Can I Use Heat Press? Paper Bag Printing Tutorial


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Are you wondering if you can use a heat press for your paper bag printing project? Alibaba Printing will show you the details if this is possible or not. So, read on for the full details.


We all have that one day wherein you are pressured with time, and you need to do something extra for your event that’s currently going on right now, and going to the printing shop is not possible at the moment for you, so you decide to DIY.


Printing bags can be customized in different ways, but most people don’t have extra time to DIY because they don’t have the materials, equipment, can’t create a design, and print in bulk. However, if you have all the things that you need with you and you only need to do minimal printing, then this article is perfect for you.


But first, let’s answer the question if you can heat press on a paper bag or iron vinyl to paper: definitely, YES.


Iron-on Cricut Paper Bags


What you need:

  • Gift bags, white would be awesome, but you can use whatever color you have as long as it matches vinyl color.
  • Download a design that you like to print on the bag. Or if you already have one, let’s use that.
  • Iron-on Vinyl, choose a color that you want to use.
  • Silver Iron-on Foil Vinyl
  • Black Iron-on Vinyl
  • Cricut EasyPress Towel or Mat
  • Handheld iron or Cricut EasyPress 2


Step-by-Step Process



The iron-on vinyl design should be cut out and weeded. You can use your Cricut to cut it out if you have this equipment.


Remember: See to it that you know the size of the gift bag. The design you cut must perfectly fit within the dimensions of your bag.



Put the iron-on design on your paper bag. Prepare your EasyPress and set it to 305°F. This is warm enough to make sure that your HTV vinyl sticks to the bag. The heat should not be too high because it can leave a scorch mark or singe the paper.



Put the heat press over the vinyl. You can use a drop cloth or parchment paper between the bag and the press if you want. Heat for about 25 to 30 seconds. Remove heat and let it cool a bit before removing its protective sheet.


And you’re all done!


Now, these steps are easy enough as long as you have the materials and equipment with you. This project is good for a quick-fix type of situation or for a simple gathering that you have and you to want to give something to your friends or family.


But, if you lack the things that you need, you don’t have extra time for a DIY project, and you need to print in bulk for your event, professional printing companies can help you print an amazing design.


What if you don’t need to print in bulk and only want minimal order? You still can order in minimum quantity.


What about the cost? You’d probably be saving more money since you don’t need to buy the equipment if you don’t have them yet. And, you won’t be wasting more paper bags because of the mistakes you might commit.

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