Are Custom Drawstring Bags Better than Backpacks?


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Why Is A Personalised Mini Drawstring Bag A Popular Business Gift?



The debate for drawstring bags or also known as cinch bags or gym sacks versus backpacks continues. There are distinct differences between the two, and you can choose whichever is most beneficial for your business.


Let’s get a more understanding of the custom drawstring bags.


What is a cinch bag or drawstring bag?


To simply put, a cinch bag is like an open-top kind of bag that can be closed through cinching a drawstring or rope closure that is also along the bag’s top. It does not just close the bag because the drawstring or rope closure functions as the bag’s handle at the same time, making it easy to be carried by hand. It also serves as shoulder slings, just like a backpack.


It is mostly used as school packs or book bags because of how easy it is to access the items inside it, and it is super lightweight. However, it lacks a sturdy structure compared to heavy-duty backpacks. You can still use it to carry a few books, school supplies, and papers.


What is a drawstring bag?


Not everyone knows that a cinch bag is also called a drawstring bag. It has the opening like of a cinch bag that is secured using a drawstring.


What about a school gym sack?


It is also a term associated with drawstring or cinch bag because of how the bag functions – hold athletic gear, sneaker, clean clothes, and other gym needs.


What bag should you choose for your gym needs?


Using the cinch bags is easy and convenient to carry all your gears. It is less structured compared to backpacks and can hold bulky items like your sneakers. A dedicated cinch bag can also handle your dirty and sweaty clothes after working out. You can avoid having your backpack or any bag stink up and use it for a different reason. And lastly, it is easy to clean, and it dries up pretty fast too.


What are the materials used to make a cinch bag?


This type of bag is usually made from hardwearing, casual fabrics that you can wash easily, like polyester or canvas.


How long will a drawstring bag last?


It is hard to say how long it will last since it will depend on your usage. A quality cinch bag allows you to use it multiple times to minimize waste and not dispose of it anytime soon. Since the materials used to make it uses sturdier materials, its lifespan is longer.


If you want to buy one, look for polyester-made bags with a higher denier count, which is used to measure a fabric’s fiber thickness, like 420 or more.


If you want it to last long, you can prolong its lifespan by avoiding putting too much stuff in it. You don’t want to rip and tear your bag because you placed angular and bulky items.


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