Can Tissue Paper Printing for Marketing Help Your Brand?


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Are you thinking about incorporating tissue paper printing in your marketing plans but having doubts if it can help your business or not? Alibaba Printing will discuss helpful details for you to know it has a positive impact on business or not.


Tissue pack marketing is not that familiar, but this inexpensive marketing tactic is making businesses in other parts of the world adopt the same technique. Tissue packs account for millions of sales each year in different countries, and this is a number that you don’t want to ignore. Brands are looking for affordable marketing tools that can help advertise their products and/or services. With this, there is a huge potential of getting a big market without having to spend A LOT!


Why has it gained attraction today?

There is a simple answer to this question: People need tissues, and most of them bring it anywhere with them. Because of humidity, sweat, or hygienic purposes in general, people bring with them tissue packs all the time. But those are not just the main reason for its success; in actuality, this method is cheaper than other forms of advertisements offline. It is an effective, cost-efficient solution that can create a huge impact.


One of the most interesting parts is that it is a bit similar to flyer promotion, wherein the distribution team also hands them out manually. But one main difference is that the receivers of flyers don’t have much use of the paper compared to the tissue pack wherein they can use it later on. The flyers received are mostly read, kept, or thrown away.


Tissues are a valuable thing today, and no one wants to throw them right away. Printed tissue packs have a longer life span and have more importance in terms of usage. Plus, let’s say the person does not need the tissue pack, he or she can give it to another person instead of throwing it away easily. Your investment in this method won’t be a waste.


Tissue packs are mostly handed out in other countries to people who are walking in streets, subways, or in high traffic areas. The results of this kind of promotional method are promising according to the results of the research conducted. There is a 75% acceptance rate for the tissue packs, which is higher than any other offline marketing tools and strategies.


And, people like to look at the colorful ads on the tissue pack while they are using it. Your promotion meets the end goal more often. It is a win-win for you and the receiver wherein you convey your message, and the receiver can use something valuable.


Using this method for your business could be a game-changer for your marketing scheme. It is easier to produce, has a higher exposure rate, and people will convey your message in a short time.





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