Advertising Your Brand through Cup Sleeve Printing


 Advertising Your Brand through Cup Sleeve Printing



Are you thinking about advertising your brand? There are different ways of promoting your products and service such as television, radio, print ads, the internet, etc. but it depends on the market budget the company has. Huge companies usually opt for television or internet marketing because they have the means to do so. But smaller companies can choose print ads like flyers because it costs less.


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Coffee sleeve printing has become popular these days because it’s an easy method to advertise your brand out there whenever and wherever. You can have your brand imprinted on a coffee sleeve for local coffee sellers. According to a study made in a university, on-campus students drink about 9,000 cups of coffee on average in a week. An average individual will hold their cup of coffee for about an hour or less wherein 6 people can see every coffee sleeve, and about 65% of them can remember what they have seen on the cup sleeve.

Here are some things you need to take note if you want to promote your brand through cup sleeve printing to coffee shops, restaurants, and cafes:

1. Research first the total cost of coffee sleeve production in terms of how much it costs per sleeve, designing, and printing. Look for reputable printing companies in Singapore.
2. Know your marketing message. What are your goals? This way, you will know if you want to add a coupon for the customers to encourage them to repurchase, advertise an upcoming event, etc.
3. Designing your ad that fits the message of your brand goals. Use one color or full-color scheme. Make sure it’s not overly done, it’s precise and attention-grabber. Create s design that is enough but not overpowering.
4. If you can’t find a distribution company, you can handle it on your own. Once you have your imprinted cup sleeves, go to the nearest coffee shops, cafes, and restaurants near your company or location that offers takeout. Providing coffee sleeves for free for them is an advantage that they will take since it can help them reduce costs.
5. Check your sponsored companies regularly to see if they are using the sleeve or not or if they need an additional supply of coffee sleeves. If you have a marketing department, they should be able to monitor this. But if you are providing the coffee sleeves for free to the community, you need to make sure that whatever your message is on the cup sleeve, your company should live up to the promises.

Others important things to remember:
• Always include contact information of the company. Each sleeve should contain a call to action, website URL, street address, and other contact details where people can easily reach you.
• The ad should be appealing to the customer.

Plan first to see if this method of advertising works for your brand. Check out different establishments first and ask around if you can partner with them in providing the coffee sleeves. Aside from food and beverage businesses, you can also target hospitals, schools, universities, etc. that serve coffee. This way, you can advertise your brand to a wider area.

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