Can I Use Kraft Paper for Paper Bag Printing? What Colors Are Best?


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Are you wondering about using kraft paper for paper bag printing, and what colors would fit best? Alibaba Printing will tell you the details based on their years of experience in the printing industry.


Kraft paper is used for different reasons in printing because it gives an old and antique look effect and feels. Using a laser or inkjet printer with brown kraft paper can cause problems due to its thickness, but there is a different printing method for it.


Why is the color of kraft paper brown?


The sack paper wood pulp is made from softwood through the kraft process. The long fibers are giving the kraft paper strength. Wet strength is also added to improve its strength more. Brown and white grade are produced. The paper is then microchipped to give it elasticity and porosity.



If you want to print on kraft paper, here some steps you can follow:

  • First, you need to buy a sheet of kraft paper, or you can recycle your grocery paper bags.
  • There are patterns that you can use over the internet for the design. If you know how to use an editing software, you can make a design from scratch.
  • Load one kraft paper to the bypass tray of the printer, then print.
  • Remove the printed paper so that it won’t cause problems during the next printing pf document.


It’s possible to print at home, but you have to take note of the thickness of the kraft paper. If you are using the paper bag as giveaways for business, and you need to print in bulk, it is highly recommended to get the professional services of printing.


Is it possible to print white ink on a kraft paper bag?


If you want to print using white ink on a kraft paper, you can achieve a similar effect by printing a kraft style background using a recycled stock.


The best colors to print on a brown kraft paper


If you are planning to use the paper bags as part of your marketing campaign, the brown kraft paper is not as versatile as the white one if you would like to apply different colors to it. It is highly recommended to stick to dark, black, or muted shades or tones. Such colors are not affected that much by the brown color of the paper and it can give a good contrast at the same time. Aside from black, all colors are affected to some extent when you print them on a brown kraft paper.


What color should you avoid?

Yellow, light, or pale colors should be avoided since it doesn’t have enough contrasting power against the brown color of the kraft paper. Check the color wheel to give you an idea of which color and tone work best.


Another tip: the manufacturing of this kind of paper will depend and may result in variation for the color of the sheet, wherein the front is darker than the backside



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