Alibaba Offers Printing of Receipt Book at Ang Mo Kio

Technically speaking, a receipt is a written acknowledgment that something of value was placed into another person’s possession. Receipts typically have various elements such as name of the payer, the amount paid, date, items or services that were paid for, etc. A receipt book, on the other hand, are bound sheets of receipt used for typical business transactions like buying and selling.

Did you know that Alibaba Printing does not only print flyers and leaflets but also prints receipts and vouchers? This receipt here, was made as one of our printing of receipt book at Ang Mo Kio projects.

Nonetheless, not all receipts are the same. Receipts are basically used to track the exchanges of money and goods; but not all receipts, I repeat, are created equal. Receipts have varying requirements and names and all of them have their respective jobs in the business.

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What are the most common elements of a receipt? First is the Business name and business address. Every receipt page must hold the business name and address. It can be anywhere on the page, but what’s important is it should be visible. The other components are price, products or services. Since the receipt must list what the customers bought and paid for, these must be included. Other elements include the taxes, subtotal, and total amount of transaction. All official receipts have these components and will help any business keep track of their transactions.

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