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Can a simple envelope make a gift unforgettable? In Singapore, giving money packets is a deep-rooted tradition. It’s very important during holidays and special events. Now, with custom print services, this tradition gets a modern update. It becomes more special and memorable. These services mix old customs with new printing methods. They create unique money packets that everyone loves.

Companies like Alibaba Printing are at the forefront of this trend in Singapore. They let you design your own money packets. These custom packets let people share special messages in a unique way. There are many designs, materials, and options to choose from. Finding high-quality, special money packet designs for any occasion is easy now.

See how custom print money packets can make your gifts stand out. Find out how tradition meets innovation in our services. Make your thoughtful gifts truly unforgettable with our Singapore printing services.

Introduction to Custom Print Money Packets

Money packets, or ‘ang baos’ and ‘red packets,’ are very important in many celebrations. These elegant money envelopes are used to give money during big life events and holidays. Adding a custom design makes them more unique and memorable.

What are Money Packets?

Money packets are special envelopes for gifting money. They’re common at festivals like Chinese New Year and at weddings and corporate events. Giving a money packet means you’re sharing luck and blessings.

Why Custom Designs are Popular

Custom printing is getting more popular because it makes things personal. Businesses and people use them for branding opportunities. Elegant money envelopes become marketing tools that show the giver’s identity and message. Custom designs stand out because they can match the event’s theme, making the moment even more joyful and meaningful.

Benefits of Custom Print Money Packets

Custom print money packets are both useful and popular for various events. They offer a mix of tradition and new custom options. This makes them special and handy.

customized money envelopes

Personalization for Events

Customized money envelopes can be personalized for different events. Be it a wedding, a New Year bash, or a company event. They can have designs and messages that match the occasion.

This makes them more than just envelopes. It turns them into a unique experience for both giver and recipient.

Enhancing Brand Awareness

Customized money envelopes do more than just hold money. They’re great for promoting a brand. By adding logos and brand colors, they become a powerful marketing tool.

Handed out at events, they leave a lasting impression. They spread the word about the brand far and wide.

High-Quality and Affordable

Custom print money packets are both top-notch and budget-friendly. They’re a smart way for businesses to market themselves. They don’t cost a lot and work well for big and small marketing plans.

In sum, custom print money packets mix old and new in a great way. They offer personal touches for parties and savvy marketing for businesses. They’re useful, affordable, and versatile for all sorts of events.

Types of Custom Money Packet Designs

There are many diverse design options for custom money packets. You can choose from simple and classic to complex and colorful designs. This lets individuals and businesses find the perfect style to match their preferences.

People can select money packet designs that look great and celebrate special occasions. Custom envelopes can reflect important cultural or personal events. This way, each packet can represent the giver’s brand and personal style.

Additionally, tailored packet designs can include things like logos, theme-related images, and custom fonts. Such unique details make the packets special and unforgettable gifts. They also add a unique touch that makes them stand out.

Popular Occasions for Custom Printed Money Packets

Custom printed money packets, also known as festive money packets and celebration envelopes, are cherished for various key events and celebrations. Let’s explore some occasions where these beautifully designed packets play an integral role.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is a big festival where custom print ang bao are widely used. These packets symbolize luck and wealth. They are decorated with symbols and colors that bring good fortune. Both families and businesses give them to show love, respect, and good wishes during the holiday.

Hari Raya

Hari Raya also sees the exchange of festive money packets. These custom print ang bao carry blessings and happiness. With beautiful designs, they reflect Hari Raya’s cultural and religious importance, adding to the celebration’s joy.


Weddings are a perfect time for celebration envelopes. They make monetary gifts to the newlyweds special. The customized design of the ang bao conveys wishes in a personal and elegant way.

Corporate Events

Corporate events are great for custom print ang bao. Companies use them for branding at various events. With logos and special designs, these packets strengthen connections with clients and staff.

Design Elements to Consider

When making a custom money packet, think about key design elements. These help make the packet look good and feel special to the one who gets it.

Colors and Themes

Colors are vital in making a money packet stand out. They bring out feelings or show cultural importance. For example, red and gold mean prosperity and luck in many traditions, especially during celebrations. Different themes make each packet unique and match it with the event.

Use of Symbols and Text

Symbols add meaning to the packet’s design, like luck, wealth, or love. Using specific printing ways can make these symbols stand out. Also, choosing the right fonts and where they go makes the message clear. This mix makes the packet not just pretty but meaningful.

Steps to Create Your Custom Print Money Packet

Creating your own money packets requires careful steps. This guide will make the process clear. First, we’ll focus on making sure the packets look good and work well.

Choosing the Right Material

The first step is picking the right material. You can choose from art paper, simili paper, or premium cardstock. Each offers different textures and how well they show prints, affecting your packet’s look and feel.

