choose serviettes. It works for businesses, but is not limited to F&B industries, wherein they take personal branding on the napkins to merge the visual identity of the brand, boost awareness and image at the same time. The options for advertisement and branding through the use of pocket tissues, napkins, or boxes are countless.


Below are the types of tissue paper printing advertising that you will want to know.


  • Plastic Wallet Tissue Pack – the size is 12.2cm x 7.5cm x 1cm. You can do full color on 4 panels, and it contains a 3 ply pulp tissue in 8 pieces.
  • Napkin/Serviettes – the open size is 25cm X 25cm and the close size is 12.5cm X 12.5cm. The material is a 2 ply white pulp tissue. You can print on one location and use one color.
  • Square Tissue Box – the size is 11cm X 11cm X 4cm. The material used is a 300gsm greyboard with a gloss varnish. You can opt to do full-color printing on all sides. It contains 170mm X 108mm X 2ply 50 pieces of tissue.
  • Cube Tissue Box – the size is 11cm X 11cm X 11cm. The material is similar to a square tissue box, a 300gsm greyboard with a gloss varnish. You can also print on all sides in full color. It contains 170mm X 108mm X 2ply 120 pieces of tissue paper.
  • Namecard Tissue Pack – the size is 12.2cm x 7.5cm x 1cm. The card size is 90mm X 54mm, and you can print in 4C X 4C in gloss or matt lamination.
  • Cardboard Tissue Pack – size is 16cm X 11cm. Material is 300gsm white card. You can do full color with a gloss or matt lamination. It contains 3ply pulp tissue, a total of 8 pieces.
  • Rectangular Tissue Box – size is 21cm X 11cm X 4.8cm. The material is a gloss varnish 300gsm greyboard. You can print in full color on all sides. It contains 170mm X 108mm X 2ply 80pcs of tissue.


How Long Does Instant T Shirt Printing Singapore Take to Finish? Common FAQs Answered


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Which is Better for T-Shirt Printing Singapore? Heat Transfer or Screen Printing?



Want to know the Frequently Asked Questions and answers to t-shirt printing? If yes, then below are helpful details that you can take note of.



Size and Color FAQs



– Do you have youth sizes? 

Answer: Most printing companies offer 2-4 x-small, 6-8 small, 10-12 youth medium, 14-16 youth large. Some may stock infant lap shoulder shirts.


– Are 2X, 3X, 4X, and so on sizes available?

Answer: Some of the garments could be up to 6X size. But you should know that not all printing companies offer them and not all colors in such sizes are available. You need to call to confirm.


– What is the largest size of the design that can be printed on a shirt?

Answer: The maximum size depends on where you want the design to be printed on the shirt. You need to call the printing company to get the full details and talk to a sales representative or in charge.


– Can shirt sizes be mixed in my order?

Answer: Most printing firms would let you mix the sizes in any way for your to complete your order. The design or logo is created to fit the smallest shirt, and you will not want to order one 2-4 size when most of your order is more on adult sizes. Ordering pre-set dozens for each size is not necessary. They may allow you to order exactly what you require.


– Can I mix the types of shirts when I order like sweatshirts, t-shirts, and golf shirts?

Answer: Yes, so long as the designs will be printed in the same place or location on all shirts. The price is dependent on every garment determined by the overall quantity of shirts that you will order.


– Can I use different ink colors?

Answer: Yes, but every time your change color, most printing companies would charge you for ink color change.



Ordering FAQs



– How to order t shirt printing Singapore?

Answer: There are different ways including calling by phone, fax, or email.


– How to pay?

Answer: Depending on printing companies, you can pay through credit card, money order, or check. Purchase Order payment may be available to some organizations along with a written agreement offered at the printing company’s discretion. Cash payments mostly get discounted prices.


– Can I see a sample before printing in bulk?

Answer: Before printing, you can request pre-production paper mailed or through e-mail. Production starts as soon as you send the approval.


– How long will it take for me to receive the order? Do you handle rush orders?

Answer: It depends on your order. Custom printed tees typical production time would take 2 weeks. Rush services are offered by most printing firms, shipping them in as little as two to three days on a lot of items. Next day shipping may be done for digital photo t-shirts. You need to call ahead if the rush service is available. If you need the custom shirts on a specific date, you need to inform the printing firm.