Common Flyer Printing Mistakes to Avoid!!

Common Flyer Printing Mistakes to Avoid!!



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1. Organizing the elements.


Most flyers that fail are due to unorganized elements. The geometry of the designs should be lined up in such a way that the balance is considered.

Placement of picture and the right sizing makes a great proportion when it comes to the design.

Failure to do this will only lead to wasted flyers and effort in distribution.


2. Focusing on the theme.


Readers will tend to grab the opportunity if you presented them in a more focused way in the flyers.

Avoid listing too many products being offered in one page.

Focus on the theme and maximize the design to emphasize its benefits to encourage readers to avail the offer.


3. Standard paper and size.


Standard paper and measurement is the way to go if you want to prevent additional costs and if you want to stick to the standard design of flyers.

Opting for a larger paper measurement will need you to adjust the design of your flyers,

as well as the budget in printing because most of the printing companies charge additional expenses on larger papers.


4. Too much information.


Too much information means too much text in the flyers.

This will only leave your readers confuced and uninterested.




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