Designing Guide in Printing Flyers.



Designing Guide in Printing Flyers.


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In the advertising business, there is a whole lot more going on on the streets compared to social networks.

Which is why most companies still resort to the traditional flyers and brochures because not only that it is cheap,

people can also produce it independently.




Selecting the right color is vital whether it is done handmade or printed.

Bright colors mashed in one paper is okay but overdoing it ruins the whole process.


Before printing the material set the correct resolution for the paper.

Especially if these materials are to be in big sizes so to avoid pixelated areas of the flyer.

Also, setting the right size for the flyer is also important.

People sometimes use the wrong sizes for the content.

The design should be just enough for the event or the content.

Spellchecking and double-checking the grammar for errors should be a must before finalizing the design.


When everything is already completed in the design department, it is now time to select the right printing shop.

Many choices can be found online, so make sure to compare prices and do not forget to read customer reviews.

However, if there is an option where it can be printed on the spot, make sure to buy the correct paper.





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