Custom Bespoke Tissue Paper in Singapore

Have you thought about the magic of tissue paper in packaging? We introduce Alibaba Printing’s custom tissue paper for Singapore. It’s designed just for you.

Alibaba Printing in Singapore has many options for custom tissue paper. It’s perfect for items like enamel pins, jewelry, and clothes. You can pick the size, thickness, and color. You can even add your logo or a full-color design.

Picture your product in premium, custom tissue paper. It boosts your brand and gives customers a memorable unboxing experience. They’re likely to share this moment too. With just 500 sheets needed to start and quick 3 to 3.5 weeks turnaround, Alibaba Printing makes it simple.

Uncover how bespoke tissue paper can lift your brand. Make every unboxing unforgettable today!

What is Custom Bespoke Tissue Paper?

Custom bespoke tissue paper is made special for each brand. It includes logos, colors, and messages that match the brand. This kind of tissue paper is used in many industries. These include retail, cosmetics, and luxury goods. It helps make the customer’s experience better.

Alibaba Printing gives lots of choices for customization. Businesses can pick the paper thickness, colors, and designs. This way, their packaging looks just right and fits their marketing needs. With Alibaba Printing, your brand’s tissue paper will be one-of-a-kind.

Using custom printed tissue paper does more than look good. It tells your brand’s story and makes a strong brand image. It also makes opening your product a special moment for the customer. Plus, it keeps reminding them of your brand when they use or gift your product.

Alibaba Printing’s custom bespoke tissue paper makes your packaging feel more personal. This can change how customers see your brand. For businesses in retail or luxury goods, it improves how the packaging looks. It adds value to your products and boosts your marketing.

Benefits of Using Custom Tissue Paper for Your Business

Using custom tissue paper boosts your brand awareness in a big way. It offers a unique brand experience for your customers. Alibaba Printing crafts luxurious tissue paper that merges with your brand identity. This enhances your brand’s image and leaves a lasting impression.

Enhanced Brand Recognition

Custom tissue paper makes your brand stand out. It uses logos, colors, and designs in a smart way. Alibaba Printing offers high-end tissue paper that matches your brand perfectly. It ensures every detail connects with customers, making your brand more visible.

Creates a Memorable Unboxing Experience

Standing out in today’s market means making unboxing special. Upgraded packaging with custom tissue paper changes an ordinary process into an unforgettable moment. It enriches the product’s value. Also, it motivates customers to share their experiences online, spreading the word about your brand.

Types of Custom Tissue Paper Available

Alibaba Printing has a variety of custom tissue papers for businesses. Each kind is made to make packaging look and work better. This improves the customer’s experience.

Luxury Tissue Paper

Luxury tissue paper gives a high-end feel for luxury products. Opening a package becomes an exceptional moment. This tissue paper uses fine materials to boost a brand’s look and value.

specialty tissue paper

Eco-Friendly Options

Alibaba Printing also offers eco-friendly tissue paper. These options suit brands that value being green. They are made from recycled materials, blending quality with care for the planet. This makes them top picks for eco-conscious luxury packaging.

Sustainable tissue paper options are changing the way brands approach eco-friendly packaging.

Type of Tissue Paper Main Use Key Feature
Luxury Tissue Paper High-end Packaging Premium Feel and Appearance
Eco-Friendly Tissue Paper Sustainable Packaging Made from Recycled Materials

Materials and Quality of Custom Printed Tissue Paper

The quality of tissue paper matters a lot. Alibaba Printing has different thicknesses to match any need, from budget-friendly to premium. They offer many GSM options, making it easy for all businesses to find their perfect match without losing quality or paying too much.

Customization stands out at Alibaba Printing with many base colors. You get to choose from classic black and white to other unique colors. This helps businesses keep their branding consistent and professional.

GSM Variations

The GSM value shows how thick and strong the tissue paper is. Low GSM means the paper is lightweight and see-through, great for fancy packaging. High GSM means the paper is thicker and stronger, good for tougher packaging needs.

GSM Range Ideal Use Durability
17-22 GSM Luxury items, high-end apparel Lightweight, delicate
28-35 GSM Standard retail packaging Moderate
40+ GSM Heavy-duty, commercial use High durability

Base Colors and Printing Options

Alibaba Printing has a big selection of base colors to make sure your tissue paper matches your brand. They also offer different printing options, from simple single-color to vibrant full-color designs. This lets businesses bring their branding vision to reality.

With top-notch tissue paper, many GSM options, various base colors, and flexible printing methods, each brand’s unique requirements are met. Alibaba Printing ensures the final product is exceptional and truly stands out.

Custom Designs for Personalized Tissue Paper

Creating custom designs for tissue paper is key in making your brand unique. Alibaba Printing offers custom solutions that make your packaging stand out. They use elements like logos and colors tailored to your brand, giving a cohesive and professional look.

Incorporate Your Brand Logo and Colors

Printing your brand logo effectively on tissue paper is a smart move. Alibaba Printing helps businesses by seamlessly integrating their logos. This boosts brand visibility. They also offer personalized color schemes that fit your brand’s look, ensuring consistency in your marketing.

Creative Messages

Adding creative messages to your tissue paper is another way to customize it. This can be your brand’s taglines or values that speak to your customers. Such creative touches not only enhance the unboxing experience but also keep your brand in customers’ minds, boosting loyalty.

Printing Options for Custom Tissue Paper

Alibaba Printing offers advanced tissue paper printing to fit every brand’s unique needs. Choose from subtle to bold designs. Their custom options deliver great quality and customization.

advanced tissue paper printing

Single Color Printing

Single color printing brings a simple, elegant look. It’s great for brands wanting elegance. Advanced technology ensures clear and detailed prints.

