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Urgent custom awards certificate printing service singapore



Urgent Certificate Printing Singapore

A certificate is defined as a document that serves as a written testimony or evidence of a a qualification, status, privilege or anything that requires evidence of the truth. A certificate is typically used to attest that a particular person has finished a course from a  school or is provided by a certain department or institution to state a legal fact.


Certificate Printing Service

We at Alibaba Printing offers urgent certificate printing Singapore offers certificate printing for any kinds of certificate. Do you need certificate printing Singapore for a sporting event, educational achievement, safety standards reached, or anything noteworthy? We can give you any kind of certificate that you need, and we guarantee you that our print quality is high standard and meets your requirements. Different types of certificates require different varieties of paper stock, producing a print quality that is appropriate to the event or achievement requiring them.


Types of Certificates

Aside from government-issued certificates like birth certificate, death certificate, and marriage contract, there are other certificates that any private sector can freely produce. Certificates are typically awarded to individuals who deserve an award or recognition of achievement, honor, merit, etc. Receiving a certificate of recognition can help keep a person’s (or a group’s) morale high knowing that someone appreciates their effort and took time to acknowledge them. Some of the most common award certificates we print with our urgent custom awards printing service Singapore


Award for Community Service – Most of the time, schools and companies hold events that focus on community services. These activities are great in team building and at the same time in helping others, as well. A certificate of award for community service from our urgent custom awards certificate Singapore services is a priceless, tangible prize that can replace a monetary award.


Great Job Award – Do you have a student who recently did a great job in school or a team member (or the whole team) who had just closed the deal? While gifts such as a free lunch are well-appreciated, they can be forgotten quickly. A printed award certificate, on the other hand, lasts for years. The receiver can even hang the certificate on the wall and boast on everyone how well they have done the job! After all, a great job award is something to be proud of!


Certificate of Good Behaviour – Urgent awards certificate printing service Singapore
aren’t only for the big ones children will surely love them, too. Say that you appreciate how good and behaved they are with a printed certificate, which they can proudly stick on the wall and talk about with anyone. It may seem like a “small” achievement being good, but every small achievement needs acknowledgement and celebration.


Employee Milestones – Working for 10 straight years for a company is considered an achievement, what more if your employee reaches its thirtieth year of serving your company, or better yet, served you until retirement age? While proper compensation is already a given factor, it is also ideal to give a certificate that will commemorate the great years of service. Moreover, milestones like an achievement or a met deadline can also be appreciated with a simple certificate through our urgent awards certificate printing Singapore.


Certificate of Attendance – During events, seminars or trainings, it is ideal to award certificate of attendance from our urgent awards certificate printing Singapore to those who exerted effort and spent time to hear you. Among the most common certificates is the certificate of attendance because anyone who attended a particular event deserves acknowledgement.


Certificate of Course Completion – One of the most important things a person can do for himself is to continue learning. Short courses are very common nowadays and the institutions that give out these courses usually give out certificates once these courses are completed.


Urgent Custom Awards Certificate Printing Singapore

Custom certificates to honour achievements or merits are easy to create. All you need to do is contact us at Alibaba Printing and ask for our urgent certificate printing service Singapore and we will help you materialise your ideas for your certificates. When you award the certificate to the deserving individuals, they will see how well it is made and know that you appreciate how well they have done their job. A professionally- laid out certificate design through our talented urgent awards certificate Singapore layout artists will surely reflect your company as well as relay your thoughtfulness. Here are some great tips in making and awarding the certificates more memorable and look more presentable:


  • When asking for our Certificate Printing Service, don’t forget to ask for high-quality stock paper and add a pop of metallic shades like silver, gold or even a bright-coloured seal
  • Plan the layout accordingly and write down all the elements that you want to add
  • Construct a message of appreciation and match it with a short, but concise introduction
  • Insert a coordinating cover certificate
  • Use classic fonts and have it printed using high-quality colorfast ink to avoid fading
  • Laminate or have it framed to make it more presentable
  • When awarding the certificate, ask for the recipient to go in front and personally congratulate him/her formally with a handshake
  • Document the awarding of certificate with a quick snapshot; you can also share the moment with everyone through the company/school bulletin board and social media page



When it seems that money or gifts are not enough to make someone feel appreciated, giving away certificates to those who deserve it can be considered the most effective way of expressing your appreciation. Students or employees whose work mean that they spent a lot of time to be excellent in their respective fields need the recognition they deserve. Sometimes, monetary rewards can backfire, too, since they can make an employee feel that the task they have done is too difficult or sometimes they may feel that the company looks down on them and demeans their efforts. In times like this, a certificate of appreciation is the best choice. There are ideal times for a monetary reward and there are ideal times for non-monetary rewards. When you have decided that awarding a certificate is the more ideal choice, you may contact Alibaba Printing to help you produce the kind of certificate you need with our urgent certificate printing Singapore. Just ask for our urgent custom certificate Singapore and our trusty staff will help you.


Alibaba Printing offers urgent custom certificate printing service Singapore and uses high quality printing materials and state of the art techniques. We’ll make sure your certificates turn out just the way you want them to be. We will help you layout the perfect certificates according to your needs. Do you want a certificate of good conduct, certificate of Community Service, a Good Job Award, Employee Milestone Certificate, Certificate of Attendance, Certificate of Course Completion, or any other type of certificate? Just name it and we’ll do it for you.


Alibaba Printing is located at Link @ Amk, 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, 02-02, 569139. You may visit our office during office hours or you may call us through telephone numbers 9146 1431. Apart from urgent certificate printing Singapore, we also do other printing services like business cards, receipts, flyers, tent cards, invitations, paper bags, non-woven bags, tickets, and more.



Urgent_custom_certicate_singapore Urgent_custom_awards_printing_service_singapore
Urgent_custom_awards_certificate_singapore Urgent_custom_awards_certificate_printing_singapore
Urgent_certificate_printing_singapore Urgent_certificat_printing_service_singapore
Urgent_awards_certificate_singapore Urgent_awards_certificate_printing_singapore
Urgent_awards_certificate_printing_service_singapore Urgent_custom_certificate_printing_service_singapore