Personalized Name Stickers in Singapore – Order Now!

Ever wondered how a simple name label can transform your belongings? Imagine having a unique name sticker, just for you. It’s crafted to perfection, showing off your identity.

At Alibaba Printing, we’re experts in custom name decals and unique name stickers. We’re a top choice for Singapore name stickers. Our shop is at LINK@AMK. Here, we make sure every name label printing project is top-notch. So, whether it’s for school, office, or gifts, our stickers add that special touch.

Many customers love our custom labels. They allow you to express your creativity. Ready to stand out with Alibaba Printing’s name stickers? Order now and see the transformation!

Why Choose Personalized Name Stickers in Singapore?

Choosing personalized name stickers from Alibaba Printing in Singapore lets you show who you are. Their bespoke name tags and customized name labels are perfect for yourself or as gifts.

Alibaba Printing makes high-quality personalized name labels. These stickers are great for books, lunch boxes, and more. They let you have unique designs.

Alibaba Printing’s bespoke name tags are not just good-looking. They also make it easy to tell which things are yours. This helps keep your items safe in places where others are around.

  1. Showcasing Individuality: Their personalized name labels show off what makes you unique.
  2. Quality Assurance: They use the best materials. This means their customized name labels last a long time.
  3. Functional and Practical: It’s fun and easy to spot your items with these labels.

Using Alibaba Printing’s bespoke name tags adds a special touch to your items. You get both great quality and satisfaction.

Features of Customized Name Labels

Alibaba Printing’s customized name labels shine in durability and being eco-friendly. Let’s dive into what makes these labels special.


One top feature of Alibaba Printing’s labels is their toughness. They’re made from high-quality premium vinyl sticker material. This ensures the labels last against various elements. They’re waterproof and durable, perfect for everyday use.

Eco-Friendly Printing

Alibaba Printing cares about the planet in their making of labels. They use eco solvent ink, good for Earth. This ink keeps the labels bright and long-lasting. You get pretty, green labels that show you care about our planet.

Available Sticker Sizes and Designs

Alibaba Printing has many sticker sizes and custom sticker designs. This means everyone can find something they love. Whether you want stickers for fun or for your business, you’ll get the right size. They have big labels for luggage and small ones for stationery.

sticker sizes

Alibaba Printing offers a lot of choices in sticker sizes and designs. You can find exactly what you need for any project. Let’s explore the wide range of options they provide:

Sticker Type Available Sizes Customization Options
Name Stickers Small, Medium, Large Fonts, Colors, Graphics
Label Stickers Various sticker dimensions Shapes, Text, Logos
Decorative Stickers Custom Sizes Themes, Patterns, Illustrations
Promotional Stickers All Standard Dimensions Branding, Slogans, Images

Alibaba Printing has both big and small stickers, fitting all needs. Their custom sticker designs show their dedication. They aim to fulfill and surpass client expectations.

Custom Vinyl Stickers: Variety and Versatility

Alibaba Printing in Singapore has a wide variety of custom vinyl stickers. They are perfect for many uses, letting people customize labels in special ways. This makes them great for adding both style and protection to your items.

Design Options

You can choose from many design options for your vinyl labels. There’s something for every taste, whether it’s colorful designs for kids or sleek ones for work. With so many customization options, these stickers meet a wide range of needs.


Custom vinyl stickers have many practical uses. They are great for labeling things like water bottles, laptops, and books. The stickers are durable, looking good even with regular use. They work well for personal items, gifts, or even business brands.

Applications Benefits
Water Bottles Water-resistant and stylish personalization
Laptops Durable and protective, with professional designs available
Books Easy identification and aesthetic enhancement

Alibaba Printing’s custom vinyl stickers meet many needs, combining functionality with beauty. With their range of designs and versatile uses, they are a smart choice for any custom project.

Ordering Process and Turnaround Time

Alibaba Printing makes ordering super easy for everyone. You just submit your design and quickly get a confirmation email within two days. This way, you know exactly what’s happening with your order.

They know you value your time. That’s why they offer fast printing. Once you approve your design, they get right to work. Your stickers will be ready and on their way to you within the week. Their speed and efficiency make them top-notch in Singapore.

Step Description Time Frame
1 Submit Artwork Immediate
2 Artwork Confirmation Email Within 2 Business Days
3 Printing Process 1-2 Business Days
4 Dispatch Within 1-2 Business Days
5 Delivery Within the Week

Alibaba Printing is all about making things easy, fast, and worry-free. They make sure you get your orders quickly and easily. Their focus on easy ordering, fast service, and quick delivery keeps customers happy and coming back.

