Can I Do Cheap Calendar Printing at Home?


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Would you like to do cheap calendar printing at home? If you are planning to do so, Alibaba Printing can show you some insights to see for yourself if doing it is the right thing to do.


Customizing your calendars sounds exciting, but not everyone is happy with the outcome, especially if they have wasted paper, ink, and money on test prints. In this article, you will learn some basic info on how you can create your calendar with and without images (blank). Read on to know the full details.


You can organize and keep track of your year by creating your calendar. Working from home might be the new normal way for now, and using a calendar is a great help to keep track of everything that you need to do. You can make one for your desk and include your favorite pictures or make a decorative and compact poster that you can easily pin on a bulletin board. You can upload the images, put a mark on anniversaries, birthdays, or other events to create an awesome gift.


How do I make a cheap calendar?

You can begin by choosing a calendar you can customize that perfectly fits your space. Look over some themed templates online. Change the photos every month or create a collage using a layout that you can also find online. Once you are done, you can start printing using the right paper size. Take note of the printing setting, make sure it matches the settings you have for your calendar.


What kind of photo calendar should I choose?

Use the one that perfectly fits your desk, office, or home space. Wall calendars are perfect for families, while desk calendars are awesome for those who work remotely, and magnetic ones are placed on the fridge. Custom wall calendars can be great as giveaways.


What photos should I use?

Show your creativity. Use fun-filled photos with your family or loved ones. Or you can match the design with your theme.


Can I make the design and pay the printing company to print them for me?

Absolutely, yes. It is the best option to save yourself from spending more on wasting your resources due to failed prints.


Print a Blank Calendar Steps in Microsoft Outlook New Version


Step 1: Click Open Calendar, choose to Create New Blank Calendar.


Step 2: Once you see the Create New Folder box, enter your preferred name for your calendar in the Name box. You can also choose where you can place it. Outlook will automatically create it as a subfolder by default of your main calendar folder. Tick on OK.


Step 3: Under the My Calendars located on the left Navigation Pane, tick on the box beside the blank calendar that you just created. Do not uncheck your main calendar.


Step 4: You can now see a blank calendar along with your main calendar. You just tick anywhere on the blank calendar to make it active.


Step 5: Choose File, then Print.


Step 6: In the Settings of the Print pane, choose the calendar style that you like.

Remember: If the print preview is showing you the main calendar along with your events and other appointments, choose Print Options. Click the calendar you have chosen in step number 3 under the Print this calendar tab.


Step 7: For the date range, choose Print Options Print Range, choose the Start and End date. Then click Print.


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