Can You Print On Paper Bags?

Can You Print On Paper Bags?


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How to Make Printed Paper Bags?

How Do You Screen Print a Bag?


Paper bags are usually made of kraft paper and commonly used as packaging, shopping bags, and even as sacks.


Paper bags such as brown paper bags, shopping bags, paper bread bags, and other bags that aren’t heavy-duty is only a single layer of paper, and different designs and constructions are available too. Most are printed with the names of brands and stores.


However, paper bags are not water-resistant, and the common types are the following:

  • Twisted
  • Laminated
  • Flat tap


Laminated bags are not totally waterproof, but it has some laminate that somehow protects its outside part.


The great thing about using paper bags is that it’s readily recyclable just like when you use a shopping paper bag for printing and turn it into a gift bag. Paper bags can also come from recycled paper since some local city laws require bags to have a small percentage of recycled content from previous customers.


Tote-style paper bags like the ones from the department stores or the ones that are used as gift bags can be made from any paper and can be in any color.


Printing on paper bags may be a bit tricky than you think and may require a little effort too. It will take you more than one try, and you’ll eventually get it right. There’s just one secret to this, and the little effort that you need to exert is to tape down the flaps before you start printing the design. But if your paper bag has no flaps and it’s just flat, you can directly load it in the printer.


Here are simple steps that you can try to make printed paper bags without the handle:


  1. Open your Microsoft Word, Adobe Photoshop, or Adobe illustrator. Set the document size according to the size of your paper bag. Make the artwork or words that you want to print on your paper bag.
  2. Use masking tape or any simple tape and put it on the opening part and the flap to the side of the seam. Load it in the printer by placing the opening side first.
  3. The print setting should be specified extra-thick paper and then print.
  4. Once the printing is done, you can remove the tape. Remember, don’t try printing on the lower part of the paper bag because it won’t print well due to its flap.


In today’s modern world and digitalization of machines and gadgets like the high-tech printers that we have now, you can create something and on almost anything as long as the printer allows it.


Below are the following steps you can follow if you want to make printed paper bags with handles.


  1. The first step is to remove the handles of the bag. You can reattach it later, but you have to be careful to avoid ripping the bag.
  2. It’s still the same; you will need to tape down the top and bottom part.
  3. Then print, just like how it’s mentioned above.


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