Deciding What Type of Paper is Perfect for Your Flyers

Deciding What Type of Paper is Perfect for Your Flyers


If you have already come up with a design

that you will use for your flyer printing and

flyer distribution, the next thing that you have

to look for is the paper. This can be a crucial

thing because you have to make sure that it

is the right paper for the flyers otherwise it

can affect its impact to people. If you don’t

know anything about the different types of

papers, then listed below are some of the

available types that you can choose from together with the size and finishes that can

make your flyers stand out.



  • 90 Grams Flyers – This type of paper is very thin and called as handouts or

handbills. It is light and thin and presented in a matte finish.


  • 135 Gram Flyers – This type of paper is lightweight however, it is 1.5 times thicker

than the printing paper. It is durable and not that easy to crinkled. It also has a gloss



  • 170 Gram Flyers – This is used for business flyers. It is thick, writable, and has a

matte finish. It is also a quality type of paper that can be used for fairs.


  • 250 Gram Flyers – This is a thick paper and commonly used in retail industries. You

can choose if you want a high gloss coating or gloss coating. This will make your flyers

look classy.



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