Are Full Color Coffee Sleeves Recyclable?


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Have you noticed disposable coffee cups with cardboard coffee sleeves thrown away after use? It is a waste, agree?


Geniuses from everywhere have found ways to help people recycle even full color coffee sleeves. Is it recyclable? Of course!


Before you throw away the coffee sleeve in the trash bin, here are suggestions on how you can create an incredible creation by yourself.


  • ART – do you like to draw? You can draw on the sleeve characters of various artists. You can collect the sleeves, draw on them using colored or black pens, and even frame them at home.
  • GIFT CARD – it is the right size to make it into a gift card or a handmade greeting card. You can leave it as it is, embellish or cover the design in your creative way.
  • KID’S VALENTINE’S DAY CRAFT – the process is very easy since it is a Valentine’s Day process-oriented craft for kids. You can create a heart shape, making it an awesome activity.
  • JEWELRY – you can create a cardboard chain made from coffee sleeves. It can also be an awesome garland.
  • GIFT TOPPER – this is best for holiday-themed occasions. You can always make a handmade-themed item that you can use for the first whole year-round.
  • OWL MAGNET – who doesn’t love magnets? An owl is a good project for those who adore this animal.
  • NOTEBOOK – use it to create index cards and cut down the paper you prefer to get the same result.
  • ALBUM FOR PHOTO – create a mini album. Scrapbooks don’t need to be super elaborate. You can put photos and captions that you can write down. It is adorable.
  • PLANT POTS – you can form a pot by using four sleeves. It is a good way to get rid of a large amount of stash you have.
  • RING-BOUND ALBUM – all you need to do is punch a few holes, add the book rings, and voila! You have a mini album!
  • RE-USABLE PATTERN – use it as a pattern in creating more coffee sleeves.
  • WALL ART – here, you can show well-designed logos or popular places. You need to use your inner artistic side.
  • TOY SHIP – Have you seen a miniature Mayflower? It will need some additional materials like skewers, tape, and some paper. It is cute and realistic-looking too.


There are several types of coffee sleeves that you can gather and make recycling.


  • Kraft Corrugated – Kraft means “strength,” it is superior in flexibility too, plus it is 100% eco-friendly.
  • White Corrugated – made of white Kraft paper – 85% of it is post-consumer paperboard. It has a double-wall, the exterior has a smooth finish, and the interior is corrugated.
  • Kraft and White Embossed – the surface of the paper is altered, which is the process of embossing, creating a recessed design or three-dimension raised effect.
  • Kraft and White Dimpled – it is highly embossed, initially developed for protective packaging, which is a bubble packaging alternative.


Now you know you can gather them up, categorize and create something unique.


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