A Few Things you should not do when Distributing Flyers


A Few Things you should not do when Distributing Flyers.


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Distributing flyers can be a bit tricky, not many people stop and smile at you when you

give flyers. Often times the opposite happens, you get scolded as you hand out the flyer to

the person who just passed by. Here are a few things you should not do when distributing




First is not getting offended. Do not think its personal or an attack on your part when you

get turned down by someone you are giving a flyer to. Not all people take whatever is

given to them. You should be patient.



Also remember a No is a no. If a person refuses to accept the flyer, then do not force it on

that person, chances are you might end up making him mad rather than making them a

potential customer. If the person says no, politely thank him for his time.



Do not get stressed, If you get a few rowdy people, just let them be. They are just

strangers who will not remember you after five minutes. Let them vent out their emotions,

no harm or foul on your part.



In a nutshell, have fun, keep a smile on your face and spread it around. Give out the flyers

and do to let the bad vibes get to you.





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