Specialty Stickers for Every Occasion

Alibaba Printing offers a wide range of specialty stickers for your celebrations in Singapore. These stickers add a custom touch to your gifts, making them more personal. They are perfect for Teacher’s Day and baby gifts, helping you celebrate these occasions in a special way.

specialty occasion stickers

Teacher’s Day

Show your thanks to teachers with our Teacher’s Day stickers. They are a great way to appreciate educators for their hard work. With many designs, you can personalize these stickers to make your appreciation stand out. Take a look at what we offer:

  • Customizable messages to make each sticker unique
  • Vibrant colors to attract attention
  • High-quality printing ensuring durability

Baby Gifts

Welcome a newborn with our custom baby gift stickers. Designed to match any baby shower theme, they make your gifts unique. They are perfect for boys, girls, or if the baby’s gender is a surprise. These stickers will make everyone smile.

  • Adorable designs featuring baby icons and motifs
  • Option to include the baby’s name and birth details
  • High-quality, durable material that complements any gift wrap
Type of Sticker Designs Customization Options
Teacher’s Day Stickers Educational motifs, Inspirational quotes Messages, Colors
Custom Baby Gift Stickers Baby icons, Birth details Names, Dates, Colors

Benefits of Choosing Customised Name Stickers Singapore

Advantages personalized stickers offer are many. First, they make your belongings look good and stand out. This means your items are functional and look great too.

Alibaba Printing stands out for their reliable sticker service. They focus on making stickers that last long and look awesome. Customers get exactly what they want, thanks to their commitment to quality.

By choosing Alibaba Printing, you get stickers that resist weather and stay colorful. This makes the customised name stickers Singapore last longer. Their good reputation shows their commitment to making customers happy.

Adding these stickers to your items mixes beauty with practicality. They are perfect for tagging school, office, or personal items. This way, your stuff stays identified and stylish.

How to Place an Order for Name Label Printing

Ordering name labels with Alibaba Printing is smooth and safe. They make it simple to start with an easy order placement process. Chat with their skilled design team for a personalized sticker or to share your own designs. Alibaba Printing makes the whole process, from start to finish, clear and straightforward.

If you’re in Singapore, you can drop by their studio at LINK@AMK to place your order. Here, you can meet the team in person. Or, you can easily order over the phone at +65 91461431. Their customer service is always ready to help, ensuring your sticker order goes smoothly.

Contact Method Details
Visit Studio LINK@AMK, Singapore
Phone Order +65 91461431

Customer satisfaction is key for Alibaba Printing. They focus on providing an efficient and enjoyable experience from the first contact to order delivery. Working with them is easy and free from hassle.


Alibaba Printing is a top pick in Singapore for those needing high-quality custom name stickers. They’re known for excellent work and a smooth ordering process. Their focus on making each sticker special shows their commitment to happy customers.

They use the latest tech and eco-friendly methods to make durable name stickers. You have many choices, from design to size. These stickers are perfect for tagging your stuff or as unique gifts.

Ordering from Alibaba Printing is easy and secure. They deliver fast, thanks to their dedicated team. This commitment has made them a trusted name in Singapore for custom stickers.


What are the available options for personalized name stickers in Singapore?

Alibaba Printing offers a wide variety of personalized name stickers. You can choose from custom name decals, unique stickers, and customized labels. There’s something perfect for every need.

Why should I choose Alibaba Printing for my bespoke name tags?

Known for quality and customer satisfaction, Alibaba Printing excels in making bespoke tags. They use a state-of-the-art facility in LINK@AMK, Singapore. This ensures each name tag and label is of the highest standard.

What durability features do your customized name labels have?

Our labels are made from top-notch premium vinyl. This makes them both waterproof and durable. They stand up to daily use, lasting a long time.

Are the stickers eco-friendly?

Yes, our stickers are made with eco-friendly eco solvent ink. This shows our dedication to sustainability. And they are safe and durable for use.

What sticker sizes and designs are available?

We have many sticker sizes and designs to fit everyone’s needs. You’ll find large labels for luggage and small ones for stationery. There’s a choice for all.

Can I customize the design of my vinyl stickers?

Definitely! We offer many design options for custom vinyl stickers. This lets you personalize them just how you want. Our stickers suit a wide range of styles and needs.

What are some common uses for custom vinyl stickers?

These stickers are great for personalizing items like water bottles, laptops, and books. They are versatile, useful for many things.

How simple is the ordering process?

Ordering with Alibaba Printing is easy and quick. You’ll get an email reply with artwork to confirm in just two days. We ensure a smooth experience.

How long does it take to receive my stickers?

We value your time and work fast. Most orders are ready and sent out within a week. You’ll get your stickers quickly.

Do you offer specialty stickers for specific occasions?

Yes, we have special stickers for Teacher’s Day and baby gifts. They make any event extra special with a personal touch.

What are the benefits of using customized name stickers?

Customized stickers are great for identifying your items and adding beauty. Alibaba Printing offers stickers that are both useful and good-looking.

How can I place an order for name label printing?

Visit our studio at LINK@AMK, Singapore, or call us at +65 91461431 to order. Our friendly team will help you with your custom sticker needs.

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