Designing the Layout

Then, it’s time for designing the layout. Decide on the size, add logos, and place text carefully. The layout needs to be balanced. Everything should look good together and share your message or brand clearly.

creative layout design

Selecting Printing Techniques

With your design ready, pick the right printing method next. Choose digital printing for bright colors and sharp details, or offset printing for even better quality. Your choice affects how bright and lasting the finished money packets will be.

Placing Your Order

The last step is to place your order with a reliable printing service like Alibaba Printing. Make sure they understand exactly what you want. This includes material, design, and printing details. Making these choices clear ensures your money packets turn out just as you hoped, and arrive when you need them.

Step Key Considerations
Choosing Material Art paper, simili paper, cardstock
Designing Layout Size, logos, text placement
Selecting Printing Techniques Digital printing, offset printing
Placing Your Order Clear specifications, confirm details

Customization Options Available

Custom money packets can become more elegant with many premium custom features. These options can boost the design for businesses and individuals. This ensures that the packets are not only stunning but also memorable.

Hot Stamping

Hot foil stamping adds sophistication. This method puts metallic foil on the packet, making it shine. It’s great for highlighting logos or key text with luxury.

With colors like gold or silver, hot stamping makes your packet pop.


Embossing is perfect for adding depth. It presses a design into the paper, making it raised. This method enhances patterns or logos, giving a 3D effect.

Matte and Gloss Finishes

Choosing the right finish is key. A matte finish is sophisticated and elegant without reflecting light. A gloss finish, however, is shiny and vibrant.

Both are great for different styles and preferences. They allow for full customization to match your desired look.

With features like hot foil stamping, embossed textures, and different finishes, you can make memorable money packets. These features make the packets not just functional but impressive.

Why Choose Alibaba Printing for Custom Print Money Packet

If you need custom print money packets in Singapore, look no further than Alibaba Printing. They blend quality, cost-effectiveness, and dependability perfectly. Their commitment to excellence means each packet is printed without faults, adhering to top industry standards. You can trust Alibaba Printing to deliver standout results every time.

Quality Assurance

Alibaba Printing takes great pride in their thorough quality checks. Every money packet is closely inspected to ensure supreme print quality. This detail-oriented approach guarantees customers get durable, stunning products that leave a lasting mark.

Competitive Pricing

Alibaba Printing makes high-quality custom money packets affordable. Their pricing is designed to fit any budget, helping individuals and businesses alike. This perfect mix of premium quality and reasonable pricing makes them a crowd favorite.

On-time Delivery

Getting your order on time is critical, particularly for events and holidays. Alibaba Printing is known for their strict adherence to delivery schedules. Their reliability and speedy service make them a top pick for all custom printing jobs.


What are money packets?

Money packets, also known as ‘ang baos’, ‘red packets’, or ‘green packets’, are traditional envelopes. They are used to gift money during major life events and holidays. They symbolize blessings and good wishes, especially during festive seasons and special occasions.

Why are custom designs for money packets popular?

Custom designs are popular because they allow for personal touches and branding. They act not just as gift containers, but also as marketing tools. They convey the giver’s identity and message, making a memorable impact.

How can custom print money packets enhance brand awareness?

Custom printed packets can showcase a brand’s logo, colors, and messages. This turns them into a promotional tool that reaches many people during events. It boosts brand visibility and sets a business apart from its competitors.

What are the different types of custom money packet designs available?

There are many design options, from simple and classic to complex and colorful. Designs can be created for specific events, adding thematic elements that resonate. They also match branding and personal preferences perfectly.

For which occasions are custom print money packets most commonly used?

Custom packets are often used for Chinese New Year, Hari Raya, weddings, and corporate events. They play a crucial role in these festivities. They facilitate blessing exchanges, promote businesses, and convey monetary gifts.

What design elements should be considered when creating custom print money packets?

Important design elements include colors, themes, symbols, and text. Colors can express emotions or cultural significance. Symbols might represent luck or love. Text involves font choices and placement for clear messages or branding.

What steps are involved in creating a custom print money packet?

Creating custom packets involves several steps. First, select the material like art paper. Design the layout with logos and text. Choose printing methods such as digital. Finally, order from a reputable supplier like Alibaba Printing.

What customization options are available for custom print money packets?

Options for customization include hot stamping for a shiny look, embossing for texture, and choosing matte or gloss finishes. These features enhance the value and uniqueness of the packets.

Why choose Alibaba Printing for custom print money packets?

Alibaba Printing stands out for its high quality, affordability, and reliability. They assure excellence for each packet, offer great prices, and deliver on time. This makes them a reliable choice for custom printing needs.

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