Choosing the Perfect Size for Your Flyers

Choosing the Perfect Size for Your Flyers


Flyers can be presented in different sizes. It

is definitely a challenge for you to decide what

size you want for your flyers if you don’t want

people to crumple the paper right away. Listed

below are the different sizes that you can

choose from and can help you make your

flyers effective.



A3 – This size is twice the A4 size which is suitable if you want to provide readers with

lots of information. Instead of giving them a leaflet, it would be better that you use this

paper size.



A4 – This is considered to be the standard size for your flyers but it is usually folded into

DL or A5. However, you have to fill up all the spaces if you don’t want it to look empty. You

can use this size if you need to promote multiple products.



A5 – If you want a paper size that is not too big but can still provide enough space for the

information that you wanted to present to the readers then A5 can be the right choice. This

is usually used for brochures that have multiple deals or for flyers with a voucher.



DL – This size is slightly small than A5.



A6 – This is the smallest size that you can use for your flyers that look like a postcard. It

is cheap but can be difficult for people to read.


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