Advertising on a Budget…


Advertising on a Budget…



One of the most economical and convenient methods of advertising is the use of flyer printing and flyer distribution.

Marketing and advertisement of your business should not be as expensive as

you thought it is if you will resort to distribute flyers to advertise your brand, products, or services.

You can save on your marketing expenses if you will maximize the use of flyers.


It requires proper planning in order to save on cost.

Since your aim is to market a brand, or launch a new product, or offer a promo on products or services,

you have to plan how each detail is placed on the flyer to give the information the customers need to know.

The way you planned it will either make or break your purpose of marketing or advertising.


Another thing to maximize to save on cost and enjoy advertising on a budget is to make

the flyers attractive and pleasing to customers not just in the outer appearance but also in the content.

The colors and fonts should be matched to attract readers and to let them understand the information or offers you are conveying.

Once the readers understand it, they will inquire and it is your chance to convert inquiries into sales.




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