Can I Make Money With Customised Calendar Printing?


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Are you wondering if you can make money with customised calendar printing? If yes, Alibaba Printing will tell you what you can do to make this possible.


Calendars are just about everywhere. People use it all the time to keep track of the date, time, transactions, schedule, and many others. A lot of businesses also print them as giveaways for their friends and clients. Others make a little extra money from producing and selling them.


If you have followers or fan-base, some might love to get their hands on your well-designed calendar hung on their wall. If you want to sell it to them, you need to remember that it should have an attractive design and a professional look at the same time for you to win the interest of your potential buyers. And, you also need to know how you can promote the calendars. Below are some tips that can help you create and promote your custom calendar.


Don’t Be Late

Start designing your calendar as early as you can. Why? Because they need to be designed and printed during a certain time for next year. Doing so will give you a good amount of time to promote your calendar. Around summer or during the last months of the year, you might be able to sell your calendars.


But in January, sales will begin to slow down and possibly dry up by February. So, if you are not successful in selling them by December, then you won’t probably be selling them at all. Don’t order too much, just a few first, and reorder once you sell them all. Creating the calendar can be time-consuming, and you need patience and enough time to accomplish it.


Use the Best Images

Choose the most popular pictures that you have. Think about the images that people want to see, and choose the ones that best fit the months. Do not decrease the resolution of the image, and work with full resolution to ensure optimum quality. Professional printers also do not print if the image is less than 300dpi. Fewer dots per inch will make the image pixelated, fuzzy, and blurry when printed. To know the DPI of your image, right-click on it, check details. Use Adobe Photoshop or other editing programs to change an image’s DPI.


Look for the Right Printing Company

Once you are done making the calendar, you can print it on your own using your materials and equipment or let a professional printing company help you. Make sure that you work with a company like Alibaba printing that offers good printing quality and affordable price packages that won’t hurt your budget.


If you print in bulk, the calendar price will usually be cheaper. You can compare the prices, services, and reviews from their previous customers of different printing companies. Don’t forget to ask about the delivery fee, the type of paper that will be used, and what other options you have. Research, compare and choose wisely.




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