Can I Do Mask Keeper Advertising For My Brand?


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Are you thinking about implementing mask keeper advertising to expand the market presence of your brand while showing concern and compassion to the community at the same time? Alibaba Printing will show you the reasons why many companies today are incorporating the mask keeper accessory into their marketing schemes. You will want to read on.


The mask keeper is now getting more attention from the market, especially during this pandemic, wherein people need to wear masks all the time when going out of their houses. Why so? Many have become conscious and are trying to find ways to avoid cross-contamination of germs and viruses, causing sickness among us all.


Wearing a mask is now a need, but some studies have revealed that improper storage and placing of a used mask with the plan of reusing it again causes cross-contamination, it’s one way of spreading the virus to everyone who touches the contaminated surface! It is one of the main reasons why accessories like mask storage are out in the market today to help people be more mindful of this situation.


Many companies can see the potential in mask keepers. Alibaba Printing has been receiving custom printing of this accessory for various reasons:


  • It has a good space to advertise a brand’s message, logo, and other details.


  • It offers a good amount of repeated exposure for people who are taking it out to place their used masks and reuse them again later on. It’s not just the user, it can also attract other people who can see the accessory too.


  • It can be designed according to the needs of the company or brand.


  • It’s affordable and offers good quality. Plus, you can also have other features like antibacterial properties, dust-proof, etc.


  • It can be used as giveaways, for sale, or in events, promos, marketing campaigns, etc.


  • It’s very handy and easy to clean.


  • And lastly, it shows that your brand is also concern with the customers or clients when it comes to being safe from the virus and health.



Some are even running a promotional campaign distributing flyers and mask keepers at the same time, or even the accessory alone can do create the impact that you are looking for! You just need to remember the following:


  • Create a unique design based on the market that you want to target. Is it for the kids? Or is it for women alone, men, or both?


  • Use attractive design and colors but DO NOT put too much.


  • Put the necessary details like your brand logo, brand name, contact details, address, social media, etc. Not TOO much, just right and enough.


  • Know what your marketing goals are if you want to use the accessory as a tool so that you can put the right combination of details, especially the message that you want your customers to see.


  • Be clear, short, and direct to the point.


Discuss with the printing company today to know your options.


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