Can You Print On Kraft Paper?

Can You Print On Kraft Paper?


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Kraft paper has been a standard in packaging for a long time mainly for one reason: it works. If your business belongs in the industrial and commercial industry, you have a good percentage of protection during the packaging and shipping process of your goods. Kraft paper has endured the test of time. Its strength has opened opportunities for applications.


Kraft paper is a paperboard or paper made from chemical pulp that is formed in the kraft process. The pulp is stronger that’s produced by the kraft process compared to other pulping processes since kraft pulping eliminates most of the lignin from the wood.


The Qualities of Kraft Paper


Here is a list of the kraft paper’s quality that you should know:


  • It is relatively coarse and robust for a regular kraft paper. Its tensile strength is high, and the grammage is usually 40–135 g/m2.
  • A kraft paper with absorbent capability is made with controlled absorbencies, such as having a high degree of porosity. To achieve this, it should have proper formation and uniformity from a clean and low kappa hardwood kraft.
  • Sack paper of sack kraft paper is porous with high tear resistance and high elasticity, especially made with durability and strength for packaging products that need a high level of protection.
  • Another strong type of kraft paper is called spinning kraft paper that has a relatively low grammage of 40 g/m2. For this type of paper, it needs cross machine elongation and best machine direction strength as much as possible, and this is achieved by high fibre orientation on the machine.
  • A type of kraft paper that is used in shotgun shells is called hunting cartridge paper, and it needs a high tensile strength.
  • The twisting paper and candy wrapping paper kraft papers are thin about 30–40 g/m2 and are usually offset printed or flexo. It needs highly oriented fibres and good strength.


Brown paper sheets as usually used by crafters and artists for various projects. It is also utilized in printing projects to create an effect on items, making it look old and antique.


Due to the paper’s thickness, printing on it using a laser inkjet printer can cause problems.


Printed Paper Bags Using Kraft Paper


Is it possible to print on kraft paper considering its thickness? Yes, you can print on it using inkjet or laser. Here are facts that you need to know:


  • Generally, kraft paper or kraft card stock are inkjet and laser friendly. Laser, however, produces crisper and sharper results.
  • Both inkjet and laser are consistent and can show solid text.
  • Even if you printed on the more porous and rougher raw finish, both toner and ink were spread evenly, achieving uniform and smooth look.
  • Both inkjet and laser printers can produce good and adequate results when printing on kraft papers.
  • Laser shows the sharpest print, but it is best to perform a test print first since not all printers are manufactured the same.


Therefore, printed paper bags using kraft papers is achievable.



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