Full-Color Printing

Alibaba Printing’s full-color option is for eye-catching prints. It uses complex designs in many colors for a stunning look. This helps brands show their essence well.

Here’s a closer look at both options:

Printing Option Features Best For
Single Color Printing
  • Elegant and classic look
  • Cost-effective
  • Precision in print details
Brands seeking a minimalist, sophisticated design
Full-Color Printing
  • Vibrant and eye-catching designs
  • Allows for intricate patterns
  • High-impact visual appeal
Brands needing a colorful and dynamic presentation

Alibaba Printing offers diverse, top-quality tissue paper printing. They make sure packaging matches your brand’s look and goals.

Sizes and Thickness Available

Alibaba Printing knows each brand has different needs for packaging. They offer many sizes and thickness levels for their custom tissue paper. This means businesses can find the perfect fit for their products.

Standard Sizes

Many shops like using standard sizes for packaging. Alibaba Printing has a range of these sizes. They make packing items like jewelry and clothes easy but still keep things looking good.

Custom Sizes

If you need a special size, Alibaba Printing can make tissue paper that fits just right. They can make custom sizes as big as 155 X 200 cm. This lets you have packaging that really matches your product and your brand’s style.

Customizable Thickness

You can also pick how thick you want your tissue paper. Alibaba Printing offers various thickness levels. This lets you make your packaging strong and feel nice. So, your products are well-protected and your packaging looks and feels premium.

Option Description
Standard Sizes Popular dimensions suitable for various products, ensuring convenience and quality.
Custom Sizes Tailored sizes up to 155 X 200 cm, perfect for unique product-specific packaging needs.
Customizable Thickness Adjust the tissue paper thickness to provide the desired durability and customer experience.

Alibaba Printing’s size and thickness options mean you can create packaging that’s not just useful but also boosts your brand.

How to Order Custom Tissue Paper in Singapore

Ordering custom tissue paper from Alibaba Printing is simple and efficient. If you’re looking to enhance your custom packaging in Singapore, start with a quick chat. The team at Alibaba Printing will talk about what you want, from design to material. This makes getting your unique tissue paper easy.

“Whether you need to create a memorable unboxing experience or amplify brand recognition, Alibaba Printing’s customization services are here to help.”

First, get a quote that fits what you need and your budget. After you like the design, they’ll start making it. You can count on high-quality and on-time delivery. This makes ordering your tissue paper straightforward.

Steps Description
Consultation Discuss specific requirements with Alibaba Printing team.
Quotation Receive a detailed quote tailored to your needs.
Design Approval Approve the design before production starts.
Production High-quality production of your custom tissue paper.
Delivery Timely delivery to ensure your packaging is ready when you need it.

With these steps, it’s easy to add Alibaba Printing’s custom tissue paper to your packaging in Singapore.

Why Choose Custom Tissue Paper from Alibaba Printing?

Alibaba Printing in Singapore is a top choice for custom tissue paper. They make sure your tissue paper is colorful, lasting, and makes opening your package memorable. This quality makes your brand stand out.

High-Quality Printing

Using advanced techniques, Alibaba Printing achieves top-notch tissue paper prints. They focus on showing your logo and colors clearly and precisely. This helps make your product look better and strengthens your brand’s image.

Fast Turnaround Time

Alibaba Printing is known for their quick packaging solutions. They get how critical fast delivery is in today’s business world. They can get your custom tissue paper ready in 3 to 3.5 weeks, making sure quality isn’t sacrificed.

Alibaba Printing Singapore is all about quality, speed, and great service. With their commitment to excellent printing and swift service, they’re a great choice for businesses wanting to improve their packaging.


What is custom bespoke tissue paper?

Custom bespoke tissue paper is designed to represent a brand’s style. It carries the brand’s logos, colors, and messages. It’s widely used in retail, cosmetics, and luxury goods to enhance the customer’s experience.

What are the benefits of using custom tissue paper for my business?

Using custom tissue paper boosts brand recognition. It offers a memorable unboxing experience. Enhanced packaging leads to more brand visibility, customer loyalty, and word-of-mouth marketing.

What types of custom tissue paper are available from Alibaba Printing?

Alibaba Printing has luxury and eco-friendly tissue paper. These options provide premium packaging while being kind to the environment.

What materials and quality options are available for custom printed tissue paper?

Alibaba Printing offers tissue paper in various thicknesses. You can choose from black, white, and other colors. Printing can be done in single-color or full-color for diverse designs.

Can I incorporate my brand logo and colors into the tissue paper design?

Yes, you can add your logo, colors, and messages. This makes your tissue paper match your brand identity. It enhances the consumer experience too.

What printing options are available for custom tissue paper?

Alibaba Printing provides both single color and full-color printing. This means you can select a vibrant color print or a classic look. Your tissue paper will fulfill your brand’s needs.

What sizes and thickness options are available for custom tissue paper?

Sizes for jewelry and garments are standard, but you can get custom sizes up to 155 X 200 cm. Choose from various thicknesses based on your needs. This ensures your packaging is perfect for your products.

How can I order custom tissue paper in Singapore?

Contact Alibaba Printing in Singapore to start your order. They’ll help with your needs, offer a quote, and assist with design. Their easy ordering process helps you get the tissue paper you want.

Why should I choose custom tissue paper from Alibaba Printing?

Choosing Alibaba Printing means you get quality printing and fast service. They are committed to delivering vibrant, durable tissue paper. They are a trusted choice in Singapore.

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