Creating Flyers before Printing and Distributing

Creating Flyers before Printing and Distributing

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Flyers are a great investment for you to

make the surrounding talk about your offers,

products, and services. Having the

promotion through a physical mean, your

customer will surely see what you are

promoting. There are things that you need to

consider when you create a flyer.





1.       Color. This is the attention grabber of your flyer and will be the means of

communicating the message to your customer. Color affects behavior they say so make

sure to choose the right color.




2.       Fonts. Selecting a font is important to the design of your flyer. Select fonts which

are visible and readable from a distance. Opt for sans serif fonts.




3.       Logo Placement. If you are promoting a business, never forget to put your logo

somewhere in the flyer for your brand to be recognized. Logo sometimes explains what

business you have and what services and products you offer.




4.       Answer why should they be Interested. If you are the one receiving the flyer,

the first thing that you would think is that why you should be interested in what they are

giving. Make sure that you answer that question on the flyers you distribute for it will

explain to the reader what the message you want to convey is.



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