5 Examples of Food Packaging Boxes to Help You Start Generating Ideas

An excellent food package box design won’t just impress your customers, but it will also make them want to eat your well-packaged food. Designs that engage people do not only add value to what you offer and your business because it can make your brand memorable too. Printing companies offer a wide array of food packaging choices such as takeaway food box, food paper box, etc., all you need to do is to plan your marketing strategy and create the design that fits your goals and your brand at the same time.

Looking to print your own food packaging box?

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Looking for a Contemporary Food Packaging: Unnoticed Advertising Method?
It may not be that easy, to help you out, the following are five design concepts that can help you start in creating your food packaging.

• Hotdog boxes
These types of food boxes are excellent examples of creativity and simplicity. Hotdog businesses today use the packaging to put the fries and sausages in one box, combining design and convenience at the same time. You can mix the brand name along with the color, illustrations, and overall design of your packaging. Other important details like the contact number and address may be placed in the front when opening the box to help remind the customers where and how to contact you again.

• Simple with the right color
At first, the design may look very simple, but looking at the clever details creates the impact. You can use the basic palette for the box, but the font and colors for the logo can either make or break the whole design. Use soft calligraphy with color, leading to an elegant yet minimalistic design, proving that less is indeed more.

• More than just for popcorn
You’d never expect that a simple popcorn box can be versatile and could make a huge difference. You can put funny illustrations that bring up smiling faces to your customers, making your brand a memorable one. You can be creative or “think outside of the box” (no pun intended) and try to think of ways on how you can use the packaging that can attract the customers.


• An unforgettable design
You can stack up boxes on top of each other and create a design with it, revealing an illustration. Doing so can create an appearance that will surprise the customers. It can become boxes for gifts, sweets, cakes, tea, etc. Having creative designs can boost your product’s value. Customers would usually prefer a nicely packaged product rather than having to trouble themselves wrapping the item. It may sound like having a complicated design, but you can discuss with the printing company or supplier the different sizes and design options available.

• It’s your “mini” work of Art
A personalized or customized food packaging box is part of the customer’s experience with the brand. Takeaway packages give you a huge opportunity to bring out the artistic side of you, if you think you don’t have it, graphic artists can help you out. You can create a romantic style design, for example, and include the necessary details on the box. Put your favorite brand tagline too!

You can also do a takeaway box with a printed menu, and customers will see the details once they open the lid, this is what we call a complete experience.

Always take note that packaging is mostly building the experience for your customers and not just to make your brand or businesses recognizable, and it is part of your company’s whole image.

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