Cheap Custom Drawstring Bags: How Much and What Are its Printing Method Options?


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Branding that Can Go Everywhere Using Custom Drawstring Bags

Why Is A Personalised Mini Drawstring Bag A Popular Business Gift?



Custom drawstring bags are popular. The quality of materials is superior and durable enough to hold the load in the bag. Furthermore, the cords at the edges allow for stress-free portability.


The bags are widely visible among events and corporate companies. They are customarily modified for roadshows and events for freebies.


Are the drawstring bags all similar?


Drawstring bags are created using various types of materials. Some use canvas cotton, nylon, and even polyester.


Also, they have different thicknesses, whereas some have thin and lightweight for everyday use. There are also thick drawstring bags for heavy-duty to hold more load.


The higher quality the drawstring bag is, the better it is built to make it last longer. Also, the more weight it can hold.


To sum it up, not all drawstring bags are the same.


What about the cost? Is it the same?


When considering the price of drawstring bags, it depends on the material used, size, thickness, and quality.


A drawstring bag with custom designs can be for as low as $2.69 each. The pricing is affected by various factors. Example: A thick nylon drawstring bag, using silk screen printing (A4 size), and a single color logo.


The price may differ if you are considering for lesser quantity or more than 1 color logo of silkscreen printing.


Other drawstring bags, such as cotton canvas drawstring bags, will cost more depending on the product type.


Printing Methods or Options for This Particular Item


Three printing services are available, which are suited for custom-made drawstring bags.



Silk Screen Printing


It is a method of ink printing onto the bags, and usually, it is the most cost-efficient printing technique, especially for bulk orders.


Nevertheless, if you want to have various colors to print on your logo at minimal quantity, you can choose other methods of printing.





Looking for a canvas drawstring bag customization, it is perfect with embroidery technique.


The weaving of thread is the process called embroidery, and it can make your design stand out and look stylish.


Logo embroidery is generally utilized to print out a company’s logo, making it look very firm and solid. It is not only intended to print company logos but also names and other special characters.



Digital Heat Transfer Printing


Embroidery might not be the right option, especially if when you have an intricate design with small details or if it has many colors in it.


The most appropriate would be the digital heat transfer printing technique, which allows both small details and various colors printed. This process is sophisticated, wherein your design will be printed on vinyl heat transfer paper and heat hard-pressed on the bags.


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