Alibaba Printing Helps Healthsprings Treatments and Services in Reaching Out to Consumers and Clients

For their recent treatment promotions, Healthsprings Laser & Aesthetic Clinic commissioned Alibaba Printing to do their promotional marketing, particularly their flyer distribution and online campaigns. 

While it is unlikely for a digital company like Alibaba to meddle with beauty services and treatments, we wanted to help Healthsprings Laser & Aesthetic Clinic in promoting their different products and treatment services such as acne zapping treatments, face filler, and carbon peel treatments. They also pointed out in the review that the clinic’s rejuvenation treatments are outstanding and very effective. 

While others just list out the positives and negatives of the company they are reviewing, the press release made sure that they will be able to point out the pros and cons, as well as comparison with other facial treatment centres. “We want to cover all the crucial aspects and want to be as honest as possible with our review. We make sure to point out if the price is too steep or if they are effective or otherwise. It may be time consuming but we want to be transparent with our reviews.” 

Apart from conducting several tests and reviews, Alibaba took care of the aesthetic company’s flyer campaign and disseminated information about the said clinic – handing out flyers at public places and sending them to prospective clients through door-to-door distribution. Alibaba also made sure that Healthsprings has increased its online following by helping the company with search engine optimization and other online marketing-related stuff. 

Flyer Marketing at Your Service

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